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Some thoughts into YouTube...

I’ve posted about my interest in YouTube before, but I thought I’d give a little update.

I have a vlogging camera, I have a ring light (okay it’s my makeup mirror), I most of all I have the desire to start recording.

I have absolutely everything I need to start….I just can’t get myself there.

I still have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I don’t know what I want to talk about or what I want to do. Besides this, I’m having the whole issue of its awkward talking to a camera and especially awkward in public

I could just record what I do in the day but I’m horribly ordinary and boring.

I could come up with topics I want to talk about such as my weight loss, having trichotilomania, my goal of a healthy sustainable lifestyle and working to achieve it…but what throws me off is that I feel like I have to be tied to a single main type of content while I’m just starting off and gaining a following.

I’m not sure how often I should, or could, post a video. There are just so many factors of this that cause me to be timid to starting such a big project. 

swagsuke-kun  asked:

Chook! Did you see on the Narucole app they said the note to Sakura was supposed to be a happy birthday message? I'm dying. I love it. The post is floating around here somewhere but it explains it a little in Japanese (although idk who writes for the app or how "canon" it is).

I’m honestly laughing so hard over what I’m guessing is a somewhat reliable source believing the ‘congrats’ was for sakus bday because that implies:

A) sasuke somehow had no clue whatsoever that nards was getting married/didn’t care in the least it was happening

B) he was awkward enough that ‘happy birthday’ sounded too forward so he went with ‘congrats’

I see a lot of posts encouraging babies to be these super sexy seductresses.

You don’t have to.

Just be yourself (or whatever persona you’ve created). Personally, I can’t do super sexy and seductive. It feels weird and the men can tell. In my vanilla life I am loud and my voice is high pitched. I talk too much and I’m a little awkward. This is how I am with my POT (toned down a little, obviously. I go for a soft, quieter voice, but still ramble. I’m still awkward but I make a joke out of it and say things like, “sorry. I get a little awkward when I’m nervous around such a handsome man!). And you know what? They eat that shit up. They love that I’m this bumbling, bubbly, innocent young woman. That works for me.

Being sexy and seductive works for some women. Everyone is different and everyone has different preferences. My biggest tip is do not try to be someone you absolutely are not. It will be super obvious and you won’t have a good time.

headcanon where everything’s fine after infinity wars. there’s still some awkwardness, but the avengers are back to being okay with each other. steve is trying his best to win tony back, and tony, being the little adorable shit that he is, loves to play hard to get, because, hey, steve kind of deserves it, okay? steve tries everything. e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. he’s so desperate that at some point he even tries some stupid crap lines like,

steve: if i were a cat i’d choose to spend all my 9 lives with you, tony

tony, casually sipping coffee: i prefer dogs

Almost, but not quite there yet AU

-post reveal, pre confession.
-Thomas Dupain is very, very tall.
-Marinette may or may not have inherited his height later in life
-one summer growth spurt, has her taller than Chat Noir
-during an interview, a reporter hints that chat and ladybug might be together.
-ladybug quickly spews out a comment about liking guys taller than her.
-Because Adrien has the idea that girls like guys taller than them, he tells himself he’ll confess once he surpasses Marinette’s height
-Marinette feels awkward, a little gangly as she’s a few inches taller than Adrien
-desperate to find any excuse to delay a confession, she tells herself she’ll confess when they both graduate
-a year goes by. Adrien catches up in height.
-he calls out his lady to meet after graduation
-he’s looking into her eyes, just about to confess when he notices that he’s still not quite there
-he gives an awkward laugh
-“Sorry Ladybug, you just had something in your hair.”
-“Oh…” she seems really upset
-and he thinks that’s all to the conversation
-but ladybug gathers her courage into a little ball and hurls it with all her might
-“I love you, Adrien Agreste.”

Alternative ending to my Rivals AU where Vicchan doesn’t die, and Viktor still gets gold, but Yuuri gets silver.

Later, they’re at the banquet and Yuuri is standing off to the side with a glass of champagne because he’s a socially awkward little shit who really just wants to be up in his hotel room, sleeping instead of being forced to socialize.

