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Ikea Run Headcannon -p. parker

october 2nd, 2017

prompt: going to ikea with peter - headcanons

word count: 900-ish? (short for me )): )

warnings: swearing for sure & fluff?? grumpy peter if that’s a thing??

a/n: this has probably already been done before but here’s my take on this prompt!! also this is college peter with college reader just an fyi, enjoy :) feedback is welcomed and much appreciated!! sorry if this isn’t the best, this is my first headcanon and it’s quite late at night when i’ve posted this oops

pairing: college!peter parker x reader


  • you were only going to ikea for one little insignificant item
  • (spoiler: it was a coffee table bc peter somehow destroyed the only other one you two had yiKES)
  • you figured you might as well drag bring peter along bc he was your platonic roommate, and he should have a say in what kind of coffee table you two had in your living room, right?
  • it wasn’t bc you had developed feelings for peter and wanted to spend some one-on-one time with him, right?
  • anyways, peter was being grumpy in the subway ride on the way to ikea since he had originally planned on having a lazy day indoors
  • he was so grumpy to the point where he refused to hold on to the handles to keep him upright
  • instead he would cross his arms across his chest with his hands in lil fists
  • every time the train would stop or start too harshly, peter would nearly fall on top of you
  • you would give him a lil glare but in secret you really loved it bc his eyes would go super wide and he’d immediately grasp onto you to make sure you were okay
  • peter wasn’t actually all that grumpy though after a while, he was just really deep in thought about how fuckin cute his roommate looked in his pullover that they didn’t think peter would notice had been stolen from his laundry
  • when you guys got off the subway, peter wasn’t acting grumpy anymore and he offered out his arm for you to hold onto so you wouldn’t get lost 
  • you gladly accepted :))))
  • finally y’all made it to ikea and it was sUpEr crowded so peter puts his hand over yours to keep you on his arm
  • you died before you could even say anything
  • you and peter started wandering the aisles of ikea
  • peter was enjoying himself a lot more than you originally thought
  • he would drag you by the hand into the bedroom and office sections and he would script out lil scenarios for you two to act out
  • “oh y/n look at this one!! i’ll be an old-fashioned mobster and you owe me money” he then sits in the giant swivel chair behind the huge wooden desk while you play along
  • *swivels around dramatically with his hands interlocked* “i told you already, i don’t let no stragglers off the hook so easily. where’s my money pal??”
  • “i don’t know man, i got bills up to my elbows to pay here! please, i got a family to take care of!”
  • these don’t last too long because peter either breaks out laughing or sees something else he wants to check out and drags the both of you towards it
  • what was originally only supposed to be a two hour trip at most ended up lasting for much longer than that
  • peter was having so much of a good time just exploring the store in all its glory
  • you couldn’t help but let your heart melt at the sight of peter so carefree and happy
  • he was for sure like a puppy, especially with those big brown eyes of his 
  • you two had ended up in the mattress section
  • both of you were laying on the same mattress together when a few horrible realizations hit you:
    • a) you two hadn’t picked out a coffee table yet 
    • b) you were falling more for peter
    • c) you two were completely fucking lost in ikea 
  • you had sat up immediately in panic so peter was like “whoa what’s wrong?”
  • you turned to peter with the most horrified expression on your face
  •  “i forgot the yarn peter”
  • peter is MORE than confused bc why would you need to bring yarn to ikea??
  • “peter, we’re gonna get lost and die!”
  •  “what?! no we’re not, why would you think that?”
  • “because ikea is a literal maze and we’re never gonna find a way out without the yarn that i forgot!!” 
  • peter’s face kinda drops from the sudden realization that ikea is, in fact, structured to be a maze 
  • he’s trying not to panic but his face says it all 
  • he’s trying to think of solutions in his head if they did end up getting lost inside ikea
  • his phone was nearly dead though
  • oh wait i can just ask karen inside the suit to help- 
  • he realized that he was dumb enough to leave the Spider suit at home
    • in his defense, he didn’t think they’d be spending almost all day at ikea
  • “we’ll be fine, let’s go get that coffee table now, yeah?”
  • you just nodded and peter offered his hand out since he saw how stressed you were over the littlest inconvenience
  • peter was about to get mind-fucked when he realized how important that ‘little inconvenience’ would actually be 

a/n: if you made it this far into the reading, than thank you! i wanna make a part 2 to this headcanon, so let me know what your thoughts are! 

