#tbt Been in the game…This job was took us to the next level of life. It was prob the worst monetarily wise lol but the best at the same time, cause I met some of the hottest individuals in the game, and learned how to truly market and promote! We worked our butts off and had fun doing it! Made a name for ourselves now we still doing it! 😝😎😄 yall know what’s up.. #NOLA #firstfridays we will never forget u! 😝 @mandab2cent @jpin03 #postkatrina putting our city back on the map was the plan and we did that!!! Those who are not in the pic but worked their butts off - @anicolespills @tcdickerson @j_nicole504 @im_qallday & more!

The New Orleans restaurant scene flourishes post-Katrina

The New Orleans restaurant scene flourishes post-Katrina

The New Orleans restaurant scene flourishes post-Katrina Keisha Henry outside her Cafe Dauphine in the Lower Ninth Ward. For now, the post-Katrina restaurant boom has only one outpost in the Lower 9th Ward, one of the city’s hardest-hit neighborhoods. Henry opened Cafe Dauphine with relatives, marking a rare … Read more on New Haven Register Jeb Sells Catholicism to Evangelicals Catholics and…

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10 years later, I am STILL here. I am N.O. till the meat show. It’s not in how I talk or how I walk, but it’s forever in my heart. ✊🏾 These last 10 years seem as though Katrina happened just yesterday. The trials and tribulations my family has gone through since the storm seemed never ending. I have lost not one, but two of my grandmothers, my grandfather, & my aunt 2 months ago. My most PRIZED possessions. I have failed school when I used to be nothing but an A+ Student, lost a job, and had silent bouts with depression…BUT GOD! I have kept a smile on my face even when sometimes all I wanted to do was cry. I have enriched the lives of our youth on a daily basis. I have been called “one of the strongest people some know”. I have been called “the highlight of many days”. BUT. GOD. These 10 years may have been great for some. But Post-Katrina for me was no walk in the park. If it wasn’t for God, Faith, Prayer, & Divine Favor, I would not be here today. So Katrina, girl thank you. You have made me stronger than I EVER would’ve thought I could be. ❤️ To my fellow New Orleanians, we alright. We been alright. We’ll always be alright. Never be embarrassed by where you came from. Our struggles (hopefully) have made us stronger and we are still here today by God’s grace. 🙏🏾👌🏾