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This is why I don't get why many people insist he had much more negotiation power this time. Yeah he's not 16 out of a reality show with no other means to enter the industry and he does have an amazing team behind him but still. That might not mean much. Contracts are lingering effects and your post about the possible clauses his contract had makes it very clear his negotiation power might have been very limited. We'll see what he gets in return for this deal tho. Specially on a personal level

It may have been limited, but not that much. He’s about as close to a slam dunk signing as there is – biggest star from the biggest band of the last half decade. Many labels wanted him and probably offered him great deals that he could negotiate. All he had to do was find another label willing to give him what he wanted and Columbia had to match that. It’s not just money – matching means other things, too.

I once worked on a deal that involved a client that produced regular sports entertainment shows that had been aired on a particular network of tv channels. When that deal ended, that network had a matching right, but another network offered more prime time shows on their flagship channel. Not more money, but better placement. The old network chose not to match and so the company went with the new network. Had they matched, however, the company would have had a better deal than their old one. 

I do think that Harry’s deal was probably a result of contractual limitations and that given free choice, he probably wouldn’t have chosen Columbia. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad deal, though, nor that it’s anything like what he used to have. He was in a far far far better negotiating position for this than for the earlier deal, even if it wasn’t the perfect position.

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Before I go any further, let me make it clear that Fire Emblem Fates does have problems with how it handles its LGBT characters, and there are problems with how Soleil's supports are written, I am not arguing against either of these points, however the "gay conversion therapy" was a result of a poor early fan translation and never actually existed. The game makes it clear Soleil was always Bisexual, and that did NOT change afterwards. The supports ARE problematic, but not for that reason.

I know & I concede it isn’t a literal “conversion therapy” as one would think of, it still essentially is a story where this character gets involuntarily drugged which through some magical mumbojambo logic opens a path for the character to fall in love with the male PC, effectively “de-gay” the character.

Its all dressed up in the sugar-coated fantasy fluff nonsense of “she saw girl-version of the player that’s why she likes him now!” (’cause apparently you couldn’t do the romance with the actual female PC) or “player didn’t REALLY know the magic powder caused this effect!” or “she faints literally in battle!” & other bull, in practice what it still does is make the character, who shows explicit interest towards other women, fall in love with the male PC.

(I also should point out that the alleged bisexuality has… conflicting reports)

This, compounded with a fact that the same-sex attraction is characterized as a “quirk” & cast as implicitly an issue for the character (justified again through some magical mumbojumbo watsonian nonsense reason) & that she can only exclusively be married with the male characters, all tells this same essential idea:

That Soleil’s attraction to women is A Problem, she will (or even should) “grow out of it”, and is also not as “serious” & “real” as her relationship with men.

I’m ofc willing to recognize that the writers probably didn’t intend this to be such malicious roll of piss, its still what they effectively ended up writing in their sheer tone-deaf stupidity & the wanton need to pander to nerds by having their cake & eat it too (”Look a lesbian character! But she’s available to men too if you want C;”).

(which, given how Fates’ story is pretty damn bad, doesn’t come off as a suprise)

“Is this 03 or Brotherhood?”, the definitive guide

I know a lot of people have trouble telling the two FMA anime apart, and I’ve noticed an increase in confusion lately, so I thought I’d make a post to help clear it up! I’ll go over some telltale differences between the two styles, in order of ease. For images, Brotherhood will be on the left, and 03 on the right.

1. Al’s armor

If Al is present in an image, he’s the quickest way to tell the difference between the two series. 03 Al is fairly greenish in hue, and his face looks similar to the early stages of the manga, with a very rectangular chin. Brotherhood Al is much greyer, a little shinier, perhaps a bit bulkier, and his face is more angular with a curvier chin, giving him something of a permanent >:( face. His toes curve up in Brotherhood, but not in 03. Also, since the fight with Buccaneer never happened in 03, if Al’s ponytail is short, it’s definitely Brotherhood!

2. Characters who appear in one series but not the other

This is something of a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning. Look at what characters are present in the image. Anyone who appears after the Dublith arc in the manga/Brotherhood would not be in 03. Conversely, characters such as Dante, Lujon, Archer, the Tringham brothers, and Leo don’t appear in Brotherhood.

3. The women

While this doesn’t necessarily apply to every screencap, women in 03 tend to have somewhat defined lips, while they don’t usually in Brotherhood (with the exception of Olivier, who wouldn’t be in 03 anyway). This is especially true of promotional art, as opposed to screencaps.

