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i know i literally just made a post talking about welcome to night vale but i think i just realised something

you know how cecil reports really obvious stuff sometimes?? like, things that should be common knowledge for night vale citizens? well, what if he’s reporting in such an obvious manner to teach carlos about night vale in a subtle way?? like, imagine a lil carlos, new to night vale, who has no idea of what’s going on half the time. and the only way he’s able to start making heads or tails about anything in that town is bc he stars listening to some weird community radio broadcast that oddly explains everything about it. what if carlos learned about night vale just like the wtnv podcast audience did??? it’s so late but that is such a cute and adorable thing for cecil to do like hold me

Fanfic Master post!

So I am making a master post for future reference and for people to find and so it’s easier to find the ones you want to read!


  • Fancy Meeting You Here - Part One - Part Two
    Synopsis: Imagine y/n was a part of Rick’s group, but  she’s been kicked out by Rick, cause Daryl & her were always fighting (mostly cause Daryl had a lil crush). After being alone for few weeks, the reader stumbles upon Negan’s men. They bring her back. Negan tried several time to get her as his wife but she always refuses. When the line up comes y/n is here, hidden. She grabs Negan’s arm when he’s about to kill Glenn & just say Yes, so he knows she’ll become his new wife and doesn’t kill Glenn. All Rick’s group is surprised to see her.

  • His Queen
    Synopsis: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a oneshot or something where the reader is practically believed to be like Negan’s queen and all his people respect her like they respect him? She’s always where he is and they’re inseperable kinda thing please? :) - Via Anon

  • Ankle Biter
    Synopsis: Your dog ran away from Alexandria and when you went to find her you found someone else had already found your Golden Retriever.

  • You Can Look, But Don’t Touch
    Synopsis: Can you do one where the reader is really tiny and she has long 4c hair(which is Afro hair) and she’s in the lineup with the group and when Negan sees her he sees she’s really pretty and he kneels down to inspect her and he’s close and he goes to touch her hair and she head butts the crap outta him! And when he looks back at her she just shrugs and goes “don’t touch my hair”. He takes a liking to her😊 - Via Nonnie

  • Unforgettable
    Synopsis: You and Negan get in a ferocious fight… A tickle fight?

  • My Father - Part One - Part Two - Part Three
    Synopsis: When you’re Negans daughter and you get taken by another group as revenge and Negan comes to save you.

  • Nurse
    Synopsis:  Where the reader lives in the Sanctuary with Negan and goes off on a run with a few people, but she gets hurt, (idk shot in the shoulder or something) and she tries to hide it from Negan but he finds out and gets mad that she hid it from him. -Via Anon

  • Goddess
    Synopsis: Negan x Plus Sized reader. You’re one of Negan’s wives and you’re feeling insecure about your body size. Negan of course puts that to rest.

  • Saviour
    Synopsis: Imagine you have been in a relationship with Negan for the past few months. Ever since you arrived he hasn’t dealt with the wives & he is obviously devoted to you. One night a horde of walkers get in to the sanctuary. When he arrives at the saviours safe spot you are nowhere to be found. You are cornered on the other side of the compound & he has to fight to get to you. - Via Anon

  • Blood Rose - Part One - Part Two
    Synopsis: You have a crush on Negan. You leave him little drawings of him and flowers and poems and it secretly becomes his fav part of the day. One day you accidentally get caught by him. -Via Nonnie

  • Things You Need Too Know
    Synopsis: Can I request where negan teaches the reader how to defend themselves and even gets her, her own bat? With lots of fluff? - Via Anon

  • Hide and Seek
    Synopsis: It’s night and you somehow escaped the Sanctuary, only to end up in a forest, you get lost and Negan is following you and toying with you. -Via Anon

  • Tease
    Synopsis: Negan wanted you, oh how he wanted you. But you decided that you’d tease him a little before he got what he wanted. Original prompt was: You’re not a leader, you’re a fucking tyrant!!”

  • It’s Okay Darlin’
    Synopsis: One where the reader was in a different group before she met Negan and she was raped by someone in that first group and she’s in a relationship with Negan but she doesn’t feel comfortable with having sex yet because of what happened and Negan finds out and gets mad and wants to find the guy who did it but she calms him down and just fluff. -Via Anon

  • Med Kit
    Synopsis: negan x reader where during lunch amber keeps making fun of a new girl in the compound who is plus size and the reader is pissed off so she tells amber to shut up b4 she punches her and later in her room negan comes and asks her and is impressd+fluff.

