“Haise had feelings for Touka but Kaneki doesn’t”

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The title of the chapter where Haise first met Touka (and the one he instantly fell for her) is called:

The feelings Haise felt for Touka were inherited from Kaneki. It just happens that, since Haise didn’t have any memories of his past, he also didn’t have any issues that would make him lock is feelings deep down on his heart.

While Kaneki had a lot to deal, Haise was just Haise, which made his feelings for her more obvious and transparent.

Kaneki and Haise may be “““diferent”””, but the heart is the same.

i forgot to tell you guys but you know that crush i have?? yeah she put her hand on my back for like ten seconds. like you know that thing where you’re writing a fanfic and you’ll be like, “they touched a second too long” or something? yeah that was us except she had no need to put her hand on my back in the first place (and for ten seconds!). so yeah it happened a few days ago but i’m still riding on a high from it

We cherish and talk about ONE’s art and his way of storytelling a lot, but one of my all-time favorite exchanges from the most recent arc highlights how successful he is at communicating without words:

Takenaka doesn’t know Mob. He doesn’t even know that the Telepathy Club is still (unofficially) together. Mob claims to be an esper like him, but without any proof or insight into this, Mob is just another fraud masquerading as an identity that Takenaka’s had to carry the burden of since he was 5. It’s insulting. He’s been wanting to find others like him, but it was this curiosity that only helped further cement his own hatred of his powers and how different he was from everyone else. And yet just one last time he takes a peek. Even if their powers are dissimilar, he wants to find someone that can understand and share this burden with.

We don’t know the extent to Takenaka’s powers, but I believe what’s happening here is Takenaka is “hearing” the experiences we, the audience have seen Mob go through. If it was a simple case of Takenaka taking a quick peek to see if Mob was being truthful or not, he could simply turn around and Tsundere up a statement up about “Oh alright, maybe you’re not so bad.” or something like that.

But the held gaze and negative space emphasizes a prolonged sense of quiet time passing–in this case Takenaka carefully probing Mob’s “heart”. The empty quiet of the panel with the knowledge we know of his psychic abilities contrasts the “noise” that we do not see nor hear.

It is very very empty, and therefore very very loud.

And based on this reaction:

He has definitely “heard” a great deal of things, and understands how much he underestimated just how alike he and Mob are after all.

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Do you think H & L are still together? Whatever your answer is please explain why.

oh good, i love an early morning quiz. 

1. yes. 

2. because i have some of these 

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I’ve noticed a somewhat troubling trend in which autistic/autistic coded characters are referred to as “my smol ace baby” or “my little aro boy” by non autistic people, and where autistic coded characters are immediately labeled as aro/ace by neurotypical fans. 

I want allistics to think long and hard about how they talk about autistic/autistic coded characters, and how infantilization plays into the way they think about those characters’ sexualities. There’s nothing wrong with having an ace headcanon for an autistic character, but I still want you guys to think about how you talk about autistic folks and notice if there’s a pattern to what characters you headcanon as aro/ace. 

We live in a culture where people are incredibly uncomfortable with developmentally disabled people having sexual and romantic feelings for people, and I need people to realize that the way they talk about autistic sexuality does not exist in a vacuum. 

I need you to ask yourselves these questions: Would I headcanon this character as aro/ace if it weren’t for their autistic coded traits? Am I uncomfortable with the idea of an autistic person expressing sexual/romantic feelings? How does the language I’m using to describe these characters contribute to the infantilization of disabled people (and ace people, while we’re at it)? Do I headcanon all autistic/autistic coded characters as aro/ace or just these specific ones?

*This post does not apply to autistic aro/ace folks. 

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u don;t have to shove peggy aside for stevebucky to be in love.. u literally dont have to minimize everything stevepeggy were to each other bc stevebucky also loved each other… u can have both