Fred Postles
London, UK | Melbourne, Australia
Canon Sure Shot Max | Canon AE-1

Taking a semester of studies on the other side of the planet, do you think it has given you a different perspective on life?

Yes, I would say that it has. First of all, any time that I travel, whether it’s to another country, a different continent or just down the road from where I live, I will inevitably compare it to what I’m used to, or what I’ve seen before. In many ways Melbourne reminds me of London and other big cities that I’ve spent time in throughout the “West”, which is not surprising considering the history of these places (sometimes it can seem like all that changes is the accent and the side of the road that they drive on). But every place has at least a touch of individuality, something that makes it memorable and for me it was Melbourne’s architecture which stood out — the city was full of crazy looking buildings. I found them quite inspiring actually, and often found myself walking the streets staring straight up. But in a more general way, living in Australia influenced my perspective too, as I became more aware of similarities and differences between Australians and Brits, and their respective cultures, so by extension it drove me to think about myself, and where (or how) I fitted in on either side.

Has the time away made any changes to the way you take photographs?

As I mentioned above, Melbourne was architecturally very interesting, so I think that engendered a slight shift in focus in terms of my photographs; whereas before I was perhaps more interested in rural landscapes, during my time in Melbourne I turned increasingly towards the urban, which was probably inevitable. During my time at the university there, I studied some new and interesting subjects, and read some fantastic writers, which itself has contributed to a change in the way I see things — and for me that’s what photography is, a way of seeing, or of looking. So a piece or writing that affects my way of thinking, or stays with me personally, also finds it way into my photographs, I think — I don’t really separate photography from other parts of my life. Also, I’ve always learnt photography as I went along, I’ve never had any kind of formal guidance or spent any time studying it, other than by initially imitating photographers I liked, I guess. So in that way too I think the way I take photographs has evolved during my time in Melbourne, as I learned from my mistakes or came across new inspirations.

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‘Marc Chagall’

While browsing through their previous and current collection - an artist kept coming to my mind, Marc Chagall. To be honest, I don’t know much about him - but my friend did a study on him for his A/Level pieces, and I remember being in the study and remembering his work. Then while browsing a review about Leutton Postle, this comment was posted about Marc Chagall and that triggered my memory!

There are some similarities to them, the use of texture and colour would be the obvious choice, although it’s not as direct - they use of experimentation is also to be compared, both having the same mentality (I feel.) I for one, doubt this painter will come across through our photography - he might do, I don’t know, but I thought he was worth mentioning.


‘Leutton Postle Spring/Summer 2012’

Once I got home, I decided to look into their previous collections to see what they were like, how they styled their outfits and most importantly to see if there was a recurring theme within their work. Being a young brand - they haven’t had the time to create their 'signature’ look and so I think it’s important to look back and see if such is developing.

As of right now, although it may not be their signature 'look’ I can definitely say that colours and textures play a vital role within their image. I also love the way they combine techniques/pieces into one garment - definitely can be explored for the shoot.


‘Previous Campaigns’

Final post before I head off to bed because I am knackered! I also decided to look at some of their previous campaigns, I know we have been given creative freedom to come up with an image - however, it can’t be forgotten that this is after all a Live Project with a client, who will decide who’s work they preffered. It would be a shame to come up with something amazing for them not to like it, obviously if it is amazing you’ll get the marks for it, but for the sake of the project.

From what I can see, the campaigns are very much either all Leutton Postle or half - there is no in between, you either go all in or just one piece. As a group, me and Lillie decided to go all in, this is an advertising piece for their company and therefore we believe that their brand should be the only one portrayed in the imagery. There is some interesting use of collages and photography, which will definitely look into.