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honestly those anons need to shut the hell up. Post whatever you want, it's not wrong to express how you feel in art. And it's definitely not wrong to post it, this if your blog. You can post whatever you like.

its oki. They just said what’s in their head. thanks boo <3

What scrolling to my dash does to me...

I only logged in so that I could edit a post that had a wrong spelling error and also I was about to edit posts which I wanted to add captions on but then @rapsae , @taetaetown , @become-the-story and @sung-jaelly-fish were all in my freaking dash I couldn’t help myself opening each blog and just lurk (is this term even internet-slang correct?) there. 

OMG. How do I control myself. 

ps. sorry for having to tag you guys. 

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If you find out what happened will you post it please?

JLo’s birthday party or whatever was tonight. Kim was there. Calvin was there. They posed for a picture together with JLo. Calvin is #cancelled on this blog because if he can be petty, so can I and that’s all my reasoning behind that lol.

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You can't prove a negative, as the one accusing me of being vulgur, rude, and uneducated, you should be the one supplying evidence of such.

Jesus Christ. Okay, I can’t post pictures as I don’t have xkit or anything. But when I edit this ask there will be evidence on my statements.


What kind of decent human thinks that keeping pedophiles away from children and exposing them is a ‘dumb’ idea?

Proving that you’re unedcuated in this topic. DDLG is a kink, and a kink is sexual.

Also PS stop using such big/unique words to try and seem less like a shitty person.

This is fucking gross. 

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I really get annoyed when people in the LGBT community put down heterosexuals. I understand it’s your blog and you can post whatever you want, but just remember that most of the population IS heterosexual and you wouldn’t be here without them. It’s not wrong to be straight, just like it isn’t wrong to be gay. I’m not trying to be one of those jerky anons so please don’t get the wrong idea. I just don’t like it when someone puts down a whole group of people, even in a joking way :\

is this still my legacy

yeah ok i get it. black lives matter. trans lives matter. baghdad happened. orlando happened. istanbul happened. people die, people get hurt. everywhere. but yesterday, some asshole thought it’d be a great idea to kill everyone, children included, on bastille day. we were gathered to celebrate freedom and we ended the night mourning our deaths. so yeah, that’s all we’re focusing on right now. fucking excuse-us for the inconvenience. what’s wrong with this website. do you go around in hospitals screaming black lives matter to people who just lost a relative ? “oh you’re crying now ? your mother’s one person. more people died yesterday where were you?”  fucking dickheads. our country, our friends, our families. go blog about whatever you want, shit post about whatever you want but for fuck sake. let us grieve in peace. 

the world is turning upside down. i know. yesterday, people went to admire the sky lights and all they’ve seen is hell. 

???: Is it working?

??: Yes, ma’am

???: Great, thank you girls. You are dismissed.

????: Are you sure this is a good idea, Ma’am? What if the wrong person finds this?

???: No need for such formality, Pauline. I am perfectly aware of the risks.

Pauline: Alright then, whatever you say, Tori.

Tori: Close the door on your way out.

Tori: I asume this is when i inform you the inbox is open.






Tbh I really hate that post that goes around sometimes that has like the ms paint drawn person with a disgusted face after reading a blog description that has “please read my links before following!!” In it

The post is trying to say that op thinks that people who don’t want you to follow them unless you’ve read their links are pretentious and arrogant and whatever but that’s like really fucking ableist and just wrong in general for a multitude of reasons

If a minor doesn’t want adults following their blog and they will probably say it in their links. If someone who has been abused or has PTSD for some other reason and doesn’t want people named Jane to follow them because it triggers them, they’re going to put it in their links. If an otherkin/fickin person doesn’t want doubles following them, they’re going to put it in their links. Blacklists or “catch all” blacklist tags are in links. Someone’s blog is supposed to be a safe space for them and frankly I don’t give a damn if your lazy, entitled, neurotypical ass doesn’t want to read a mentally ill minor’s links before following them, you better damn well do it or don’t follow them because chances are you will be blocked if you trigger them anyways

And in general if you really want to follow someone then why can’t you take five extra minutes out of your day to read their links and get to know them and make sure that you are being respectful of them, regardless of whether or not they are a minor or non-neurotypical. You’re actually the one who is being pretentious and arrogant.

