posting this just in case you don't get the references he's forced to say

Call-out for tumblr user broodyfenris and ccrutherford (formerly deshmund) on account of transphobia/misgendering/nb erasure.

Tumblr user broodyfenris (otherwise known as ranyamasaki, vaelsome and potentially more roleplay accounts) is transphobic. While being transgender himself, he believes transgender people’s pronouns are a right to be earned and dependant on how they look. A trans man who will wear a dress is not a man to him, a DFAB non-binary person who doesn’t want to be called by female pronouns is still a ‘queen’, a 'bitch’, a 'woman’ and should be referred to with 'she’ pronouns because of their genitalia.

His friend, deshmund, now ccrutherford, agrees with this sentiment, going as far as to publicly call the same person a 'girl’, backing herself as a cis woman that isn’t transphobic by saying that 'she has transgender friends’, despite considering pronouns a privilege depending on how nice you are to her.

They have has since screened off their Twitter account to be fully capable of misgendering said non-binary person (ergo me) without it being publicized. Screencaps come from prior to this screening.

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the question was asking specifically what they look for in a girl/lady, so when Liam says female it's kind of like 'well duh thanks for the non-answer answer'. Obviously you can be biologically male but identify as female and vice versa, but it doesn't seem like that's what Liam had in mind. My point is that what Liam said was redundant and I feel like Harry's response of "not that important" was him being sarcastic in response to that redundancy. If the question had been gender neutral (cont)

then I could see what people use it as proof that Harry is bi. More than anything I think what bothers me is people just like assigning him with a sexuality and saying that he basically came out. Coming out is a very personal thing and I guess I feel people being are being intrusive in a way? Idk if my dislike for how people are responding to this/using this as proof is affecting how I’m interpreting the whole thing in the first place, so I just wanted to get your thoughts. Thanks!

I would say a possible explanation is that Liam was giving a non-answer and Harry was reacting to that, but when you look at the context, that possibility isn’t even a tenth as likely as Liam purposefully setting Harry up to make a telling remark about his sexual orientation.

First I’ll say that “Not that important” doesn’t count as a hard coming out.  I would say it may have been part of an attempt to come out, but that seems to have gotten shut down/delayed.

While I don’t think it counts as coming out, when you say coming out is personal and that assuming his statement is about his sexuality is intrusive, I can’t completely agree with that. People speculate about who’s dating who all the time.  That’s an assumption about their sexual orientation and about their dating preferences already.  Maybe that isn’t okay either, but it’s generally accepted as fine and people don’t tend to protest it much.

The only reasons speculating about non-straight orientation might feel different are 1) if you view not being straight as a bad thing, 2) if you’re worried about bringing down discrimination on someone who would prefer to stay private about their sexual orientation.

You don’t want to force someone to come out if they don’t feel comfortable about it, but after August 2014, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Harry was trying to make it obvious.



Not to mention the other stuff that happened during that promo round.








If a guy is going out of his way to talk about how men are steamy and you shouldn’t knock having a relationship with one until you try it, if he’s posting lyrics from a song that says “I can’t think straight, I’m so gay” on the same day he posts “Love everybody”, then I think it’s a reasonable conclusion to say he wants you to at least question if he’s completely straight.

How you interpret the “Not that important” remark depends on the context and how you view the boys.  

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Hiya! I'm a Hellenic Polytheist but I'm pretty much on the fringes of the community so I've been getting little snippets of the "Kemetics hate their gods" BS. While I think certain people are sticking their noses where they don't belong, the attitude towards the Kemetic Gods kind of baffles me? Do you mind explaining it to me, or directing me to a post/info-thingy so I might understand it better? Sorry if I'm being disrepectful/rude!

No worries, it’s not rude to ask questions if you’re genuinely curious :>

I’m not sure what exactly about our behaviour is baffling, so if you want to send me another ask to clarify that (if I don’t address it in this response), feel free to and I can expand upon that point specifically. I am not entirely well versed in Hellenic practices, so it doesn’t give me the best point of reference to see why it might be confusing.

So that being said, here’s a primer on how the whole god thing works in our pantheon.

