posts like this make me nihilistic

Okay, tumblr won’t let me reblog super long posts without breaking them, so I’m going to try and make a new one. @zombieella and @circlesmadeofglass tagged me in a really long post that started this whole thing, but like I said, I seem to be unable to reblog it without breaking it. ;n;

But rather than reblog this post, just make a new post and tag people that you love and appreciate and want to spread the love to (ella and circles being two of them <3)

With that said, I can do a lot more people on this post without feeling guilty.

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anonymous asked:

Tell this to the Man upstairs. He'll make sure we know His Truth. #justsaying #OneTruth

You know, I never explicitly attack religion on this blog. I obviously don’t believe in any God, and my posts reflect that. Religion has never helped me to be a better person, prayer has always let me down, and I have never seen any sign that a God exists. Therefore, I’m not religious, and I relay my experiences on this blog as they are what have helped me become a nihilist. If you don’t like my content, you can leave. I respect your right to practice whatever religion you’d like, as long as your practices aren’t harming other people.

I just think it’s incredibly disrespectful to me to come on my blog and send me anonymous (coward) messages about God, in a feeble and noneffective attempt to convert me to a religion I’ve already abandoned for personal reasons. Your God has failed me personally, and there’s no point in trying to get me back.

If you’d like a debate, I’m okay with that. But coming here, giving me nonsense like this on anon, and thinking you are at peace because you have done God’s work in spreading His message or whatever is just disrespectful.

dreams-in-stardust  asked:

Hey, random message! I just wanna say that I enjoy seeing your art on my dash, since I get just... really down due to my depression and seeing your nihilistic animal posts actually cheer me up a bit like "haha yeah, pretty much" and your art style compliments it to make some darn good dark humor. Not sure if that is the true intention or not, but i still adore them!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write me a message. I’m so glad you can identify with the art I put out. I’m happy because that means that you are not alone - and I am not alone either. Even if we’re just random strangers on the internet that will never meet, we share an outlook and mentality, and that makes life just a little more positive in my book. ily •w•

Happy Birthday to me.. turned 20 today and last year i did a follow forever in a same way… I don’t have so much time to make another one, because of work, sport and making regular posts :) but i want to say thank you all for everything you gave me! I found cool people to talk to, i had contact with other people who like the same stuff i do and i even made a network with some of those people, that are called “friends”… I run this blog for 2 years and 2 months, and i still have to read a lot of manga and post many more pictures! 

Anyway - Thank you :) and stay tuned for the todays post, i picked some cool ones hehe btw. check out the network i mentioned -> Nihilistic Network