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HRNEJUYDNDJDJHE I LOVE THIS SHARK MATT AU SO M U CH AAAAAAAaagh i just feel like i missed a bunch of the story cuz im still kiiiinda confused about what's up with that demonic death hoodie from hell and how he got turned into a child???? im s orry,, im rlly lazy and my internet is shit,,,,,

THAT’S OKAY!! We have a Shark Mattsterpost that links everything up until Teen Matt and Jon run away! Check out this post and the links under The End in the mattsterpost to catch up!

Real people do that. I have at least half a dozen real human being examples where they compartmentalize a part of their personality and they’re able to look at their sexuality in a way where they can kind of grin and bear it. One of my mother’s friends, who was in a 20-plus year marriage and had a kid, came out as gay. But he kept it to himself because he comes from a very conservative culture. Besides that, it’s been there in the subtext throughout a lot of Bobby Drake’s modern history, and there are people who do this. That’s the whole point, and that’s the whole value of this series. People do this to themselves to hide a part of their personality in plain sight

I think it’s still important to have this kind of story in existence because the issues surrounding acceptance and love and tolerance are still present. We live in a post-Glee world, where you can be a high school student and you can sing Beyonce and you can get internet famous before you’re 18. That narrative exists and is wonderful, but there are still people who struggle so much with their identity. I dated a guy who didn’t come out until he was 32. It’s a real thing, and there’s value to that story. And that’s what I was always drawn to with Bobby Drake. When the notion came up that I could be writing this comic book, I started looking at the character, and I was like, oh, he’s hiding in plain sight. I’ve done that, not necessarily with my sexuality, but with parts of my personality that I didn’t think people would like. I would keep it down and read the room. I’d distract with humor. I related to that so much that that’s why I just felt like this needed to be a part of the story. And it was a good way for me to also, as an X-Men fan, reconcile this tension with Bobby and his powers. When he had the Apocalypse Seed in him in Marjorie Liu’s run, he became this towering monolith of a monster. There are all these allusions in Brian Bendis’s run about how powerful he has the capacity to become. And also how evil he could become. And I wanted to use all of this and turn it into a story about a hero choosing to be a hero, choosing to live his life and do the right thing.


Iceman Writer

Sina Grace

on Bobby Coming Out and Telling that Story

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So are you glad about all this publicity you are getting from the whole MI fiasco or does it freak you out a little?

More of the latter to be honest.  Because my Tumblr’s wide open now, I can’t be as open on it about my life as I used to be.  Since I’m one of those people who believes in total disclosure, censoring myself is a really foreign concept to me.  So I’m constantly double-thinking everything I post on here.  I will admit at least 70% of this is my fault.  In my naivete, I overestimated just how large the internet is while simultaneously underestimating how invested people still were in an 11-year-old fic.  Both my Tumblr and my Twitter were super small and niche.  Until now, I actually just used the latter to vicariously follow astronauts.  But I should have known that small does not mean private.  Sometimes it feels like no matter how old I get, I just don’t grow up.  Hopefully I’ve learned now.

ML shitpost

so @breeeliss asked me to make a post of it, and I will honorably deliver:

  • Adrien had an Evanescence phase 
  • When the Gorilla and him were the only ones in the car, he’d put Bring me to life at high volume until they got to the meeting place.
  • Chloe is such a big nerd for Disney movies, not that she’ll ever admit it. She can quote Tangled from start to finish, and sometimes you can hear her singing “When will my life begin” at the hotel. 
  • However, she still doesn’t get why she has to clean and stuff. Rapunzel is the princess, she should have servants pampering her 24/7.
  • Marinette spends hours on the internet checking out puns so when Chat says them they don’t take her by surprise and laugh at them.
  • Marinette has broken three pots practicing her yo-yo skills at home
  • Chloe has broken 37.
  • Alya has been stopped by the police five times when she’s been following Ladybug and Chat Noir around Paris.
  • Nino has a really good Lyric singing voice. However, his neighbours are a bit sick of him singing at the top of his lungs at 2 AM in the morning.
  • Adrien cries every time he watches “The Land Before Time”. In only five seconds from the start, he turns into a pool of tears.
  • When they try to ask him why he gets so emotional, he just wails “LITTLEFOOT!”