Youtubers AU

For @carryon-countdown!!!!! In which Simon and Baz are both beauty you tubers who couldn’t be any more different

  • Baz is a beauty guru that is honestly slightly terrifying to watch. 
  • He always scowls at the camera like he just fucking knows you’re putting the eyeliner on wrong and his is so sharp it could cut someone.
  • He only uses the best of everything, and his looks are ridiculously editorial. Cranky and Cool is his #thing. He always ends up looking unreal, with dark green metallic lip and dark purple eyeshadow, flawless skin, sharp ass cheekbones he spends hours on with his Kat Von D Shade and Light palette
  • IRL he’s an economics student in London with a really posh flat, and he uses Excel to organize his entire fuckin life, like don’t even diss Excel in front of him
  • His filming area is Minimalist™, grey desk, grey walls, all his makeup and brushes organized by brand on the wall behind him. 
  • He doesn’t even do an intro, he just blinks at the camera impassively for a couple seconds before he just starts in with the tutorial. But it isn’t even really a tutorial because he just expects you to KNOW how to bake your undereye concealer. Like, I’m telling you, watching him is stressful and intimidating 
  • But he somehow has taken the beauty world by storm, and he has 3 million subscribers that he rarely interacts with except to critique their technique when they tweet him a pic of them recreating one of his looks: 
  • “Did you use lipliner? I can see some bleeding in the corner smh. Try better”
  • Then there’s Simon.

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❧ l.c | sick

Originally posted by tekukii

pairing; seventeen dino x reader

genre; fluff

synopsis; you’re sick and even after desperate attempts to make dino believe that you’re fine, he eventually finds out the truth, and comes over to take care of you.

word count; 1071 words

✧ a/n; repost bc i posted this really late in the night the other day and i think a lot of you missed itt heheh // weww first dino scenario! hope you guys enjoy this ,, kinda in a writing mood today so pretty happy with this hehe :p

Your phone vibrates irritatingly on your nightstand, and your droopy arm reaches out for it. When you see the caller ID, you smile and pick up.

“Evening!” Dino greets into the phone, and the corners of your lips naturally turn up slightly.

“Evening!” you greeted back chirpily, almost choking as you held back the cough that came up abruptly. You wrapped the covers tighter around your shivering body, even though your temperature was already confirmed to be on the opposite end of the thermometer, and held the phone close to your ear.

“How was your day?” you asked him, and Dino, being the excited child he was, started babbling about his day’s events to you, including a part where Mingyu sneezed really loudly while their manager was discussing about their performance. Dino was laughing at that recollection, and you took that moment to sniff once to pull back the snot which was almost flowing out of your nostrils. Disgusting. Big deal, that’s what happens to everyone when they get a cold with a raging fever.

Dino, however, was quick to pick up. His laughter stopped almost abruptly, and was replaced by his worried voice.

“Y/N?” he started, and your breath hitches.

“Yeah?” you respond, trying to make your voice not sound as thick as it actually was. “I was listening.”

“No, but…” he trails off, a frown forming on his originally excited face. “Are you sick?”

You let out a laugh. “Of course not!”

“Really? But I heard you—”

An unexpected cough burst from your lungs, and you didn’t have time to hold back this especially harsh one. You started coughing like crazy, and you quickly held the phone as far away as possible. Obviously, that was no use.

When your coughing died down, you guiltily held the phone back to your ear, already prepared for the string of questions Dino was going to throw at you.

“Oh my God, Y/N! You are sick! What’s wrong? Did you get a fever? Or a cold? Or—”

“Both of that, I guess?” you cut him off sheepishly. You could hear Dino’s long breath.

“I’ll be right over. Stay in bed, don’t move a muscle,” Dino says, and you try to stop him.

“No, Dino! I’m fine! You don’t have to—” you said, but the call cuts. You let out a heavy sigh.

