“I Gave Him The Nose Job He Always Wanted”
Shayna Hubers

On the 12th of October 2012 in Kentucky, Ryan Poston was shot six times by his ex girlfriend, Shayna Hubers. After the murder, Hubers called the police, confessed and stated it was self defence.

Poston had a date with Miss Ohio, Audrey Bolte, on the evening of his murder.

Bizzarly with this case Hubers claimed she was in an abusive relationship, however her interrogation antics proved different. During an interview she said “I Gave Him The Nose Job He Always Wanted”, and when left on her own she danced around saying, “i killed him, i killed him”.

A cellmate of Hubers told authorities that Hubers told her “she was gonna plead insanity but she was too smart because she has the IQ of Einstein. She’d use the battered wife syndrome”.

In April 2015, Shayna Hubers was sentenced to life

Hubers is facing a retrial in 2017 due to a juror being a convicted felon

Currently on view as part of Self- Interned, 1942: Noguchi in Poston War Relocation Center, through January 7, 2018:

Isamu Noguchi, Noodle, 1943-44, Botticino marble Pine wood base

Photo by Kevin Noble

Private collection, on long-term loan to The Noguchi Museum


Books About Fans & Fandom

YA books about fans & fandom are one my favorite recent book trends – as you might have guessed from that printable bookmark I made – and I’m pleased to see that the 2017 crop looks larger than the previous few years combined! To help you increase your TBR piles, I’ve assembled a list of recent and forthcoming titles. Obviously I haven’t yet read most of these, and some look better than others–which ones are you most looking forward to? Which ones are already your faves?

Unconventional, Maggie Harcourt (2/1/2017 UK, no US pub date yet?)
Stranger Than Fanfiction, Chris Colfer (2/28/2017)
Queens of Geek, Jen Wilde (3/14/2017)
Radio Silence, Alice Oseman (3/28/2017)
Dead Little Mean Girl, Eva Darrows (3/28/2017)
Geekerella, Ashley Poston (4/4/2017)
Meg & Linus, Hanna Nowinski (4/18/2017)
Looking for Group, Rory Harrison (4/25/2017)
Grace and the Fever, Zan Romanoff (5/16/2017)
Eliza and Her Monsters, Francesca Zappia (5/30/2017)
Follow Me Back, A.V. Geiger (6/6/2017)
Internet Famous, Danika Stone (6/6/2017)
Kat and Meg Conquer the World, Anna Priemaza (11/7/2017)

2016 and earlier
Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here, Anna Breslaw (2016)
Kill the Boy Band, Goldy Moldavsky (2016)
The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You, Lily Anderson, (2016)
The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love, Sarvenaz Tash (2016)
Gena/Finn, Kat Helgeson and Hanna Moskowitz (2016)
All the Feels, Danika Stone (2016)
The Improbable Theory of Ana & Zak, Brian Katcher (2015)
Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell (2013)


This is a Star Butterfly-Jackie Lynn Thomas friendship appreciation post

One thing I’m really grateful about the show is that, despite the pairing war route it’s taken, it’s gone out of it’s way to show that those two are friends

Star invites Jackie for sleepovers, and even after she starts dating Marco, which obviously upsets Star, she’s nothing but kind and friendly towards her

makes me wonder if Nefcy knows how virulent fandom can be towards girls involved in a ship and is trying to placate that

Now, with the S2 finale things are bound to change, but I hope whatever ship comes out on top, these two keep their friendship intact. It’s a nice thing to see