whom else is out here trying to determine whether the rare attraction you feel towards men is just a symptom of compulsory heterosexuality, or if most men just piss you off and you only occasionally feel attracted to them bcus of it 

yeah // you

I wanna be honest I wanna come clean I don’t need you like air and water but my heart says I do / I am ruled by greed I take everything I can get & then some. I listened to the songs you love on repeat & felt your presence on the B8 / something like when I was in the woods with my sister & we dipped our toes in the forever-stream. even then when my heart was stable I could only think of how bad I want you. I’ve wanted you since I met you / & back then I didn’t even know it but I was just waiting for you to see through the layers lies & bullshit until it’s just you and me / I only ever wanted you to see / if anyone else was involved it was me pleading for you. time unravelled me. now I can’t hide my need & you can’t tame it

// zunera