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Hey um, I hate to bug ya when it's not really any of your business but I've recently been getting tagged in a bunch of posts for random people's wishlists for Christmas/birthdays and it's been making me super uncomfortable because the way they word things is like they wanna guilt trip you for free art when a gift isn't really something that you should demand for, especially from a person that you haven't even bothered to talk to or be friends with. How do I gently let them down?

aw you’re not bugging me! :>

and yeah, i’ve been tagged in a few of those on dA. they’re… a little uncomfortable and awkward, but just remember that you’re not obligated to answer or draw anything for them. i think the best thing to do is to ignore those posts for now, and if they try to pester you about drawing them something that’s when you should let them down - and if it comes to that, just tell them that you don’t feel comfortable drawing something for someone you don’t really know and don’t like feeling demanded to gift someone something~! 

Weaver of Threads excerpt!

So I don’t post very regularly on this blog, mostly keeping Tumblr for my FFXV stuff and focusing on @expectogladiolus

However, I have been working on my NaNo book. I’m way behind, with only 6 days to write something like 21,000 words, but still. 

I thought I would post a little snippet I wrote last night, of Kae and Tomas as they become closer friends. They’ve been studying together at the Citadel library, with Kae, a scholar in the cloister ‘Ankar’, ‘sponsoring’ Tomas, who is a Greycloak squire, an elite soldier in training in the Citadel barracks. 

Featuring drinking games with Pallos, a friend of Kae’s from Ankar, Rin, a student from another cloister (called Meakon), a bit of banter, a lot of cactus liqueur, and the first blushings of awkwardness between Kae and Tomas… As ever, your thoughts and comments are always welcome, but I just hope you like it. Bear in mind it is a first draft, work in progress though…

They fell into an easy pattern after that.

Mostly meeting in the evenings, they studied together once or twice a week, depending on Tomas’ gruelling schedule, with drills and training exercises bulking and tiring him out in equal measure. Kae was also forced to spend less time studying, as a number of his tutors noticed he was not advancing as quickly as he had been.

Tomas spent a full week out on winter survival training as the snows closed in as the shortest day of the year approached, and came back with a pronounced limp and a stunningly colourful bruise across his face.

“What happened?” Kae asked when his friend turned up at the library looking decidedly sorry for himself.

“My horse fell,” he said miserably.

“It fell on you?”


Kae scowled. In his country riders trained from an early age to get out of the way of a falling beast. “Don’t they teach you how to fall here?” he asked.

“Not much I could do when I was already slipping half out the saddle because the damned beast was fly-bucking around because a fucking snow-grouse erupted out of nowhere under his belly,” he snapped and Kae bit back a laugh. “Stupid thing was going berserk and then it slipped. I didn’t stand a chance. Bruised a rib, nearly got my head smashed in, and my leg broken. And it’s not funny!” he added, seeing Kae’s expression. “I’d like to see you sit something like that.”

“Ok, fine,” Kae chortled, knowing full well that even the best riders could be unseated under the wrong circumstances. “I’m sorry. It looks painful.”

“It is.”

“You want to go do some research?”

“Not particularly,” he said glumly. “I really want to sit by a fire with a mug of something spiked with brandy, and get warm.”

“You want to come to the Ankar common room then?” Kae asked.

They were standing in the draughty antechamber before the library’s Royal Reading Room, and Tomas looked up in surprise. “You’re allowed to let people in who aren’t Ankarites?” he asked.

“Of course,” Kae said. “We’re not like some secret society.”

“I just figured… Fine, yeah, sure. Let’s go. Be nice to see where you spend your time when you’re not hunched over some crumbling manuscript. You don’t mind? I don’t want to stop you from working.”

Kae grinned. “I can’t promise there’ll be alcohol there, but there will be a fire. Although if Pallos is there, there will be. He brews his own moonshine and, fuck me, if it’s not so strong you could get drunk just breathing in the fumes. Might be a bit busy in there at this time of night though.”

“That’s ok, I’m not shy.”

“I know,” Kae said.

“You sound envious,” he joked as they made their way out towards the main entrance to the cloister of Ankar.

Kae shot him a sideways look. “What makes you think I’m not?”

Tomas didn’t seem to have an answer for that, and just shook his head. His walk was slowed by the limp, and he had to hold on as he descended the stairs from the mezzanine level of the archive entrance to the main door of Ankar, but Kae stayed at his pace, used to adjusting his long, loping stride to Fyna’s shorter, more stilted one at a moment’s notice.

“Do many Greycloaks come here?” Tomas asked once at the bottom. He looked a bit winded, but other than that he was his usual cheerful self again.