Remember guys, you have a right to write about whatever you want on your personal blog, as long as you’re not spreading around private information. I do not recommend posting things without hiding the identities of those you post about first (if you don’t have their permission), but you are an adult, and if your post isn’t harming anyone you can do what you want. Also remember that JET Facebook groups are public forums, and while some things are better kept quiet, people are allowed to commentate on whatever they want in whatever format they want. It’s better to keep it classy, and anonymity is important, but this is the Internet. If you post something, it’s public. There’s no reason to go around putting people’s blogs on blast when they haven’t done anything wrong, or telling people what they can and can’t write on their personal blog. Some JET Facebook groups are nice, but even in the nice ones there will always be people trying to stir up some drama.


Reposting bc I posted the wrong contact info lol
Name : Bethany 
Age : 18
Little age: it varies!! usually like 5 or 6
Gender : Female
Preferred gender : male
Role: little/kitten/submissive 
Preferred role: daddy/caregiver
Country: USA, TN
Interests: everything pink & pretty. makeup is an art to me. I love shopping & the outdoors and doing cute things. I love taking pictures and having my picture taken 
A little about you : i’m the girliest girl in the world. spoil me and i’ll do whatever you want. i love love love cats. music is really important to me :) I’m pretty creative and love making art! I’m laid back and I’m down for staying in and cuddling and watching a movie, but I also love adventuring and exploring 
A little about what you are looking for in a partner : I’d prefer someone 17 or above. I’d also prefer it to not be super long distance. I really like possessiveness and overprotectiveness. i would love to be taken care of & shown off to the world :) someone who’s very proud to be mine! it’s important that we can carry a conversation & have fun together
Your favourite emoji: 💕💋
Ways to contact you:
Message me on here! my tumblr is: noexposure and my Instagram is: bethanyannexoxo so you could dm me on there too :)

I was tagged by @quichehound

Name: I will answer to Hannah, Hannah-Fish, PajamaFish, Guppy, Heather, and Heidi

Age: 28

Country: USA

Blog type: Whatever the fuck I feel like. Mostly reblogs and cat pictures.

Occupation or school: secretary for an Academic Archivist/part-time pet store employee

Hobbies: being a bitch, buying makeup, writing, snuggling with the cats, criticizing works of pop culture that get elements of the occult wrong.

Five facts about you:

  1. I just got my MLIS but before that I was working on a Folklore degree. My wheelhouse includes Spirit/post-mortem photography, spirit possession, religions in the African Diaspora, and Aleister Crowley. 
  2. My most favorite think to work with in the archival setting is old newsprint.
  3. I have a crippling roach phobia. Like it took five minutes to write out that word because I fear talking about the invokes them. There are a lot of jobs in NYC that sound so up my alley but I have not applied to because of that reason.
  4. I think fondant is delicious. I love the texture when you bite into it.
  5. There are so many animals I want, in addition to always having cats. I love humoungous dogs (pyrs are my favorite), fancy rats, guinea pigs, and tropical fish. I’d love to have a saltwater tank but the aquarium sea salt causes my skin to turn red, burn, and swell (the ocean itself does not), and I love ball pythons, bearded dragons, and chameleons but can’t handle the live food thing… which is more about my hatred of crickets than having to feed baby mice or something, but in my old age I’ve gotten a lot less cavalier about sending infants to their doom.

Read that last line out of context.

Want to do this but feel like it’s cheating if you’re not tagged? Consider yourself tagged!

Teams for (insert a very good name for this)

Hello! This will be the spots for the plan that’s happening this month (maxing lure). Please message (or ask) if you want one of the spots, and include your toon name so we know who you will be training!