… I have more, but I thought that was enough for today :’)

I post this every year to remind my new followers before the season starts, but please download adblock on your respective internet browser. The links I post are 100% legitimate, but there are still pesky and annoying ads that pop up when you enter the website. If you are having trouble finding/downloading an adblock please just shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can do to help!

As always, I will be posting links to the episodes every week. Most of the time they’ll be available the same night, but there have been occasions where the links don’t go live until the next day so please be patient! I promise you links will be posted as soon as I can get my grubby little hands on them! Also, untucked links will be posted as soon as they are uploaded to youtube on Saturdays too!

Aaaaand here’s to another fabulous season!

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If the Guard had social media, who would be on what platform? Like, who's got Tumblr? Who's cultivating ~unique~ and indie playlists on 8tracks? Who's got a YouTube channel or a craft blog (it's Renata, she has the craft blog)? Who would be on Snapchat or Instagram if they could? Is there a group chat of some kind? Is there's anybody who's just the equivalent of "you kids get off my lawn" about it? Ancient and immortal vampires + their relationship to technology is endlessly interesting to me

Okay, this is a delight to imagine. 

  • Jane would probably run a book-review Youtube channel, where she conscientiously discussed books she recently read while sitting in a carefully-decorated corner of her bedroom. There’d be the requisite fairy-lights, and all the 15th century trinkets would be shoved out of sight. Occasionally, Alec would crash the video and give the book 0/5 Alecs because it didn’t have any zombie explosions. ( “An Alec is not a rating scale!” Jane would insist to no avail.)

  • Speaking of Alec, he’s still mourning the death of Vine with Felix, and he’d definitely have an Instagram and abuse hashtags. 

  • You’re not wrong: Renata would have a craft blog. She’d try out ideas from Pinterest and write happy, helpful posts so other people could recreate them too. Until, one fateful day, she runs across a Pinterest project that’s absolute nonsense and goes disastrously wrong. Betrayed by the internet, she descends into darkness. ( “I think I understand you now,” she tells a very confused Caius, who could swear that his supervillain origin story had more werewolves and less glitter.) 

  • Of course Corin would make 8tracks playlists. This is a mandatory stage of development for all gay vampires. I feel like she’d achieve a lot of popularity, because pining over pretty girls while listening to the Amélie soundtrack isn’t exactly rare. 

  • Demetri would run a fashion blog, because it is very important for nameless strangers to realize how handsome he is. Felix and Heidi would be his long-suffering photographers. (Just imagine Felix holding up a sheet of tinfoil to catch the light, as Heidi googles what the heck a DSLR camera is, and you understand Demetri’s situation.) 

  • Let’s be real: Felix would be involved in three different online fantasy sports leagues, minimum. And he’d very much have Snapchat. And he’d use all the filters. Heidi insists that this is grounds for never speaking to him again, probably. 

  • Heidi would have a nice, organized, properly-tagged travel tumblr. If any of her mutuals asked to meet up when she visited their city, they’d be surprised by the intensity of her refusal. 

  • Oh, and it goes without saying that Felix, Heidi, and Demetri have a group-chat. It’s there so they can check in with each other when they travel, and to stop Felix from yelling across the castle when he sees something funny and wants to share it with his favourite people. 

  • Finally, Grandpa Santiago doesn’t trust technology. Since I headcanon that he has a relatively modern girlfriend, he’s slowly coming around to concepts like selfies and texting. Reluctantly, though. He wants to write long-form love letters, darn it. 

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request? filming a video with dan about you beign their gf??

Sure love!

I added on to it a little bit so the video would be about the Dan and the reader “coming out” to his fans about being boyfriend and girlfriend. Hope you enjoy it!

Dan x Reader 

word count: 985

It was a Saturday evening when Dan asked me to film a video with him. It would be the first time we would tell his fans that we were boyfriend and girlfriend in his social media. Everyone thought we were just best friends, even Phil. I was feeling a mix of anxiousness and excitement, I didn’t know how people were going to react. What if they hate me? What if they think I’m not good enough for Dan? Okay, I had to stop thinking about these things, or I would never be ready to film it. 

