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The Swap [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

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Summary: when the unimaginable happens and you see yourself trapped inside your best friend’s body, magic doesn’t seem like child’s play anymore. (Teen!Lin)

Word Count: 4,719

Warnings: A lot of cursing and a lot of dick jokes, lol

A/N: WRITE-A-THON DAY #1 Y’ALL!!!! (and no, you’re not lost, I decided to post this earlier because I’ve been getting a crazy amount of love today and to me this is the best way I can think of to repay you guys) This might be the funniest piece I’ve written in my life. It was so fun to picture the whole situation and to brainstorn with @down4usnavy because she’s THE BEST and thanks to my hamwriters girls for proofreading this mess and @tempfixeliza for reading this also and giving me that ol’ confidence boost. Hope you like it!

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You didn’t believe in magic. At least not anytime after you turned nine years old. But then… You woke up that morning.

You started by noticing you weren’t in your bedroom, was it… Lin’s bedroom? Movie posters, comic books and many, many cassettes, yeah, that was definitely Lin’s bedroom. But you didn’t sleep with him last night, you remembered clearly the moment he dropped you home like he always did and went back to his place.

As your hand moved to your face trying to wake yourself up when you felt… Was that facial hair? Since when did you have a stubble? All the drowsiness that you could possibly have just vanished when you got up from the small bed and ran to the the mirror. You couldn’t blame the dim light coming through the curtains for that.

You were Lin-Manuel.

Worse, you were yourself trapped in Lin-Manuel’s body.

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Some Twinks Like Twinkies: Chapter 1

Andrew’s lithe body trembled, his jaw clenched, and he shot a massive load that splattered against the wall behind him. Dylan swiped some jizz from Andrew’s chest and licked it off his fingers as he continued to pound his boyfriend’s ass. His sizable uncut cock pumped in and out of the twink’s tight hole. It was an uncharacteristically hot spring, and they were both covered in sweat. For the first time in his life, Dylan noticed a small pillow of fat that clung to his abs jiggled ever so slightly. He nutted inside Andrew and collapsed onto the bed. The room was silent except for their heavy breathing.

“That was really hot,” Dylan sighed.

“Totally,” Andrew replied.

“You know what sounds great now?“


“Some pizza,” Dylan chuckled. There was an extended pause before he continued, “Or not?“

“I just… I thought you already grabbed dinner at the office?” Andrew queried.

“Yeah, so? It was just like appetizers or whatever. I’m not allowed to still be hungry?”

“Well, I don’t wanna make you feel bad or anything but you’ve really been packin’ it on lately.”

“Wow,” Andrew sat up.

“Is six foot and a hundred sixty pounds not twink enough for you, Andrew?”

“Come on, I didn’t mean…”

“I know what you meant. What, am I not hot enough unless you can see my ribs? I guess you did shoot a pretty big load just now, but maybe all you care about is the size of my cock?”

“Fucking Christ, Dylan! What, you’d rather me keep my mouth shut while you turn into a fat fuck?”

“Whoa! I’m hardly fat! I’m still a twink by any normal person’s standards.”

“I’m not saying you’re fat, but this is how it starts. I saw it with my mom– mark my words. You graduate college, get a cushy office job, sit on your ass all day, and before you know it you don’t fit in any of your clothes. I mean, c'mon we both know you barely fit into those brown skinny jeans anymore.”

“I do not sit on my ass all day.”

“Oh, come ON. Half the time you’re too lazy to even make it to the office so you work from home so you can eat chips and soda in your underwear. I’m not stupid Dylan, I see it happening, I see the cellulite on your thighs and your paunchy gut. I’m saying it because I care about you.”

“If you cared about me you wouldn’t give a fuck about ten extra pounds.”

“Ten? Hah!”

“Fuck you Andrew and fuck your brain washed little mind. I should’ve known better than to date a marketing major.”

“Are we done here?”

“I don’t know, are you done fat shaming?”

Andrew didn’t respond and Dylan walked to the bathroom and closed the door. He was still naked and covered in dried come. A wave of guilt and self loathing washed over him as he stared at his body in the mirror. He had gained weight. Probably about twenty pounds since he started work in the fall. Dylan pinched his belly fat and released it, noticing how it jiggled back into place. His eyes drifted from his paunch as he noticed slight lovehandles had formed above his hips. His silhouette has become more of a square than the bony and defined V it was several months ago.

Dylan turned around to examine his thighs and ass. Andrew was right, his lower body was caked in cellulite. He did a little hop and watched the flab on his posterior reverberate. He turned back around and noticed his thighs were nearly touching. He squeezed one and watched his pale skin turn pink from the pressure. He never knew fat was so soft and couldn’t resist squeezing his thighs and ass for several minutes. Strangely, his cock twitched with slight arousal. Dylan ignored it as another wave of guilt hit him. How did this happen?