BTW: Team leaders are leading their group and you get to name your team whatever you want, so if you want to be a team leader please send in the team name (you can send it in later too when you decide)

by the way, we will be using a chat to see which teams are on which days, and if this month works out, i will create a blog for the official plan which you can ask questions and do stuff on there and whatever

(if you don’t know what im talking about, here’s the link uvu)

teams/groups under the cut

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yikes same - i have to be so selective about who i follow because i CAN’T stand it - and like… do what you want… i mean you’re wrong… but do what you want… i just don’t wanna see it…. so yeah, i get what you mean, but you run an awesome blog my guy!!!!! if people get ~offended~ or whatever, then you don’t need them because you’re the coolest??? my logic is infallible tbh trust me on this

The thing is, I was really polite when I commented on that post:( Like I just pointed out some things in their argument and that was it, I’m pretty sure I even acknowledged some of Tony’s flaws. And then they commented on it so I went to reblog it and found I couldn’t because I was blocked:(

And the thing is, I just really don’t get hating a character. Disliking? Yes! But unless it’s a villain, how can so much of your energy go into hate? Like, I just don’t get it because I hate a lot of things but usually it’s things like the writers messing up, not a character. 

And I don’t really mind if people have problems with Tony, I have mutuals who don’t like Tony and are perfectly nice and lovely about it! I just wish people wouldn’t twist canon to fit their views, or make really horrible passive aggressive posts. Like I’m not a blog that’s one sided, I’m quite inclusive I think and I see both sides of the fandom and I feel like there is a lot more hate for Tony than any other character.

I am aware that there will always be a few people out there who do hate Steve or Bucky, but I feel like it’s nothing compared to the people who hate Tony and who make up a huge chunk of the fandom. And that’s fine! Hate whoever you want, but I also think a lot of the hate that goes towards Tony is just really unnecessary because there’s a lot of explanation for most of it?

Idk, what sucks most of all is the idea of someone hating me and blocking me. I feel like I’ve done something wrong. And of course, it is in their right to block me if I upset them, I just feel sick knowing someone probably hates me or thinks I’m a bad person. 

Especially because I know the person who blocked me likes Buckynat and I did make a personal post where I mentioned that, but just because I don’t ship it doesn’t mean I was trying to come at her:( I’ll acknowledge that maybe it was mean of me to mention she liked Buckynat but I was really upset and wrote a personal post. I never even thought she’d read it, let alone twist my words into implying she hates Tony BECAUSE she ships Buckynat. The two have no link. And tbh, I’m over it anyway. Ship what you want! Nothing wrong with that! I’m so fine with people shipping Buckynat and so past that whole negativity I had about it, it was never about bashing anyone’s ship! 

But idk, I just feel horrible knowing I upset someone unintentionally:( 

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It's really interesting to see the subtle change of your blog from week to week. Sometimes you post cute things and are sympathetic, then the next week you're back to building up the tough image again and being unsympathetic. Oh, and this week, you're oddly fascinated with sex? Unusual. It looks like you're trying to show off? There's nothing wrong with any of these things, but it's fascinating to observe your changes, especially when most people only know your popular, controversial post.

I have no theme, so whatever comes to mind based on conversations or occurrences outside of this site ends up here.
I’m currently trying to be less of my unsavory self for relationship’s sake at the moment, so that’s been reflecting here. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming shortly, once I get a better feel of things, I’m sure.

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Hi, I follow you´re blog since a long time, my hedgehog Hachi and I decide to start a blog about him but we dont know how can we start, any tip would be very helpful. I hope is not dificult to read my question cause we are from México and inglish is not my first lengauge. Thanks so much Cha Cha

My advice is to do whatever interests you! We hedgies are adorable and people can’t help but love us, so you can’t go wrong! You can tell a sort of story, or post pictures of your hedgie just being cute, or get creative and make little sets, or offer tips and advice to other hedgie owners etc etc! The sky’s the limit! Good luck!