“Are you ready?” I yelled so Dan could hear me from the other side of the room.

“Just trying to find the camera!” He said. I laughed. He had lost his camera a few times before. But this time it was a bigger deal because I’d have more time to think. 

I had a couple of minutes to prepare myself mentally to film the video while trying to sound cool about it. Dan always sounded confident when he was filming, I wished I could be that good. Though I knew he took long to get used to talking to the camera, it was weird that he did it so naturally. 

“Found it” He yelled from the other side of the room and smiled. Oh, I loved his smile so much. It was so pure, he didn’t know how that single smile could make me happy. 

“Let’s get this over with Y/N!” I walked to the other side of the room and sat down on his bed. It was time, actually, not really because he wouldn’t post the video until a week later, but still, it would be recorded for ever. And would soon be watched 6 million people about our relationship. ‘Okay, time to go’ I thought. While he leaned over to turn on the camera. I knelt down so I could pop up when he said who he was with, like in his usual collabs.  

“Hello Internet!” He said. ‘Oh My God, I don’t think I can make it’ I thought. 

“Today I have a special guest that you guys have been requesting since for ever!” My heart started to race. It was time. 

“Hello!” I said. 

“So today we have a special announcement to make” Oh Shit. “Do you want to say it Y/N?” 

“Um. I don’t know, do you?”

“Come on, you can do it.” He said with a smile on his face.

“Okay, so…. Oh God” I looked at him and he looked at me. Not an ordinary look, but one that gave me confidence. “You guys know that Dan and I have been friends for a while.” 

“Yes, let me continue,” He said. Making me even more nervous ‘What was he going to say?’

“So we started to develop feelings for each other lately and last week I asked Y/N to be my girlfriend” 

“Of course I said yes, that was when our relationship started, and Dan became my boyfriend” Woah, it felt weird to call Dan my boyfriend now. Like, I knew I always had feelings for him but never really understood what they meant. But one day he finally asked me. It was weird to become his girlfriend so fast when you were best friends at first. 

“We didn’t want to keep it a secret anymore.” He explained. “We felt like you guys needed to know this, so you could know us better.”

There were a couple seconds of silence there. But it wasn’t as awkward as it used to be before when we were silent. We decided to keep talking and to explain how our relationship actually started. Then how we started to realize that we had feelings for each other, and how we had our first kiss. 

“You know, Y/N”, Dan said after a while. “This, being with you, being able to call you my girlfriend; was all I ever wanted” I could see that he felt a bit embarrassed to say that. Dan wasn’t used to saying cute things like that to anyone. My heart started beating faster and faster. And that was when I decided to lean in for a kiss. 

We had kissed before, but this kiss, in particular, was different. We were way more comfortable with ourselves. His arms then embraced me and started to rub my back while I touched the back of his neck and played with his curly hair. The kiss lasted a couple minutes, but then I realized the camera was still on. 

“Dan!” I said while pointing to the camera. “Are you going to keep that?” 

“Definitely” He started to laugh and I started to laugh along. I then realized it wasn’t as bad to be in front of the camera anymore. I could be myself. It was like I just let go of a very heavy weight and felt light again. Now the world would know, we weren’t just a secret anymore. 

“Let’s finish this”, I said smiling 

“Okay everyone so that’s it for this video, hope you like it” He looked back at me “Leave a comment down below and click Y/N’s forehead to subscribe to my channel”, He said after tapping your forehead.

“Bye!” We said at the same time and leaned in to turn off the camera. 

“So, do you want to continue that kiss?” He said, smiling again

“You don’t even have to ask!” He leaned over and we started kissing again 

That video wasn’t as bad as I thought. Actually, it turned out pretty good. 

