posting to get rid u feel me

yall, important announcement here, from one a-spec to another

if u got mutuals on this site that u see posting/reblogging aphobic messages and posts, esp during pride, and if they commonly talk shit about asexuals and aromantics and get like 20+ notes from their mutuals that kind of have always scared u a bit:

👏 drop 👏 them 👏

100% get rid of them

soft block. hard block. unfollow. get that toxicity offfffff ur dash my dudes.

i know its kind of hard esp if u feel like ur friends with this person but u guys trust me.. when worst comes to worst, they are not going to care if ur having a breakdown bc of shitcourse stress.

they are not going to comfort u, they are going to ignore u, bc ur pain is trivial to them. they just 100% do not care

and half the time, they’re not even gonna realize that they’re hurting u

do yourselves a favor and purge that shit from ur lives okay. it feels so freeing being able to post a breakdown that is shitcourse related and not have to worry about tagging it so they wont have to see it.

its incredible to have real friends who love every part of u, and respect those parts.

u shouldnt have to have ur identity on another persons blacklist bc somehow u are a ‘discourse topic’ and they dont want to start 'drama’

do yourselves a favor and surround yourself with only kindness and acceptance alright?

love, someone who has broken so many mutuals at the start of june for this kind of thing

(also if ur worried about makin new friends, hmu bc i love my a-spec buds)

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when people comment "these things aren't supposed to happen" on your post about romanticizing bare faces, the thing that sticks out to me the most is that they read through the list that contains REGULAR OLD EYE BROWS and still say that everything on the list = bad. PS: thank u for that post bc it just made me feel nice minus those stupid comments

ughhhhhh i’m so sick of those comments because they’re so condescending and i’m like bitch????? this is the industry i am going into i know what i’m talking about like literally everything i listed is caused by things out of our control and yes there is products and things we can do to get rid of them sometimes but just because someone doesn’t doesn’t mean they’re dirty like they’re just?? living life

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i was wondering if you had any tips for dealing with sensory overloads n meltdowns at school? im also autistic and have a really hard time dealing with these things. i understand if you dont want to/cant answer this, no hard feelings. have a nice day!!

hi!! yeah i actually do have some tips :) idk if they’ll work for you too but it’s worth a shot!

avoiding sensory overload

  • keep a change of clothes in your locker/backpack. i tend to wear things without noticing how overloading they are until later in the day, so having something to change into helps a lot
  • avoid loud and crowded spaces. know where people in your school tend to hang out, and find a place that’s more isolated and quiet where you can spend your free time. libraries are good, and so are side hallways or empty classrooms (if you’re allowed in them without a teacher)
  • don’t stick around or discuss tests and stuff after you’ve taken them. the environment can b really stressful and could make u more sensitive
  • in classes like art, where you have to work with your hands, talk to the teacher (if you can)! let them know ahead of time if there are substances or materials that are hard for you to work with so that the two of you can find out alternatives or things you could do to make up for it

dealing with sensory overloads and meltdowns

  • find a place where you can be alone for at least a few seconds. bathroom stalls are probably the easiest option. if you know any stairwells that people don’t use or empty hallways, that works too. better yet, if your school has a library, go there. especially if it has a silent or quiet study room
  • nobody’s gonna judge you for sitting down, putting ur head down, and wrapping ur arms around ur knees. especially if you r crying or shaking, they’ll probably feel awkward and just leave you be
  • if your friends are supportive, find some way to let them know when you’re having sensory overload or a meltdown. if you go nonverbal, a hand gesture or note that you can just show to them works well. they can tell people that you’re feeling sick or don’t want to talk
  • if you go nonverbal, have a card or something that explains “i’m having a panic attack / sensory overload / meltdown / feeling sick and i don’t want to speak. you can do (x) things to help me. please don’t do (y).”
  • most teachers are really understanding and will probably let you work in the hallway or something if your class is being loud. just tell them you can’t deal with the noise and you would be able to work better outside.
  • if you can’t tell people that you’re having a meltdown or sensory overload because they’re not supportive, just tell them you had too much coffee. the symptoms are really similar, and they’ll probably be willing to accept that as an explanation
  • if having stim toys helps you calm down, keep one or two in your bag or locker. i like to have kinetic sand with me because it lets me focus on one thing and get rid of bad tactile sensations on my hands, but i can still listen in class while i’m playing with it

sorry this isnt super comprehensive, i’m tired and there’s probably stuff im missing so feel free to add on! hope this helped a bit and u have a good day