Andrew must have been right- it was the office job. When he was still in school he had free time to bicycle, go on hikes, and just walk around town. Since he got a job all he did was sit on his ass and then come home and drink beer. Sure, there was the occasional weekend activity, but more often than not that consisted of dinners, movies, or getting wasted with friends and chowing down on greasy food at the end of the night. It dawned on him that even at work he was usually munching on the copious amount of free snacks that clients would deliver.

After his shower, Dylan nervously stepped on the bathroom scale. During the argument he claimed he weighed 160 but the scale was reading 178. This mean Dylan had put on about 25 pounds since graduating. Andrew was right, he was turning into a fat ass.

Feeling overwhelmed and defeated, Dylan hopped in his car to go for a cruise. He was now painfully aware of how the elastic waistband of his joggers pushed up his belly fat and how the seat belt made it even more prominent. Even his T-shirt felt tighter around his midsection. Everything Andrew said was correct. He had developed a post-grad, office job, dad bod. How had he not noticed this weight gain? It was humiliating to realize his burgeoning paunch and increased appetite was probably a source of gossip at the office and among his friends. His self-esteem was plummeting, which, ironically, only spurred the desire to comfort eat.

In the distance a glowing pair of yellow arches appeared and Dylan felt a pang of hunger in his gut. He couldn’t believe he was craving McDonald’s after what had transpired with Andrew. He felt like such a pathetic piggy wanting fast food. But, it had been about three hours since he last ate. And he barely ate anything at the office anyway. Plus, the car was already headed toward the fast food chain so might as well. Dylan rationalized that he could start dieting in the morning- might as well have one last hurrah. He pulled into the drive thru.

“Welcome to McDonald’s how may I take your order.”

“Hi, um I’ll do a Big Mac with large fries.”  

“Will that complete your order, sir?”

“Um well, I guess a large chocolate shake too… Fuck it and two chocolate chip cookies.”

Dylan received his food and drove to the darkest corner of the parking lot to stuff his face in shame. He consumed the burger in record time and began guzzling down the shake in between fist fulls of French fries. His sadness and hunger blurred into a delirium of gluttony, and while his stomach was increasingly full, the hunger inexplicably refused to dissipate. Once again, Dylan’s cock begin to stiffen while the fries disappeared into his mouth almost as quickly as the burger. Dylan’s full attention was now directed towards gulping down the shake. When all that remained was a mound of whipped cream, he removed the lid and dipped the chocolate chip cookies. He felt wonderfully full but still craved more. In a fog of intense hunger he pulled back into the drive thru and ordered two McChickens with extra mayo.

After polishing off the final sandwich he leaned back in his car, let out a momentous belch, and looked down to see an engorged belly splattered with drops of mayo, and a girthy, fully erect cock straining against sweatpants. A brief moment of guilt dissipated as Dylan instinctually scooped up some of the mayo, plopped it in his mouth, then scooped up some more and began to masturbate. He shot his load almost instantly.

Dylan closed his eyes for a few minutes as the come on his shirt mixed with mayonnaise. He opened them to see the mess splattered across his swollen and bloated body. He was overcome with disgust. What was happening to him?

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a hs au where cas is dean's tutor?

No warnings apply, but heed the disclaimer. I pictured Cas’s outfit like the one in linneart’s drawing, which is over here. I tried to cram in a bunch of references to the show’s dialogue. This is really sappy. I have a problem. It’s also 1.6k. 

It’s not that Dean is flunking physics. He’s got a steady D average, which is enough to pass, but his guidance counselor is concerned about his GPA even though Dean assured him he’s not planning on college. They can’t both go, and Sam deserves it. Dean doesn’t want a tutor, especially not some kid his age in a tan sweater with a tie and a freaking button-down, but his mom insisted.

“I don’t want to be here,” Dean gripes during their first session, in the library after school on a Tuesday.

“So leave,” says Castiel. That’s actually his name, Castiel. He regards Dean with a stony expression.

Dean slams open his textbook and decides that Castiel is a dick.

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6) “You are my nemesis but I have no choice so I had to ask you to be my boyfriend\girlfriend because my parents want to meet my significant other”

Like every single day before school, Will’s mother was chiding him over his study habits. “You know, you will regret this when you’re older. You hardly hang out with anyone, you never leave your room, sweetheart you haven’t even dated anyone.”

Will groaned. “Mom, can’t you just be happy that I am a good noodle? I have good grades and I don’t cause you any trouble.”