Dino reaches your place in a quick fifteen minutes, and you guessed he took a cab. It usually took about thirty minutes for him to get here from his company building or dormitory.

You heard the door being unlocked hastily, and you sat up from your double-sized bed. A wave of nausea and dizziness hit you almost immediately, and you had to keep your head down to control the spinning.

Dino rushes into your room and immediately sets his things down on your table, going over to you.

“Hey Dino,” you greet weakly, knowing you don’t have to really put on a ‘I’m-totally-fine’ front anymore since you were well aware that you physically looked dead.

“Jesus Christ, how did you even talk to me so normally on the phone? You look like a ghost,” Dino said, wiping wet strands of hair that were stuck on your forehead aside.

“Lie down,” he said, gently helping you to lean back onto your pillows. “I’ll go get a towel.”

You nodded, smiling gratefully as he hurried to your bathroom, filling a small bucket with water before throwing a white, clean towel in it.

He brought the bucket over to your bedside, and set it down carefully on your nightstand where the dim lamp was turned on. You didn’t turn on the main room light since you had been trying to rest the whole day. Not that you got any sleep.

Dino sits down at the side of your bed, beside you, and wrings the towel dry before gently patting it on your forehead, occasionally on your neck. You quivered at the cold surface that came in contact with your skin.

“Shh,” Dino cooed, and your body and mind immediately calms down. “Just go to sleep, love. I’ll be here.”

Your eyes fluttered close slowly, but sleep didn’t come, and you couldn’t help the frown that made it’s way to your facial muscles. Your head was throbbing, your throat was horribly dry and the room was just spinning round and round.

You easily notice when Dino leaves the room, since the comforting, repeated patting of the soft material on your forehead stopped. You struggled to open your tired eyelids, and when you do, you see Dino coming back with a glass of water and a recognizable pill. You instantly gulp, feeling the soreness in your throat.

“Here,” he said, handing you the pill and glass, which you held with unsteady hands as you pulled yourself up. Dino doesn’t let go of the mug, and his other free hand finds your back as he helps you to sit up.

You dumped the bitter pill in your mouth and took careful sips of water from the mug, with your own hands guiding it to your lips while Dino supported its weight. You were horribly weak, you realized — even holding a mug steady in your own two hands wasn’t easy.

The friction the water and pill caused against the walls of your throat made you start coughing again, and Dino quickly starts to pat your back. He puts the mug away and you lie back down.

“Sorry,” you apologize to him. “That you have to come all the way here just because I’m like this.”

Dino knits his eyebrows together, shaking his head. “Why would you apologize for that? It’s not your fault that you’re sick! Besides, this is a good way for us to spend time together, right?” He ends the sentence with a bright smile, which literally radiates around you, and your lips end up forming a small smile too.

Dino drapes the damp cloth over your forehead, letting it sit there as he took your hand in his.

“Go to sleep now. I’ll stay here tonight, I already told the members about this,” Dino assures. Although you were still uncertain about letting him remain here, his warm hands against yours made you want him to stay.

He leans down and plants a kiss on your forehead.

You struggle look at him, eyelids getting heavier by the minute. “You’re gonna get sick too, Chan.”

He shrugs indifferently, shifting closer to you as both your hands rested on your tummy.

“I don’t mind. It’s you, anyway.” 

