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i missed harry and i’m glad he’s ~coming back but also he’s not because this is a new version of him like these are sides we haven’t seen before and that’s s exciting because it’s all still him?? i’m just so gad he’s able to explore his multifaceted nature a little more i am SO excited i can’t even comprehend


Decided to check back in for a bit and saw I got tagged by @stariousfalls to post my background and lockscreen, the last song I listened to and a “pic” of myself. Thank you, friend. ❤

My lockscreen is of the boys, of course, and my background is of the drawing I did. Last song I listened to is Intention by Kiiara. I’ve been listening to it non-stop for awhile. Erm…. Still not really comfortable showing my face so here is one of my many bags. XD Maybe one day. Just not anytime soon. ^^;

I think people might have done this so I’m not really going to tag anyone. Maybe next time. And now I’m going back to my break.


My @voltronsecretvalentine gift for @thedemidiaries! hope u like it ✨ Happy Valentine’s day!!

Klance miraculous ladybug AU, am I right or am I right?

Professor Lupin


I’m seriously in love with this game!


literally just a 3-page continuation of the previous 3 pages, aka, how it should have ended