posting two tonight because of reasons

Haters: “Lol, Emily is a desesperate, saying that they are friends with Norman, she is just lying to get attention, he should put her a restrain order´´

Norman Reedus* Went to Emily´s concert, driving for hours, let fans take pics of him in the parking lot, was ushered to the backstage and then left the concert with Emily, favorited a tweet saying ``Norman and Emily don´t let me live´´…*

Maybe, just maybe, the reason you never see then hanging out together is that he had to take down two articles he tweeted about Emily last summer due to hate from you-know-who, and later he had to do the same with the two bethyl pics he put in Instagram the night they aired Slabtown, and want to avoid innecesary hate…

Like we know for sure that he went to her concert tonight and they left together none of them posted any pic…

So the ``they are not friends because they never post any pic together´´ is bullshit. 

just a brief update on stuff:

i just broke up with my girlfriend of nearly two years. im not going into details why, im not going to shit talk her on the internet—but we had our reasons and we’ll both be okay eventually. i’d appreciate if you didn’t ask me questions about how it ended unless im friends with you because im not comfortable sharing it with anyone i dont talk to regularly.

as for the fic update, i had planned on finishing up the last bit of the chapter tonight but due to these circumstances and how i feel right now im not so sure if i can get it out. maybe. it might be a good distraction so i’ll see

im okay. i appreciate all the concern and yes i am hurting now, but it was the right thing to do. an unhealthy relationship is not a happy relationship

i would also appreciate if you didnt go sending her hate either. she’s hurting as well and we dont need that kind of stuff since we’re trying to sustain at least a friendship. i dont want to throw away three years of friendship and two years of dating just because we’re not good for each other

thank you for the support and the concern, it means a lot to me. you dont need to worry about me; im a smart person who isnt going to do anything stupid because i lost someone who meant a lot to me. im gonna eat a shit ton of ice cream and watch miraculous ladybug and talk about cute ideas or maybe read some fics and sleep, and repeat for a few days until the hurt begins to fade. ill be alright

thank you though