Viktor, who needs a moment to himself, goes over to get himself a drink, and stands there making painfully awkward small talk with Yuuri.

After congratulating each other on their medals,  and standing in awkward silence, trying to think of something else to say, they eventually somehow get on the topic of dogs.

And Yuuri, who has a few glasses of alcohol in him by now, isn’t quite drunk yet but is just tipsy enough that he forgets his hero worship of Viktor for a moment and is able to gush with him about how adorable Makkachin is, and even shows him a few pics of Vicchan, whom Viktor completely falls in love with.

Fast forward about an hour, and they’re still talking amicably to each other, as if they’re old friends.

During a lull in the conversation, Viktor mentions to Yuuri in a curious voice that, “You’re being unusually friendly today.”

And Yuuri, whose mind is a bit fuzzy from the alcohol, doesn’t understand him immediately. He tilts his head in confusion.

“Don’t you usually hate me with a burning passion?” Viktor elaborates, and he doesn’t sound antagonistic or anything. Just curious and maybe a little hurt.

Yuuri blinks a few times, trying to process this.

“Well…aren’t you the same?” he asks.

“Not really,” Viktor tells him, smiling almost shyly. “In fact, I admire you quite a bit. But you always seem so upset at me so…”

He trails off, and watches curiously as Yuuri’s face gets more and more red.

“Oh my god this is so embarrassing,” he moans, burying his face in his hands. 

“What is?” asks Viktor, now extremely curious.

Yuuri is quiet for a moment. But he finally has a chance to clear things up with his childhood idol, and while it maybe horrendously embarrassing, he thinks it’ll be worth it if it means he and Viktor can talk amicably like this more often.

“I need glasses to see,” he states quietly, voice still muffled by his hands, which are hiding his mortified expression.

Viktor is still horribly confused. “Okay…?” he asks.

“I don’t wear glasses during competitions,” Yuuri elaborates.

“I…know that?” says Viktor, still no idea where this is going.

“I can’t really recognize faces without my glasses unless they’re very close to me,” Yuuri continues. “So I have to kinda squint like this.”

Yuuri demonstrates, his eyes narrowing, lips turning downwards. His face twists into something resembling a glare and oh…oh!!!

Suddenly, Viktor understands.

And he feels a laugh bubbling up inside him.

“Oh my god,” he wheezes out, doubling over laughing. “S-so you mean you didn’t know-?”

“I only found out it was you the next day, when I saw it in the news,” Yuuri confirms quietly, still not looking at Viktor. His face is still a mortified red. “And next time when we saw each other, I thought you hated me. And I was too embarrassed to say anything…”

“I can’t believe it!” laughs Viktor, collapsing against Yuuri, his body still shaking with laughter. “So all this time…we’ve “hated” each other for no reason at all??”

And when he puts it like that, it does sound a bit funny.

Yuuri starts giggling.

“All this time, we could’ve been friends!” whines Viktor, expression pouty as he fake cries into the crook of Yuuri’s neck. “Or more!”

“M-more!?” squeaks Yuuri, pulling away.

Viktor grins shyly.

“Is this an appropriate time to tell you that I think you’re the most beautiful person on Earth and that I may or may not have a raging crush on you?”

Yuuri eeps and backs off, hiding his face in his hands again.

“No, it’s not an appropriate time,” he tells Viktor, whose face immediately falls.

Then, Yuuri continues, “I may or may not have had a crush on you since I was ten and I’ll probably think your confession was a dream tomorrow morning. Tell me again when I’m sober.”

Viktor just about screams, and pulls Yuuri into a hug, gushing about how happy he is.

They have to part ways for their own hotel rooms soon after that, but true to Yuuri’s request, Viktor seeks him out the next day and confesses to him again.

They start going out.

They decide to keep their relationship a secret for now, because they just know how the media will react when people find out, and they want some time to figure out their relationship and get a bit more comfortable with each other before they have to deal with that shit.

