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Social Media (Yoongi)

And now it is time for my highkey spirit animal, the first half of the Daegu line, an actual sweetheart with the cutest smile like his eyes do the things and he’s got the gummy smile and it’s just so fucking cute, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • This is going to build off of youtuber!Yoongi (here) there is also the youtuber proposal post which is right here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original post, he has a music channel
  • He posts covers and original songs and very rarely does a Q&A or some sort of talking video where he isn’t just rapping or playing an instrument
  • He occasionally (like literally only a couple times a year) does streams where he just plays the piano and takes song requests and chats with the viewers
  • But those are the moments they treasure bc they get to know the man behind the lyrics, they get hints on what inspired said lyrics, they get stories of his relationship with you, of his life, of his goals
  • Plus super rarely they may actually get a glimpse of you, he tries to keep you as private as he can bc he just seems like a private person in general with stuff like relationships when it comes to such a huge crowd of people
  • V v rarely will he actually show your face, it’s almost always your back and his hand over your face or anything like that to keep things private and it’s not bc he’s ashamed of the relationship or anything of that sort, he’s actually really really proud of the relationship and you but he just doesn’t want the entirety of the internet knowing every lil detail of your relationship
  • But he does post a few pictures of you two here and there on his Instagram
  • His insta is mainly selfies, sneak peeks at lyrics/sons and pictures of the kitty but there are a few pictures with you
  • He gets creative about it most of the time, like it’ll be a picture of his new shoes but then your shoe will also be in frame or it’ll be a picture of your shadows
  • There are only a handful of pictures with your actual face in them and one of them is the day you two first got the kitty and it’s adorable for so many reasons, I mean there’s a bby kitten that can fit in Yoongi’s hand but also how happy you two look is pre ci ous
  • Like despite not being able to physically see you two together super often, everyone just knows how in love he is bc they can see the soft lil look in his eyes when he has a lyric that reminds him of you and they can see the photo frame with a picture of you and kitty cuddling and they hear all of the songs he writes for you and it’s just v v clear
  • So to be able to have confirmation of that in photo form is like !!!
  • There’s also this other picture of right after you two got engaged and it doesn’t have either of your faces in it technically bc it’s a picture of your hand in his but he does have his mouth in frame bc he’s kissing your hand, right next to the new ring
  • It’s got the simple caption of “guess I have to go buy a suit now”
  • Everyone just about loses their shit when they see it bc wow their smol bub is getting married but also he’s being cuTE
  • He goes on Twitter pretty often
  • He jokes around on there a lot and uploads lil snippets of music he’s working on and he just enjoys being able to see everyone’s reactions and actually talk to them one on one
  • “Min Yoongi how dare you release a song rn I’m in class”
  • “Idk man seemed like a good time to me”
  • He’d have such a sarcastic relationship with his viewers like he calls them his lil shits and they’re forever bickering about shit and it’s just so light hearted and fun and cute
  • He probably doesn’t even have a snapchat but he makes frequent appearances on yours
  • “And here we have a wild Min Yoongi in his natural habitat, not at movie night even though I told him like ten minutes ago, it was all set up”
  • “And here we have a wild Min Yoongi trying to take a nap”
  • “It’s 7 pm you can’t take a nap rn”
  • “Join me and watch how easily I do the impossible and take a nap rn”
  • Movie night just turns into cuddle night and lowkey nap night

whasting  asked:

everytime d&p post a new video i just visit your blog because i know there won't be cringy posts and i'm safe reblogging them without implying anything (aka, they're gay, bi etcetc)

i’m not sure about the cringey part considering my url is literally cringe-attacks but thank you that’s mainly what i aim at, i just wanna have a good time without being problematic ygm