  • The Scars We Bare
    Synopsis: You are Negan’s wife and your face gets a cut that will scar and you’re extremely self conscious but Negan puts that to rest! - Via Anon

  • Wounds - Part One - Part Two - Part Three
    Synopsis: You found Negan in a sticky situation and you help him out of it. A bit of smut in the last chapter.

  • Promise
    Synopsis: Male!reader is feminine and gets picked on by the saviours a lot but Negan takes a liking to him and is always giving looks and being over-protective of reader

  • Paradise
    Synopsis: NeganxDeaf!reader where he meets her at Alexandria and is immediately attracted to her

  • Laundry
    Synopsis: You are falling behind on points, especially after a fight with a fellow Saviour. Negan has a solution, be his bride.

  • Baby Lucille
    Synopsis: Negan finds you crouched over the toilet so you have no choice than to tell the big man that he’s going to be a father. His reaction surprised you.

  • A Game Of Tag
    Synopsis: You have a maternal instinct and that’s why you became a teacher at the Sanctuary’s school. But what you didn’t account for was Negan.

  • Staff
    You are being chased by the Saviours by taking out four of their men, when you finally meet the infamous Negan he is amused and enamoured by you.

  • At Least
    You jump in front of Glenn to save his life and Negan seemed rather enamoured by your action and decides that he rather likes you.

  • Ten O’Clock
    You (A Lesbian) and Negan begin to compete for one girl. eventually, you come to a compromise that fits the both of you.

  • Fury
    Negan carries on trying to push you over the edge and when he eventually does, he is not disapointed.

  • Sanctuary
    Negan comfronts three siblings who were abused by their father and he makes them an offer

  • Smirks
    Negan has been flirting with you for a while now but when he finally makes his move you reveal to him that you are actually gay. Prequel to Ten O’Clock

  • Strong as Steel
    Kaitlin and Carl are together but when Negan arrives one day and takes a liking to you everything goes to hell

  • Survive
    Synopsis:  You are Daryl’s 19 year old, kickass, niece, Shauna, and when you and your group were at the line-up Negan decided to take a little souvenir. You. Since then you have grown to love the man who had imprisoned you and you had recently found out that he had Daryl, Negan promised to take you to him…

  • Stretch Marks
    You have many stretch marks that you are self conscious of, but Negan puts that to rest swiftly and easily.

  • Head Start
    You come across some of Negan’s men and they take you to see the man himself, he seems rather impressed by you.

  • Twins
    You have a protective twin brother, Dylan, who tries to protect you from Negan. Tries being the key word.

  • Claimed
    You are Rick’s daughter and unfortunately the Gods have decided to punish you by loving the wrong man, Negan. You and Negan are just getting down to business when your little brother, Carl, walks in.

  • Father’s Love
    Negan’s daughter (you) has recently started a relationship with Rick Grimes, the leader of a community called Alexandria. Negan geting into protective dad mode and has a little chat with Rick on how his little girl is to be treated.

  • The Danger of Caring
    You are an artist who has been at the Sanctuary for four years now and since the day you arrived you have loved Negan. He, however, doesn’t feel the same. (Angst Fic)

  • Lucille
    You and Negan have a child of 5 years old and she seems to have picked up on some of Negans vocabulary. So when she says a bad word Negan steps in and tells her that it’s a bad word while you are stifling your giggles and Lucille is looking completely confused!

  • Boo Hoo
    Synopsis: You are a mercenary who’s only love is battle, though negan seems to be trying to change that. You share stories around a campfire about your past.

  • Use Your Voice
    You are very shy so when Negan comes to town and begins to try and coax you out of your shell you’re reluctant, but eh, who are you to refuse?

  • Okay
    You are weak and beaten after a particularly bad row with your husband. Negan finds you laying on the floor, blood all around you. All he wants you to know is that you’ll be okay.

  • Double Standard
    You decide to question Negan on his double standard. On how he is free to sleep with whomever he likes while his wives must remain loyal to him and only him. This gets Negan thinking.

  • Thank the Lord for Repairs
    You are physically disabled and unfortunately your wheelchair is in repairs. But hey, why have a wheel chair when Negan can carry you everywhere!

