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so totty, do you have any embarrassing secrets of your brothers you'd like to share? I'm sure after that sutabaa incident your just dying to cause them some equal embarrassment right?

Mom left Karamatsu-niisan HOME ALONE. //bad idea//
Karamatsu-niisan ate all the rice in the house in one gulp. I mean, that’s pretty embarrassing and gross on its own but then…

Chibita was doing his thing or something and tied Karamatsu-niisan to a tree!

Then I came home and saw the rice… but at the time I didn’t know Karamatsu-niisan ate it all. Did Chibita? ;;


I mean…. there is another embarrassing story about Karamatsu-niisan~

We were always paired off together when we were kids. It sucked. Another time when we were hunting for Chibita he got us in trouble.

I have /so many/ embarrassing stories about Karamatsu-niisan. Though he is embarrassment in and of himself….

Gone ∾ a.s

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request? yes
   “ Can I request a 13rw Alex x reader where they get in a fight when Bryce aggressively hits on Y/N and Alex gets all up on Bryce and after he leaves Alex and the Y/N fight over because they can protect themselves and Y/N leaves and ends up getting in a car accident. You can decided the ending. Thank you so much!

pairing(s): alex x reader

warning(s): mentions of death & some pretty bad writing

a/n: i have no idea what i was writing, so let’s just pretend that i do know so i seem smart

You lay comfortably on Bryce’s couch, legs laid across Alex as you scrolled through your social media. Bryce and Zach enter the room, each of them holding up bottles of Hennessy and vodka. 

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So I saw something similar to this on another post but I wanted to stress this… With the release of the new album you have to keep in mind there are going to be new fans. As weird as it is because of how long many of us have been in this fandom there is going to be a wave of new fans. So when you see these new fans please be polite! Our fandom’s image has been going down the gutter lately and if you act rude or snobby towards new fans than you are only solidifying this idea that the Gorillaz fandom is bad. Interact with new fans make them feel welcome and if they make some mistakes don’t shun them help them. The Gorillaz has a lot of lore and material to dig through and this can be intimidating to new fans so send them links, give them references and overall please don’t be dicks… Let’s make the fandom an inviting and welcoming place for newcomers!

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i feel like that anon was just making a stretch??? like i doubt the other post theyre talking about is about hatsune miku specifically? it was probably just about the anime girl option and that isnt really their own joke cuz its in the script. that anon just seems like theyre here to make you feel bad

HMGGHKLFKKLKMHH I HOPE THATS TRUE,, i didnt intend to take anyone’s idea at all if there already is a miku joke thing goin on,,,,,

Jay Wars: Prequel II

(Jay’s posting about Jay Wars on his blog count as part I :))

“But but but I like sand,” Jay says.

“I know. I’ve seen you make sand castles,” I say. I have no idea where the magician is. Sometimes he can hide better than Jay thinks Jay can. “Jay –.”

“But Anakin doesn’t like sand! And how is he going to go back home if he doesn’t?” Jay demands. “Homes are really important and he did all those bad bindings so he really won’t like sand at all and –.”

“Jay. Anakin was 9. You are 11. Calling yourself Jaynakin was, well, being Jay. Like when you watched Jurassic Park and decided you were clearly one of the raptors. Deciding you fit close to Anakin in age in the story didn’t make you him. Possibly Jar Jar, but definitely not Anakin.”

“And he got old, only they used another actor,” Jay says triumphantly. “I totally spotted that binding!”

“Yes. Yes, you did. Only Anakin isn’t jaysome, and you are.”

“I think he was until he gave away the japor snippet.” Jay says firmly. “Since it could protect people!”

I have no idea what Jay is talking about, but three years of dealing with Jay have given me a master class in ignoring that. “And he hurt a lot of people, Jay.”

“Uh-huh. It’s not really about sand, Charlie. I bet he’s scared of how much he’s like sand because sand is like the Sith and is all about storms!”

“He also fell in love, and Jedi aren’t meant to do that,” I say carefully.


“Nope what?” I ask.

“There’s lots and lots of jedi so that means jedi have lots of kids,” Jay says. “Even I know that and! what they meant was that you can’t love people more than the force cuz the force is all about bindings and if you love one binding more than all others it makes you all twisty inside! Only he didn’t understand that cuz he was all a slave and his mom and stuff and he didn’t understand how to love and not give too much of himself to it, so he got scared cuz if Pardme died than his world would and he had to protect her so he…” Jay pauses. “He became really not jaysome, Charlie!”

“He did. And you think people didn’t explain what the falling in love thing really meant because?” I ask quickly. I’m not sure why, but something about Jay’s pause worried me.

“Well, he was lots older than other students and really clever and I went to school for three whole days so I bet people did a tricking cuz they were jealous and it backfired really badly!”

I stare at Jay. “You’re making me give a crap about the prequels, Jay.”

“You don’t like them?!” he asks.

“We’ll get to the other ones after. Now it’s time to watch Revenge of the Sith, okay?”

Jay hesitates a moment, then nods and presses in close against me. “I don’t want to become a sith, Charlie.”