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U're fucking pathetic begging people for money. "Extreme symptoms" of PCOS and endometriosis ? So u're having cramps ? Big deal. Take a fucking midole and get over it ! Y should we have to pay u're bills when U are refusing to work ? U're a Pathetic lazy bitch !

i debated ignoring this and blocking you. this is exactly the kind of stress i don’t need right now. however, the ignorance in this petty ask is super disheartening. so i’m going to fuck you up with some knowledge, some of my history, and maybe you’ll learn something.

first off, yes: “extreme symptoms” of PCOS and endometriosis. i don’t know if you’re familiar with either condition, but they can fuck you up. PCOS is basically fucked up hormones, and if untreated, can fuck with your uterus and your menstrual cycle. mine went untreated for 10+ years. and endometriosis is when the uterine lining grows outside of the uterus and can grow on your intestines, fallopian tubes, etc., and can cause severe abdominal cramping. 

maybe this is TMI for you, maybe not, but i don’t care: i was on my period from september 2016 until about late april 2017. so you don’t have to count that out, that’s eight months. EIGHT. MONTHS. and it wasn’t just a light flow. oh, no, it was nonstop heavy bleeding. my doctor was shocked that i wasn’t anemic from the blood loss. and the cramping? nah, it’s not just your average discomfort. it’s constant, excruciating clenching pain in my pelvis 24/7, even when i’m not bleeding. some days, it’s not as bad. i can get up, maybe do a little stretching. but most days, it’s horrible. sometimes it wakes me up. sometimes i cry. and do you know what i can take for the pain? nothing. narcotic pain meds make it worse. sometimes an NSAID can take the edge off, but not really. maybe enough for me to take a shower. so, as much as i’d love to, i can’t just “take a fucking [midole] and get over it”.

in summary, no. i’m not just refusing to work. i literally cannot work. i can’t even perform a simple task without it exhausting me. my job is a simple desk job and in the brief time i returned to work, i didn’t finish a single full 8 hour shift. i couldn’t. in between the aforementioned painful cramping, i was also dealing with the previously mentioned bleeding and had to run to the bathroom, sometimes three times an hour for several minutes each time. now, i work in a call center. anyone who has ever worked in a call center will tell you right away that unless specifically scheduled, you are chained to that desk until the end of your shift. even the most understanding manager (and my boss at the time has endo and understood 100%) can’t excuse you logging out several times in an hour, for long periods of time. 

as for begging for money? setting up a donation page and telling people they can donate if they want to hardly constitutes as “begging.” in fact, i didn’t even want to set up a donation page, but after a few hours of a tearful discussion with the most amazing babes i’ve met in this community, i decided to do it. i specifically mentioned in the post that i didn’t expect people to donate, and i still don’t. i’m not holding a gun to people’s heads. i’m not forcing them to give me money. i’m not giving everyone an ultimatum, “give me money or else.” do you know how many people have seen that post but couldn’t/didn’t donate? a lot. do you know how many people i think less of, or unfollowed, or blocked, or whatever because they didn’t donate? 0. yeah, the funds that are donated are going to be put towards my meds, food, and bills, and yes, that includes my phone and internet. because i need these to survive until i get everything worked out with my pay. the internet and my phone are my only lifelines to the outside world, to my doctors, to my insurance, to my job, to keep every party involved with my medical problems and extended leave of absence from work updated, and vice versa.

i’m sorry if simply asking for help has upset you this much that you felt the need to come to my inbox and try to kick me while i’m already down. calling me pathetic for reaching out? please. you’re hiding behind the mask of anonymity just to try to insult me. suck my ass and grow the fuck up.


100 Days of Practice - Days 27 and 28 (I forgot to post yesterday because I was at my Sister’s fiance’s birthday party until late)

Due to circumstances I’ve ended up with a TV in my room for the foreseeable future and it’s ended up having to live on top of my electric keyboard - the keyboard is still usable but the music stand is not, so I decided to plug in my Wii to the TV and use the internet on that to access IMSLP and get my music up on there….

The above snapchats were those I sent to @violapianolife as I tried it out for the first time, looking for my part for Mahler 9 😝 (also sent all these to @violapianolife to keep our streak alive while he couldn’t charge his phone - 48 Days going strong 🔥😝)

hi!!!! i just wanted to let everyone know i won’t rly have internet for a while (a few days, a week, 2 weeks idk :o) so my blog will be 100% queue for a few days and then nothing until i have internet again. i think i’ll still respond to messages and stuff but i just don’t rly like using the mobile app so i doubt i’ll be posting. dont unfollow me bye 

Unfortunately, I don’t have internet in my new apartment yet and the data on my phone is garbage and won’t let me upload photos, so I’ll be going on a small (forced) hiatus for a bit until either the 7th or the 10th.

