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Queenie's big Samurai Jack rewrite

If I were to rewrite Samurai Jack season 5, I’d start with episode 4 because it’s a mess.

First off Ashi wouldn’t be presented as a raving brainwashed lunatic. Yes she still has her mission to kill Jack, but she’s also angry that he killed all her sisters and says so outright. Also Jack doesn’t choose to spare her life just to prove to her that Aku is evil and he’s not. He’s doing it out of a sense of atonement for killing young women who he assumed were acting on their own free will but really weren’t.

So when they get swallowed by the giant monster Ashi still wants to kill him but Jack convinces her to stop because there’s more monsters trying to kill them both, and if she dies she can’t avenge her sisters and their deaths would be in vain. So Ashi begrudgingly agrees to a truce until they find a way out and doesn’t need Jack to carry her around like an infant. It’s more of a Teeth-Clenched Teamwork situation. Maybe at one point she saves Jack danger, but only because she wants to be the one to kill him herself.

When they finally do get out through the monster’s blowhole, instead of ending up on the ladybug island together, there’s a storm at sea that washes Jack and Ashi away to different places. This would give Ashi the chance to explore the world in episode 5 and question the beliefs her mother taught her without Jack’s influence. She goes looking for Jack because she still wants to avenge her sisters, and on the way she sees for herself the damage Aku has done and the innocent people he’s hurt.

Meanwhile Jack is still haunted by the Inner Jack, who makes him feel worse and worse about killing Ashi’s sisters. By the time Ashi finds Jack again she’s decided on her own to reject her mother’s teachings and stop Aku. Ashi starts traveling with Jack with the goal of helping him kill Aku, and then kill Jack to avenge her sisters. She hasn’t forgiven him so there’s still tension between them. The guilt continues to weigh on Jack’s conscience, so he keeps trying to atone for it by protecting Ashi.

Then the incident with the children at the factory could happen as it did in the show, Jack leaves with the Omen intending to commit seppuku, Ashi goes looking for him and meets people he’s helped along the way like in episode 6, and is slowly convinced that he’s a hero. She can still change her look to a leaf outfit but it’s more practical than the Tinkerbell skirt and has pants. She can still stop him from committing seppuku by reminding him of the good he’s done, but she’s also still determined to be the one who finally kills him in the end.

Episode 7 would have them traveling in search of Jack’s sword and they actually talk about their lives and get to know each other. Jack tells Ashi about how Aku took everything from him and sent him to the future and how he can’t age, Ashi tells him about her childhood in the cult’s cave and her abusive mother and her sisters, and they grow closer. Jack looks out for Ashi less out of guilt and more out of caring, and Ashi begins questioning whether it’s really worth it to kill him. The rest of the episode plays out the same way except Ashi’s battle with the army is shorter or doesn’t happen at all, giving more time and focus to her final confrontation with her mother.

Episode 8 is completely different. Now that Jack has his sword back, he and Ashi are looking for Aku and along the way the run into the Scotsman and his army. Besides his daughters he’s recruited more of Jack’s old friends to fight with them (the Archers, the Spartans, the Robots, the Triceraquins, etc) . They all have the same mission to destroy Aku so they join forces and travel together. While Jack catches up with his best friend, Ashi befriends the Scotsman’s daughters and is surprised by how different their family is from hers. They treat her like she’s one of them, and Ashi feels like part of the family.

The main plot points of episode 9 stay the same without the romantic developments. Jack worries that he’s putting Ashi and his friends in danger and tries to leave, Scaramouche reaches Aku and tells him Jack lost his sword, Ashi catches up to Jack in the Guardian’s ruins, Aku shows up and realizes Ashi is his child, and turns her into his puppet to kill Jack.

Episode 10 is a two parter. The Scotsman’s army follows Jack and Ashi’s trail to Aku’s castle and they attack. The battle plays out mostly the same except it’s longer, we see more of Jack trying to take back his sword, and more of Ashi struggling to overcome Aku’s power. Instead of Jack saving her with a love confession, she has a vision of her sisters encouraging her to live and be free. She rebels against Aku, fights him with his own powers, and gets Jack’s sword back. When Aku scolds her for disobeying her father, she says that Jack is her real father.

Part 2 has Jack and Ashi working together to destroy Aku in an intense final showdown. Aku can’t control Ashi anymore and Jack has his sword back, and they deliver the finishing blow together. When the fight is over Ashi still has Aku’s powers. They are a part of who she is but she can control them, and she offers to make a portal to send Jack home. Jack realizes that if he kills Aku in the past, the future and everyone in it will cease to exist. Jack chooses to stay and help repair the damage Aku has done. He and Ashi help the Scotsman and his family bury the dead and celebrate their victory. Soon all the world knows Aku is dead and everyone celebrates their freedom. Jack has a vision of his mother and father telling him how proud they are.

The episode ends with an epilogue set several years later. The world is in a new golden age of peace and prosperity. There are still dangers and villains, but Aku’s evil no longer infests the Earth. Ashi stays with Jack and uses her powers to help people, and Jack treats her like family and is proud of how far she’s come. He watches her grow older and wiser and make more friends. They reunite with old friends like the Scotsman’s family regularly. Jack is still ageless but he’s succeeded in his goals and is no longer alone. He lives out the rest of his days with his friends and found family until he finally dies of natural causes and bequeaths his sword to Ashi, leaving the world’s safety in her hands.


5d’s ep 26 vs Arc-V ep 147

Yusei beats Jack for the first time.

Yuya beats Jack for the final time.