Hot and Bothered (Young!Sirius Black x Reader drabble)

Imagine/Request: Imagine Sirius getting all hot and bothered by you putting your hair up

Fandom: Harry potter (Marauders Era)

Pairing: Young!Sirius black x Reader

Warning: Smutty? I don’t even know I’m sorry if anyone gets offended 

A/N: just a wee drabble for my wee darlings, it’s my first sexually forward? drabble I dunno what to call it… meh I’m so awkward kill me

This was inspired by ‘Muggle games’ by @neville-longbutton-and-imagines

(which i loved )

and a story my best friend was telling me a while ago about her boyfriend getting turned on everything she puts her hair up… if you get my drift… I should probably stop worrying about offending people cause in RL I don’t give a fuck 

Do you guys wanna see more smut let me know by dropping me an ask :)

I hope you guys enjoy! ~Rae :)



You didn’t think of yourself as a competitive person, you were never bothered when you lost a game. Who knew it would be a simple muggle game to bring it out of you  

But you wanted nothing more than to wipe that stupid smug smile off of Sirius Blacks face. Tonight the was the weekly night that the pair of yous got together with James and Lily a sort of 'double date night’.  

It was a simple muggle game that you were all playing, twister lily said it was called and it was boys vs girls. You had begun to play half-heartedly but the more times Sirius and James won the more it began to piss you off  

“enough!” You shouted as they won yet another round you looked at Lily and held out your hand for the hair bobble on her wrist. Your eyes narrowed and locked with Sirius’s. His shit eating grin still plastered across his face, you furrowed your eyebrows and flung your hair up in the best messy half bun half ponytail you would manage  

“ooh she means business, Pads" James mocked nudging Sirius in the ribs with his shoulder "my ten galleons back, they actually win for once"  

"another round Black?” You tease arching your eyebrow 

Sirius had suddenly gotten very quiet, the famous smirk on his melting away. His brows were now furrowed and his cheeks a slight tinge of pink. Was Sirius Black Blushing?! 

“I..I. Um.. I’m gonna pass” he said his attempt to act cool failing dreadfully  

“oh come on now pads, you can’t chicken out not” lily laughed  

Your eyes followed the full length of your boyfriend until they landed on your boyfriend’s trousers. His bulge had gotten considerably larger and his trousers were slightly beginning to tent. When you realised why you also turned slightly pink  

“Nah, actually I think I’m done with this game now,” I said trying to cover for him feeling slightly guilty  

“what! Oh, come one it’s just starting to get interesting….” James started before trailing off also realizing about Sirius predicament  

“oh” Both Lily and James said in unison  

“she only does that when …..” Sirius said through gritted teeth, gesturing slightly. 

You all sat down and began to try and move on from the situation 

“Sorry, pads” you whispered over to him" I’ll make up to you" winking at him as he blushed a little again, making Sirius blush was now your new favourite thing


THE 100 HP AU: Bits and bobs.


The Blakes are both nerds, Lincoln is too pure, Monty has to deal with Octavia & Lincoln’s awkwardness, Raven goes to the infirmary a little too often, Clarke & Lexa are gross in every universes, and the Gryffindor’s 7th year class might be the worst that Hogwarts has ever seen.

Other students existing in this AU: Maya, Murphy, Emori. Edit: cute tiny second year Aden.

>> More of this AU <<

(IMPORTANT: I can’t please everyone with the sorting of their houses, this isn’t open for debate anymore. Sorry if you don’t like it. ♥)


A/N: For @princess-of-erebor1992​ who requested a fic based on this imagine from @imaginexhobbit​! Sorry it took a little while (and that I’m posting it at an awkward time), but here it is!

Summary: After being dropped in Middle Earth, it takes a while for you to find your voice again.

Word Count: 1471 (went a little overboard on this one)

Warnings: None, I think? Some mild freaking out, maybe.

It had been a full day since you had appeared on the forest path in front of the company, glowing like a wraith, and just as silent. The panic on the dwarves’ face at the unexpected presence was nothing to your panicked expression, your eyes darting wildly around as you took in the horrifyingly foreign surroundings. Gandalf had swooped in and collected you with very little fuss, insisting that you travel with the company. Thorin had been less than pleased at that, protesting that they knew nothing about you, that you would only be a hindrance on this very important quest. But the grey wizard merely ignored Thorin’s protestations and hoisted you up onto Bilbo’s pony, assuring you that the company would take good care of you.