  • Old Friends - Part One - Part Two
    Synopsis:  You and Negan have been friends since you were kids yet when the apocalypse hit you were separated have been ever since that is until one day when the Saviours come knocking at your communities door.

  • Bertha
    You were a model before the apocalypse, not just any model, but a model who did sexy photo shoots and one day Negan gets his hands on one of your sexy magazines.

  • Proud
    You are Negan’s daughter and when Negan is getting stressed about Alexandria you have to go and being him back down to earth.

  • Kissed By Moonlight
    You are trans man and have fully transitioned. Everything is going well until Negan starts dreaming about you and he comes to confront you about said dreams.

  • May we Meet Again
    You are Daryl’s twin and suddenly Negan seems to take express interest in you. Merle and Daryl try to stop his advances but it’s going to take a little more than that to dissuade Negan.

  • Moonlight
    You suffer from breast cancer and you tell Negan about this fact.

  • Open Doors
    You are physically disabled and when a new arrival at the Sanctuary and starts making ablest remarks you try and keep it to yourself. Until Simon walks in and like a good boy he goes to Negan and tells him about the verbal assaults. You are left feeling low, but Negan puts a stop to that.

  • Coach
    You have been on your own for a long time now. Your mother and family were dead and you had no one left in the world. At least that’s what you thought until you run into your old coach, Negan.

  • A Romantic
    Negan has been attempting to woo a woman for months now but what he doesn’t know is that she is Aromatic! (Warning severe second hand embarrassment) 

  • What Are the Chances
    You were Lucille’s little sister and when the end of the world occurred Negan was the one who looked after you. That was, however, until you were separated. You finally found Negan, but when you were in a lineup with your group. 

  • Trichotillomania
    You suffer from Trichotillomania - a mental disorder which compels you to pull out your hair in large clumps. One time Negan finds you in one of your states and he makes sure to help you.

  • Acne
    You suffer from bad acne but because it’s the end of the world you can do nothing about the zit’s that haunt you day and night. That is until Negan has had enough of you hurting your face by popping them and comes up with a solution.

  • Drinks
    It is your birthday and you may have had a little two much to drink … more thank a little really. Negan takes it upon himself to help you out of your drunken state. (Negan x Physically Disabled Wife!Reader)

  • All I See - Part One - Part Two
    Synopsis: You are blind and your day was going really rather well until the Saviours turned up and Maggie shoved you into a small cupboard. Soon Negan and Rick come round and you, unfortunately can’t keep quiet for long.

  • Satisfied
    You are trying your best tome keep under the radar, disguised so that Negan does not recognize you but when you see a little girl being threatened you step in and blow your cover. 

  • Snuggles
    You are Negan’s husband and with him working late you have to wait up to ungodly hours to see your husband. Though, it’s all worth it in the end.

  • Seared
    You are Daryl and Merle’s sister and after a fight Negan takes you to the Sanctuary, you and him have an interesting car journey. 


As a companion piece to my previous diagram, here is the Imperial Senate at the time of its dissolution in 0 BBY/ABY.


- Galactic Integralist Party (1136 seats): After the formation of the Empire, the reactionary elements of the Expansion and Republican Parties, as well as the Core Alliance, took control of and merged the three parties, forming the Galactic Integralist Party. Senators from the Liberal and Corporate Parties soon defected to the new political alliance as well, sensing the opportunity for favorable treatment in the New Order. Also commonly called the Imperialist Party, the GIP is far-right and fervently pro-Empire, promoting expansion of the Empire’s borders and consolidation of the Emperor’s powers. Elections in sectors controlled by the GIP are more often than not marred by voter suppression and electoral fraud, giving the party a permanent majority. Without any true legislative power, the GIP’s constant majority in the Senate serves to present an image of popular support for Emperor Palpatine’s policies, an image fewer and fewer believe every day. The GIP is led in the Senate by Orn Free Taa, formerly of the Liberal Party.

