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i’m not stressed

my first contribution for starmora

summary: gamora’s real stressed and peter convinces her into taking a bath and relax. fluff ensues!!

likes/reblogs/comments are appreciated! hope you enjoy!! thanks @gamoraspeter for helping me find little errors!!


There are many things going on for the Guardians. They are stationed at Xandar, preparing for a much bigger mission Nova Corps had enlisted their help for. All the while, Gamora is going through the holo, documents scattered everywhere on the screen of many other good and bad ideas they’ve thought of, putting the least important ones on the back burner. Her eyes are tired, slightly bloodshot as she has been at this a good chunk of the evening. She sighs, knowing she’s burning the midnight oil when she should be resting in preparation for this weekend. But god knows, no one else is going to do this.

In the background, soft music plays. She notices Peter tends to put on a softer tunes as the night falls. ‘To settle in for the night,’ something he mentioned in passing a while back. Normally, she wouldn’t complain, but the quiet lyrics are making her already heavy eyes heavier. If it weren’t for Rocket and Peter arguing over weaponry, Gamora is certain she could tip over then and there.

A sudden “people are trying to get some sleep here!” from Kraglin was heard from his quarters, which promptly cut off their pointless argument.

Gamora hears unintelligible cursing and grumbling from the two of them, and a quiet ‘we’ll settle this tomorrow’ from Quill.

She gazes over for a brief second and watches as the both of them disperse in exasperation before returning her attention to the screen. She exits out of the many tabs, lowering her sore arm while they close out. A deep exhale, and she brings up the documents and map for the upcoming mission.

“You should take a break,” Peter says from behind her.

“I’m okay,” she argues in return.

He sighs. “You’re not a machine - you need your rest.”

Gamora goes quiet, unsure of how to respond to the machine thing. Her and Peter have acknowledged their feelings for a while now, but still, such kind words pulled her heart in an unfamiliar way. It hurts, but in a good way - is the best way to describe it.

“We have spent many sleepless nights over other things. I think I can handle staring at a screen and getting some plans down for a few more hours.”

Suddenly, his hand slips around her waist. She doesn’t flinch, instead leaning into his touch, finding comfort from the small gesture. His lips brush against the top of her head before settling against her ear. Gamora shudders ever so slightly at the warmth of his breath.

“Take a bath with me,” he mumbles softly.

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🌿🌸 Midsummer meetup! 🌸🌿

Server: Frost Valley

When: July 9th, 7PM EST 

Where: By the Midsummer bonfire~

Tack/attire: Flower crowns!! Cute spring/summer stuff! Doesn’t need to be a specific kind; it can be more feminine, masculine or androgynous. Horse flower crowns, riding bareback. All of this is optional though depending on what you’re comfortable with!! It’s not required, just preferred if you’d like to 🌸

Might break and meet up again later if enough people still want to be on!

Alllrighty, this could go horribly wrong but I’m gonna shoot for it anyway. I’m bad at this stuff but here was my original post about planning it;

So I’ve been waiting for a looong time for Midsummer to finally roll around, and honestly I’ve really really really really always wanted to meet up with a bunch of people and hang out.

I don’t really have any plan ideas; it’d be more of a hang out and meet people and just.. celebrate our community and the like. We’d all dress up in whatever we deem to be our Midsummer outfit(flower crowns and pretty colors are encouraged!!) and meet up at the maypole. I hope enough people could come to where we could all meet people we’ve never met, or that enough friends would show up that it could be a reunion for those of us(ME) who’ve been absent from meetups lately.

I feel like it could be a two parter? Like meet up during daylight hours, then take a break, log back on later to be there during sunset/night hours. But maybe not lol we’ll see. Possibly a trail ride to the forgotten fields for pictures? Idk pft but we’ll see.

But yes I would really love for this to be a thing so as usually I’d like to see if people are interested beforehand!

There’s not really much to add here! It’s basically a meet and chill.
We might to a trail ride to the Forgotten Fields to hang for a short while and come back.
This’d be a nice opportunity to chill, meet some new people, catch up with friends, and get nice Midsummer screens~


Boruto appreciation post

Episode 13 is like:

1. Kakashi looks younger then Naruto


And glad to see Grandpa Kakashi in action. Still a shame his novel is not animated.

2. Naruto is still an idiot

Yes, Son. Great Idea to just give this beast all your chakra. Brilliant idea.
But I live for this moment. I want by baby in action. Finally good episode with decent animation.

3. Sai being Captain and finally received the recognition that he deserved

He is more bad ass then Naruto series showed us and I am happy about that.

4. Sumire, Mitsuki and Boruto

Not gonna lie, that fight was something I was waiting for since episode one.

BONUS: Boruto’s shadow clone using Gentle Fist

He can be urban copy of Naruto but still have Hyuuga genes.

And one observation, great job for keeping kids save. It always amazed me in Naruto series. I am wondering who is responsible for guarding the civilians and kids (except Hokage) because he/she should lost this job for sure.
I hope Hinata will be fucking mad on Naruto for allowing this situation to happen. He should at least send his shadow clone to keep an eye on Boruto (or just check on his Sennin Mōdo) but NO, let Mitsuki do it. Great Idea Papa Naruto!

PS: This Nue looks like a random cartoon monster. I can relate with people thinking about Pokemon.

PS2: For a second I was thinking that Mitsuki can use his Sennin mode on Sumire. Then this fight would be finished after 30 seconds.

What if I were to charge a sigil or image with a certain kind of energy and then have y'all try to guess what it is? I thought it might be fun for people who want to practice sensing and discerning energy.

But it might also be bad because as I’m typing this I’m getting the devious idea of putting an uncharged symbol up and seeing what people say lmao 😂😂😂

Guys, gals, and non-binary pals, it’s UPDATE TIME! 

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Water signs: I want to spend hours together talking about nothing

Air signs: I want to spend hours together talking about everything

I am honestly living for interactions between dodie and Phil 💛

did you know that as a kid i once drew final fantasy 7 x crash bandicoot fanart?

since both are being remastered, this abomination keeps me awake at night


If you guys heard recently, the episode Collateral Damage/Just Friends, has been removed from the Disney XD website and replaced with Star Comes To Earth.

It is also not getting any reruns on Disney XD and is not on the schedule.

The reasoning for this is because the couple of shots of the same genders kissing in the background during the concert in the episode Just Friends.

External image

So I’m posting this to hope u all can understand why this is a bad move to make and why it is not right to shelter kids about the idea of same gender relationships.

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It’s almost Father’s Day, time to reach out to your emotionally distant garbage fire of a clonedaddy who created you in a lab and subjected you to cruel experiments in the name of vague science! Or don’t. Don’t do that.

Just a collection of self-indulgent doodles based on a post-pacifist scenario where @zarla-s’ handplates Gaster comes back from the void somehow and everyone remembers him again, which causes a ton of drama but mostly dysfunctional family shenanigans. 

In the first one Papyrus is teaching Gaster how to drive, though halfway through it occurred to me that Gaster might not be legally able to drive what with his lack of depth perception. Oh well, something being an insanely bad idea has never stopped him before. Sans is there to offer moral support.

I call the next one “Just Hug Your Son You Piece of Shit Trash Man”