She sighed and put the car in park. “Yes honey, I know. And I’m glad that you’re mature. But would it kill you to be a teenager for a bit? Hang out with friends, go out to watch a movie, go to a party, something.” Will sighed and hefted his bag. “You know Mrs. Evans has a wonderful daughter who might be-”


“Okay, what about Mrs. Grace’s son? He’s really-”

Will’s eyes widened. “Mom!” he yelped so loud, a few other kids turned to see what was going on. He felt his face flush. “I’m seeing someone,” he blurted. “Please stop trying to set me up. I am already dating. Taken. Woohoo. Now please-”

“What? Since when? Who is it? Boy or girl?”

Will face palmed himself and shook his head. “I have to get to class.”

“I want to meet this person!” she called.

“Bye!” he called over his shoulder.

“Love you!” He winced. He heard someone snort beside him.

Nico di Angelo. God, Will hated the guy. He was a pompous jerk that had taken his spot as the debate team’s captain just to tick him off. He was the boy that was always causing trouble and never got caught. “Aw, Mama’s Boy, huh? That’s cute,” he teased.

“Fuck off,” Will snapped going inside and racing down the hall to escape further torment.

Of course that was hard to do when he had him for every single core class. He was in AP classes and so was Nico. And the bastard took any chance he could to make him feel stupid. All throughout the day, the two snapped at each other and scowled and rolled their eyes.

Will didn’t know why Nico had decided to make him the butt of every joke. Considering the way Will kept to himself and wasn’t very good at socializing, this just made it so much harder. He had tough skin, but even so, he couldn’t help but look forward to going home every day.

On his way back out, he was surprised to see his mom waiting outside the car. She was scrolling through her phone, leaning against the parked car. From behind, he heard, “Hey, Mama’s Boy.”

He scowled and turned to look at Nico. “What do you want, jackass?”

Nico snorted. Before he could answer, Will heard his mother. “Ooh, is this him?” Will’s expression became one of horror.

“Pay along,” he hissed.

“Excuse me?”

“I’ll do all your Calculus homework for the rest of the semester, but you have to- Hey, Mom!” He turned and looked at her as she brushed her hair away from her face.

“Oh, I was here half an hour early and it was just so hot I had to get out of the damn car. Hi!” she told Nico.

Nico’s face was scrunched in confusion. “Mom, this is Nico.” He paused, hating himself and hating Nico for being the one his mom saw him next to. “My boyfriend,” he managed to spit out.

“Excuse me?” Nico yelped.

Will gripped his arm hard and wrapped an arm around his waist pulling him closer. “What? Do you prefer special guy Significant other?”

“Significant annoyance,” he growled, digging his elbow into Will’s ribs.

“Oh, I’m so glad I could meet you!” his mm crooned. “I’ve been trying to get him out of his room for so long. Oh, you’re so… different from him. It could be healthy for my-”

“Mom, Nico has to go pick his sister up, can you give me a moment to say goodbye? Wait for me in the car.”

“Oh, of course! Oh you’re welcome to dinner any time!” She squeezed Nico’s hand and went back to the car.

Will sighed in relief. Suddenly, Nico was gripping his arm, twisting it up, using his own body to block the sight from his mom. “Three seconds to explain.”

“My mom’s been bugging me about dating someone, this morning I lied and said I was dating someone, and she saw you so ta-da, you’re it,” he said speaking quickly. “Please, I can’t have her hovering anymore.”

“Oh, oh hold on,” he said, reaching into his pocket. “I’m getting a call from- I don’t give a flying-”

“I’ll do your Calculus homework for the rest of the year!” he pleaded. “Please just pretend to date me for like a month and we can fake-break-up. I just need her off my case.”

Nico clenched his teeth and scowled. “You owe me, big time. More than homework.”


His expression relaxed and he took a breath, giving Will a once over. “I didn’t know you were gay.”

“Bisexual,” he corrected. “I have to go. Um. Thanks.”

“Uh huh,” he grumbled before walking away.

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Old House

Louisiana can be a pretty spooky place, especially in the older, more abandoned areas. I spent my early years in a small, rural town called Palmetto. It used to be a plantation town, but by the time I was born it was mainly just abandoned, rotting buildings and forest.

I lived with my mother, two brothers, and sometimes my uncle as well would be there. The house itself had quite the history.

Originally a plantation house, it had seen the deaths of slaves, who were hung on the large tree in the backyard. It was dead by the time I was born, but I used to play around it before I got old enough to understand the circumstances surrounding it.

During the Civil War, the home was converted into a morgue for a few years, and saw a lot of activity, mostly in the form of dead bodies.

After that was when my great grandparents moved into the house from France, and it has been in my family since. My great grandfather was a borderline murderous man, who was literally the only person who could walk into the local courthouse with his gun still strapped to his waist, because literally everyone was too afraid to try and take it from him.

I don’t think he actually killed anyone though, but by god did he try a couple times. His wife, my great grandmother actually died in the house, on the very bed that my mom and youngest brother slept on. The mattress and sheets were different, but the bed frame was the same. Myself and my brother had to sleep on the floor, where I spent many nights staring into the darkness beneath that bed.