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risky question that could start world war 15 : do u think the s4mm tag or just any mm tag should be for cc or nah? asking for a friend

I personally think Maxis match should be for posts n shit and ts4 mm should be for cc bc the others r like ts4 cc, s4cc,, keepin w the rhythm u feel me. i honestly dont know how ppl care enough to get mad over it though lmao

summoners-path replied to your post: summoners-path replied to your post: …

// don’t get rid of any! just give each a space on your multi and maybe try doing one or two things there. even if it’s just a meme or two and see how it feels! then, you’ll know what to do, what feels right!



….. ill consider hancock and yuna. im just worried about kait cause ive historically had a hard time getting things going with her. but I guess most of the people I tend to rp with Im pretty close with as it is and probably wouldnt mind following me over there too… 

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Me and my friends all signed each others year books in 8th grade with hetalia jokes and names of countries instead of our actual names and I need to get rid of that with out destroying the entire year book some how

oh man RIP i feel u….at least we can all look back on these things 2day and laugh, Mostly

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Can you write about SITS guys getting hot and Heavy seduced by MC

I use back the story (MC seduce the guy when she is drunk) which I have written before. This will be on the guy POV.

Kyohei Rikudoh
I know she is drunk but her action really turn me on. Especially after she throws her panties at me, I can’t seem to get rid of her body scent from my mind. Even now, I can’t seem to take my eyes off her clitoris when she spread it open for me. My heartbeat has increase and I can feel my member getting harder. Unconsciously, I crawl toward her clitoris and she lifts her legs over my shoulders.

“You can do what you want with me tonight.” She whispers.

That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. I lean in and start kissing, licking her clitoris. I slip my tongue inside her and she arches her back in pleasure. She tries to break away from me but I am holding her down. I am going to make her scream for my name the whole night. With that in mind, I move my mouth away from her and penetrate my member deep into her. I move my hips roughly on her until I blow my seed deep into her womb. Maybe I should get her drunk more often. She is really wild tonight.

Iori Enjo
I got a shock when she starts stripping herself naked in front of me. Of course, I can’t take my eyes off her too. My heartbeat has increase and I can feel my member getting harder when she remove her last piece of clothes, her bra. When she wraps her bra around my neck and feeling her body heat right in front of me, my mind already goes crazy.

“I want you to make love to me.” She whispers.

That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. I push her down on the bed and quickly undress myself. I hovering on top of her and give her a passionate kiss. I move my kisses all over her naked skin, kissing all her sensitive spots and her moaning sound gets wilder. I lift her legs above my shoulders and penetrate deep into her. I did not stop moving my hips until i blow my seed deep into her womb. The moment i put down her legs, hot liquid flow out from her vagina. Jeez, I guess I really cum a lot inside her. So this is how she behaves when she is drunk. I should plot to get her drunk in the future.

Kota Igarashi
I am kind of piss off with her for getting herself so drunk. I wanted to scold her but the moment she put her hands on my shirt buttons and strip me totally naked, my mind went blank. Instead, I can feel my heartbeat getting faster and my member below getting harder. Why is she having such effect on me? What really surprise me next is that she pushes me down on the bed. When I saw her removing her panties, my member is already so hard and pointing upward.

She straddling over my crotch and rubs my member with her clitoris. Her wetness is driving me crazy. That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. I sit up and remove her dress and her bra. I then roll her underneath me and penetrate deep into her. I caress her breast and move my hips roughly on her. The more she screams for my name, the faster I move my hips. I soon blow my seed deep into her and collapse down on the bed with her. She really drives me crazy when she is drunk. I love it when she is wild and I embrace her from behind before falling asleep together.