Idol Couple with Hoseok

So now it is time for our lovely, walking ball of fluff and/or sunshine, I think it’s a bit of both tbh bc the kid’s laugh could light up a town, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • Okay backstory time let’s go
  • He meets you at a music show
  • Your debut was a year after bts debuted
  • You know how when they’re announcing who won, all of the groups are on the stage together
  • That’s where you two meet
  • Your group just happens to be near his
  • He says it was fate but that’s hobi being cheesy and cute and it makes all of the boys groan whenever he says it
  • He starts dances along to the song playing and he seems to be having fun so you join in
  • He’s already a pretty big fan of your group so when he sees you dancing in the corner of his eyes, his heart does the thing
  • Once the show is over, he sneaks over to you backstage and is just like hey what’s up
  • You get a bit !!! bc whoa what me you wanna talk to me
  • He tries to be all flirty but also gets a bit shy just a bit
  • Bc what if you don’t like him what if you’re tired and just wanna go home and not talk to people rn is he bothering you oh no what if he’s annoying you uh oh abort mission
  • But thankfully you’re just as :D as he is so that all quickly melts away
  • Turns back into the aegyo king who makes you laugh a t o n
  • You two take off from there
  • Sneaking out late at night to meet at the park by your dorm for some ice cream or some hot cocoa/tea depending on the weather
  • Him letting you take all of the pictures of him you want
  • “You’re so cute that’s like the fifth picture you’ve taken of me you adorable lil teddy bear”
  • “You have a nice face what can I say”
  • He can make you laugh no matter what your mood is, where you are, what time it is 
  • But if it’s like really late and it’s at the point of night where everything is funny, he definitely gets a lot more laughter than usual, which is saying a lot bc he gets a lot of laughter out of you  
  • He of course understands when the moment’s appropriate for laughter and when it isn’t though
  • Like if he knows you need to have a serious talk or you need to just be held, he won’t try
  • But if he knows you just need a bit of cheering up, he’s not afraid to do what some people may think is embarrassing
  • Bc that’s one of the things I love about hobi, he doesn’t seem to care if people think he’s weird or if he does something that’s typically embarrassing, he just wants to have fun and make people happy
  • Hoseok is not a shy man
  • He has his moments just like any human but he’s typically super outgoing
  • I’m pretty sure there’s a legit compilation of him screaming if that isn’t fucking precious and hilarious, idk what is
  • But take that knowledge, add in the fact that his bby, his love, his cutie pie is in a successful group, he’s gonna be so !!
  • Buys literally piece of merch he can find
  • He will know e v e r y step to your choreography you can test him on it he’ll prove it
  • It turns into his new “touch my body”
  • No one really looks too far into it bc it’s just hobi being hobi in their eyes
  • Like hobi’s done a lot of dance covers in the middle of Bangtan bombs so when he does one for you, no one really thinks about it twice
  • Also on a more sentimental note, he does like leaving behind his favorite shirt for you and taking one of your sweatshirts with him on tour
  • It doesn’t even have to fit him, he mainly wants it so he can hold it tight against his chest while he sleeps
  • Plus it smells like you so it just overall is a nice lil reminder of what he gets to go home to
  • Also uses just about every pet name in the book
  • Babe, bby, sweetheart, love, cutie pie all of it
  • Bc he’s just so in love and wants you to feel all cute bc you are
  • He wouldn’t take horribly long to announce that you two are together
  • I’d say maybe around two years or so
  • He would make a log about his relationship
  • At first he doesn’t give any names so no one really knows it’s you but there have been suspicions ever since he was seen in the background of a Bangtan bomb with someone in the background that kinda looked like you
  • It was blurry and it was like a 0.5 second shot of your face but it was enough for your fans to actually notice
  • But they all forget about it until they release the log of him talking about his relationship, about how he was in love and even though it was difficult sometimes, it was always worth it when he saw you smile at him
  • He confirms it's you with a cute lil pic of you two right before a show
  • “My love came to support me !!!”
  • Two seconds later, he posts another one bc he thought you just looked adorable in it 