4. The chain

(Running in the shadooooows~)

On every Amestrian military uniform, there’s a rope chain on the right shoulder, which also attaches to the front of the breast. In 03, the bit connecting the chain to the front of the uniform is braided, while in Brotherhood, that portion is a single cord.

5. Colors + general vague feeling

Colors can sometimes be used to tell the difference, if the lighting is standard. Colors in Brotherhood are fairly muted, but not too dark, and generally stick to shades of red, blue, yellow, black, white, and brown. They might almost be described as pastel, at least compared to 03. While colors in 03 are usually more saturated than Brotherhood, they’re also a lot darker, and not nearly as coordinated in hue. Also, 03 characters in general tend to have something of a youthful look to them, compared to Brotherhood, and noses are usually longer and pointier than in Brotherhood.

6. Specific character differences

Certain characters have notably different looks between series. If these characters appear in a screencap, you can look to them for clues. Some examples:

  • Ed: His hair is darker and more orange in 03. He also wears the same outfit throughout most of it, while his alternate outfits from Brotherhood don’t appear. His face shape also pretty much stays the same in 03, while in Brotherhood he matures physically towards the end of the series.
  • Al: His human form in 03 has noticeably darker, more brown hair than Ed, whereas in Brotherhood there’s really very little difference between the two. Shamballa Al is also very distinct: Long hair in a ponytail, basically dresses like Ed. Post-Promised Day Brotherhood Al looks older than Shamballa Al, and has short hair.
  • Winry: Her “work outfit” in 03 had a pink bandana and light purple pants. In Brotherhood, the bandana is green, and her pants are tan.
  • Rose: Had dark skin and pink bangs in 03, while in Brotherhood, her skin is light and her bangs are more of an auburn color. She also appeared much more in 03.
  • Scar: 03 Scar looked way younger, and had no cheekbones. Brotherhood Scar has cheekbones and could crush 03 Scar’s teen vogue looking ass with his bare hands.
  • Bradley: Brotherhood Bradley has wrinkles on his forehead, and a very defined nose. 03 Bradley has a more empty face, and also usually a darker skin tone. Brotherhood Bradley also looks a lot more pissed off compared to 03 Bradley, most of the time.
  • Greed: In 03, Greed’s shield form is dark blue with red eyes. In Brotherhood, it’s grey with black eyes. His undershirt is also dark blue in 03, while it’s dark red in Brotherhood. Also, obviously, Greeling does not appear in 03.
  • Kimblee: Brotherhood Kimblee is a suave ass motherfucker with the best fashion sense in the entire series. 03 Kimblee has this absolutely terrible circa 1980s Rachel Summers-esque braid/buzz cut combo that makes me want to cry every time I look at it.

Nonbinary people are amazing!

Your gender and identity is in no way “too confusing” or elaborate. You have the right to be you, and you don’t have to let anyone make you feel bad for that. Gender can be hard and beautiful and complicated and an ongoing journey. You might need a dozen labels just to describe it to yourself, and that’s okay! You might only need one, and that’s okay!

You have the right to be the awesome person we all know you are. Embrace your gender. Ignore those who try to beat you down for it. Don’t give them that power over you.

I know this is, like, old stuff by now, but do u know what really gets me about Alex Hirch’s seemingly intense dislike for Ford?

Like… abuse is a very tricky thing to handle in kids media. The message can get muddled and misrepresented easily, because no one can really flat out say “I was abused”. I don’t think it’s a surprise at this point when I say that I was a victim of parental abuse and was abused by someone that I thought was a friend, not to mention that I was autistic and subjected to severe bullying because of it. Growing up, all cartoons fed me were messages like “forgive your friends even when they hurt you” or “family is family, no matter what” or “your bully is secretly sad so you shouldnt be mad at them”, and all these messages tricked me into thinking that I was the bad guy for hating my family, for being unable to ‘fix’ my bullies, for developing deeply rooted trust issues

Then came Ford Pines

I had caught up to Gravity Falls right before Ford’s appearance, so ‘Not What He Seems’ was the first episode I caught on air. As the episodes were released and we slowly learned more about Ford, I actually didn’t like him so much at first. He was angry, he was loud, he was distrustful, he kept to himself; he was everything that I was always told not to be. However, as the episodes continued, I realized that I saw a lot of myself in him

