the questions i have been asked at work...(lately)

yeah we all know that your co workers are nosy and want to know everything about your life. but honestly i just want to bust a marshawn lynch and tell the the same answer over and over again. 

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but because i will answer them, but not to there face, why not do it here instead. so read along to the annoying questions they have asked me and the answer i wish i can give them. ENJOY!!

why don’t you have a bf?

honestly because a guy cant handle this much awesome-ness! lolol jk. well because i am not looking for anything right now and somehow that answer i give its a “lie”.

why do you always put makeup up?

because i want too, that’s why. i’m not asking you why you wear the same shirt every morning and you try t play it off, but hey i see you.

why are you always quiet at work?

well because it;s work. what do you want me to be doing? want me to yell and dance over the office? it’s your job not a party to have fun!

why do you always have that mad face?

excuse me? i’m 95% of the time looking at a computer screen and doing reports, yes i’m gonna have a face because i do not want to mess things up.

i would type more but now, just answering these questions i am getting upset. channel my inner marshawn from now on. 

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From Gastroposter Jessie Chen, via Instagram:

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