(Base rules: no two books by the same author. Mostly to stop multiple books from the same series ending up in the list.)

  1. Hidden Talents by David Lubar (this book defined me as a person. It’s so good. It’s about 13 year olds with superpowers trying to stop their shitty school from getting shut down. Everyone gets a cool nickname. Don’t read the sequel.)
  2. Hero by Perry More (Guys, it has a GAY SUPERHERO FOR A MAIN CHARACTER. It’s also got a really strong story and all of the characters are really complex. Imagine a dark, gay version of Sky High.
  3. My Most Excellent Year by Steve Kluger (also pretty gay. It’s just super adorable and it’s in Boston and there’s a deaf toddler and history nerds and awkward first loves that are really well handled and the word “gink”)
  4. Postmortal by Drew Magary (this one is so freaking dark. It’s set in a future where science has found a way to stop people from aging, so effectively death stops being a thing unless something really bad happens. Things get bad.)
  5. John Dies at the End by David Wong (Look, I’m still not sure what it was about. And if you’re gonna ask me if John dies at the end, you’d be surprised.)
  6. The Fire Thief by Terry Deary (Prometheus hides from Zeus in the 18th century. It’s for kids, but reading it as a kid, it was the cooliest book out there.)
  7. Magyk by Angie Sage (This woman mastered continuity. It’s incredible. She’s got such a complete universe wrapped up into 7 books, I can hardly stand it. Long story short, there’s a kid who’s set up to be the most magical kid of all time, shit goes down.)
  8. The Silver Child by Cliff Mcnish (No one hates adults as much as Cliff Mcnish. I love it and I want it to be real. You got your kids with superpowers, an incoming apocalypse, kids fending for themselves, and wet pages because IT’S RAINING YOU’RE TOTALLY NOT CRYING IT’S JUST THE RAIN.)
  9. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (You read it too. You know that shit was good.)
  10. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (No. Shut up. I love this book and nothing will change that. Again, you read it too, but if you didn’t love how repulsively flawed every single character was, then you might have missed something because this is a book about terrible rich people being terrible.)
New Book Starts Now

There are plenty of places to find reviews; here is why I think it will be awesome before I read it.

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Drew Magary’s Postmortal: A Novel

I started following Magary because he writes for and his articles/columns always stood out, and then discovered through his twitter that he is featured on many more sites. I’m a little skeptical because he is generally a comedic writer and the novel is SciFi/Post-Apocalyptic, but his writing has been great for everything else I’ve read whether it was sports or not so I look forward to reading his first novel.