Official Opposition

- Progressive Party (892 seats): After the rise of the Empire, as the Liberal Party fell apart due to opportunistic Senators defecting to the GIP, the Progressive Party founded by Padme Amidala and Bail Organa began to grow into a large and robust organization as the horrors of the Empire became apparent. Energized by a rebellious spirit, Progressive Senators are known for their fiery proclamations of dissent in the Senate chambers themselves, and despite the party’s inability to actually stop any of Palpatine’s policies, the citizens of Progressive sectors view it as the last hope for a peaceful restoration of the Republic. Palpatine views the Progressive Party as a useful tool, channeling public anger and frustration at his rule into a toothless and powerless outlet, rather into militant rebel cells which pose an actual threat. Many Progressive Senators also secretly serve as the civilian government of the Rebel Alliance. The Progressive Party is jointly led by Mon Mothma and Leia Organa.

- Constitutionalist Party (51 seats): Officially a part of the opposition coalition, the Constitutionalist Party’s decline continued under the Empire, and at the time of the Imperial Senate’s dissolution it has reached its nadir in terms of representation in the Senate. The Constitutionalist Party’s continued presence in the Senate is due mostly to strong support from the Empire’s autonomous regions, such as Bothan and Herglic space. The Constitutionalist Party is led by Polo Se’lab of Bothawui.

Other Opposition Parties

- Liberal Party (30 seats): The Liberal Party continues to exist as a remnant of its former self. With its centrist, progressive, and conservative wings all splitting from the party, the Liberals have only limped along on the strength of their social liberal wing. The Liberals are opposed to the Empire, but condemn violent rebellion, deluding themselves into believing in the possibility of convincing Palpatine to restore the Republic peacefully. In fact, the greatest amount of resistance to the Empire that the Liberals have put up is a proposal to change the party’s name to the Liberal Democratic Party, to demonstrate its commitment to democracy. The proposal was ultimately voted down. The Liberal Party is led by Pooja Naberrie of Naboo.

- Anti-Jedi Party (12 seats): The reactionary Anti-Jedi Party briefly enjoyed a surge of support in the wake of the supposed coup attempt by the Jedi against Palpatine, but as the Jedi Purge progressed and the GIP arose as a larger reactionary party with greater official support, the AJP lost much of its purpose. The AJP found new life in opposition to the Empire, thanks to a rumor begun by former AJP Senator Chelo that Emperor Palpatine was, in fact, a secret Jedi. The party’s continuing hardline conservatism, however, has failed to win it much support. The AJP is led by James Ortell Donovan of Mindabaal.

- Reform Party (6 seats): Although he was a founding member of the Progressive Party, Senator Garm Bel Iblis realized that concentrating all of Emperor Palpatine’s political opponents into one party was a dangerous proposition, and left the Progressives to join the Reform Party, even as many Reformers were defecting to the Progressives. The Reform Party soon reunited with its Radical offshoot, and the current Reform Party offers a louder, more aggressive, and more radical vision of resistance and rebellion than the Progressives, partially an attempt by Bel Iblis to distract Palpatine’s attention from Progressive leaders who pose more of a threat. The Reform Party is led by Garm Bel Iblis of Corellia.

anonymous asked:

Hello! What would you say is the best way to distinguish between an sp/sx and sx/sp stacking? Ruling out the others was easy enough, but these two seem so alike?!...

Let´s look at some concrete situations.

Sp/Sx versus Sx/Sp

When asked about their hobbies:

  • sp/sx will tell you about all sorts of cool solitary activites (if they actually open up to you, that is. these people fiercely protect their privacy)
  • sx/sp, in 9 times out of 10, will tell you about how they stalk their fav online. Or activities that make them look good.

At a party:

  • sp/sx sits in a dark corner and wants to get away as soon as possible. Even that is a very, very rare sight, they tend to avoid parties in the first place. They´d rather work on their current project. They need plenty of alcohol to get into the mood, or some so/sx friend who is very persuasive.
  • sx/sp sits in a dark corner with an acquaintance and wants to get away as soon as possible. An sx/sp ALWAYS attends a party as part of a duo or trio. The more extraverted ones may dance - daringly. An intoxicated sx/sp… shouldn´t be intoxicated.

When asked about their crush (if they have one):

  • sp/sx gets kinda shy and smiley. Plenty of sp/sx people like to hide their crush so they will attempt to control their feelings. Some fail miserably, some remain pokerfaced and in complete denial.
  • sx/sp gets all worked up like shit…. what´s going on with them… You can see that it tears them apart when they are not together with their crush.

