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I dont know why I am posting this so late at night, no one will actually see this??? idk Im super sleepy and p much dying because of my stubborness of wanting to finish and post it tonight instead of waiting for tomorrow….rip my gay ass.

My headcanon of how Whirl would look like as a human, a lil ref to help my self be consistent about my designs, tho I feel like I should update Cyclonus because I was never quite sure if the outfit I gave him was good enough??

I sleep now.


So the last five episodes revolving around the last concerts for TOP were called sleepers, and the eye from today (July 6,2017) that was posted on all social media within the course of nine hours was shutting as one would falling asleep. Now, none of the fans know if the eye will actually open, but i had a smaller theory.
(smaller theory is the the ‘|’ and the ‘/’ are going to be different colored because the ‘-’ is the only part that remains consistently the same color in every logo, and the ‘-’ is the only part of the logo left of the complete |-/) 

now for the second part of my theory, the first lyric was “you’ll have to come and find me” could this mean searching for the new album clues or the banding messing with us? idk, im not a freaking genius. But the second lyric is when the eye started closing and it was “my pretty sleeper”. I see this as intentional because the eye starts to close and so begins a sleepy theme throughout the lyrics.

the third lyric was posted when the eye was about to become a half closed one. “wouldnt it be great if we could just lay down?” (…and wake up in slowtown…). 

the fourth lyric was “i will fear the night again”, which could be hinting at a return of blurryface or possibly Josh’s blurryface like persona (which seems unlikely considering Josh did destroy him in the drum battle thing against himself in a black shirt). 

the fifth lyric was right before the eye shut leaving us with the sad hyphen and confusion. this was from message man and read “remember the morning is when night is dead”. Could this eye being shut be the night, the sleepy lyrics being the night?or the days, weeks or months leading up to the next album could possibly be the night.

the last lyric gave us the hyphen. causing hardcore fans to freakout about the shut eye. “and now i just sit in silence” but could the band mean we sit in silence, waiting for the next release.

now for the third part of the theory, SLEEPERS.

this just hit me the fact that the band posted sleepers yesterday, and the eye shut today. Coincidence? PROBABLY. and Goner was also the name of the last video in the series. Could this eye be blurryface finally leaving, shutting down. is blurryface truly a goner now? 

and not to mention (but i actually will) the fact that tyler posted a picture with the caption “ ^/\{*;;*}/\^ whisperer” (and yes i know the emoji is not exact im on my laptop) but that could be a song or the album name. it seems to go along with the whole night theme, sleepy theme because when you’re in a room with a sleeping person you ~whisper~. 

enjou, hope i didnt torture you too much. and if i did, chill. you’re fine :)

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nu-blessed, oneminhyun :^)


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What I think about their blog: Super active which I appreciate a lot. This was one of the first nu’est blogs I followed when I joined tumblr because I always saw them in the tag and they seem very passionate about nu’est which is always great!!! They’ve made some great nu’est posts and I know they help out others in the community as well!


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What I think about their blog: Hari is amazing!!! She makes amazing gifs, translates (thank you so much btw) and is just an all around amazing person ;__; I’m lucky enough to chat with her and our talks mostly revolve around minhyun tbh kjrkwlerjw She was one of the people that reached out when Jonghyun got eliminated (rip our dreams) and has been very supportive in general. erkwlerjwkelr I love her blog, I love her creations- pls go check them out and follow her because you will not be disappointed!!!  

Rap Monster as a boyfriend pt.1

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  • really smart and deep talks at like 2am
  • you both randomly starts rapping cypher pt.3 together
  • seriously tho you two will be eating dinner peacefully and then 30 seconds later “NIGA MUEOSEUL HADEUN I WLL KILL FOR, NAEGA MUEOSUEL HADEUN I’LL BE REAL FOR, TTOKBARO BWA IGE BARO NIGA BA BARAN BEAST MODE!!!“
  • sitting between his legs, with your back to his chest while reading together (OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE)
  • taking his daily twitter photos for him
  • both of you dressing in all black coats, hats, shoes, and stuff like in his twitter updates (because YAS)
  • being co-mother of the boys with Jin
  • lots of skinship (namjoon got no shame tbh)
  • him being really clingy, but in a good way
  • playing with his hair while cuddling (PLEASE)
  • always having tape and glue ready because he ALWAYS breaks everything
  • dance offs that lead to makeout sessions
  • light kisses that turn passionate and rough in like .5 seconds
  • him using english to turn you on in that deep sexy voice he uses occasionally (you know the one i mean)
  • especially if he’s jealous
  • "ah babygirl, tell me, who do you belong to?”
  • if he’s really jealous he will pin you and kiss you until you can’t even stand upright (LORD HALP ME)
  • sleepy, cuddly namjoon
  • him inviting you to the studio with him
  • you guys trying to sing some heartfelt songs, but the neighbors call the cops because they thought an animal was being seriously abused
  • having to deal with his spongebob laugh
  • getting to kiss those pretty ass lips anytime you want because he is obsessed with kisses.
  • him doing some weird shit, but then you join in to make it less awkward.

i have like 8,000 more of these  so im posting part 1 now and posting other parts later:)

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it’s been a while since I watched gargoyles but I bet they gave some to lex shortly after waking up cause they didn’t know what it would do and he got completely hyper and they don’t let him have it anymore.

elisa probably drinks tons of coffee cause shes always wake during the day and night and stuff so she walks in with a cup one day and lex is like ‘oh whats that’ and thats how mistakes are made

skeleton-adventurer replied to your post:im drinking coffee and now im wondering if the…

goliath probably secretly grumps when people are waiting for them to wake up because it means he can’t get his morning cup of coffee

honestly the idea of a grumpy, sleepy eyed goliath gripping a cup of coffee is hilarious i love this

The Key to Courtship (pt. 3)

Fate is a persistent thing. If one fated meeting isn’t enough, then maybe the next will be. Or maybe the one after that. Or the one after. You get the point.

