posting while everyone is asleep idk

important domestic avengers headcanons to be aware of
  • The Avengers (plus Sam and Bucky) can no longer watch crime shows together in the common room because Natasha and Bucky always spoil the endings, and then high five because the best ex-Russian assassins in history.
  • Clint Barton eats Froot Loops and cold pizza for breakfast every morning. Bruce will never understand, and he always makes scrambled eggs and bacon for the rest of the normal people in the tower.
  • Sam Wilson consistently shows up at the door step of the Avengers Tower with homemade cookies. They’re his mom’s recipe, and everyone is willing to fight to the death to secure their fair share. (Eventually, Tony just gives Sam his own key and entrance codes. He and Steve share the same floor.)
  • Pepper will NOT allow Tony to install a Wii (or an Xbox, or a Playstation, for that matter,) in the common room. Until Sharon has to go and give Steve Just Dance 3 for his birthday, and then she has to say yes. 
  • It’s just as incredibly painful and hilarious to watch as you think it is.
  • Everyone finds out Tony Stark loves to cuddle. No one ever lets it go. Especially Steve.
  • Clint falls asleep in random places, including but definitely not limited to; the kitchen isle, Natasha’s bed, the couch, on Steve’s shoulder, and while eating in front of the TV while Top Chef reruns play on the screen.
  • No one talks about that last one, but Clint can feel their judgement from a mile away.

While I’m not playing tonight, I did play for longer than I said I was last night.  I’ve had to start queuing my live plays, which defeats the purpose.  SAD FACE.  … but not really; at least I play at all.  xD

So I sent my sims over to Silas’ house, forgetting, hey wait… everyone’s house is closed because of the time of day.  YES I could have opened the damned house, but… Idk.

The Lockwoods live right next to Plasma 501.


… wow.

I knew I altered his outfit but I didn’t remember that I actually overwrote the sim here.  I don’t usually do that when they travel because it’s a waste of time.

Well alright then.
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It is finally today.

The day both Kirishima and Bakugou - and everyone else, really - have been waiting for.

Or the story where Kirishima and Bakugou get married. Fucking finally.

the signs as moments from the "Girls Like Girls" music video
  • Aries: beating the shit out of the abusive boyfriend
  • Taurus: one of them puts lipgloss on the other's lips and they stare at each other's lips the whole time
  • Gemini: chillin on the couch and ignoring fuckboys
  • Cancer: riding a bike and smiling bc they just kissed the girl they like
  • Leo: goofing around in the pool
  • Virgo: painting each other's nails while their hair dries
  • Libra: one of them resting her head on the other's shoulder and they almost kiss
  • Scorpio: sharing cigarettes and blowing smoke at each other
  • Sagittarius: glancing at each other while they're changing into their bathing suits
  • Capricorn: sneaking out to see her while everyone's asleep
  • Aquarius: wiping the blood off her lip and kissing
  • Pisces: watching her dance in the field