“You’re far too jaysome for that,” I say dryly.

He doesn’t reply, but I think that means he’s just waiting for the movie to start.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I make mistakes so breathtaking in scope that it’s a wonder the world survives them.

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Personally, i think it's a real turn-off to send it to the VA's. They're not asking to be exposed to the work and even if they showed support, it's just a little off-putting. No doubt it'll make it's rounds if it's popular and they'll be able to sign one or two, but overall it feels like a bad idea, and there's a lot of second-hand embarrassment that goes along with it that makes me hesitant to continue with the application process.

If people have a problem with it, we just won’t do it then.

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Just an inquiry on your writing process :3 So when you write and post your fics do you have your chapters written in advance or is it a write as you go kind of set up? Do you plan out what you want beforehand or write just what comes to you? ((Lowkey wanting some advice lol I have a couple of things I'm working on that I tell myself not to post til I'm 3 chapters ahead in the writing. I wouldnt want people waiting too long for me to release since I'm not great at sticking to schedules lol))

Oh man, I’m a total write-as-I-go.  It’s pretty bad.  

So, for BPT, I’m usually like “okay, time for this AU!” and then I just start typing.  I have no idea what’s going to happen.  I might plan something, but then something else entirely happens.  Like, I really wanted the Reader to bone HT!Sans, but she couldn’t look past the whole eating humans thing.  But she’ll make out with SF!Paps on a dog bed??
And when Red popped up in Mob!fell, that was just as much a surprise for me as everyone else.  I had planned on bringing Red back into the picture, yes, but in a much different way.  (Though holy crap, I’m so glad he came back in those chapters because those are my favorite.)

The only thing I have planned for BPT is the basic notes for the ending typed up in my phone so I don’t forget.

When I started SSLL, I actually had the first three chapters written.  I thought that would help me stay on top of updates.  But, no, I’m too impatient.  I released all three in the same week.

I don’t have anything planned for it except basic tropes, and a few ideas here and there for things I’d like to see happen.  

Usually, when I plan things, it doesn’t pan out.  Once upon a time, I was trying to write original content (lol, I wrote a fairytale story about an anti-hero kidnapping a princess, losing her, and then having to save her from someone else) and the entire reason I started writing it was “I want to write a story about the bad guy getting the princess.”

Halfway through, I realized she would never be with him, and it was a real “well shit” moment.  

Anyway, I’m rambling.  My advice is to just plan out a few things–have a general idea where you want to go from chapter to chapter and what the end game could be–but wing the rest.  I’m back about sticking to schedules, too, but I don’t think people mind waiting that much.  It can be encouraging to keep writing if you have people reading and commenting on the first chapter.  =]

And pssst, if you want a beta-reader, lemme know~! <3


Studying//Kim Namjoon

I’m still pretty bad at these things, but it seems like people like them, and they’re pretty quick to make, which is good, since I’m on a tight schedule most of the time. I hope to kind of make a story as my next post, but no promises. By the way, please give me ideas for this blog and if you like all kinds of TV series and superheroes, you should check out my other blog. I think the link is here somewhere. Give me ideas on that one, I’ll finish up the story for that blog ASAP. Ask me anything personal or send me stuff, and I’ll try to answer! Enjoy!


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I think itd be fun to let your followers submit a vote for whats on the zine cover! Maybe if done through a google form that made it so users who wanted to vote had to submit their username it could he done fairly and sensibly because people wouldn't mess about if they could be identified! Just an idea

The idea itself sounds nice, but since entries would be posted to each applicant’s blog, Twitter, or DeviantArt, that would alert their followers of their entry into the contest and the followers of bigger blogs would appear in droves to vote for them.

Also, some artists have a recognizable style (which is far from a bad thing) so even if we did have a Google Drive form, they’d potentially be able to pick out who drew what and vote for a bigger artist they’re a huge fan of.

All artists have the same chance of being chosen for our front cover if we were to judge. A big artist might be chosen, but a smaller artist might be chosen as well. It’ll give everyone a fairer chance and ensure smaller artists/designers aren’t discouraged from entering.

I’m going to dictate all my posts from now on. It’s fun and hurts my hands less. Can’t figure out how to make a delayed would still make it to delete words though. That’s not what I said. Fuck. Maybe this is a bad idea. Post

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I’m late to the party! I listen to music in CAS or BB, but during actual game play I listen to the game. Unless I’m trying to set up a scene for my legacy that has a particularly strong emotion tied to it and then I’ll listen to music.

…then I would like formally apologize for Cinnamon because I legit have no idea what he sounds like. He could sound like a frog in a blender for all I know, and I feel bad for your ears if that is the case. :V

so like bartender au again where a very drunk yuuri does a very messy body shot off of victor because twitter and im very tired and i dont know how to anatomy and idk just take this from me just take this and pretend it didnt happen leaf me alone

Water signs: I want to spend hours together talking about nothing

Air signs: I want to spend hours together talking about everything

I am honestly living for interactions between dodie and Phil 💛