FIrst off, it’s important to emphasize that there isn’t a unified Kemetic way of building relationships with the gods. There are some things that I do that other Kemetics would never do, and vice versa. Some Kemetics are incredibly formal and proper with their gods. Some Kemetics are not. Our community and it’s methods with the gods truly runs the gamut, and all of these methods are completely valid.

This is probably because the relationships in antiquity ran the gamut, too. On one level you’ve got the more formal writings about the gods, which are all about praising the gods, telling them how awesome they are, and more or less fluffing their feathers.

But on the flip side, you’ve got other texts and heka (magic, basically) pieces that show humans threatening the gods, claiming to be a god during certain rites, getting mad at them, etc.

And you’ve got stuff in between that that is all very lovey dovey and “I think the NTRW are awesome”, or other stuff that is like “why do you hate me gods, here are some offerings please stop making my life shit”.

It literally runs the full breadth of emotions and possibilities.

Furthermore, our religion doesn’t have a concept of hubris in it. Some may say that this is covered by ma’at, but it’s not explicitly so (ma’at is the core tenet of our faith, which is often defined as justice, truth, or more commonly by practitioners- balance). So there is nothing saying that you can’t threaten gods (as was done in antiquity), or get mad at them, etc. The only risk you run is that the gods will get mad at you and smite you. It’s a case of “get mad and threaten at your own risk”, which is pretty fair, imo.

For a more modern context, I think that most Kemetics treat the NTRW like family. Ofc, like I said above, there isn’t a unified way of viewing the gods, but I think that family is the most common. And just like with your human family, you can love them to bits and pieces, while still wanting to punch them from time to time. I think in many ways, the NTRW are very humanistic towards us, and so we often engage with them on a similar level as we would other humans. There isn’t a huge “thing” from our pantheon to enforce how small or insignificant humans are to the gods. If anything, the gods seem to push us to better ourselves (it’s part of ma’at), and treat us more like kids or siblings, etc. than anything else.

Perhaps other pantheons are more distant, or maybe other gods really like to emphasize that humans are tiny in comparison, but our gods don’t act like that on the by and large. Our gods seem to be more interested in finding common ground and supporting one another than anything else, which brings me back to that family metaphor above. And just like with family, sometimes it seems like everyone is at each other’s throats, or that the siblings must hate one another because they keep pulling each other’s hair or making horribad jokes at one another. But when push comes to shove, everyone comes together because deep down there is love between everyone even if it isn’t blatantly apparent.

I’m not sure if this helps at all? I know that a lot of people think our practices look weird, or childish, or “not serious enough”, but just because it might look that way to the passer by doesn’t mean that that’s the core of the experience. In many ways, Kemetics are very passionate about their gods, and that’s probably why so many of us are so riled up that the NTRW aren’t really fulfilling the duties that they’re supposed to (basing this off of two things: sources from antiquity, because the gods were supposed to do certain things as part of their job/role as gods, and second thing being: contracts. if you sign a contract, you’re supposed to uphold it. If a human can’t weasel out of the contract without repercussions, a god shouldn’t be able to, either).

While it may not seem so on the surface, I am passionate about helping our community, and helping the gods. Yeah, that means that I want to “force” them to fix their shit (pulling this because it’s what solo cited) in the same way that the gods forced me to fix mine. I want everyone to prosper, gods included. ANd we can’t do that if they’re not improving themselves and adapting to the modern times, too. I feel partially to blame, given that I helped to form the influx of devotees and new adherents which may have caused some of the issues that are playing out on the NTRW’s end, and I want to help as much as possible.

But at the same time, it’s really hard to ignore that my god couldn’t uphold his end of our contract. And it’s been really frustrating being caught in limbo because he seriously doesn’t have the resources to do anything. It’s not about being billy badass and showing the gods what’s what. It’s more like being caught in bad circumstances, and having very strong emotions about everything that’s going on. And it’s really frustrating to be talking with other members of your community, trying to hammer our ideas, and having it all derailed by people who don’t know our practices, and who seem intent on misrepresenting to us for reasons I don’t really understand.

So, uh, yeah. Have a novel, I guess? Hopefully it helps a little bit?