Like, lets look at Ford for a second. He is clearly a victim of abuse and bullying (and heavily implied parental abuse), and he’s mad at the people who wronged him, and you know what? The narrative celebrates that Ford hates his abusers (well, Bill, at least)! But guess what? He may have been angry, but he was nice. He adored the kids, and it shows. He was one of the only members of the Pines family who wasn’t always poking fun at Dipper, and its clear that Dipper appreciates that. He’s sweet, dorky, and a good guy

For the first time, I was face to face with an abuse victim who was angry, but a good guy, and you can’t understand how unreal that felt to me. I’m sure Ford’s not the first character to fit into this idea, but he’s the first cartoon character that I’ve seen that did this right

Even Journal 3, with it’s flaws, showed a pretty accurate process of an abuse victim realizing that they’re being abused (at least, from my point of view). The idolization, the distrust of actual friends, the abuser convincing him that his real friends were out to get him, and then when he realizes that he’s been played this entire time? It hits him HARD. He can’t sleep, he’s scared, he doesn’t trust anyone, and how he views reality is altered because of this. Whether they meant to or not, Journal 3 was a great book from an abuse victim’s point of view

So… yeah. At this point, you can probably tell that Ford was an important character for me (and many other abuse victims that I’ve met too). Finally, an abuse victim we could root for, who’s abuse didn’t ‘turn then into an abuser’. FINALLY, an abuse victim who was angry but was still someone we could root for. Almost every trait about Ford clearly links to some form of abuse, and it’s something that me and other abuse survivors can relate to

And Alec Herb wants us to hate him for it

He calls Ford a bad guy. He calls Ford ‘egotistical’ for daring to be proud of the things he’s good at. He says that Ford ‘deserves to be punished’ for not immediately forgiving someone who hurt him in the past. During one of his streams, he even said ‘Ford is a popular character and I just don’t see why’, implying that everything I said before was a complete accident on his part, that he wasn’t taking abuse victims into account and wanted us to think that he was a bad guy. And, of course, only us scary mentally ill abuse victims could ever relate to him

God. I just. Fuck. You can all understand why I hate him now, right?? 

*watching pacific rim* wow, this charlie day guy plays a cool maverick scientist really well! i can only guess he’s playing to type like burn gorman is, but i gotta check out some of his other stuff to see what he does in other roles

*watching it’s always sunny* ……why…..why did you cast him as a scientist…..what about the nightman made you choose this path, guillermo……what made you pick this trash man to be scientist man….


Headcanon that Holtzmann have a lot of fun toying with dress codes to mess with snobbish people at formal events. 


okay so this is the ONLY thing i will be posting addressing the ship hate going around. and i’m not gonna be answering any asks about it (publically. i’ll answer non-anon asks about it privately). this is my opinion on the matter and it probably is not going to change.

as you know, this blog has never tolerated ship hate of any kind. even for ships that i personally do not like, even for ships that personally squick me, i simply blacklist them and do not reblog them. i never post hate.

so i am absolutely appalled by the new surge of hate the antis are spreading against sheith shippers. because of one line: “you’re like a brother to me”

and like? i get why that could make some people - both shippers and antis - uncomfortable. trust me. but you know what other pairing said that? katara and aang. she canonically viewed him as a brother for part of the show. and then, due to the fact that they were - y’know - not actually siblings and were not raised as such either, her view of him eventually changed from that of a friend, to that of a brother, to that of a very close friend, to something more. things happen. people change. bonds change. feelings change.

shiro and keith are also not actual siblings. he says “like” a brother. if they were actually brothers - even adopted brothers, as so many antis like to believe - he would’ve straight up said “you’re my brother” not “you’re like a brother to me”. have they been very close for a long time? yes. but i think this is evidence enough not just for “#brotherzoned” as antis like to put it, but to say that they were not raised as siblings in any way. so that’s that about that. him saying “you are like a brother to me” does not erase all future sheith possibilities. nor does it negate all of the wonderful moments they had together this season. things happen. people change. bonds change. feelings change.

but, what really strikes me hardest is that if klance were ever to get a “you’re like a brother to me” or even a more general “you’re like family to me” moment, antis would be up in arms trying to defend the ship. and before any of you jump down my throat and say “but klance didn’t get a moment like that sheith did!” yes. i know. i’m saying if. i’m speaking hypothetically. but anyways, i’m 100% sure that if klance were to ever get a moment like that antis would defend it to the death. 

but because it is sheith - something they’ve been attacking since day one, even before any legitimate controversy over ages began - they attack it, put it down, spread hate within the fandom, invade tags and blogs, go on a massive witch hunt fueled by mob mentality and venom.

it’s disrespectful. it’s hypocritical. it’s hurtful. it’s spiteful. it’s shameful. and it is completely uncalled for.

so yeah, that’s my stance on the matter. if you’ve reblogged any #sheithisdead posts, i ask that you reflect on your actions, and if you disagree with my above statements, i ask that you unfollow me. and if my stance on things makes you uncomfortable, the unfollow and block buttons exist for a reason. i do not want anything to do with spreading hate within the fandom. so yeah. bye.

