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I agree with the Paula Deen head canon, but like I need a story... please...

(referencing this headcanon)

“Ransom. Ransom,” said Holster, holding a wet towel to the side of his face, his voice ratcheting to a squeak on the tail end of Ransom’s name. “I think I might actually need stitches.”

Ransom sympathized. After Holster had been successfully extracted from the kitchen and helped up the stairs to the attic, Ransom had gone back down to retrieve ice for Holster’s face. Bitty had– disturbingly– calmed somewhat at the sight of blood, but a somewhat-calm Bitty was a Bitty who was kneading pizza dough like he was trying to beat a secret family recipe out of it. Ransom had been so desperate to not draw Bitty’s attention that it had taken him a full minute to open the refrigerator.

“Let’s get you to Health Services,” said Ransom.

“I can’t go back down there,” said Holster, wild-eyed. “Maybe we can jump off the roof.”

“Bro, that’s three stories. You’ll break your legs.”

“I can’t go back down there.”

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07/24/16 - Rosaryville 25k

25k trail race today! Super slow, but I was pushing on the declines and putting in my best! My left calf was tight and my foot fell numb within the first few miles of the race, but I didn’t let it get to me and kept pushing. I was rewarded for my tenacity, because my foot felt normal again after 4 or 5 miles. Furthermore, I kept tripping on roots, and eventually fell pancake-flat on my face in the mud, cut up my right knee and really hurt my right foot. Ran with some veteran ultrarunners, which was pretty cool, and people were so friendly and helpful, both fellow racers and volunteers. The majority of the course was shaded and in forest, but I still sweated a bunch. It was great to finally get in a solid trail race and some heat training.

Stay tuned for post-race noms photos!

Come as you are/
Come as you want to be/
Not what I have made you into/
Not what society has taught you/
Come as you are/
Pure and beautiful/
Like a diamond in the rough/
Come raw and uncut/
Your big eyes, your wide hips/
Your chocolate skin ,your seductive lips/
Come not to please/
Not to ease/
Come to smile/
Brighten the world for a little while/
Come as you are/
Angry and frustrated/
Powerful and naked/
Fierce and sweet/
Like a mango freshly picked/
Like soil , the earth that gives life/
The garden you create with every step/
Come as you are/
Come as you want to be/
Not what I have made you into/
Not what society has taught you/
Come as you are/
—  As you are