I’m still going to be drawing, so I’ll hopefully have a lot to post when my internet isn’t garbage anymore.


Heyyyyyyy mod here 

 im sorry for disappearing so sudden and totally didn’t forget this blog iactuallydidimsorry

so, actually since school is binch and i have a limited internet i might post this for a apologize thing??


i thank everyone who’s been patient with me and also since i dont know what the future going to be so i might be hiatus again… im sorry 

ask are still open but hey! the muses might answer them.

i’ll be sure to be active but right now until i have my holiday i’ll be on a hiatus 


Hey guys, just a quick update on where I’ve been the past few months:

In July my house got broken into while we were away and I lost a large amount of valuables including my laptop, so I’ve been without access to the internet for a few months until I could work up enough money to buy a new laptop before school started. That explains why I wasn’t able to follow through with posting past seasons like I had originally planned to do this summer.

I would still like to post the seasons eventually, but now that my fall semester has started I have significantly less time to do what needs to be done. It’s a very long process, mind you, because there are certain hurdles I have to face in order to download the episodes/edit them down to parts so they can upload/upload them to which restricts a certain number of videos per week. I will try my best to get them all to you, but I can’t promise when I will be able to exactly. Also, I do plan on uploading AS3 and S10 when they air. That process is much easier so don’t worry!


This is gonna be a kinda long post with some personal stuff in it so, uh, brace yourself.

As many of you know, I’m not as active as some others on tumblr. I also tend to post some rather negative things about myself. Firstly, I’d like to apologize for both of those things. Secondly, I’d like to explain a little more about those things, since both are kinda linked to eachother. I’m not as active as I’d like to be. I’d love to be posting art and dumb text posts and answering asks every day as much as possible, but a number of things are preventing me from doing that.
For one, I have ADD. Which is by no means an excuse, but it does make it incredibly difficult to concentrate on drawing or typing things out at times. Usually at about 5 mins in my mind starts to wander and I just kind of lose track of things and end up never finishing them or finishing a lot later.

The second thing is the fact rhat this is a vore blog. Which is amazing and vore and g/t and all that stuff means so much to me and I love drawing it, but the nature of it means I can’t draw it or do anything related to it around other people. What makes this especially hard is the fact that I’m still living with my family (which will change in the fall but regardless). My brother tends to like to spend his time near me and also likes to check out my computer screen whenever I’m drawing. So the only time I’m able to draw this kind of thing is when he’s not home and the rest of the family is doing their own thing. To add to it all, I have very specific moments when I’m actually motivated to draw things. And I often have the motivation when I can’t actually get it done. Which is frustrating to all hell.
So how does this connect to my negativity towards myself? Well my friends, I have a little something called clinical depression. Coupled with anxiety. The dynamic duo if you will. Which means I have random unexplained bouts of hating myself. And when that happens, my brain wants to cling on to something to blame for how I’m feeling, give a “proper” explanation for why I’m feeling that way. A lot of the time, it will decide that the reason I’m feeling that way is because I’m failing on this blog to be active. Which leads to a horrble jumping of conclusions in which my brain decides that hey, you’re not doing good enough, people must HATE you because of it. And that just becomes an ever growing snowball of self doubt and hatred until finally I let it all out in the form of a text post on the blog, because I’ve related it to vore which is something I cannot tell people in my immediate surroundings. So to the internet I go with crippling self hatred that I KNOW makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, yet still lingers at the back of my mind because WHAT IF. Eventually the shitty feelinga go away, thanks to time and all you wonderful wonderful people that have said so many kind things about me. And at that moment it will feel clear and I will be happy and thinking about how ridiculous my thought process was there. But it always comes back, because that’s just how mental illness works. Which is why I apologize profusely for the begative posts, but I cannot promise that I won’t post any more.

