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I wanted to draw Zeico and you wanted a drawing for your birthday so, yay! first time I draw both of them and I don’t understand their clothes, so izzet


and tbh Idk shit about their clothes either I kinda wing it everytime

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Sorry, I kinda need a recap on Zeico's backstory

Alright her backstory is that she is the firstborn of an Orzhov family. She is the heir to her line and was groomed by her mother to basically take over family business. Zeico hated this because they were p much forcing her into it and put on a fuckton of pressure to fit a certain mold.

(Act like this! No you can’t waste time on this lightning magic until you memorize these runes! You only got satisfactory on History of Orzhova? There will only be excellence here!) #HighExpectationsOrzhovMother

In her early academy days (I still don’t know how Ravnican education works… I just say ‘academy’ as like… high school or some shit) she asked to be an Azorius because Zeico wanted to do something that she could use her spellcraft skills in moreso than orzhov stuffs and her elders were like 'mmmmyes good we can use someone on the inside fo that guild mmyesss’.

She tried to study for that for a bit but realized she was still doing something for the sake of pleasing her family. So she searched herself and found out hey… she actually really likes magic and finding out the workings behind shit FUCK THIS NOISE IM JOINING THE IZZET

And so she did. 

Misc. notes: 

  • Literally doesn’t know who father is. (knows she’s p much a bastard and thinks all the extra pressure was because of that) 
  • Discovered she could use magics from a very early age, like before walking. Set a mean aunt on fire. (Mages spark???? Idk how to word it. Tbh I don’t think EVERYONE can use magic on Ravnica) 
  • Always put in advanced classes for everything. 
  • fears that she didn’t take right path. like… is she REALLY living to her potential 

thats all i got atm

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Zeico, any progress on the research? *ral walks in, grinning from ear to ear*

She sits up in her bed and waves her arm at the general vicinity of the desk. It’s even more covered with books and various paper than usual. “There…” she yawned, “I did a few things." 

Honestly most the books were just her catching up on artifice skills and the paper she drafted what would be a sliver had more question marks written on it than anything else.