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Hey I don't know if you can help But I really need a spell for someone else to forget something or at least keep it from popping up in their head? Please... And a spell to get an ex back... And maybe haha I'm sorry I'm asking for so many have you got one for happiness?

Hey anon!

I have some [Spells to Forget, Let Go, and Move On].

Also, from [this post] :

You guys should know better by now than to ask me for spells to make people love you. xD However, I can supply you with [Spells for Self Love] as well as [some for strength]. I’ll have to make up a masterpost for happiness spells today.

Best of luck anon, you’ve got this, you’re strong! :D


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My Dear Prim,

I write to you from The Great Beyond, the Black Hole that consumes the hearts and joys of men. To be fair I can’t blame the girls. Dresses are pretty, I guess. And uh… Sparkly? No but seriously, I’m stuck at the bridal boutique place. My cousin Prisma wanted her bridesmaids to find something nice to wear for her special day. And this is probably how it’ll go: They’ll cycle through dresses for hours and end up a) buying the first one they tried on, or b) none. But hey, at least I’m not alone in my misery! Prisma’s fiance, Hobart, is on the same boat. Yay? Man I wish we had some snacks to set up a picnic out here. Or something. Anything. 

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