So that’s my explanation for what’s been going on. I don’t want any of you to ever feel like your in some way contributing to these feelings I have, because I know it’s all just the depression. And I also don’t want any of you to worry too much. I have been getting help for these things for the past 5 years and I’ve made immense progress, it just shows up every now and then because, unfortunately, that’s just how depression works. But it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be.
So again, I’m very sorry and I hope this clears things up. I can’t thank you all enough for the kindness you’ve shown me, and even with these little difficult moments, I still love running this blog with all my heart. Thank you friends ❤

“Coal doesn’t turn to pearls. They grow in shellfish. Possibly she meant coal turnsto diamonds, but that’s untrue, too. I’ve heard they have some sort of machine inDistrict 1 that can turn graphite into diamonds. But we don’t mine graphite in District12. That was part of District 13’s job until they were destroyed.”

-Katniss Everdeen, THG, ch 6

This quote made me thing of the XKCD post above.

Peeta: Katniss are you coming to bed?
Katniss: Can’t. Someone is *wrong* on the internet.
Mouse over text: I can’t believe they *still* think pearls come from coal. Well, this should set them right.

*Two weeks later*

Peeta: You’re still up?
Katniss: Coal. Pearls.
Peeta: Right. I won’t wait up then.
Mouse over text: THIS should set them right this time.

*Two weeks later*

Peeta: …
Katniss: I can hear you.
Peeta: So it’s-
K: Yes.
Peeta: And-
K: Yes!
Peeta: You have to fix it?
P: *shuffles off to bed*

Mouse over text: THIS TIME FOR SURE!

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I hope I'm not being rude, bit do you have any animal drawing tips or books to recommend (especially concerning birds because most books I've gone through cover quadrupedal animals like horses and dogs)?

Oh boy, do I have a list for you! A lot of this will pertain to animation as well because making an animal move right is very important in making it look real, even if it is just a still drawing.

Force: Animal Drawing breaks down animal figures into shapes and focuses you on getting the flow down right. I’d start with something like this because getting an animal to move right is incredibly important, you can learn the specific anatomy afterwards. Horses move differently than dogs move differently from cats, even though they are all quadrupeds. 

The Art of Animal Drawing: Construction, Analysis, Caricature is more detailed, helping show figures in motion by breaking down into shapes and then adding detail to make it realistic. I’ve had many Disney animators suggest this to me and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT 

Animals Real and Imagined: Fantasy of What is and What Might Be is the next step, after you are familiar with animal construction. She really goes into detail about starting with a skeleton, putting muscles onto that and skin over the top so everything makes sense anatomically. There is also advice on drawing animals in different styles (also has birds!!) 

Claire Wendling is incredible at drawing animals! Like seriously, look her up and study the heck out of her drawings. She captures movement and anatomy perfectly and makes it look effortless. Her cats are the best I’ve ever seen and she has nice drawings of horses/centaurs too! It can be hard to get a hold of some of her books but they are TOTALLY WORTH IT.

And some tips I’ve found out on my own:

Observe. Observe. Observe. Look at videos of that animal, go see them at a zoo, whatever. See how they carry their weight from step to step. Are their spines flexible? Big cats have very springy spines to help propel them while they’re running, while the spines of animals like horses and cows don’t move that much.

Stop being scared and just draw them. Fill pages upon pages of animal drawings, do some every morning while you’re having your coffee, just churn out all those bad drawings and eventually you’ll start nailing it. Start out with vague shapes and as you get more comfortable start throwing real anatomy into it.

Please please please don’t rely on My Little Pony for horse anatomy. It’s cute and breaks down anatomy for beginners but horse legs are much more complicated than just a blob with a flat surface at the end for a hoof. 

Andreas Deja’s blog has some really good animal drawing posts now and again. 

BIRDS. BIRDS. GOD, BIRDS. I’ve owned cockatoos for 20+ years and their anatomy still confuses me. First of all, you should look at a skeleton and see just what is happening under all those feathers, because it’s really deceptive. Did you realize JUST HOW LONG AN OWL’S NECK IS?? Glen Keane’s notes on Marahute were really helpful for me when I was starting out drawing birds. Hate to say it but I haven’t found a book that’s solidly on bird anatomy, so you’ll have to just look around on the internet. Bird wings are very tricky until you figure out how they work, it’s hard for me to explain in words but here are some nice bird anatomy references from Pixiv:

1 2 3 4

I hope this was at least a little helpful! Study up and start drawing amazing animals!

some info!