Etsy Exy 

This is probs the silliest thing ive ever come up with but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  •  so basically when I first started reading the foxhole court i kept saying ‘etsy’ in my head when I saw the word 'exy' 
  • so me being a nerd thought: what if the team started an etsy shop???
  • like say Allison was completely broke and Matt too and they’re all just a bunch of struggling college kids and they have no time to get actual jobs between school and exy practice so they decide to open an etsy shop to make some extra cash??
  • it probs starts w the girls making like necklaces and bracelets or something like renee’s really good at making those braided bracelets bc she used to make them w her church youth group all the time
  • and allison is really good with beads and stuff
  • and then dan surprises them all w her secret embroidery talent and she starts making cute little things (with foxes designs!!) 
  • then matt gets dragged into it by dan and he’s like…I CAN BUILD THINGS!! WITH WOOD!! such a guy lmao so he starts making like wooden sculptures of animals (FOXES!!! its their theme) and like idk bird houses????
  • he asks neil if he’s got any secret crafting talents and neil is like “…uhh…no…” but he brings up the etsy shop thing to andrew’s gang later and nicky like DIES. HE SOOO WANTS IN!!!
  • “I CAN SEW!!!!” he proclaims, barging into the girls’ room and so he ends up joining dan and they start altering clothes and embroidering things and making cool patches and stuff 
  • meanwhile aaron’s like disappeared into his room and they don’t see him for hours until he returns later that night with all these cool sketches and things and they’re all like :O 
  • “YOU CAN DRAW???????” and he like scratches the back of his head all shy like “um. yeah…but they’re not like…they’re not that great so idk if you’d want them but…” 
  • dan shuts him up real quick and puts him to work sketching out designs for clothes and logos for their stuff and cool prints to sell 
  • i can also see renee being a really good painter so maybe she and aaron collaborate on some art stuff too 
  • kevin??? is actually a really good photographer???? he probs takes a lot of sports related pictures…he turns exy into art…like dramatic shots of racquets and people in motion. he probs captures like really beautiful shots of the foxes on the court…dan in her element making a speech before a game…nicky cracking a wide grin after they’ve won…neil a blur in motion racing towards the goal…andrew actually enjoying himself 
  • so the whole gang (minus andrew and neil) get so into this etsy thing and like they start becoming pretty popular esp with fox fans bc like 90% of their stuff is basically homemade fox merch 
  • the girls have turned their dorm into a workshop/office
  • its like a month into this whole etsy thing that andrew walks in and drops this little knitted fox plushie onto the girls’ desk and they’re like????
  • and he’s like “do you want me to make more or not?” 
  • and they’re like….stunned into silence like none of them can even form words so they all just nod silently and andrew just points across the room to neil like “you. come with me.” 
  • neil gets up and follows him out still in shock and they go out into the parking lot and get in andrews car and drive all the way to the craft store and neil follows andrew inside and andrew hands him a basket and stalks ahead of him to the back of the store like he knows exactly where to go and what he’s looking for 
  • and neil just jogs after him and then andrew starts grabbing all the orange and white yarn he can carry and shoves it all into the basket and walks away and neither of them have said anything yet 
  • on the way to the register he blindly grabs a pair of knitting needles and then they check out and finally finally when they’re in the car again neil just turns to him like “what the fuuck andrew???” 
  • andrew just looks at him like “what” 
  • andrew shrugs. “you never asked did you?” 
  • andrew just shrugs again and then neil asks him when, how, why??? 
  • “i learned in juvie” andrew says. “ they had all sorts of dumb hobby classes there. it was supposed to be like, a good way to calm people down. therapeutic.” 
  • neil nods and then they drive back to fox tower and andrew gets to work and neil just sits and watches him all quiet as he works the needles rhythmically and he’s just so fascinated and finally andrew looks up and gestures for neil to come over and he gets out the other set of needles he bought and hands them to neil. 
  • “watch,” he says and then he starts casting the yarn onto the new needles and he slowly shows him how to make basic stitches and neil’s leaning in super close so he can see properly and like they’re shoulders and pressed together and then andrew hands neil the needles “your turn” he says and he guides!!!! neils!!!!!! hands!!!!! and helps him stitch
  • and its like the softest, grossest, most romantic thing ever
  • and neil’s a fast learner so he gets the hang of it pretty quick and they spend the rest of the night lying side by side in bed knitting 
  • and andrew make another little fox and neil makes a horrific bright orange scarf that’s super wonky and full of holes and andrew tells him “you suck at this” but there’s a smile in his eyes and neil can see it and he can’t help grin at him and they kiss and its like..just too picturing such teeth rotting sweetness like. andrew telling him he sucks and neil kissing him and saying “you’d wear my scarf tho right?” and he’s grinning against andrew’s lips
  • and andrews like “pftttt no. i wouldn’t be caught dead in that thing.” and then he pushes neil down onto the mattress and kisses him some more and neil’s like “you love my hideous scarf” 
  • “um. no. i hate it. 100%. the worst thing i’ve ever seen. after you of course” and neil’s like “i believe you 0%” and they kiss some more and andrew probs gives neil his little knit fox but like of course he makes it all ~casual~ like nbd “here take this…your scarf is so awful you should have a prize” “rewarding me for my failure??” “no. that’s not–just take the damn fox.” neil takes it and probs falls asleep holding it wow what a lovesick nerd 
  • then the next day its like super cold out and theyre late for exy practice and neil’s the last one out and when he slides into the car he just freezes bc andrew has this bright orange monstrosity wrapped around his neck and andrew just stares at him like “seatbelt neil we don’t have all day. kevin here’s already got his panties in a twist bc we’re LATE.” 
  • later in the locker room when they’re all getting changed neil whispers “you like my scarf” all smug. “no, i hate it and i only wore it bc i hoped it would choke me so i’d never have to see this hideous thing again” 
  • “you like it.” 
  • andrew ends up wearing it all winter and they continue to knit and andrew keeps teaching neil stuff and eventually neil knits a perfect scarf but andrew still wears the horrible first one he made and the gang’s etsy shop is a HIT and they’re all just really really happy and cute making their arts and crafts!!! 
Alright m8s I'm gonna have to clear some shit up

