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tumblr is not doing good things for me. well, that’s a lie. I’ve talked to some wonderful people and made some lovely friends. I’ve learned a lot and laughed a lot…..but the cons outweigh the pros. to me and my adhd, tumblr is basically crack. completely addicting. it’s interfering with my life and I’m not getting stuff done. being surrounded by posts about mental illness and discrimination in the lgbtq community and politics and stuff like that….is exhausting really, especially for someone with mental illnesses and disabilities like me. I guess what I’m trying to say is that adhd (and anemia cause that’s a way bigger problem than most people think) is a huge force in my life right now, and I need to save my spoons and take care of my self. I can’t lie on my bed and hyper focus on my phone for hours everyday anymore. so I’m taking a break. or at least a partial break. I’m mainly on mobile, so I’m deleting this damn app as soon as I finish this post and I’m gonna go do my makeup and go have some fun with my friends. I’m not staying home tonight, not again. I’m not missing out on life because my energy has all been drained reading negative posts on the Internet. I’ll keep up my queue and talk to my mutuals on my laptop, but I’m turning off my asks. (however submissions will stay open and will be greatly appreciated in order to keep my queue up) if I unfollow you, please don’t take it personally, I just need to keep myself from getting distracted and I need a dash that is free from shitposts and discourse. anyways. thank you for being such amazing, caring, understanding, patient and beautiful followers. and thank you for putting up with lil ‘ole me and my disabled ass. maybe when I get better I’ll be more active again.
xoxo, lots o love,

I want to make a post about how there are a lot of “being mentally ill/neurodivergant isn’t an excuse to be toxic uwu” because.

People with certain mental illnesses are told that they’re toxic or manipulative or overreacting no matter what they do or don’t say/do.

So here’s a reminder that something having a mental illness that makes them emotional/attention seeking/needy does not make them inherently toxic.

Needing validation from your peers doesn’t make you a bad or toxic person. Having mood swings doesn’t make you a bad or toxic person. Feeling things more intensely does not make you a bad or toxic person and so on

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hey!! i just wanna ask, what diss? you know you posted it that jiyong dissed someone on their own stage and got invited anyway .. can you tell me~~? thank you~~~

IF i remember properly, it was the MAMA’s a few years ago and he rapped about being above awards (i think). I think i posted about it ill link it.


I cannot stop listening to the song “Every Shining Time You Arrive” by idk who and I really truly can’t decide if I hate it or love it but right away the guitars caught me and they’re very ‘Verticle Horizon’ and when the piano starts up at the end I get goosebumps on my legs so there’s that.

To add onto @arguementblog’s post about some people’s aro/ace identities being linked to mental illness or trauma:

There is a specific category of nb identities which mean that your mental illness affects how you relate to gender. That’s still a valid form of non-binary and people who are nb because of mental illness are still lgbt+.

Why do you guys hate mentally ill people so much??

I can’t define it for anyone else, but for me self care is about being good to yourself in a lot of different ways. Sometimes I want to do things like yoga or exercise, but I feel like I don’t deserve to feel healthy or I hate my body too much to do something good for it, so I appreciate posts that tell me it’s ok to do that. And also sometimes I need to just make a blanket fort or take a bath because I’ve had a hard day and need to relax, and I appreciate posts that tell me it’s ok to do that too. Self care is different for everyone and you should just do whatever works for you, because you are the only one who knows what it is you need. I’m honestly just happy if you practice it at all, because you deserve to feel good and take care of yourself.

hello this is a sideblog!!! im looking to make some friends (who i’ll follow on my main, obviously) !!!

if you post about

-being transgender

-being mentally ill

-being queer in general

-being otherkin

-being mentally ill (bonus points if u have bpd or anxiety)

-and social justice!

-preferably anti truscum ? thanks

if this sounds like u it would be cool if u liked/reblogged this post (to help spread the word!) 

if you aren’t a part of a marginalized group, don’t reblog positivity posts about that group. i don’t care if you put the “i’m [identity]” in the tags. these posts are not for you, and it’s fetishizing. 

literally every article and post about being mentally ill and dating assumes that only one partner is mentally ill and the other person has to be the Good Neurotypical when in actuality lots of people who are mentally ill are also dating each other. it isn’t that far out of the realm of possibility