YOI help - Commentators

I didn’t realize this was a thing, but I keep running into this detail in fanfiction, so I’m making this post to clear up some misconceptions.

Apparently a lot of people think that skaters can hear the commentators. Which is understandable, because Yuri!!! on ICE does this really cool thing where it subtly breaks the fourth wall. Director Yamamoto directs the moments a skater is on the ice in a way so that it’s as if we are watching a TV broadcast. To put it simply, we are watching the same TV Asahi broadcast that in-series viewers would be watching. This allows Yamamoto to naturally include commentary without having a character explain everything in their head.

As TV watchers, we hear the commentators covering the event, but in the actual venue, all you hear during a program is the music, cheers, and perhaps the sound of blades if you’re close enough to the ice.

What I think a lot of people don’t realize is that the commentators have their own box/row with headsets, and report live (although sometimes TV stations will cover an event later). There are something like 6 different languages that normally cover events (more when it’s a big event like the GPF or Worlds), and 8 or 9 channels (more for big events). Usually a TV station has 2-3 commentators at their booth. If all those commentators were heard in the arena, it would be way too much noise and the skater wouldn’t be able to hear their music. There’s no “main commentator” that provides a script for the other commentators to translate into their own languages. In fact, some fans like to watch various commentaries because 1. different commentators will point out different details, and 2. some countries’ commentators are known for being particularly rude/salty, so fans want to hear less-caustic commentary.
The bottom line is, even one commentator channel would be too noisy as they gush about a step sequence or jump execution.

What you DO hear over the speakers are the announcers who do the “call to start” (“On the ice, representing Japan, Yuri Katsuki”), present them for bows (“For Japan, Yuri Katsuki”) ask for the judges’ scores (“The scores, please”), present the scores (“The Short Program score for Yuri Katsuki is… ___.__points. He is currently in __ place.”), and other miscellaneous things like announcing when the 6 minute warm-up ends and presenting the skaters during the medal ceremony. They do it in the host country’s official language, and almost always repeat it in English.

To give an idea of how many languages and TV stations there are, off the top of my head:

TV Asahi, NHK, and Fuji TV are the Japanese channels (they hold rights for different competitions, so you won’t find all 3 covering the same competition)

  • Taihei Katou (the seiyuu for YOI’s Hisashi Morooka) commentates for TV Asahi
  • Nobunari Oda commentates for NHK and I believe TV Asahi too
  • Daisuke Takahashi started commentating this 2016/17 season for Fuji TV

You have all the Eurosport commentaries:

  • British
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Russian
  • (and others)

In Russian we have

  • Match Arena (cyrillic APEHA) - which is the go-to for online live-streaming because they cover nearly every event
  • Sportbox
  • Eurosport (as mentioned above)

Raisport is the main Italian channel
Teledeporte is the main Spanish channel

There are a couple of Chinese channels (which are also reliable for online live-streaming)

Just in English you have:

  • British Eurosport (abbreviated as B.Euro) I mentioned above
  • CBC (Canada),
  • NBC/NBCSports (U.S.A.),
  • Universal (North American commentators),
  • The Ice Network (North American commentators)

ISU has an online stream available for countries which don’t have a TV station that bought the broadcasting rights. This is the no-commentary version A.K.A. what you’re actually hearing in the venue.

Many fans will wait for uploaded versions without the commentary because 1.some find the commentary distracting 2.when the camera is close we can often hear what the skaters and coaches say rinkside and in the Kiss&Cry.

You can bet that every Victor and Yuuri fan turns up the volume super high in hopes of hearing any conversations before Yuuri goes to skate, or to hear what’s said at the Kiss&Cry during the replay moments before the scores.