So if you’ve seen that shit storm going on last night, that’s what this is for. 

Listen: NorIce is incest AND pedophilia 

I shouldn’t even have to explain the incest part, but it’s pedophilia bc Iceland is in cannon 16-17 years old. Norway is always thought to be somewhere in his twenties and MANY people consider him to he in his 20s anyways. And if you’re going to go by the “oh but the actual countries are 1000+ years old so they’re not minors” bullshit excuse, then cool cool cool I guess I can ship Sealand with fucking Germany or something. No I can’t bc Sealand is 12. He’s fucking 12. And no you can’t “age up” the characters. That’s like a 30 year old looking at an 8 year old and going “oh man I’m gonna fuck you when you turn 18” yeah that’s fucked up, isn’t it? 

“What if I want Norway to be 18 or something?” Okay sure. Headcanon what you want I guess, but keep in mind that Norway sees Iceland as a little kid. Not like he’s physically 8 or anything, of course not, but he sees Iceland as a child which is shown by how he cares for his little bro so much and even treats him like a child. So would Norway view him with his brother pedophilia? He probably fucking would. 

Putting this undercut bc the post is getting long 

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so i always seem to think of pynch headcanons when i’m listening to blue neighborhood (bc emo gay lyrics) 

so i was listening to ‘for him.’ and the part that says “pizza boy im speeding for ya we can get married tonight if you really wanna” made me think pizza boy!adam AU 

