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“drarry is cano—”

“harry and ginny should get a div—”

“i hate ginny we—”

“snape was just misunderst—”

“snape loved lily so mu—”

“au where snape adopts h—”

“i love gay ships im so sinf—”


Hey!! Reshis seen this before!
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Okay this isn’t a redraw really. I had that first drawing done weeks ago because I was working on drawing scenes from, @wonderfulchaos69‘s fan fic for our collaboration au, Sakuya on ice~ and there was a part where they were practicing the tango. i had to look at so many refs 


EDIT: More drawings for our collab au here~! Thank you! 


“Are you kidding me? No. Even if somebody out here did like me, they would never admit it.”

[caption: three black and white gifs of philip from eyewitness. he’s sitting on the railing of the porch and starts to laugh as he replies to helen’s question on if he has a boyfriend.]


@ishida can u give him a break???? its his birthday ffs


1:15 in. People keep asking where I got the “A ROUNDABOUT” sound clip from in the Doogal Review

Howard Cneal was this old shit posting lets player from 2008 who disappeared. He’s kinda like an early Cr1tical.

Too Close.

The pull from the numb, cold world of death has crept up on him slowly, this time.

The tips of his fingers tingled.  He tries to deny it – it was just death’s grip on him strengthening.  Yes, that was all this was.  It has to be.  He searches for Nathan, for Jett, for anyone and…he can’t find anyone.  It’s as if the town as empty.  No one is there.

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Care for a dance?

A little drabble I thought of for Valentine’s day. 

Summary: Newt consoles you after a long day.

Warnings: None, just fluff and stuff :)

Ship: Newt x Reader

Author: @xfandomqueenblrx

This isn’t the best but I kind of like it and it’s kinda cute, so, yeah.

Also this is the first story/drabble thing I’ve ever really posted so if you guys like it please let me know!


Today was a bad day. Even if it was Valentine’s day and you were trying to stay optimistic, everything just seemed to fall apart. When you arrived at work (Jacob’s bakery) there were already many people waiting for their orders. As the day dragged on, more people piled through the doors, buying cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries to celebrate Valentine’s day. With so many customers waiting for such a long time, people started to get frustrated, leaving you and the other employees stressed. 

“Y/N, could you please take care of any customers at the front desk!” Jacob yelled from the back of the bakery.

“Of course!” You stopped kneading dough and started on your way to the front desk. Sighing, you looked at the clock, seeing that it was 6:00. Almost the end of the day. Soon enough you can sleep all your stress away. 

When you stopped behind the front desk, you look at the woman in front of you. She had a deep frown set on her face and her hair was frizzy, almost as if she ran her hands through it in anger. 

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting here? Good god, I just need a few cupcakes, yet you can’t even offer me that in a reasonable time!” Once the lady opened her mouth, all that came out were complaints. You would’ve understood why she was so mad, if she hadn’t’ve approached you with such hostility. Surely she must understand that there were other people that have been waiting longer and must be served first!

You looked down for a second, gathering the last bit of energy you had from such a tiring day. Once you felt a little more confident, you brought your head back up and looked at the distressed woman.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but there are other people who came here first that we must serve. If you could just wait for a little-”

“Wait?! I’ve been standing here for ten minutes and there’s barely been any updates on my order! Ugh, how much longer?”

Suddenly, you were pushed to the side by one of your co-workers. Josh. He was a new kid hired at the bakery, just a little younger than you by a year. You two hadn’t talked much, but from what you gathered from past occurrences, he had a very short temper.

Josh gave you a glare and looked back at the frazzled woman in front of the counter. 

“I’m so sorry you’ve been waiting for so long. Some of the staff holds us up from being so slow.” 

God, what a kiss ass.

Little did you know, Jacob was watching from a few feet away. There were only several other customers that needed to be served, and he knew that you were running all around the bakery for the whole day, working much harder than Josh.

You slowly turned away from the counter, a little shocked and angry at what happened. You made your way back to the dough you had been kneading before, only to be stopped by Jacob.

“Look kiddo, I know today has been busy and I know you’ve been working hard. Take the rest of the day off, go home, spend time with your hubby, alright?”

“Really Jacob? Are you sure you can handle the rest of the customers?”

“Yea, yea, now go!”

You smiled and gave Jacob a big hug before grabbing all of your stuff and running out the back door. You were excited to go back home and rest with your boyfriend, Newt.

Once you arrived at the apartment you shared with Newt, you opened the door, took off your shoes and coat, and walked over to the couch. Time for a long awaited nap.

