Bellamy sat on the edge of one of the hospital beds, his shoulders hunched and curled protectively around the newest cluster of scars on his chest.  All of his major and visible injuries had been tended to by Matron Longbottom when he was still in the Shrieking Shack, but werewolf inflicted wounds never healed well, so the scars still burned dully and grew irritated under his shirt.  His fingers softly prodded around the edges absently.

When he heard the door to the Hospital wing open, he slowly looked up.  His bed was out of the way enough that he couldn’t be seen by just anyone who happened to walk in, but he still made the effort to shift out of sight, and was rewarded with an involuntary groan when he pulled the sore muscles along his spine. 


elaboration of this post

moon: initial reaction; the processing of emotions

fire moon: vocalized upheaval. immediate initial reaction. childish processing of emotions that link back to themselves. what can i do so that ‘i’ feel most fulfilled?

earth moon: internalized logic. immediate reasoning. pragmatic processing of emotions that link back to their ability to produce something. what can i do so that my efforts are recognized?

air moon: vocalized logic. immediate detachment. rational progressing of emotions that link back to other people. what can i do that will affect or be affected by another?

water moon: internalized upheaval. immediate betrayal. emotional processing of emotions that link back to their comfort zone. what can i do so that i am reassured? 

mars: the expression of anger

fire mars: quick to anger. most likely to cause a scene and get heated in an argument. express anger if you offended their way of being. 

earth mars: gradual anger. tear other people down. express anger if you make them feel inadequate. 

air mars: passive/communicated anger. detach themselves from anger but will argue it out until the point is seen. 

water mars: anger that runs deep. can hold grudges forever. will always blame things on the other person. 

12th house: traits exhibited when vulnerable and/or alone

mars/aries: reckless, imperious, assertive, extremist tendencies, childish 

venus/taurus: over-indulgent, superficial, stubborn, calm

mercury/gemini: flighty, two-faced, communicative, gossipy

moon/cancer: severe mood swings, hypersensitive, empathetic, easily drained

sun/leo: arrogant, prideful, warm, insecure, sympathetic 

mercury/virgo: overly critical, obsessive compulsive, serving others, attentive

venus/libra: co-dependent, avoidant, overly just, indecisive, amicable 

pluto/scorpio: resentful, destructive, resilient, fearful of change, powerful

jupiter/sagittarius: pretentious, excessive, giving, adventuresome 

saturn/capricorn: restrained, self-reliant, being a rock for others, responsible

uranus/aquarius: erratic, unconventional, self-righteous, innovative, outsider

neptune/pisces: escapist tendencies, delusional, compassionate, easily overwhelmed, imaginative