Flashback to my mom’s childhood for a moment. My mom grew up with her father, mother, five sisters and one brother. Their mom was almost always absent, and their dad, while he loved them, also loved to scare the daylights out of them.

He had a whole host of scary stories, most urban myths about the very area. There was a legend surrounding the old Indian Burial Ground not even a mile away from the house, about a large hound that would guard it. As well as the story of Rawhead, a smaller dog that lived underneath the house. Whether or not such a dog existed is up in the air, but my mom and her siblings were petrified of this tale in particular, and her father often liked to close them all in their bedroom, holding the door closed while telling them that Rawhead was coming through the floor to get them. There are small nail scrapes marking the doors even to this day.

There’s also a lot of rumored deaths surrounding the house. The two that I can recall; one being that a man (possibly a black man) was shot and killed on the stairway. There’s indeed a bullethole through the wall to attest to this story. The second is that a baby was kept up in the attic rooms, and eventually died of some unknown reason. There were also hidden rooms all about the house, and only one of which I ever found the entrance too. I can remember part of myself wanting to go in and explore, but the latter half of me that wanted to stay the hell away won out. Another secret room that I discovered was by peeking through the bullet hole from before. But I never found how to get into that room. From what I could see it was empty, just dark wood walls.

There were definitely ghost sightings of all kinds in that house, over the many decades that family and friends stayed there. The two most common ones were seeing figures in the kitchen and hearing a baby crying.

The figures in the kitchen were always just shadowy silhouettes. A few people claimed to have seen them, always at night except for my uncle when he was a teen, along with a friend. They were outside when they saw someone walking past the kitchen window. They both tailed it inside fast but never found the supposed person. I myself used to see them all the time. There were at least four or five of them, and they always just stood around in the kitchen or sat at the table. The only working bathroom sat halfway down the hallway, and to get there you literally had to walk toward the kitchen. No doorway existed to close it up so you HAD to look into it each time you had to go pee at night. It got to the point where my mom literally brought in a bucket for us to start peeing in at night because we were all so scared.

As for the baby, literally every person that has ever stayed at the house overnight by themselves claimed to hear a baby crying. My grandfather never believed them, or heard the baby himself. I never actually got to hear the baby, but my uncle sure did.

He was at the house alone, in the afternoon. Me and my family weren’t in at the time, so it was just him. He was laying on his bed, which sat next the the older bed i mentioned earlier (we all slept in the same room even though the house had like six rooms). He was watching a VHS tape because we didn’t have satellite, and had the volume all the way up. This was literally how we watched tv when one of us was alone or at night. The tv played all night every night, at full blaring volume. This was to block out the residual sounds that echoed constantly throughout the house. It could be anything from a distant scratch noise to the sound of feet above or things falling, pretty much all kinds of noises happened there. So as a result we slept with deafening movies going instead.

Anyway, one day he’s alone watching some film, when he catches a sound just beyond the movie. He turned the volume down a bit, and can hear the sound of a baby screaming its little heart out from up above. Spooked, and knowing full well the tales of the phantom infant, my uncle lays petrified on the bed. He slowly turns the volume all the way down, listening intently as the sound of the baby seems to move over time. Minutes pass, and my uncle swears that that baby moved down the stairs and to the ground floor, where its cried carried down the hallway up to just outside the closed bedroom door.

Welp, my uncle was up. The house has no air conditioning, just a small AC unit stuck into a half-open window. He ripped this thing outta the window, crawled through the small opening, rolling onto the porch, grabbed the porch’s railing and flipped himself onto his back, landing heavy in the dirt of the front yard.

Apparently my grandfather had been nearby, in his own front yard of his small neighboring house. He came walking up and said something along the lines of “Boy, what’s at your tail!?”

There were no baby screams after that, and of course my grandfather didn’t believe him. My uncle was waiting for us on the porch swing when we arrived later that night, refusing to go back inside alone.

There are definitely plenty of other stories surrounding this house, some of which I’ve experienced myself. Not to mention the area itself was filled with strange happenings fueled by the beliefs that the people held. Hell, my mom once took me to a witch doctor when I was an infant, because I was very sick. My mom couldn’t be present for the ritual thing that happened, but apparently the doctor said she summoned spirits to keep watch over me. After that I got better, according to my mom, and supposedly I still have these spirit things hovering around me today. /shrugs/ who knows, I go back and forth on believing these things.

But I feel this post has gotten long enough (sorry!) so I’ll close it out for now. I might submit more at a later date, if people were interested.

Hope you enjoyed the story of my wonderful childhood home from the backwoods of Hell Palmetto, Louisiana!

Interview with Jennagill!