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Some of you had already watched “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” and some still waiting for, but, after all, I just wish you to have fun, enjoy the movie A LOT and enjoy every moment. Johnny made his best (as always); Not only him, but all the cast. And it’s our time to support them, ‘cause, thanks to them, we’ll be able to see our dear Captain Jack Sparrow and a new movie after all these whole SIX YEARS again! 

Please, DO NOT POST SPOILERS! Not everyone will be able to watch it on the first days. And, as always, if you want talk about the movie and Captain Jack Sparrow, I’ll be here.

Let’s have fun!
~ Drink up me hearties yo-ho!!

Xoxo, xr ♥ 
Ps.: There’s post-credit scenes

Afloat at Last - a PotC ficlet

I wanted to write a piece about how everyone of the mcs are together with their loved ones in the end while Jack just stays on the pearl, hence the Jack/Pearl bit, but somehow this turned out differently…

Btw why does the way I wrote Jack sound like Tony Stark.
Also, why did I write this in the first place.

Not beta read, don’t judge


Not Rated

Pirates of the Caribbean - Salazar’s revenge

Captain Jack Sparrow & Thr Black Pearl (Jack/Pearl tbh - because he vry romantically loves her - Only not… Explicitly? And i rly didn’t want to Tag it with /)


Captain Jack Sparrow did not give up easily.

Granted, he didn’t have a crew, and his ships were either on dry land or in a bottle, he was too drunk to rob banks and even turning in his second-most-valuable possession, the compass, for more alcohol, promptly getting himself arrested afterwards.

Yes, in retrospect, he understood why it might look like he indeed had already given up.

But he still had the pearl, however little she was, and even faced with the seemingly inevitable execution he did not expect it to actually be over.

He’d been there before, after all, and it had always worked out. Jack didn’t allow himself to think that this time might be different, that this would be it.

So, without a proper goodbye to his father- that was for the dying, and not for pirates, anyways- he let himself be dragged outside, and soon found himself in exactly the kind of chaos he equally loved and loathed because while such gettogethers had most likely been started by his kind of people, it meant that it was a fucked up situation in the first place.

This time, he hadn’t even actually been saved by his people- well, they were his former crew, but they had to be payed by the annoying Turner junior-junior to be sufficiently motivated to save him, and that could really not be called reliance.

Then there was the other kid, the girl Turner was obviously smitten with (Jack felt a lot of déjà-vus here, only the Carina kid was too young to try and pull her for himself, so he gave the little Turner all the good advice), maundering about very suggestive sounding but apparently scientific terms. 

The not-witch (Jack knew when a woman really was one, he’d dealt with enough sorcery) turned out to be not a boring Smith but a Smyth-Barbossa, which, honestly, that guy was a dad? What? Well, now he was a dead dad, and despite having shot him that one time Jack now found he nearly mourned the guy. He’d miss their insulting and ever quite refreshing talks, at least.

But Captain Jack Sparrow didn’t dwell on the past (as long as dead men weren’t currently coming to haunt him).

He had a ship and a crew and life turned out to be worth living again.

On the Pearl, sailing wherever fate lead him, Jack felt free.


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The Most Broken Current Cartoon Character

I always thought the new and original characters were the most broken characters like  

Steven Quartz Unvierse has to live the fact that his mom, Rose Quartz, have commited some dark acts in the past

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Star Butterfly lost almost everything in season 2 

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Marceline Abadeer lost her mother, her first and true friend, Simon lost his sanity for wearing the crown too much, and what’s worst that she has to become what she hates the most, a vampire  

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Ice King lost his sanity and forgotten everything he once knew himself 

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But probably the current most broken cartoon character out of all of them is Samurai Jack 

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What makes this man such a broken figure is he used to have a strong will that keep him moving, always had hope that he’ll find his way home, and always fight for justice. Even though it seem bad at first, but he finds another way, like he always had.

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But now, after 50 years without aging alone, he lost himself in this forsaken time. He lost his honor as a samurai, lost his way to what to fight for and lost his faith to find his way back to the past 

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Every time portal is destroyed 

He lost his sword, the only weapon that could defeat Aku 

Really horrible PTSD 

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And what’s worst is he thinks of performing Harakiri (suicide)

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Out of all cartoon characters in today world, I find Samurai Jack, the most broken out of all cartoon characters and deserve the most hugs 

This week’s episode in a nutshell 

We Bare Bears is Underrated

As Steven Universe, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls, Samurai Jack, Rick and Morty and Adventure Time is getting much praise for being great Cartoon shows, We Bare Bears deserve much praise as those shows. It’s not action pack or story driven like them but it’s still great to watch with tons of reasons why

1) It doesn’t have plot, but most of the ep. are really heartwarming, and great humor  

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and it can give the FEELZ 

2)  Each character are really well written, making them interesting, even the side-characters are entertaining.

Like Darell,

Sure he looks like a dweeb, overweight, and doesn’t look interesting but he’s very kind-hearted and easy going. What makes him a very good character is he’s the one let the bears get back together again by getting himself arrested.

3) It’s really cute, especially the cub episodes!

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4) I may have said that it doesn’t have a plot going on but it does have flashback episodes, or small bits of it that been added to a episode about them being cubs like “Yuri and the Bear” 

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or “Burrito” 

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5) It’s very realistic, I know there’s talking bears, a koala, and a Sasquatch but still very realistic like instead of Chloe being this an inventor like Phineas and Ferb or Dexter from Dexter Labatory, she’s just a ten-year-old prodigy

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Out of all shows I’ve watched, as of right now, I find this show to be very charming, lighthearted, fun and actually funny to watch.