When asked about their partner (if they have one):

  • sp/sx talks about their personal benefits since they entered this union. Material gains, experiences, that kind of stuff. Again, they will hesitate a lot to actually talk about it. It´ll be evident how much they treasure their significant other even if they don´t mention them directly.
  • sx/sp will lighten up and will tell you how much their life has changed. You can tell that they want to praise their partner so bad yet are too possessive to put all the information out there. 

When interacting with their partner (who plans to go out):

  • sp/sx is like “I´ll stay at home today, I got stuff to do. Go out if you want to, but I´m busy here.” It would take a bulldozer to get them out of the house if they don´t want to. They will always remain independent but can secretly curse their partner for not being with them. 
  • sx/sp is like “Can we stay at home together? We can watch [insert couple´s favourite series]. No? Ok…I´ll get my shades. Oh, your friends are coming with us? Forget it.” *disappears into the darkness of the basement* “Payback” awaits said partner once they come home again.

When doing group work:

  • sp/sx usually stays silent and contributes via… nonverbal cues. They will work behind the scenes but remain contained during interaction.
  • sx/sp does speak up but they have to be familiar with the members. The elephant in the room: sx/sp´s personality is seen as slightly problematic because they don´t cooperate easily, think Wolverine. 

When giving a larger public speech they prepared:

  • sp/sx is on some sedatives, and they hate everything. If there´s a subtype that is least suited for speeches, it´s this one. When their sx and so instincts are not developed, they will mentally walk through hell on that podium. As with parties, they have probably avoided it in the first place. If they are forced to speak, they need a VERY good reason (and a good usage of their extraverted functions!) that motivates them to perform well. 
  • sx/sp is also nervous but they try hard to seem confident. They distract from their nervousness with a special outfit, their voice, and their overall intensity. They can blow people away if their speech is structured well and they have practised a lot. They struggle a lot because they restrict themselves. Again, their extraverted functions can help them out.

I could go on and on. If you have more situations that you urgently want to request, go ahead <3

[Picture: Natalia Kills (sp/sx) - Rihanna (sx/sp). x]

Sword Fighting For Fic Writers: Chapter 1

It’s going to take me another day or two to finish the full guide, so I’m going to start posting these in chapters. I will continue to post one chapter a day, and also post the full guide as one monster post when it’s done. I may refer to future chapters in these, those will be turned into links as chapters become available.

You can follow the tag #Swords for Fics if you want to keep up without following me :) There will be around 12 chapters or more.

My background: Hey there! I’ve been training in the Italian method of sword fighting for about 7 or 8 months now. So I’d say I’m still quite the novice but I’ve learned a lot and I’d like to share some of that with you all! I’ve trained with two handed swords, one handed swords, sword and buckler, dual swords, dagger, spears, quaterstaff, and poleaxe. (Not rapiers though, sorry.) I also have a “writing” background in animation and illustration.

What’s this for?: As I discovered when trying to storyboard a fight a year ago, action scenes are a pain to write when you don’t know your options. There are a ton of great fics out there with great swashbuckling adventure, and you all do an amazing job at bringing out the most important part of any fight: how the characters feel about it. And while that’s often all you need for good story telling, this is for writers who want to spend more time playing in that action.

Terminology?: There’s a lot of terminology in sword fighting that the general audience won’t understand, or may not even share the same names depending on the school of sword fighting. I’ll be using some terminology as I learned it, but will mostly try to describe things in layman’s terms.

Though a rapier could be considered a one handed sword, it is used differently and I don’t have sufficient knowledge to go in depth for them. 

So let’s get started!

Available Chapters:
1: Dumb Ways to Die  2.May Your Blade Be True! 3.On Your Guard!
4. Making the Cut 5.Stick ‘em With the Pointy End 6.It’s Like a Dance
7.The Measure of a Man 8.A Crossing of Blades 9.Like Chess, but with Knives
An Interlude About Story Telling
10.You Can Barely Lift Your Sword 11.Buckle Some Swash 12.Dual Wielding
13.Everything is a Weapon 14.Got Your Sword!

Dumb Ways to Die
Beginner Mistakes

Keep reading

When a pro-choicer asks “So what do pro-lifers do for the mother?!”

I just

Originally posted by southwestcollectionarchives

The following masterposts are all resource lists for women in crisis pregnancies.  Even if you are not facing such a challenge, please at least save the links and names of these master posts so that you can refer to them in the future if a friend or family member could use them!