Hi! @peetabreadgirl, here! What better way to start off your Saturday morning than a good read with a great author? Grab your coffee, (iced if you live in the deep South, like she and I do. It’s hella hot down here!), and enjoy this fun little chat between Texans. No, there aren’t any y’alls and howdys. :)

Tell me who @jennagill is… What does a normal day look like for you?

Wake up after an average 7 hrs of sleep, get myself and two little boys ready for the day, drive an hour, workworkworkworkwork, drive an hour home to rowdy boys and Mr. Gill, prep dinner/eat/parent/bedtime, maybe about a half hour of me time (?), and sleep. Lather, rinse, repeat. Some days are more exciting. Sometimes I take an hour off at lunch time to sit with my other coworkers. Sometimes I plan a lunch date. Sometimes I walk a few laps behind the office when it’s not blazing hot and 120% humidity. Posting Coxa on the Wednesday lunch hour really broke up the week for me, so it was nice to have that to look forward to at the front end of the week.

Where in the world do you find time to write with only 30 minutes of ‘me time’??

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Dear Mom, It’s Zombies

Dear Mom,

Hi! I hope you’re doing well. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write back but there’s just so much going on and Chicago still feels very much like a “new city” to me and I’m still getting acclimated and work is just as demanding as we expected, and I guess you heard that there’s zombies now, but still there’s no excuse for lateness!

I got your last care package— THANK YOU!!! — the cookies were great and the old pictures really took me back. I already framed them and hung them up. The walls in my new place are still looking a little bare, though. I want to hang up some cool art or something but there’s not really a particular art that “speaks” to me, I guess. And have you priced art lately? Oof! It’s so expensive for just some splashes of stuff on a thing. You’d think artists would come down on price a little bit now that zombies are covering the city, the government’s fled and the gangs pretty much run things now, but nope. Artists are still like “We need art now more than ever, so pay up.” Must be nice to be able to dictate the market like that. We’re in the wrong business, Ma!

Work is good I suppose. I’m doing less of the creative work that we initially talked about and am instead mostly focused on either keeping watch (at night, always at night, because I’m new) or fortifying our defense walls. I tried to (respectfully!) talk to my boss about how this isn’t what we talked about [re: my job] and he said that it doesn’t matter now that there are zombies and that everyone’s only “job” now is to stick together and survive, and I said (respectfully!!) “That may be, but we signed a contract and a contract’s a contract, and if we don’t honor our contracts, well we’re no better than the zombies” (who, I don’t know if you know, don’t honor contracts because all they do is want brains). And anyway to that he didn’t say anything because he’d already sort of checked out of the conversation. I guess the worst part is feeling like my strengths aren’t being utilized? Still, it’s only been a few months, maybe it’s just growing pains and I know a LOT of people in my graduating class who DON’T have jobs in their field and even MORE who are dead from zombies, so I guess I’m lucky. They say the first six months of living in a new place are the hardest so I’m at least gonna give it that.

You asked about girls… So far, no steady girlfriend to speak of but I did go on a date with this girl Jocelyn I met on Tinder and it went really really really well! We texted every night for a while and I’m trying not to get ahead of myself (because I always do that) but I like her a lot (she’s also a transplant [our word for “person who recently moved to the city”] and she plays piano!!). Don’t get too excited because it’s still early, we’re both pretty focused on our careers and also she’s a full-blown zombie now. So if there’s it turns out a cure for zombies, definitely (maybe!) get excited, but if not maybe I’ll have to “finish” (our word for “kill” now) her. The only reason she’s still alive is because she was at my apartment building eating a person and my landlord was about to finish her and I said “Hey wait a minute, don’t! I like her” and he said “Maybe you should get your head checked” and I said “Maybe you should get bent, buster,” since we were giving out free advice, and he didn’t like that at all, but he still let me keep Jocelyn around on the condition that I keep her chained up in my apartment.

So that’s where she is now.

My landlord’s kinda funny that way. He really hates zombies, it’s all he talks about, but also his ex-wife is a zombie and he’s open about the fact that he already hated her before she was a zombie, so he knows he’s not the most objective guy on the subject. So he has his point of view but he won’t force it on anyone else. Like I said, he’s funny like that. He has us bring him zombies that look like his ex-wife now instead of rent. I don’t love that but, again, six months.

How is Dad? I saw he posted a picture of his new Apple watch on Facebook. Is he actually using it? I wish I was there to help him set it up and everything. I swear he’ll really like it if he actually can get it up and working.

I finally got around to seeing The Revenant. I have a LOT of conflicting feelings about it. You know I like Leo, and I think he deserves an Oscar, but I don’t totally know if he deserved it for THIS movie. It might be one of those cases where the Academy just gave him the thing because, like, “Hey, you’re good, you deserve a statue at some point, so, here” even if maybe this wasn’t his best performance IN MY OPINION.