1. i’m going on a trip with my friends from wednesday-saturday, so i’ll be mia until then. we’re going to be doing nature-y type things, so i want to take a break from the internet and such. 

2. i should have the last queue of gen. 1 of the blossoms coming out next week! you can expect the start of gen. 2 in early october.

3. unfortunately, i will not be home for simblreen this year, as i’ll be in disney world from oct. 27-nov. 1 for my birthday! this means you guys won’t be able to trick or treat at my blog. :( however, i will still post my 3 treats that i have made on halloween.

My brother ate my Halloween candy so I'm forcing him to watch nothing but commercials.

I work overnight and came downstairs this afternoon to an empty cup of Halloween candy. It was MINE, he KNEW it was mine because he saw my boyfriend give it to me as a gift.

He is ALWAYS eating things that are explicitly mine and not for him– one morning, I bought hummus for lunch and put my name on it and told him not to touch it and everything. Of course, not only had he eaten it in the four hours I was gone, HE HAD PUT THE EMPTY CONTAINER BACK IN THE FRIDGE. TO MOCK ME.

So guess what, motherf*cker. He’s sitting on the couch and I sat down and took the remote. He’s super anal about muting commercials. So not only am I not muting them, any time ANY content comes on, I immediately change the channel until I find commercials.

He still hasn’t realized what I’m doing and looks up from his phone with hope every time something that isn’t an ad pops up. I’m cackling evilly on the inside. I wonder when he’ll figure it out.

So f*ck you, Chris. Enjoy this ad for KitKats that you have seen eight times in the past half an hour. That was MY ONLY Halloween candy.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | source

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yeah its real easy to reblog that post about not getting notes when you regularly gets loads of reblogs and have tons of followers. i've had a tumblr for just as long as you, i regularly create new content and am active in my fandom. my follower count? 232. and damn does it hurt when people like you say i'm being catty and petty because i'm frustrated and then offer some bullshit empty advise. thaaaaanks

Oh, yes. Thank you for categorizing me into the “people like you” group. This kind of messages is exactly why I reblogged that post. Have you read it until the end? Because I, as one of “those people” can definitely say it has some amazing points from the perspective.

The thing is, you are being catty and petty, I’m sorry but I can hear it in the tone of your message from all down here and I don’t even know you or follow you. If you sound the same to your followers no wonder people don’t want this negativity. But I hope you don’t take it out on your followers or this bitterness doesn’t really reflect in your art or internet communtication.

It’s still going to be a bullshit empty advise for you, but try to hear me out and abstract from your situation.

Say, you see this advise about a subject that matters to you a lot, and instead of actually trying to GET IT, you’re choosing to get all angry at “people like me” who try to help you. 

I have to ask. What is it you create the new content for? Is it gaining followers? If so, your priorities are not quite there. You create content for yourself, for others to ENJOY or relate to, but not for the basic follower count. I feel like people who are way too focused on getting followers forget that a) followers are PEOPLE, b) they “create” art mostly for the sake of “popularity”.

What if the content you create doesn’t resonate with as many people as you like? The problem then, is in you, and not other people or people like me. I’m sorry for putting it so bluntly.

What I mean is…Usually artist’s personality shines through their art. Whenever I see the art I can mostly see what artist is like and what they love and how they are. Some artists shine through their kindness, some show their wit, some show people cheerfulness and hope. People can see it. 

So, the key point here is what do YOU shine through?

Maybe it’s not quite something that people want to surround themselves with.

Also, maybe you aren’t quite as good yet. It is possible, sometimes even if the “message” in the art is right, the delivery still isn’t as much on point. Whether it’s a thing or not, you still have to strive for improvement. People love seeing development.

And the last thing. A three-year-old child, bumping in the bench, always blames the bench for getting in the way. But the child age 5, usually says he’s at fault for not looking where he was going. All because before 5, children can’t think critically of themselves.

Don’t be the three year old child.

ps also, anon, I have forgotten. 232 is still A LOT of people who despite everything decided they wanted to have a glimpse of your presense and personality on their dashboard. appreciate them instead of being boo-hoo it’s just 232! Imagine them all coming to your room and get your priorities right. 

Sorry for being so…straight forward in this.