I know there are stations I’m forgetting in this list (Finnish, Korean, Taiwanese, other languages, more stations of the languages above), so don’t take this as a masterpost of all the stations. I’m just making a point that there are A LOT of stations around the world that cover big events, and commentators aren’t being broadcast over the speakers into the arena. Fans in the venue can enjoy the programs without being able to tell the difference between jumps - it’s a performance sport after all.

On a related note, this is also why you’ll have moments where Minako is trying to confirm what Yuuri did in a program ( “was that a Flip just now?”). So if anyone had wondered about that comment in episode 7 before, now you know - it’s because Minako is at the venue where commentators aren’t heard, and we the anime viewers are watching TV Asahi’s broadcast.

On Fics, Privacy, and the Fourth Wall

Before I start this post I want to make it clear that this is not an attack on anyone. I truly value and adore each person I’ve had the privilege of interacting with in the fic side of the Hamilton fandom and I’m really not trying to start drama. I don’t want to fight with anyone. None of this is meant as a direct personal criticism of any ONE person in particular, it’s just some thoughts I’ve been having about the fandom as a whole and some personal feelings about my work, etc. I truly love this fandom and the people I’ve met here, but I’ve been in too many other fandoms and seen them get torn apart by this sort of thing. I don’t want that for this fandom, which is the only reason I’m even saying anything.

Keep reading

Personal Announcements.

Please keep in mind, that none of this is a direct target at people and this is just a reminder for the future. Please don’t overlook this, and proceed to do the following, just to get a kick outta my reaction. 

- I don’t appreciate people flirting with me. It makes me uncomfortable, especially with strangers. The only time I accept people flirting with me, is friends & when my friends are joking around. I’m in a serious relationship, please respect that and please understand that I’m not comfortable with it.

- I don’t role-play. It makes me incredibly anxious, I don’t have faith in my abilities and I know for a fact that a good majority just wanna have ocs bang. I know RP strengthens the Ship, but I prefer discussing, making silly shenanigan posts/comics and having conversations. Which have been successful.

While people keep their RP life and IRL life separate, I don’t - especially if it affects my relationship. I don’t like keeping anything from my partner, as I personally feel like it’s betrayal. Emphasis on personally. I love my partner very much, and I don’t want to betray her, even if it’s the smallest thing like RP. *This comes from a strong fear of people just wanting NSFW Rp, which is a HUGE NOPE for me.

- I’m transgender, and I go by male pronouns. Lately people have been referring me as “her/she”, which - yes - makes me uncomfortable and damages my self-esteem (lol what self-esteem). I may not appeal masculine now, but I do have future plans to transition. Please respect that, it would mean the world to me.

- Don’t force a friendship on me. I’m very happy with the people I cherish as friends. I care for them and they equally care for me. I have had several people come to me privately, trying to force a friendship on me through guilt-trip tactics & bribery. Most with a clear motive to gain art, but please respect the fact that I have the right to refuse friendship with you. If it isn’t mutual, don’t force it. If you get offended, then sorry to be harsh - it’s not my problem.
There’s no point crying over spilled milk. 

- Shipping. In the past, I opened up chances to ships ocs, which were unfortunately unsuccessful. However, today I’ve grown to value my Ocs much more than I use too. So I prefer to have meaningful ships that develop a character. Thus I have restricted shipping to friends or close mutuals.  I’m very sorry to disappoint those who have approached me with confidence, in hopes to gain an OC Ship out of me. I value my horse children, as much as I value my human babies. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope you can respect my wishes.

also, i just wanted to make this post to be very clear about something:

if you used to love steven universe and felt comfort in it, maybe it was your special interest, and seeing it go down like this into a cesspool of racism and fatphobia and shitty animation among other things hurt you deeply, i feel for you. i think almost all su criticals used to be in this boat. i used to love the show too. but there are some things about it that need to be criticized, and some things in it that are unforgivable. 

criticism is healthy, criticism is necessary for anything, product, person, or otherwise, to become better. i know a lot of su stans are in denial of the show’s problems (examples being a LOT of antiblackness / villainization of black and butch women, the entire human zoo, plot holes, unbalanced character focus, bad and botched morals, horrible animation, eyebleeding color palettes, fatphobia, ableism, etc.) and yes it does hurt to see these things said about your favorite show, but don’t take it personally. the people who criticize su want to see it get better and not have these issues anymore. 

don’t defend these actions just because you like the show. condemn them. becky glucose and her clusterfuck crew aren’t perfect, they are far from it, and nobody/nothing is safe from criticism. it Happens.