All Johnlock shippers know that Reichenbach is a crucial event in the John/Sherlock relationship. Highly emotional, heartbreaking, and just overall devastating, the events of Reichenbach led to thousands of fics detailing the aftermath.

On the fifth day of Christmas TJLC gave to me…

1 Absolute Favorite

2 Heartbreaking Fics

3 Underrated Authors

4 Fantasy Fics

5 Post-Reichenbach Fics

We Go Anywhere But to the Ground (geordielover | 24,623 | R)

Every second that ticks by is a reminder of the deafening quiet Sherlock has left behind. John feels his soul slip out of his fingertips, inch by inch, with every passing day.

At some point, he stops trying to hold on.

This is probably my favorite Post-Reichenbach fic. I cried during this fic, because the love between John and Sherlock here is so evident. There’s a lot of angst and grief here (Who’s surprised there? This is Post-Reichenbach we’re talking about), but this fic pulls something truly lovely out of the ashes. It’s a beautiful but realistic portrayal of John and Sherlock at their worst.

Where The Sun Never Shines (teahigh | 11,634 | PG)

John is a mess. Sherlock can’t fix him, but he tries. That’s good enough, John thinks.

This fic is quiet and gentle. It doesn’t erase the pain and anger that come with Reichenbach (fics that do so irritate me to no end), but the emotions aren’t quite as raw as they are in We Go Anywhere But to the Ground. Where The Sun Never Shines epitomizes hurt/comfort, one of my favorite genres. There’s something subtle and soft here, and it makes for a very lovely fic.

Stages of Grief (speranza | 5,589 | NC-17)

He texted Mycroft: “Four bottles of pills and the Radio Times. You’re fired.”

Stages of Grief is a curious little fic. It has very lovely writing and an excellent Sherlock voice. This author has very strong characterization in general, making this Post-Reichenbach fic memorable and unique. 

Spaces Between (aubkae | 7,644 | R)

John watches Sherlock wander through the flat staring at everything like it’s all new, touching random objects as if they can tell him something he doesn’t already know. Their eyes meet. They look away.

Authors who capture the inevitable anger and difficulty of a Post-Reichenbach reunion are probably rarer than you think. Spaces Between does an excellent job of making that Johnlock reunion realistic; the wounds from Reichenbach are still there, and it takes more than some snarky banter to heal them. Sad but hopeful overall, Spaces Between is a Post-Reichenbach must read.

Quiet (eliane | 4,026 | PG)

“It all comes down to this. John knows Sherlock. Not in his details but in his entirety.”

Lovely. This fic is absolutely lovely. Its title is very, very accurate, and the atmosphere in this fic is stunning. 

As usual, I am obligated to mention ivyblossom, a fandom-loved author who, for whatever reason, my never ending laziness and procrastination  I have never read. Ivyblossom is well-known for one of her Post-Reichenbach fics, The Quiet Man.