After all, love will find a way. 

(Modern AU where Korra meets Asami (or Asami meets Korra) for the first time again and again until they finally see a trend)

Next part here:link

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First part here:link

3. They meet at an airport

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im such a sucker for ships where a part leads a normal simply life, then a second part comes out of nowhere and takes the other person feet out of the ground, teachs the person new meaningful things, makes the person change for the better and makes a impression without even meaning to. and thats where the history starts and everything would be different if person 2 had never changed person 1’s life;

that’s what rei says about nagisa, and i love how they’re both excited about having each other. actually i find it funny how rei stated on his interview nagisa was the one who teached him the beauty of swimming and changed his whole world, and then it is also stated rin is the one who teachs haru the joy of swimming with friends and the one who changes haru’s entire world. im just reading the same thing about both of my otps, except rei is saying it by himself because rei isnt such a big stubborn dork like some other people, right. /chinhands/

but anyways. it is said rin enters harus heart. and thats what annoys haru. im trying to think about what i can say here but i guess that infamous ‘romantic right?’ scene speaks by itself

i could watch this gif without blinking till my eyes fell out and started rolling on the ground…..

when they were kids, rin was so very very impressed by haru, he tried so bad to charm haru and convince haru to get along with him, he knew haru was quite grumpy and quirky, but he wanted haru anyways.

and what he didnt noticed while he was busy just being his loud happy cheerful openhearted self, was how much that affected haru. without even meaning to, he brings a life-changing transformation onto haru.

 when Rin appears in his life, his entire world changes

his entire world. this is so???? i started this post wanting to actually be coherent and use proper words but ’?????’ is just what im feeling when i think about it, because i can’t believe it is officially stated, rin is a big and special mark on haru’s life, the biggest i would say because rin is the person who changed haru’s entire world.

im just.

this is something big. this is something important. 

actually what is interesting, rin affects haru even when he comes back and is grumpy and closed off, but since im talking about the changes rin brought to haru’s life and  how rin changed him, i wont go on this topic (also im trying to keep it short, no lies, im really trying)

what rin means on haru’s life is something so special and positive, it stays with haru on the process of helping making him into the cute, caring boy he turns out to be.

and wow, their story is amazing, because those feelings rin shared with haru and helped on shaping him into the human being he is, are important for rin’s rescue, rin gave haru something so important, something he later on loses, but what he left with haru isnt lost, so haru goes for rin and shares it with him.

“It’s my turn to show you the sight”  is one of my favourite quotes, it is like haru is saying  'look you gave me that when we were kids, and now it is time for me to not give it back to you, but share with you, it is ours, come with me.’ (what is visually represented when he reachs out his hand to rin)

their relationship is so great, so healthy, so powerful and unbelievable??? they are the biggest (positive) impact on each others lives, they make each other better people, rin changes haru’s entire world and it all comes back full cycle when the person haru had become with rin’s help runs with abandon and puts his own relay into second place for helping rin and wow idk im just overwhelmed with rinharu right now, i cant believe they could give us something so big and beautiful like this.

  • seventeen stans yesterday: where's all the hints🔍👀
  • seventeen stans today: who are the two members missing🔍👀
  • seventeen stans in 10 days: sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

okay but rolling over one late Sunday morning and smiling at Calum’s sleeping figure beside you as the rain hits your bedroom window and his bare chest rises and falls slowly, you wouldn’t want to wake him up but it’s literally almost 2 in the afternoon and you would hate to waste the entire day so you gently move so your chin is resting on his chest and your fingertips are slowly tracing over the curve of his lips and and the slope of his nose as his eyes slowly flutter open and he can’t help but smile softly at you as he takes your hand in his and presses kisses to your fingertips, “what’cha doin little one?” his voice would be raspy and heavy with sleep as he asked of your intentions and you would just shrug and giggle before wrapping your free arm around his waist and squeezing him tightly, “just wanted you to wake up,” you mumbled, “want you, want coffee.” he would chuckle quietly before pressing a kiss to your forehead and giving your hand a squeeze and sitting up quickly, “stay put, i’ll go on a coffee run i’ll be back in like 10 minutes.” and you can’t help but giggle as your sleepy boyfriend with messy hair and a huge sweater rushes out the door into the rain to get his favorite girl a cup of coffee because “what his girl wants, she gets.” and im sad now

ellie's positivity post of the day

one of my managers at work Tila didnt like me very much at first but now she calls me baby and smiles when i show up and the other day she asked me if i was a peace keeper or a hell raiser and i blushed because i didn’t know which i am. i said “it depends” and she told me i looked like a hell raiser because the quiet ones always are strong and fierce inside and it felt good

i made french quarter beignets and drew today. yesterday i got jealous of myself. im sleepy even though its only six oclock. my mom texted me “I LOVE YOU BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!"