  • its another one of his shitty jobs right. probs works at ninos w blue omg omg ok 
  • so like he always has to deliver pizzas to aglionby boys. and like he feels super shitty and self conscious about it bc like they’re so rich. and he goes to their school. and he’s their fucking delivery boy. and then like they see him at school and they’re like– wait…that’s the pizza guy and they all laugh
  • also he hates when they give him tips bc they always give too much, like they can just throw their cash around like its nothing. but he also can’t complain bc he does really need the tips. 
  • him and blue probs bond over their hate for aglionby boys even tho he’s like. technically one. but blue’s like ‘nah ur chill’ 
  • so then one night he gets an order to be delivered at monmouth manufacturing. and he’s like wtf at first (blue: isn’t that the old factory warehouse?? someone lives there???) 
  • and then he remembers. that gansey kid lives there. oh fuck. another aglionby boy delivery. and gansey man. he’s like the epitome of aglionby boy right??? 
  • so he goes over there all grumpy and displeased. knocks on the door but no answer. he opens it and realizes he has to go up to the second floor. 
  • he knocks on that door and he’s just like. waiting for five mins. and he just wants to get this over with. 
  • more knocking knocking knocking. he hears a door open from inside and then the obnoxious sound of screeching music. 
  • then finally the door is opening and— 
  • its not that gansey kid…its…that guy from his latin class. ronan lynch. fuck. 
  • ronan is just standing there, probs like shirtless, in nothing but sweatpants. adam is just like. sTARING. 
  • internally ronan is screaming bc WTF Adam Parrish?! as if he was not just writing some cheesy poem about him in his room waiting for the pizza. (and possibly doing some sinful things thinking about him too) he looks up at the heavens like thank u god but also fuck u bc Parrish looks fucking HOT rn what am i supposed to do w this??
  • so he’s just like ‘pick ur jaw up off the floor u look like a loser’ and adam just startles and then scowls and hands over the pizza. and ronans internally like shit why did i say that ur beautiful ur beautiful. beautiful loser.
  • adam’s like expecting more hostility from ronan bc…its ronan lynch. everyone knows what he’s like. but ronan is oddly quiet. and he just goes back into the room and he sees him pull out some money from a wallet on the coffee table that adam suspects does Not belong to ronan. 
  • he gives him a 20 dollar tip for an 11 dollar pizza and adam like. doesn’t even care. 
  • so then after that like. it becomes a Thing. ronan figures out adam’s schedule like a Lovesick Loser Nerd and only orders pizzas when he knows he’s delivering. 
  • blue always answers the phones and after awhile she starts recognizing his number and she calls over to adam ‘ur raven boy’s calling’ and he’s like ‘shut up!’ but he’s blushing so hard. 
  • and every time they slowly start getting more and more friendly w each other and ronan is like Dying bc adam looks so fucking hot in his tight Nino’s shirt ok it’s like a size too small bc he accidentally shrunk it in the dryer once and it says “Nino’s Pizza” inside a circle that supposed to be a pizza (i put way too much thought into these things…i work at a pizzeria ok) 
  • so anyways ronan is like interally Screaming every night adam shows up on his doorstep and he always wants to invite him in and press him up against a wall and make out with him so hard like fUCK. 
  • so then one night ronan finally gathers up the courage to invite him in and he’s like. ‘u know. my roommate’s not home. and the other one is a ghost who doesn’t eat (adams like wtf at that) and this is a lot of pizza…even for me…i mean. do u want a slice?’ WHAT A LOSER NERD WHAT THE HELL
  • BUT IT WORKS. and i mean. adam’s been working all day. hasn’t had time to eat anything. so in response his stomach growls like super loud and ronan’s like ‘i’ll take that as a yes’ 
  • and adam follows ronan to the couch and he gets a slice. ronan turns on the tv…adam’s like…i really should go tho like. i’m sure you have stuff going on…and i have to get back…but ronan’s like ‘sit down parrish’ 
  • so adam sits. and he’s like ‘u know my name???’ and ronan’s like ‘duuuh i sit behind you in latin’ (and i’ve written 10 thousand poems about ur dumb gorgeous hands and face and everything!!!) 
  • so then they eat more pizza. and watch shitty tv. and they keep getting closer and closer on the sofa. and they keep glancing at each other and looking away too fast. eyelashes fluttering. until finally!!! they look at each other at the same time and its like ‘oh’ and they do like that nervous laugh thing and try to look away but they can’t. 
  • and then they’re just like leaning forward, all slow, and the moment is so quiet and they’re both like fuck it. who cares. and their lips touch. slow at first, testing. and they’re both like thinking OH FUCK but also OH YES and they want this so much so then they just go for it, desperate, hungry for each other. 
  • and after adam returns to ninos hair all mussed up, lips bruised, hickey’s everywhere and blue’s like “i’m happy u finally got w ur raven boy but that was horrible for business do u know how many pizza’s i had to refund when u never showed up to deliver????” and adam just drops a wad of cash on the counter and he’s like ‘from ronan’ and he’s so blissed out he’s smiling so big like wow he really just made out w ronan lynch and they have latin tomorrow wow he gets to see his face again in a few hours 
  • and blue just laughing and shaking her head all fond bc dumb kids in love and she wonders if she’ll ever look like that about someone and then the door open and ‘oh what’s this who’s coming in so late we’re about to close…’ 
  • “hey sorry, are you still open?” says the customer *adam is unresponsive lost in thought about ronan* Blue: “barely. what can i get you?” and she looks up and..ugh its a raven boy. who is this loser wearing a salmon colored polo shirt and bOAT SHOES?? *thIS could be the stART of something nEW* ;)