Kae shook his head. “Not that many. I think Mia had some of your lot over for a game of Xin the other night.”

Tomas looked positively nervous at the mention of the young woman’s name, and asked, “She gonna be there tonight?”

“Dunno, why?” he smirked. “Nervous that you don’t look like your usual pretty self for her?”

“Fuck off,” he said, punching Kae in the shoulder. “She just hangs around the practice yard a lot. That makes me nervous.”

Kae only laughed, touched his access rune to the corresponding one on the locked door, and pushed it open, holding it open for Tomas to limp through behind him.

The first room on their right was a little cloak room, which they bypassed and carried along the well-worn flagstone corridor out into the open-sided cloister walk. The building on their left was three storeys high, and backed straight onto the archives, while the wall at right angles to it ran along the edge of the castle keep, the outer wall of the citadel forming the wall of the cloister. The other two sides of the cloister were where the Magisters of the cloister had their private rooms and studies.

“This way,” Kae said, leading him to a door in the wall against the archives building.

The first floor common room was warm and lively, and chat stalled slightly at the sight of Tomas in their midst, but with a sweet smile, he set the room at ease again. Pallos, an Ahiri boy with intensely beautiful, shadow-dark skin and close cropped black hair, about Tomas’ age, waved a hand at Kae and called him over to where he sat with a pale, blond apprentice who looked maybe a year older than them, whom Kae didn’t recognise. He had a purple trim on his cloak, indicating he was a Meakonite. “You want to join us for a round of Jhinka?” Pallos asked. “Hellana and Aranith were gonna join us, but they had somewhere better to be, apparently,” he laughed.

“Jhinka?” Tomas queried, looking from Kae to Pallos.

Kae rolled his eyes and moaned. “It’s an Ahiri drinking game. I lose every time.”

“I’m in,” Tomas said immediately. “Wait, tell me more first. And you guys are allowed to drink?” He sounded jealous, as the small beer the squires got once a week would definitely not compare to whatever Pallos had in that tall, etched glass bottle on the table.

“Course,” Pallos grinned in a way that said they definitely were not. “First rule is you can’t back out once you’ve accepted. Otherwise you face the loser’s forfeit straight away.”

“You’re just making shit up, Pallos,” Kae snorted. “Ignore him. He’s such a liar.”

Tomas grinned, eyes falling to the board that the Meakonite, introduced as Rin, was already setting up. “Shut up, Kae, and tell me the rest of the rules,” Tomas laughed.

The game began, and three rounds later, Tomas’ throat was raw from the Ahiri cactus liqueur, he couldn’t see any better than Kae could sober, and neither he nor Kae, and nor, they suspected, did Pallos or Rin, have any idea of the score. It became a game of who could move the pieces around the board without knocking the rest of them off in a clumsy, drunken swipe.

“I’ve never understood,” Kae said, his words having gained the philosophising weight of someone who is very drunk, “Why you’re even in Ankar, Pallos.”

“The fuck’s that s’posed to mean?” he giggled. Pallos was actually now sitting in Rin’s lap, but nobody seemed to notice or care, himself least of all.

Kae pouted. “I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen you in the library…”

“Oh, and a fucking library pass is the only way to belong to Ankar is it?” he snorted.

Rin put his hand on Pallos’ shoulders and whispered something in his ear with a shy smile.

“Fine, fine,” Pallos laughed, head rocking back to rest momentarily against Rin’s taller frame. “You’re right. I’m a lazy fucker who should never have been admitted to the Citadel in the first place, but I’m a fantastic channeller, and thus here I am, corrupting my young friends. Another round?”

They played another round, the common room nearly empty by that hour, after which Kae announced that he had to stop or he’d be sick. All this reminded him of the time he’d been given distilled, fermented mare’s milk by a much older cousin on Spring Equinox at the age of ten, and it had gone straight to his head. Though only seventeen, he had a pretty good tolerance for alcohol now, what with a cooperative metabolism and Pallos’ irregular influence on nights such as this one, but he knew when enough was enough. He said so, and Tomas murmured that he should probably head back to the squires’ dorms before he passed out.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had anything to drink,” he said, shuffling to the front of his seat, the pain in his leg and ribs apparently numbed a little by the cactus liqueur. “ButI don’t think I’ve ever been this drunk. There are at least three Palloses…” he said, frowning contemplatively. “Palli? Pallosuses?”

“I like him!” Pallos pronounced, chucking an arm around Tomas’ shoulders and tugging him closer. “Kae, I don’t know why you don’t bring your boyfriend here more often.”

Tomas flushed scarlet and Kae spat his remaining sip of drink out over the board as he finished it.

