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*upcoming changes*

Hi BBs :)

Rawwwwr. I’m a little nervous to say this, I don’t quite know how. 

I originally made this as a Dragon Age tumblr, but sometimes I get so busy doing other things that I don’t contribute as often as I’d like.I feel guilty because even though I am drawing, I’m not sharing it with you because it’s not always Dragon Age! I hate that! I really, really do. 


*points to the examples above*

From now on, I will guiltlessly be posting more content… but it won’t necessarily be all Dragon Age. I’m obviously still posting DA (with a strong bias towards Solas cough cough), but I’ve decided I am going to share my other fandom creations with you, too!

I’ve thought long and hard about this. The thing is, I created this tumblr so that I could share things without being judged for what I made. If I wanted to post about Solas’ butt, I could damn well do it! BUTTS EVERYWHERE! You know? And before you say anything – just because I haven’t yet doesn’t mean I won’t! 

But from here on out you will be exposed to my interests aside from Solas’ butt. 

The plus side of this is that with more content, I feel I can finally open up a store!!!! So I’m now working on putting one together. And oh! If you dig my comic, you can also look forward to a new page coming soon, too!!! :D

 I hope you don’t mind my little announcement D:

*ducks down behind a rampart*

Please don’t kill me…