And this list doesn’t include all the other local organizations and compassionate individuals out there who work to help mother and child life with dignity!

Ego - Jefferson x Reader

Prompt: “His ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow.” x Jefferson

TW: “Uptight bitch” is something that’s said but that’s about it.

Notes: Cliffhanger!! Part 2 if it’s wanted.

A/N: I’m actually updating when I need to wow. For future reference, and I’ll post an official post in a bit of the schedule. I update on Thursdays and Sundays. The rest of the days are my writing days. Look out for a collab on a Wednesday of every month. I’ll post more in depth but that’s the gist.

Word Count: 696

“-Political parties weren’t even supposed to last… -They just made the president’s job harder…”

At this point your eyes were rolled so far back into your head, you wondered if they’d ever come back out. This man was insufferable.

“Jefferson, do us all a favor and shut up” You snapped. He only rolled his eyes and continued talking, irritating you even more.

You leaned to your best friend, Alex, “His ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow,“ you whispered. Alex snorted in response and choked back a laugh when he caught a glimpse of something. Alex nodded his head toward what caught his eye. You followed his eyes and there it was. In all its glory.

You snickered, “His ego isn’t the only thing I can see growing.”

“(Y/L/N), is there something you’d like to say to me?” Thomas hissed.

“Look down, Jefferson. I see speaking your unwanted and unasked for opinion really gets you going.”

You watched his eyebrows knit together as he looked down, his confidence faltering for a second before his infamous smirk rose from his lips to hide his embarrassment.

“You know you want me, Darlin’.”

At that remark you burst out laughing. After the very anticipated ring of the bell, class was over. Thomas hadn’t shut up and even the teacher’s patience was wearing thin, but you needed his help for class, so you weren’t quite done with him yet.

“Jefferson- I need to talk to you,” you called to him. His cocky smirk spread across his face as he made his way toward you.

“You called? It’s nice to see me, the pleasure is yours. How may I assist you?” He asked much too confidently. God, the arrogant ass he was.

“Shut up for a second, will ya?” You said exasperatedly, “ As much as I’d rather not ask this, you’re probably the best in this class and I need help studying.”

“What’s in it for me?” He bit his lip, looking you up and down.

“Quality time with me, myself, and I. Come on, the test is in three days and I can’t waste any time,” you responded, grabbing his wrist and dragging him along.

He chuckled, “Eager.”

A few hours later, you still hadn’t gotten much done. Thomas was on his phone and not really offering much advice while you were pouring over your notes, trying to figure out what the important parts.

“Off my bed, Jefferson, I don’t know where you’ve been. If you’re going to sit on your phone not even being useful to me right now, why’d you agree to come?” You started to rant, frustrated and stressed.

“(Y/N), chill out for one second will you? You asked me to help you study for the government final.”

“I did ask you. You agreed and you’re not even helping like you said you would!”

You felt anger bubble inside of you when you heard him mumble something about you being an ‘uptight bitch’.

“What’d you just call me?”

“An uptight bitch,” he said all too nonchalantly, “loosen up a li-.” Before he could finish, you had cut him off by roughly attaching your lips to his. You could feel him smirk before his arm snaked around your waist, pulling you even closer. He was a good kisser, you’ll give him that.

You pulled away, panting a little because damn did that boy know how to take a girl’s breath away.

“Why do you hate me so much?” He questioned, looking almost vulnerable, a hint of hurt evident in his eyes.

“I don’t hate you. You just annoy the hell out of me. With your hard, loud, open opinions and your stupid gorgeous face, and hair, and your body, and-” you stopped with a sigh, “I don’t hate you. If I’m honest I actually find you extremely attractive.” You let the words tumble from your lips, silently wishing you knew how to shut up.

“Give me a chance, (Y/N). I may be an arrogant dick in school but I know how to treat a lady such as yourself. You’re beautiful and you deserve to be treated like a queen. Please,” he almost whispered the word ‘please’ which made your gaze soften.

