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So. Arc-V ended.

I’m still pretty behind on the subs and such, but I’ve been keeping up with the spoilers every week to keep up.

I’ll admit that I haven’t been very satisfied with the show for a while now, nor was I satisfied with the ending. It left me feeling pretty disappointed, hollow and kinda sad for some of the characters. I think how I’ve been feeling about the show is one of the reasons I’d gotten so behind in the subs, though other reasons is just due to being busy and just feeling not so great over some real life stuff.

Am I gonna finish liveblogging the series? Yes. I am.
Even though I wasn’t happy with how the show went, they did one thing right, and that is they made me love, and get attached to, the major majority of the cast. I love them all. I’m sad that the cast was too bloated so a lot of characters didn’t get the focus they deserved and other focus was all over the place, but you know what? I’m finishing this series for these characters that I love. I want to see this story end, even if I didn’t agree completely with how it did.
I want to liveblog the rest of this experience. Through the good and bad.

And, if anything, I’m glad I have at least experienced this show. I remember how exciting the first season was, and all the crazy theories people would post and all the good times like that. All the fanart and fanfics and other fandom stuff that’s been coming out of this show. It was super nice. I have loved experiencing that so much and I wouldn’t change that for the world.
In that first year it helped to distract me a LOT from real life stuff when I needed it.

I took part in the Arc-V Anniversary 30-Day Challenge both years it ran. I worked hard to complete it both times, and I managed it. Those were the only two art challenges I have ever done and -completed- so far and I am so proud of that.
I loved seeing everyone elses work in that too. It was amazing.
This has inspired me to keep April as an art challenge month, so this year I’ll be doing an art challenge for some original stuff over on my art blog.

The characters, the excitement, the fanart, the theories… all that good stuff. That’s what I want to take away from all this. Maybe the show’s writing left me with a lot of salt in the end, but the experience along the way with everything else was amazing.

And I’m going to encourage everyone to keep these characters stories going where you can. Through your post-canon ideas, your fanart and fanfics. Keep that going.
These characters deserve that at least.

I’ll probably go into more details about how I feel on the actual show’s end when I get there, but for now, I hope to plan to carry on with the series, though probably continuing at a casual pace when I have the time.

Am I looking forward to VRAINS? Hell yes I am!
I like the sound of the premise so far, so I’m looking forward to it a lot.

Am I going to liveblog that? Maaaaybe.
I’m kinda hoping Crunchyroll will simulcast it. If they do, I may liveblog my viewing of the new episode each week. If not, I’ll probably instead wait until Crunchyroll does the official subs, now that official Yu-Gi-Oh subs are a thing, and decide then and there whether I want to do a liveblog or not. Depends on time and where my focus should be, as blogging the episodes takes a good hour or two to do; taking screenshots, saving them, posting them with a little quip or comment ect.
For Arc-V, I ended up jumping around using different fansubbers so I’d like to at least have a consistent sub for VRAINS, plus supporting the official subs is good!!

Ah this got more rambley than I expected!

So I guess in short:
- Arc-V writing, pacing and end: Kinda un-satisfied
- Arc-V Characters: I love them all and they will forever have a place in my heart
- Arc-V Overall Experience: Very memorable!
- VRAINS: Excited!

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sometimes you need to accept that yes i may have been a little bit manipulative. yes i worded something in a specific way that would make my friend/fp/SO feel a bit guilty. yes i could have handled that situation in a much better way. yes i am wrong.

i’ve been thinking about sam and trying to figure out why she’s… not a good person and i realized that i isolated her behavior to how she acts towards her friends and didn’t really look at the influences on her.

when i was thinking about the relationship between danny and his parents, i realized that sam and her parents actually have a very dysfunctional and abusive relationship. her parents want her to be someone that she’s not and refuse to respect her or relent their opinions despite the distress it causes sam. they attempt to control her life by trying to force her into clothes they like versus the clothes she’s comfortable in; they will actually harass her to the point that she has to physically remove herself from her home; and they try to restrict and control who she associates with (see control freaks, reality trip, and reign storm). danny and tucker have never been to her home even though they’ve been friends for years and when they are invited over, sam’s parents aren’t around. sam knows her parents will disapprove of her friends, so she never let them meet tucker or danny. because of this, whenever sam is at home with her parents, she probably is under a great deal of stress and feels extremely isolated. she always has to be on the defensive because she is being emotionally attacked and manipulated by her parents.

which is a problem because sam cares a lot. she cares about the environment, she cares about animals, she cares about individual rights and autonomy, and she really cares about the people who care for her. but the problem is that she’s so used to being aggressive and defensive about her interests and who is she, that she naturally lashes out and gets embarrassed or worried when she lets her guard down. she’s fast to judge harshly because it’s how she protects herself. and she drinks in every time she gets a “win” because it means she actually has control of something. that’s why she is probably so active in so many charities, works out, and is at fentonworks all the time - she’s trying to stay in healthier environments. (and also why she’s not an a-lister - they so similar to her parents)

i just… really want to apologize to sam now. you’re not a horrible person, kid, you’re just trying to get by the only way you know how.

I want to also give a special shout out to all the sapphics whose families don’t seem bothered by the results of this election. I keep seeing people post about their parents being afraid for them, which is still incredibly heartbreaking, but here’s to the sapphics whose parents refuse to acknowledge that their children are in danger. Here is to the sapphics whose mothers and fathers are apathetic to their fear, who tell their children that they are overreacting, who expect their sapphic children to be unbothered and unaffected by this election. Here is to the sapphics who are terrified and whose own families have yet to validate or even acknowledge their fear.
You are not overreacting. There are people who care about you and your safety. There are people who want you to be happy and who want to support you every step of your journey, and I’m so so sorry that your parents aren’t those people. You deserve so much better.



  • Kirk (flirting): "Doubt thou the stars are fire, Doubt that the sun doth move. Doubt truth to be a liar, But never doubt I love."
  • Spock: Technically, Captain, the stars are not fire. They give off light due to the heat created by the conversion from hydrogen to helium. As an explorer of space, I would expect you to know this.
  • Kirk: ಠ╭╮ಠ

I just want guys to be able to say I love you instead of this weird meaningful silence and then a hug with a back pat….like let boys say I love you casually. Let them say ‘love you’ when they hang up the phone. Let them say 'love you, be safe’ when saying goodbye to each other. Let them tease each other with 'you know you love me’. Let boys greet each other with real hugs instead of those one armed things. Just let boys show each other affection. Let boys be as soft and sweet as they want.

Since y'all shipping Jefferson x Lafayette why not

Hercules Mulligan x James Madison

Peggy x Maria

Alexander Hamilton x Usnavi

Alexander Hamilton x Lin Manuel Miranda’s disembodied voice in Moana

Lafayette x Jefferson x Johan

George Washington x Benny x the dad from Moana

King George x Kristoff

i’m a nice person until you insult sam winchester


Legend speaks of a seed - that the Sun Tree was placed by Pelor himself to seal a wound in the light, and Whitestone rose around it.


The guys in the Dishonored chat gave me the idea to do an Outsider-inspired makeup, however it turned into some kind of closet cosplay just to get the right whale satan mood (I also edited the eye and hair colour). My idea was to make it look like his skin is breaking off to reveal sort of odd-looking veins of whale oil underneath. Idk it’s some kind of void nonsense at least, and it was super fun to make. <3