I might also just be biased because I saw the movie after living with a zombie outbreak for many weeks. Like, I know a lot of people watched the movie and were drawn into his survival tale, but for me I was like “Wow, only ONE bear and ONE Tom Hardy? Must be nice” as I’m fighting off, like, a MILLION ZOMBIES.

Tom Hardy was great, though.

That’s probably it as far as “What’s new with me” news goes. How’s the hometown? I was texting with some friends who said they turned the Nobody Beats the Wiz into a J Crew? That’s insane! But that was a while ago. You know, I don’t actually know if the zombies are also happening back home. How crazy is that? (I mean, it’s not crazy because the News has mostly been cancelled here and we don’t have internet anymore so it’s actually pretty understandable, on my end.)

Anyway, I hope this letter finds you in good health and you’re not a zombie. And if this letter is the first you’ve heard about the zombie outbreak happening in Chicago, DON’T WORRY- I’M FINE! but also maybe tell the government? Tell Dad I said hi and I can’t wait for you to visit in June (bring guns and supplies).

Love you lots,

On The Edge

Words: 1,360
Characters: Combeferre, Courfeyrac
Relationship: Courferre
Rating: G

Dear 13-year-old Combeferre,

You’re not broken. I mean, right now, all of your friends have started to talk about girls and sex and it’s just not clicking for you. I get that. Believe me. 

But you’re not broken. You like boys, and you don’t like sex, and that’s just fine. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

If you do end up thinking you’re broken, don’t be too scared when you’re sixteen and find the word ‘asexuality’. Don’t be too scared when a certain someone comes into your life, and you realize that he’s all you’ve ever wanted… in a friend, even if you think it’s love at first. And don’t be too scared when a different someone comes in and completes your trio, but makes butterflies flutter in your stomach in a way that the first one never did.

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Alpha Sigma Phi - Frat Cal part 15

Please note: this is a fictional story and in no way, shape, or form reflects the real Calum Hood. This part does contain smut so don’t read if you shouldn’t or I’ll tell your mom.

part one // part two // part three // part four // part five // part six // part seven // part eight // part nine // part ten // part eleven // part twelve // part thirteen // part fourteen

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Chapter 4 - “This Was Me All Along”

Word count: 1,796

a/n: Hey guys so this is chapter 4, enjoy x


“What did you have in mind? I’m really not bothered. I just want to spend time with you.” He said casually. You wished Jonah had introduced him to you instead of Kai, you remembered that he had tried to but you refused because it was too soon after the breakup. You don’t know what you did to meet someone like him he wasn’t just looking to abandon you which you were so afraid of.

“Fine we’ll watch a movie if you want?” You said tucking your hair behind your ears.

“Netflix and chill?” Cameron said smirking. You hadn’t totally ruled out the idea but he couldn’t know that.

“You can forget it.” You eventually said.

“Okay you got me.” Cameron said holding his hands up in surrender. “Just Netflix then, you can stay over if you like, it is quite late.” He said.

“Hmm, I’m not sure. I don’t trust myself after last night.” You said truthfully.

“Don’t worry, I’ll sleep on the floor you can take the bed.”

“No way this is your house, I’m sure we can stay in the same bed without doing anything.” You said knowing that it wasn’t true. You weren’t sure you could just sleep next to someone like Cameron.

“I’m not sure I can.” Cameron said laughing. You just rolled your eyes and sighed, why were all boys’ fuckboys?

“Anyway, do you have something I can wear; I can’t sleep in a knit jumper and jeans.” You said “I always get too hot at night.” It was true, you usually tended to sleep in just your underwear but that obviously wasn’t an option.

“Yeah here,” He had given you one of his hoodie’s, you thanked him and went to get changed in his bathroom. “Why don’t you try on some of the underwear as well?” He called out.

You rolled you eyes and began to get changed. Luckily you brought wipes with you everywhere so you could remove your makeup. You took all of the makeup of that was covering the hickeys on your neck. You forgot how many there was and inspected them in his mirror, you hoped Kai never saw these, he was always the jealous type.

You exited Cameron’s bathroom and ran to his bed so that he wouldn’t see your bare legs – not that he hadn’t already seen them. Cameron’s eyes followed you as you got in his bed and laid down, he was topless. Fuck. Why did he have to be topless? He just made this harder than it needed to be, it felt like he was doing this on purpose.

“Oh shit, I really did a number on you didn’t I?” Cameron smirked looking at your neck.

“Shut up Cameron!” You said sinking into his hoodie, he just laughed.

You looked at your phone and decided to text your mom saying you were staying at Logan’s. You then sent a message to Logan telling her if anyone asks her you were at hers. No one but her could know you staying with Cameron.