“How was your day darling?” 

Startled, you sat up from your spot on the couch and looked at Newt. He was leaning on the doorpost leading to the bedroom. He started towards you and sat down next to you, making himself comfortable.

You sighed and glanced at him before laying back down and settling your feet onto his lap. 

“Today could’ve been better. There were so many customers waiting for their orders and it was difficult to serve everyone….” You continued to tell Newt what happened with Josh.

“I’m sorry that happened, love. I think I know what will help.” Newt stood up from his spot and turned on the record player, allowing soft jazz to resonate throughout the room. He walked back to you and held out his hand, a soft smile planted on his face.

“Care for a dance?” 

You stood up and took his calloused hand into yours. He pulled you in to his embrace, allowing his warmth to consume you. You rested your head on his chest, slowly letting go of all your pent up frustration and stress from the day. 

Newt swayed the two of you back and forth with the song, bringing his head down to your ear and whispering comforting words to help you feel better. 

You looked up from his chest to come face to face with all of his adorable freckles. He smiled down at you and placed his hand under your chin, bringing your face up for a delicate kiss.

You slowly broke apart and smiled at each other.

“Happy Valentine’s day, love.”


Whad’ya think? Kinda early for Valentine’s day but I might post something different on the 14th if you guys like this.

appreciation post for weird stuff in the early ND games we all just kinda ignored at the time but that we really should talk about more:

–casually racist cab driver accents

–2d animated characters in a 3d environment

–”a HOT YOUNG team of archaeologists”

–those terrible maze games

–a speakeasy as a major plot point in a rated E game

–ominous poems before deciding if you want to make it day or night

–Nancy’s radiator fetish

The dwarves’ physical state in the Halls of the Maker corresponding to their mental state though- 

  • It takes decades for Thorin’s wounds to heal and they break open at the most unexpected moments. The worst was when he saw Kíli in the Halls for the first time. He is never fully whole again, although it does a lot for him to finally receive his sister’s forgiveness. The moment the last of his wounds, the one on his forehead, is completely gone is the moment when Dwalin, the last of the Company to die, finally joins them and feigns a punch in his face and then hugs him so hard he thinks his bones will break. (It is then that Balin’s wounds finally heal too, he who had sat in the Halls for hours with Thorin, talking about how they had both let go of their lives when there would have been so much more to live for)
  • Thrór’s throat kept bleeding for so long that he took to wearing clothes with high collars in the Halls. It takes his family a long time to bring him back to where he was - and only when both Thráin and his three grandchildren arrive and tell him just how much he meant to them despite everything that had happened does he dare to wear more open clothes again.
  • Everybody thinks Fíli is okay. He puts on a brave face, spends a lot of time with his brother, his family and tries to comfort his uncle. Nobody sees when he withdraws to his chambers from time to time, hand coming away bloody when he presses it to his chest under the clothes because he still thinks he failed them all. It is Frerin who finally picks up on it first (apart from Kíli of course, but Kíli knows everything anyway) and takes him aside for a talk, a small patch of blood blossoming on his own chest where the arrow had hit home so long ago for a moment.
  • Kíli always laughs, looks unharmed and brightens everyone’s mood. He is everywhere at once, meets family members from all branches long dead that he is never known - he seems as alive in death as he ever was. Only sometimes, when he looks at his brother and his uncle, who shouldn’t be here, who he thinks he should have protected because he is the spare, it should have been him who died, not them- he flinches slightly, hand rubbing over his chest where Bolg’s weapon had found its mark.
  • Dáin has tumbled in the Halls with a curse on his lips, but his wounds that still oozed blood for hours after he has woken up - he left them alone in the midst of battle, selfishly withdrew and died when nothing was safe yet - close up quickly when he hears a quiet grunt and a giant boar throws him to the ground, rubbing his enormous face on his clothes and he sees the smiling faces of those who await him.
  • Dís follows him not long after, fallen, too, defending the mountain her kin died for. She lightly punches Thorin only moments after Dáin did and her brother carries a brighter smile than he has worn in decades when she’s finally there. Her wounds had closed the moment she had woken up - she knows she has given everything she had for the mountain and her people and could go in peace, to finally be reunited with her family and friends again.

Season’s Greetings!



Happy 35th Birthday Christopher Robert Evans! (June 13th,1981)

“If your goal is to be the biggest movie star in the world, a 10-movie contract is gold. It was never my goal. Up until now, I made movies - and I have a nice house, a nice car. I’m fortunate, happy and grateful. Life is good.”