Through the whole exchange, you had not said a word. You were too terrified.

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Valentines with Ruby & Charon

Ok, so normally I would just post the images, but I feel like I need to add a little more background to them, so there’s gonna be some text in between some of them.

So it’s Valentine’s day in the Capitol Wasteland, & Ruby has a card she wants to give Charon. At this point, they’re just friends. They do have feelings for each other, they just…don’t really know it yet, lol.

Ruby’s card is neatly written with a cute drawing on the bottom. She kept the message sweet & silly, & not too mushy, since she didn’t want Charon to feel awkward.

Charon loves it, because it’s just so…Ruby. He doesn’t really wanna let on how much he loves it though, so he just says thank you.

Then, Charon surprises Ruby with his own card.

Ruby had NO IDEA that Charon even knew Valentine’s day was coming up, nor did she think that he would spend the time to make her a card, especially since he never liked expressing his emotions. Charon’s card is roughly made, but he actually spent a lot of time on it. He found some red paper out in the wastes & used his knife to cut it into a heart–a very jagged heart, but he really tried. He didn’t want to be too mushy either, but he still wanted to let Ruby know he appreciated her friendship.

Ruby can hardly contain herself.

Charon’s card is so simple & sweet, she can’t help the tears that come to her eyes. Charon is worried that she doesn’t like it, but he couldn’t be more wrong. Ruby is always worried that Charon hates her or finds her annoying & feels that if she weren’t holding his contract, he’d leave her in a heartbeat. So Charon’s card, as simple as it was, really did let her know he appreciated her as a friend, & not just an “employer.”

After a minute or so, she can’t contain herself, & throws her arms around Charon in a tight hug & cries.

And it was the best Valentine’s day ever! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

remember all those posts about the villain dating the superhero and like the “you could have just asked” “i’m awkward ok” and the thing about “oh wouldn’t it be romantic if i blew up the moon for you?” “no. no that would not be romantic at all that’d be horrible wait where are you going”

imagine supercorp

like maybe lena’s a little bit evil but she’s still completely smitten af w kara

I wanted to make a longer hella long post explaining what I think about the situation of Kate McKinnon being annoyed when meeting fans. In no way do I actually know how she feels, as I’m not in her head, but if Kate is anything like me, this is my guess as to how she feels. Social anxiety and general awkwardness in social situations can affect everyone, celebrities included.

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  • Friend: Oh look who's coming this way!
  • Me: Shut up.
  • Friend: Nope, not this time. No really, you might want to look, they look cute.
  • Me: They always look cute.
  • Friend: I used to think you were heartless but your little crush has proven me wrong.
Daily Reminder
  • 77th class didn’t know about Komaeda bombed the school (he just planed on doing it, he didn’t do it) and why Chisa got tranfered to RC. Chisa didn’t tell them the reason
  • Chisa wanted 77th students to give Ko a warm welcome


  • In SDR2, Hinata is the one who befriend with everyone and get them together, not Chiaki. Tbh, at the beginning of the game, she’s a little awkward around them.
Reasons the Carry On fandom is the best:
  • Everyone’s gay OTP is actually canon
  • Our vampire is very smol very gay and also he plays violin
  • Literally no ship wars ever bc we’re all snowbaz trash
  • The book is like… fanfiction of fanfiction of a fictional book that exists only within another fictional book??? Idek anymore but it’s cool
  • There are so many ask blogs. Baz’s little sister has an ask blog. A building has an ask blog. I don’t even know where all the ask blogs came from but they rock
  • The author of the book has a tumblr and occasionally pops up and reblogs things
  • The main character is the most awkward green bean ever and he blushes easily and loves butter 
  • The name ‘Tyrannus Basilton Pitch’
  • Making aesthetic posts for it is really fun bc it’s just like… flames! vampire fangs! gay boys! boys with wings! candles! old stone buildings! graveyards! violins!
  • We have Penelope Bunce.