posts like this make me nihilistic

i feel like much of this site doesnt really like…draw a line when it comes to nihilistic jokes like idk if this will make absolutely any sense but when i make a post and im really actually distressed and someone reblogs it and tags “lmao SAME” it makes me feel reminiscent of someone crying out for help and everyone else in the room saying “same” not as in “i went through that and i feel for you” but as in “you’re not special/nobody is listening” so when i see a post that doesnt look blatantly made with the intent to entertain and be shared it makes me very nervous because posts that are like “im depressed and nobody likes me lol” that have 1000 notes all tagged like “GFDJS ME” it always makes me feel the discomfort that i usually feel when i say im depressed and people twist it into something funny

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I don't normally like scifi but I'm obsessed with these and I can't figure out why

I mean, sometimes that just happens. I generally don’t like non-fantasy/scifi/adventure stories, especially those that focus on romance, but I somehow devoured Nowhere But Here (by Katie McGarry) which is about teenage love and family drama and a motorcycle gang and I don’t even know why I enjoyed it, but I did.

But if you’re trying to figure out why you’re enjoying these, some possibilities are:

1. Good, fun writing. Tumblr is filled with talented and creative people whose work sometimes just appears in front of you, unlike books where you have to search them out, or at least read a bit more to get into them.

2. Length and setting. Tumblr posts are short[ish] and quick compared to most forms of entertainment, and often mixed in with posts on completely different topics. You don’t have to settle in and decide, “I am going to read/watch this thing which I may or may not like.”

3. Different sci-fi topics than you’re used to finding. If you’re used to finding sci-fi stories about established alien civilizations and intergalactic currency transactions and basically things that require a lot of attention to keep straight, it only takes one or two tries getting through something like that to decide to stay away from anything remotely similar. (…She says from experience.) They’re not bad, but not your cup of tea, perhaps.

But the things I’m finding and reblogging here tend to fall into a couple categories that I had not seen in published fiction before:

Like, Space Australians/Space Orcs/Humans Are From a Death World, stories that portray humans as tough and durable compared to aliens. Popular posts like this include the invading-aliens-foiled-by-animals megapost by @giraffepoliceforce, humans-come-from-a-death-world-and-aliens-think-we’re-crazy post started by @arcticfoxbear, the humans-are-terrifying post by @bogleech, posts following @timemachineyeah‘s post about “what if humans were considered really cute?” and a bunch of others.

Then there are the posts that focus on things humans do that are unusual to aliens. Some of these are written straight, like the short stories by @authorbettyadams and the Gentleman of Fortune humans-as-companions stories by @ts-porter​, while others take a more humorous view like the Star Trek-based humans-are-crazy-like-Doc-Brown and humans-are-considered-freaky-nihilists posts by @prokopetz​, among others.

Whatever you figure out, I hope you find more to enjoy. And if you find someone whose writing you like, let them know! (And if you find books about the above, let me know, I’m trying to make a list.)

Okay, tumblr won’t let me reblog super long posts without breaking them, so I’m going to try and make a new one. @zombieella and @circlesmadeofglass tagged me in a really long post that started this whole thing, but like I said, I seem to be unable to reblog it without breaking it. ;n;

But rather than reblog this post, just make a new post and tag people that you love and appreciate and want to spread the love to (ella and circles being two of them <3)

With that said, I can do a lot more people on this post without feeling guilty.

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keep thinking about that astrolocherry post thats like “how do you deal with loss? theres nothing to miss because you never had it anyway. nothing is real” and that sounds so nihilistic but when i get sad about leaving college/my friends that comforts me and makes me feel like it was a beautiful dream that i got to experience for a short time and now im on to a new dream. dont have time to mourn the old one 

Is there such a thing as being an Optimistic Nihilist because I’m pretty sure I’m that.

“Yeah, sure life is just meaningless chaos, there’s no justice in the world, nothing makes sense and everything anyone could possibly care about is essentially unimportant, but I still really like people and wow music is really cool and that flower is pretty and maybe something nice will happen tomorrow haha lol whatevs." 

Happy Birthday to me.. turned 20 today and last year i did a follow forever in a same way… I don’t have so much time to make another one, because of work, sport and making regular posts :) but i want to say thank you all for everything you gave me! I found cool people to talk to, i had contact with other people who like the same stuff i do and i even made a network with some of those people, that are called “friends”… I run this blog for 2 years and 2 months, and i still have to read a lot of manga and post many more pictures! 

Anyway - Thank you :) and stay tuned for the todays post, i picked some cool ones hehe btw. check out the network i mentioned -> Nihilistic Network