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30 Days of Summer Break Doctor Who

Day 03: Favorite quote or one liner from Doctor Who?

Because of course I couldn’t pick just one:

The Doctor: Oooh!! A big flashy lighty thing. I love big flashy lighty things. Big flashy lighty things have got me written all over them. Well, not actually, but give me time. And a crayon.
[from A Christmas Carol]


The Doctor: She’s a woman and she’s the TARDIS.
Amy: Did you wish really hard?
[from The Doctor’s Wife]

30 Days of Summer Break Doctor Who

Day 04: What’s your favorite relationship on Doctor Who?

External image
Craig and Sophie from The Lodger.

They may be one of the most obscure - forgettable, even - couples on the show, yet their relationship was incredibly, undeniably sweet. They’re just an awkward pair of best friends that would never admit their love for one another until the world was at stake. 

External image
I also love this little romance because it showed what a profound and meaningful impact The Doctor has on people, even those whom he only meets for a couple days.

Ask Yourself: What Floor?

Handy guide to my summer dorm:

Laundry Room and Kitchen – Opposite ends of the upper-half of the first floor.

Vending Machines – Lower-half of the second floor.

My Room – Upper-half of the second floor.

Reslife Offices – Lower-half of the first floor.

Dumbwaiters – Upper-half of each floor, on the landing of the middle staircase [That’s right, I’m pointing and laughing at all you kids with rooms on the lower-halves of floors. You have a fridge or something big, bulky, or heavy for your room? Even with the dumbwaiter, you can’t escape the stairs!].

Entrances to the building – one or one-and-a-half flights of stairs down from the first floor, depending on which side of the building you’re on.

Wait, what?

I know this is the “Terraces” and all, but turning three floors into 6 half-floors, with a whole different level for the entrances, is crazy. When I first moved in, my mom and I had to wander over most of the building before finding my room, and it took me over a week to find the Laundry room – and even longer to find the Vending machines.

Every time I go to do laundry or to grab a candy bar, I find myself humming “What For,” by Rooney, with one slight change to the lyrics: “Ask yourself what floor? What floor, what floor, what floor?”

I guess this is what I get for going to college on a hill.

I went to submit a paper online..

And when I went to upload it, Chrome defaulted to the last folder I had opened to upload something.

Which was my POKEDDEX folder.

So I was really confused for a moment, probably because I expected my documents folder or something.

And then I thought how funny it would be if, instead of submitting “Ethical_Professional.pdf”

I just submitted “primeape.jpg”

To my Professional Development III class.

Being single visits a kind of constant, low-intensity misery on a person–at least on a person who doesn’t want to be single. Coming home to an empty house, not having anyone to confide in, facing illnesses on your own–being alone hurts, but people can get used to it. But being in a long term relationship doesn’t spare you from all that day-to-day pain. It just banks it. Every day I’m with Terry, every day I’m not alone, a little misery gets put into a savings account, where interest is compounded hourly. The day Terry dies, all the pain I avoided when I was with him will be paid out all at once; I will suffer a windfall of misery. I imagine the pain would feel literally like being torn in two. Maybe that’s what people mean when they talk about ‘one flesh’?
—  Dan Savage

I think I have a band-crush.