Nagito Aoshima
She pulls me down on the bed the moment we are inside her room. My mind went blank when she asks me to remove her clothing as she is feeling hot. Of course, there is no way I am saying no to her. I can feel my hands shivering as I remove her bra. Is it alright to take advantage of her when she is drunk? Seeing her naked form right in front of me is making my heartbeat increase. I can even feel my member below getting harder.

“Can you warm me up with your naked body?” She whispers.

That’s it. I am losing control. I immediately strip myself naked and spread her legs wide apart. I penetrate deep into her and start oscillating my hips roughly on her. She even wraps her legs around me which allow me to thrust deeper into her. My mind is crazy now. I kiss her passionately and did not stop moving my hips until I blow my seed deep into her womb. Usually, she really knows how to turn me on. However, she turns me wilder when she is drunk. I love it when she wild as well.

Takashi Ninagawa
I was taken by surprise when she pushes me down on the bed with her on top. What really caught me by surprise is that she starts unzip my trousers and slips her hand inside my boxer. The way she stroke my member is driving me crazy. Feeling her fingers at the tip of my member is enough to make me cum anytime. My heartbeat increases and my member getting harder with her hand work. Why is she so good at making me lose my mind?

“My vagina is ready and waiting for you to put your member in.” She whispers.

That’s it. I am losing control. I roll her underneath me and strip her naked instantly. I pull off my shirt and drop my trouser down. I can’t even wait to pull out my trouser out totally and I already penetrate deep into her. She pulls me down to kiss me and slips her tongue inside my mouth. I return her hungry kiss and keep moving my hips roughly on her. I can feel myself ejaculating but I am still moving my hips. I want to ensure I empty my entire seed insider her womb. I move my kiss to her neck and caress her breasts. I never imagine I have fall so hard for her and she is the only woman can turns me on.

I'm gonna be real for a second

You know I feel like I give people the wrong idea of myself a lot, I don’t really open up ever in fear of being mocked or laughed at so I never share my struggles or a lot of the things that go on with me. I like to keep very secretive about a lot I feel safe, I only open up and tell a small group of people stuff and even then not a lot of them know everything about me. I get scared talking to a lot of my mutuals no mater how close we can be and I feel like I give this vibe of not wanting to talk to people or be friends but I get so anxious talking to people I don’t really know and it’s a thing I have to do a lot and it’s very stressful. 

I started producing/rapping last year to have an outlet to start talking about stuff I’m too scared of, obviously I’m still gonna have fun music and shit to turn up too I mean…that’s still a thing I enjoy to do and its fun for me to just have fun like that and yell about shit you know, but another part of it is just…I wanna just one day finally drop a full length of some shit and blow people away with it, see sides of me nobody really sees you know, I still feel like I have a lot of work to do until I reach that point but this year is the start of me working hard on this shit. I still love playing guitar but like…it doesn’t fulfill everything I need as an outlet you know? This first EP I’m working on isn’t quite that, but it’s a start, I don’t even have any production on it because I feel like I should save all that for future projects under Crimewave.

This isn’t like some long ass god damn…“yeah I’m taking a break from tumblr finna delete peace” post you know, I love a lot of y'all and I enjoy making people laugh a lot and I’ve made a lot of good friends through here over the past couple years. Idk, I just felt like for once I should just be real for a second with y'all and let you in a little bit. I wanna feel like less of a shitty person, it’s a thing I’ve been working on a lot over the past few years, I used to be terrible. I don’t act the same as I did a couple years ago but its for the better because throughout high school and shit I was one of those edgy 4chan kids who threw around slurs and self hated and did things people probably shouldn’t do until one day I broke down and decided I wanted to start changing myself and start becoming more likable. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of traces of the old me and wanna move on and I have a lot like you don’t even know…but I still feel like I have a lot of work on myself to fully like everything about me

I’m rambling a lot, idk, I feel like I’m missing a lot of shit but it gets the point across. This post is hard as hell for me to make but I felt like it was necessary

luv u guys