“So what movie do you want to watch?” He asked flicking the TV on. You scrolled down the movies until you reached the horror section. You were terribly scared of horror movies but decided to act cool in front of Cameron, bad idea.

“Why don’t we watch Insidious?” You said instantly regretting it.

“Are you sure? I didn’t think you’d be the type of girl to like stuff like that?” He said.

“You have got stop underestimating me, I love horror films.” You lied. In reality you couldn’t think of anything worse.

“Fine whatever you say Y/N.” Cameron said laughing, you knew he knew that you hated them because he put his arm around you and pulled you close.

At first it was fine, and then you got to the jump scares which scared the absolute shit out of you. You screamed really loud and constantly hid your face in his chest. Cameron couldn’t stop laughing at how terrified you were, which only infuriated you even more.

You finally made it through the movie; you cried three times and left the room twice. It was about one in the morning and you were tired as hell.

“I thought you liked horror films?” Cameron asked sarcastically.

“Shut the fuck up Cameron.” You said hitting him with one of his pillows. “The joke is on you anyway because I won’t be able to get to sleep tonight.”

“Oh shit, we might as well try and get to sleep now then.” Cameron said. “Night Y/N.” He put out the light and turned around.

You turned around also and tried to get your mind off of the movie you just watched but it was impossible. You tossed and turned endlessly, changing your position constantly.

Eventually Cameron sat up and turned the light back on.

“Alright I can tell this was a bad idea to watch a horror movie as it seems you can’t get to sleep.” He sighed. “I’m gonna try something, but you have to promise to be quiet and still.”


“Turn around and lay on your front.” He said, you did so and you felt him lift up your hoodie – well his hoodie.

“Cameron what the fu-,” You tried to say but you were cut off. “Y/N I said to be quiet, now keep still, hopefully this will help you sleep.” He said.

He turned out the light but then faced you and placed his hand on your back. He began to rub circles on your lower back and it immediately relaxed you.

You felt yourself loosen up and even out your breaths.

“Y/N I hope we can do this again sometime.” Cameron said quietly.

“Mm hmm.” You said falling asleep.

And so you did. For the next month you would hang out with Cameron throughout the day maybe go to the movies or to the mall and then you would sleep over.

You neglected the feelings you started to develop for him and replaced them with platonic ones, you couldn’t risk ruining your relationship with Cameron it meant too much to you. And you were not prepared to get hurt again.

A few weeks before the holidays were over Cameron was talking to you about how he and his mom have decided to come back and live here.

“Yeah mom looked at the house today; she said it’s not too far from a school and is in a really nice neighbourhood.” Cameron shouted from your kitchen. You were hanging out at yours since your mom and sister were visiting family in Florida.

You were secretly relieved that he decided to stay, you had grown too attached to him being around.

“Oh my god that’s great!” You said excitedly. He came back from your kitchen with some snacks and set them down on the small table in your bedroom.

He flopped down on your bed making your body move and harshly land on the floor. Cameron gasped and looked over the side of your bed to see if you were okay.

“I am so sorry!” He said between laughs. He reached out a hand and pulled your whole body up. Once you were within distance of him you grabbed your pillow and hit him in the head. He immediately copied you and it ensued a pillow fight.

He was embarrassingly defeating you so you gave up and went on your phone. You went on your Instagram and scrolled through the pictures you have posted in the last month. There were mainly photos of you and Cameron.

You guys at the beach, at home, at theme parks. Everyone had assumed you guys were dating since you were always together but you were just friends. Friends who have had sex.

You felt your phone vibrate. It was a text from Logan.

Logan: I assume that you’re already with Cameron so there is no point in sending two messages, do you guys want to come to mine tomorrow? It’s just a small gathering.

You: Yeah should be fine, what time and who will be there?

Logan: Just our friendship group and come for around 7.

You: Okay I’ll ask him.

Ever since the first night you stayed at Cameron’s you couldn’t get to sleep without him. It became routine for you to lay on your front and he would either rub circles on your back or play with your hair until you fell asleep.

Even on the odd days you didn’t hang out with Cameron and you were with Logan. At night you would text him to come over. He eventually became your best friend.

It was like any other night, you two had watched a film and you were trying to get to sleep with Cameron doing what he would usually do.

“What are we doing tomorrow?” Cameron asked quietly, you couldn’t see him as it was dark but you could tell he was smiling.

“I have to go pick my mom and sister up from the airport, but then after Logan invited us round to hers for one last get together before school starts again.” You sighed tiredly. There were only two weeks left of holidays.

“Do you want me to come with you? It’s a long drive by yourself.” Cameron whispered. You were secretly hoping he was going to say that.

“Yeah if you want, we’ll set off early in the morning. So we should try and get some sleep.” You said, and then you snuggled up close signalling for Cameron to rub circles on your back. You knew he wouldn’t fall asleep till way after you because he was always busy on his phone so you felt safe.