This is going to be long though so I apologize in advance. For starters, I want to say how much I appreciate that you posted an anon ask of mine from earlier even though you didn’t have to since you get to decide what gets posted and not. I go by Dotty for future reference. I have looked at both blogs/commented on both, which both of you have kindly posted. I’m not comparing either blogs or trying to start anything because it’s not productive and like you said it’s a damn ship war. There will be casualties on both sides, but I have to say that neither side is right or wrong. It’s all speculation from both the shippers & [antis]. Like I said in my previous ask, everyone is trying to make sense of this relationship using whatever they can to justify whichever side they are on. However, it’s my belief that there are definitive indications as to why shipping them makes sense and also why it doesn’t. I personally have no stance on their relationship as long as they keep creating wonderful works for me to see and enjoy, but perhaps this might calm some people or help them not be so aggressive towards an opposing view.  We can all be civil. THERE WAS ALREADY ONE CIVIL WAR! WASN’T THAT ENOUGH?! LOL

To the shippers: I see the allure of wanting them to be together and even claiming they are. They’re both funny quirky personalities, who have professional works that make them admirable/ quotable. In terms of irrefutable proof as to an established relationship, there is 1) Chris showing up with members of his family to her movie premiere 2) He tweeted out a tweet claiming she was a personal favorite. 3) Her comment to the interviewer at the premiere itself saying she got her 7th grade boyfriend. These are all proof of things that actually happened and cannot be denied. However, these are also not tangible proofs that an actual romantic relationship is currently present and that is an important distinction to make. Why do I say this? As a lawyer, language is really important as it determines whether or not there is reasonable doubt and deniability, which in this case there is. For example: the interviewer says something like “We see Chris is here supporting you today, what’s so great about having him out here for a special day like this?” to which she replies saying, “I haven’t really had a large premiere before, so it’s nice to have someone who knows how it goes…. it’s kind of like I got my dream 7th grade boyfriend.” She didn’t say it feels like I finally have my 7th grade boyfriend or anything else that on the romantic aspect. She used past tense. It could be an oversight on her part, but in my line of work I have to pay attention to even the smallest things, which is why I am being critical of her language. Then we have his tweet, which read “The Secret Life of Pets was fantastic! @jennyslate was a personal favorite. @KevinHart4real was hilarious too. Be sure to check it out!!”  The fact that he said she was a personal favorite of his is very telling that she means something to him, but you have to look at the fact that he didn’t say “my personal favorite” especially when there is enough characters to do so and how strange he added Kevin Hart in there. It doesn’t help the fact that he was followed Kevin Hart immediately before. Again, this just creates a cloud of doubt and deniability for the anti-shippers and if Chris ever decide to one day claim they were just friends. Then again, they have tweets that you have posted here that coincide with one another in some aspects so on some level, they do connect. This is why shippers have reason to ship them and these are just some examples. I’m sure there are a million more, but I want to address the …anti-shippers.