TF2 Ships~ (WIP)

ScoutxScout-> Scoutcest
ScoutxPyro-> Flash Fire
ScoutxSolly-> Batting Helmet
ScoutxDemo-> Hop scotch
ScoutxHeavy-> Heavy Hitters
ScoutxEngie-> Texas Two Step
ScoutxSniper-> Speeding Bullet
ScoutxMedic-> Quick Fix/Blunt Trauma
ScoutxSpy-> Daddy Issues/Cloak & Batter
ScoutxPauling-> Caught Looking
SoldierxSoldier-> Sollycest
SoldierxPyro-> 4th of July
SoldierxDemo-> Boots n Booms
SoldierxHeavy-> Cold War 
SoldierxEngie-> Helmet Party
SoldierxMedic -> Fruit Scones
SoldierxSniper-> Knife Party Huntsman (???)  
SoldierxSpy-> Freedom Fries
SoldierxMerasmus-> Magic Missiles

SoldierxZhanna: East meets West

PyroxPyro-> Pyrocest
PyroxEngie-> Texas Toast
PyroxHeavy-> Bear Grill
PyroxDemo-> Molotov
PyroxSniper-> Why does it burn when I pee?/Hot Shots
PyroxMedic-> Roasted Dove
PyroxSpy-> French Fries
DemoxDemo-> Democest
DemoxHeavy-> ???
DemoxEngie-> Short Fuse
DemoxMedic-> JaegerBombs
DemoxSniper-> Piss Drunk
DemoxSpy-> Bomb voyage
HeavyxHeavy-> Heavycest
HeavyxEngie-> Heavyneer
HeavyxSniper-> Vegemite sandvich
HeavyxMedic-> Red Oktoberfest
HeavyxSpy-> Spoovy
EngiexEngie-> Engiecest
EngiexSniper-> Trucks n vans
EngiexMedic-> Science Party
EngiexSpy-> Napoleon Complex
SniperxSniper-> Snipercest
SniperxMedic-> Bush Medicine/Van Ambulance/Urine Sample
SniperxSpy-> Bloody Suit
MedicxMedic-> Medicest
MedicxSpy-> Gentle Surgery
SpyxSpy-> Spycest

I tried to put order of the ships that are in this fandom and ended up like this. Even when I don’t reblog everything this will be useful anyway, for me and for my followers.

It was really funny to do, and thanks Sugar Tits for your help <3

be aware when you’re being advertised to on tumblr

i’m all for ppl making $$$ through advertising, it’s my job !! but it really upsets me when ppl are deceptive about it, and it is really rampant on tumblr. here are some common things that you might not have thought were financially fuelled:

- clothes posts with links

how to tell - if you hover the link and see bitlys, or shortened links, theyre going to be referral links. 

also if it’s a long link but has like ‘?ref=username’ or similar in the URL, thats a referral link too. the user will get cash back on your purchase - anywhere from 5-15% generally! 

not a bad thing since they brought that store business and it’s their way of saying thank you. however - know that there is a vested financial interest behind the post rather than it being a wholehearted personal recommendation to you by your favourite blogger.

- posts sharing a useful app in depth

I find these kinda insidious - the posts where it will be like 

‘I just found this brilliant new app where you can help yourself financially - use my code to get started and you get a free 500 points!’ 

the blogger will be paid likely on referrals, and can earn a lot of money from it! it’s fine and if they like and recommend the app it’s all good, but it can be really deceptive if it’s pitched like they came across it by complete chance! this is still an advert

- people reblogging it with validation to make it seem more legit

to follow on from the second - all the reblogs are likely not genuine other impartial people saying how good it is and thanks so much, it’s people in on the ad or even that person’s side blogs. same for when people will be sent a very leading ask - they probably sent it to themself in order to have an excuse to write out an ad for this app or product! 

advertising laws exist and you can face a fine if you aren’t disclosing your ads. some people will disclose their ad posts by using a certain hashtag - if it’s a ‘p’ or ‘ad’ or ‘c120 w390′ that you see on all of these sus posts, that’s probably them keeping track of their ad posts for future reference. 

even if it’s not an upfront paid flat fee, affiliate marketing still counts as advertising and still needs to be disclosed!

First Elaaden Vault Puzzle

Man, I hated this vault.

Since the first puzzle was such a pain, I figured I’d post a quick solution for future reference. There are some YouTube videos that have posted this part, but I found it much easier to follow a written guide. (I even wrote it into the margin of my book because the official guide basically shrugs and goes “eh, you’ll probably fuck this up a bunch.”)