Tonight he was different though, it felt like he was waiting for your breaths to even out so he could say something. You could feel him staring at you eager for you to fall asleep so he could relieve himself of what he wanted to say. So you pretended to relax and started breathing heavily, curious to find out what was on his mind.

After a while you assumed you imagined it but then he started to mumble something under his breath.

“Y/N I know you can’t hear me but I have to say this or it will kill me. Ever since I first saw you I knew you would become a part of my life, but I could never have imagined for it to be like this. I think I’m falling in love with you but you deserve someone better, someone who isn’t afraid to say it to your face.” He waited for a while to see if you would say something but he knew you were asleep. But you weren’t.

You couldn’t believe Cameron Dallas was in love with you.

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Henry Has Two Moms and other stuff I'm thinking about.

Swan Queen is more than a ship, it’s a movement. We’ve been saying this since the idea of Emma ‘Swan’ and the Evil 'Queen’ came onto our television screens not long after a fun (disturbing) film about a ballet dancer and her slightly over-enthused mother (played by Hershey and how loudly did we squeee about the subsequent OUaT casting choice on THAT little matter) and also not long after we all sort of sat down and said…

…well, Henry does have two moms…they look at each other like they want to rip each other’s silk shirts to shreds and at the end of the day, HENRY HAS TWO MOMS and that ain’t no joke. And if Swan Queen isn’t endgame? They’ll have made a joke of same-sex headed families. It isn’t a joke, not when studies show how healthy female headed households are. Not when same-sex couples are fighting so hard for their rights, not when women are still paid less than men, not when gender is still at the absolute centre of the Euro-Western colonial system, leaving anybody outside of the gender binary in such a vulnerable and dangerous place while also letting us know that yes, people outside of the binaries of gender and sexuality are also speaking to the heart of an oppressive system while re-creating a new world, based on new stories (or old ones depending on your history) and new visioning for the world we live in. (and btw, LOL, because HENRY HAS TWO MOMS isn’t about divorced cis gender men attacking me on a message board by saying 'I hate my ex wife and Emma deserves Captain Hook therefore’ bc WTF the two things don’t have anything to do with one another???) HENRY HAS TWO MOMS cannot end in any way other than for Emma and Regina to be together, as co-parents and yes, that includes a deep, loving relationship with one another because at the end of the day, THAT IS THE STORY THAT #OUAT IS TELLING US and has been since the pilot episode. I’m shouting bc I feel like I’m Mugatu shouting about Zoolander a LOT these days. I’m not shouting out of anger. Just imagine a person in a very wooly sweater with a small dog shouting 'They’re all the same look!!!!’ I will not stop making this joke. 

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canadianbeauty2  asked:

Hey Morgan! Love the idea of an Olicity Fic Countdown. Here's my prompt: Oliver and Felicity's first holiday (Christmas or Hanukkah) as a couple in the "Along The Way" verse.

thank you for the prompt! this is the final part in my “along the way” trilogy of posts and you can read part one here and part two here if you missed any of them before reading today’s :)

*also side note, it’s been brought to my attention that if you go to just the home page of my blog, the “read more” is not showing up on my posts. I’m going to be switching themes (if you have any recommendations for a theme that’s good for someone who posts both gifs and writing, let me know :)), but for now, if you click on the date or the “notes” at the bottom of the post it will take you to the full thing. the links I have above will take you right to the full posts though :)*

continued from yesterday…

“I planned out our whole day.” He replied seriously, “First we’ll make snow angels for a two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie dough as fast as we can, and then we’ll snuggle.”

It took her a second, her brow furrowing in confusion, before she burst out laughing, “Okay so you have actually seen more than two movies.”

He tapped the tip of her nose gently, “Everyone has seen Elf, Felicity.”

It turned out that Oliver wasn’t entirely joking with his Buddy The Elf impression though as she listened to him lay out his plans for the day.

“So I was thinking that since it’s not too cold today we could go ice skating at the outdoor rink that they have set up in the square downtown.”

“Mhmm,” she hummed in agreement. “Can you hand me my shampoo?

He grabbed the bottle from the ledge that she had left there over the summer and handed it to her before continuing, “And then I really wanted to try making gingerbread houses. The other day I was watching this episode of Food Network Challenge where—”

She cut him off as she started to wash her hair, “Oliver you already told me about this on the phone, please don’t tell me we’re going to build a life sized gingerbread house.”  

“No, just little ones,” he grumbled. “But that would be cool.”

She laughed, “Oliver what would we do with a gingerbread house that big?”

“Crawl inside it?”

Grabbing one of the detachable showerheads, she sprayed him with it, “You’re crazy.”

He pouted, “You love me.”

“Yeah, those two facts are not mutually exclusive.”

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