To the…anti-shippers: I see where you are coming from. The relationship doesn’t physically make sense if we are going to compare their level of attractiveness. Their senses of humor do not seem match either, but those are superficial reasons and even Chris himself said in that podcast that people change when they like someone. However, since their alleged red carpet debut as a couple, they have been silent on the romantic forefront. Why that may be, we can only speculate. It could be because the attention they’re getting isn’t desirable. It could be too much for them to handle. It could be because they want to be low-key about it. It could also be because they’re not together. WHO KNOWS. What doesn’t help was how he went to some club and rumors of what kind of club it was were spread.  Whether there is validity to those rumors are unknown, one thing is for certain, they have surely by now reached Jenny. She is constantly on social media oversharing her life so it’s natural to analyze what she says and does especially now that she is more famous by her association with Chris. What [one poster on one of the other] blog[s] perfectly summarizes why people are troubled by this relationship and why they are analyzing it so critically. It’s too long to post, but I would give it a look if you can be as unbiased as possible otherwise don’t bother. I don’t necessarily agree with how that person wrote it, but she/he makes some good points that give pause and make you think. One thing that I want to bring up was the Pet premiere weekend and how he physically behaved/looked. In the pictures that circulated, Chris is not physically reciprocating the way Jenny is. He even leaves the premiere early and does not comment on their relationship. We only have what she said to go off on outside of that tweet. Then there is the matter of the photos that also circulated at a restaurant (I think). He looks uncomfortable with the amount of attention he is getting which is kind of strange for someone who is accustomed to cameras, but paparazzi cameras are different than people on their phones and of course, looks can be deceiving, but his face is not as happy as it could be. Something that might anger shippers is if Chris and Jenny were together since as early as May when the rumors of their alleged relationship surfaced, then why did he not take her to a civil war premiere? He invited a bunch of family and friends, even sports people that can be seen in his Jimmy Kimmel interview. If he did invite her, why didn’t she come? She could’ve and it would have put the rumors of it being a PR relationship from this side to rest. Both of their characters come into question if they were dating at this time point and him not bringing her to the civil war premiere due to the simple alleged adultery that occurred. This would’ve made them both look bad and explain why people are hating. I repeat BOTH would look bad though the focus of hate seems to be on her because 1) she’s a female and 2) she was the one married, but he isn’t guilt free if this is true. You have to wonder, why is it okay for him to show up to her premiere and not the other way around? The…anti-shippers are overly critical because Chris clearly means a lot to them for whatever reason, but they shouldn’t be condemned for their opinions.

IN SHORT, don’t hate on the opposing side.There’s room for everyone’s opinions because frankly that’s all we have. Secondly, refrain from engaging in harmful/ offensive behavior. No need to go off on those who oppose your opinion. Stay away from those who upset what you believe. I don’t like seeing all the cyberbullying going around from either side. There are bigger things in the world happening and too much hate going on. Can’t we all just get along and admire the goods?

Hi, Dotty! Thanks for writing. I wanted to share your submission and respond to a few things.

First, yes, I get why people both ship or don’t ship them, either. Whatever the reasons, how you feel about people is how you feel about people, right? You can only control your actions; feelings are a lot tougher.

As for reading into what Chris or Jenny have said about one another, this is my take: we can all read into it however we will, but because they are real people, and we’re only getting sound bites from them from one event, I don’t think we can read into what they have said an analyze it the way we would fictional characters. In fiction, the writer picks and chooses the words carefully to create certainty or doubt (well, if they’re any sort of writer worth their salt). But Chris and Jenny are real people, so I imagine that they think their way of going public was pretty clear that yes, they are together, boyfriend and girlfriend without putting out a press release that made it official. (Though with other celebrity couples, there are also fans who still think relationships are “fake” or “PR” even when two people get married, have kids, etc.; see Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter for instance). But I also know that there’s a history of fake relationships or marriages (Rock Hudson, for instance), or ones that seem like they are/were total PR (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes–and they have a child together). So yes, I get where the suspicions from antis come from, but where Chris and Jenny are concerned, I don’t really see how it could be either not a real relationship or PR, because it doesn’t tick any of the boxes that would make sense for either of them to do that. But that’s me.

And your point, which I’ve highlighted, I think is key. As I said before, you can’t control how you feel, but you can control how you you act. I think it can’t be helped that people will feel anger about or toward the opposite side, but you can control how you act on that. Do that stuff in private. Message your mutuals if your really want to vent, check your language your posts, and don’t fucking cyberbully one another or Chris Evans and Jenny Slate.

(And just to clarify a point, I’m not putting specific blame on any one person or one blog/discussion board, whatever. This kind of stuff is all over, from random  tumblrs that’ll show up in various tags to people who go on Twitter and Instagram and troll. It’s not everyone. In fact, it’s probably a small handful of people, probably with 2-3 burner accounts. Most people seem to just want to know what’s going on and lurk. And yes, this goes on the shipper side, too. I’ve seen some nasty back and forths there, too. Please chill.)

Now back to your regularly scheduled posts–until the next piece of information comes out and the next flame war erupts :)