SAVE BEFORE YOU START. It makes it so much easier to reset the puzzle if you screw up.

There are five consoles. Activate them in this order:

Far Left
Far Left
Far Right

Hope this helps.


great tv recommendations: some girls 
↳ “Some girls you take one look at them and you think you know all about them, right? Well, look again.” [x]

anonymous asked:

hey do you know the snapchats of the original cast? like i need them so bad

Official Snapchat: hamiltonmusical
Broadway Cast Members:
Carleigh Bettiol (carleighbettiol)
Andrew Chappelle (achapphawk)
Nicholas Christopher (nikriz)
Ariana DeBose (adebose5)
Daveed Diggs (daveeddiggs)
Hope Easterbrook (hope_brooks1)
Jordan Fisher (jordan_fisher)
Mandy Gonzalez (mandy.gonzalez1)
Gregory Haney (ghaney22)
Neil Haskell (neilhaskell)
Sydney Harcourt (sydneyhardcore)
Brandon Hudson (brandonhudson90)
Lexi Lawson (leonidasalexe)
Javier Munoz (thejnm2)
Okieriete Onaodowan (oaksmash)
Jon Rua (jonruagrit)
Seth Stewart (iamsethstewart)
Kamille Upshaw (kamilleupshaw)
Tanairi Vazquez (tanavazq13)
Donald Webber Jr. (webjam721)
Syndee Winters (syndeewinters)
Chicago Cast Members:
Ari Afsar (ariannaafsar)
Amber Ardolino (amberardolino)
Justice Moore (justice_moore)
Karen Olivo (karenolivo76)

For future reference, this post is tagged as ‘cast snaps’ so that anyone looking can go there :)

thekongfan  asked:

Can u draw a kong picture from the new kong vs scrawler clip i would love to see that

For future reference, because I’m seeing quite a few posts directed at Matt Frank on your blog: you shouldn’t expect professional artists to draw stuff on your say-so. That’s what paid commissions are for.

Fortunately, I’m not a professional artist – in fact, no one has asked me to draw anything in the four years I’ve had this blog – so I hope you enjoy this Post-It doodle.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I've been out of the loop (not following anything in asoiaf fandom) for 2-3 years now. Is there anywhere you would direct me, a diehard Jon/Arya shipper, to start? Blogs or fics or particularly good meta or conversations or graphics or anything

Hey! So, settle down, my friend, you’re about to get a tour on this ship.

  • Fanfics:

If you want good fanfics, I have my rec list, although you can also read basically everything ever written by Lady Bee (or @laboratorioautoral on tumblr), and be ready to go. My all time favourite? The Wolf Within.

  • Drabbles:

I have another tag for drabbles, or fanfics I haven’t had the time to read therefore hasn’t yet add to the rec list. 

Both @laboratorioautoral and @bringhersafetome have some amazing drabbles and plots too, so there!

And now time to self-promotion: I myself eventually write some drabbles as well, though mine is a multifandom blog mainly centered in Harry Potter. But, you can always request something and I will be happy to write it out!

  • Blogs:

I don’t think there are any other blogs which post exclusively jonrya content other than mine and @wolfqueennthebastard (if you are out there, exclusively jonrya blog, please let me know!), but the both blogs I already tagged here are a good place to start, as well! The girls post a lot about this ship.

  • Gaphics:

Honestly, we are such a small ship that, if you follow any of these blogs, you’ll have access to all the graphics and gifs and theories we create. But, if you feel like going to one place for it all, you can always visit our tag and have fun!

  • Meta:

The meta of this ship is all over the place, and they hardly ever center exclusively on Jonrya. That been said, @arya-jon-tyrion have some amazing meta+foreshadowing (my favourite is the one about Arya being a Queen in the endgame).

There’s also a topic on an ASoIaF forum about Jon x Arya being a possible endgame. Fun reading, although some of these seem like reading way too much into the GRRM writing.

Now, last but not least, the thing that gave me hope, the reason I wake up every morning, the transcription of GRRM’s letters to his agent with the original outline of ASoIaF, where basically jonrya is canon and endgame and everything is beautiful. I don’t know if this is truly meta, but I also don’t care.

Well, I think that’s all. I hope you have a good time! And sorry I took so long to answer, I knew I would need time to write all of this down so I procrastinated. Ops.