“Gross,” Pallos scolded as he brushed his knees melodramatically where a couple of spots of liquid had darkened the soft blue satin of his loose, dark trousers. “Seriously, swallow now, you can spit all you like later, ok?”

“By all that is fucking holy,” Kae cursed, adding something even worse in Myrrathi.

“Your language is pretty,” Tomas blurted before he could stop himself. “Seriously, I thought Galēan was the prettiest language under the sun, but it’s not. Myrrathi’s fucking gorgeous.”

Pallos looked slowly from one to the other of them. “You didn’t even deny it.”

“We’re not boyfriends,” Kae and Tomas said at exactly the same time. They turned to look at each other, cheeks still flaming, locked eyes, and burst out laughing.

“That’s just ridiculous,” Tomas snorted. “Why did you even think that? You’ve never even met me before.”

Pallos just shrugged and poured himself another glass of cactus liqueur. “Just a guess, that’s all,” he said sipping it and sliding his hand up Rin’s leg. “Sorry if I’m wrong.”

“You are,” Kae said quietly.

Rin, still silently observing with his dark blue eyes, smiled but said nothing.

Tomas stood and swayed, but stepped back, his cheeks still a violent pink.

“I’ll walk you out,” Kae said.

“Can’t have me falling down the stairs and breaking my neck now, can we?” Tomas said, his hands working unconsciously in rhythm with his tongue in the courtly sign language of Galēa.

“Stop flapping your hands around and concentrate on walking, yeah?” Kae snickered. “C’mon.”

Tomas followed him down to the main door of Ankar. “Thanks,” he grinned. “I had fun.”

“Don’t fall down the well on your way back, ok?” Kae grinned, and Tomas smacked him on the shoulder again.

“See you in the library tomorrow night,” he said.

Kae blinked slowly and nodded, smiling. “Night.”

Watching him limp along the corridor, clinging to the carved stone banister in the wall as he climbed back up towards the archives, Kae felt a twinge in his gut, but he chalked that up to roiling cactus juice and nothing else, and turned back to head to his room. 

He avoided the common room, and lay on his bed once he’d brushed his teeth with soda and mint paste that made him feel a little fresher, staring at the ceiling, waiting for sleep to claim him.

I hope you liked this little work in progress extract of Weaver of Threads, my book that I’m working on for my first go at NaNoWriMo. Thanks for reading, and keep a weather eye open for more little glimpses into their world or rune magic…

the “not everyone can be neurotypical karen” cake reaction image has got to be one of the worst things to happen to the internet bc you can’t say shit like “i can’t always find the time or energy to jog but when I do it always makes me feel a little better :-)” w/o people dogpiling onto your post with either that or some iteration of it. & it puts you in an awkward position bc rly the only way to rebut it is to say that you are, in fact, not neurotypical™©® but you rly should not have to be sharing that type of personal information on a very public platform, filled w some very untrustworthy people who aren’t above using it against you, jst bc some idiots online think you have to be consistently vocalizing your suffering 24/7 in order to be actually mentally ill

Not Your Average Zutara Fic Rec

So I’ve gone through a LOT of Zutara fanfiction, probably too much if I’m being honest, and finding good fics can be really hard. When looking up fic rec lists I’ve noticed that a lot of the lists are just the same select fanfictions recommended over and over (We get it, everyone and their mother loves ‘His Majesty Prefers Blue’ and ‘Stormbenders’ [I never finished HMPB, sue me]). 

So this list is for all of you who are in my shoes and can’t seem to find anything besides the same ten or fifteen stories recommended and are desperate for something new. Everything listed is complete! (If I listed the incompletes/abandoned stories I’d have a lot more chaptered stories listed… RIP ‘The Confrontational Approach’…) 

I have a lot of bookmarked stories that I have yet to read and am in the middle of (Almost caught up on @firelordandlady ‘s ‘Say Anything’!), so I’ll try to update this when I finish something I think deserves a recommendation. 


In the Same Candlelight by Like a Dove

In a world where there is no war, Zuko and Katara spend their summers together. Growing up is messy, embarrassing, and at times sad, but they think it might be okay because they have each other. Edited summary.

I know. I KNOW. I LITERALLY JUST SAID I WASN’T GOING TO RECOMMEND FANFICS THAT ARE ON EVERYONE’S LIST. But I NEED to mention this one. I spent so long not interested in this fic. I don’t like drastic AU’s, or modern AU’s. My taste is strictly canon divergence, so I didn’t think I would like this. I WAS SO WRONG. Trust me, if you are like me and don’t like big AU’s, read this anyway. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Characterization is still so spot on, even with such a different take. Aang is precious. There is nothing but fluff, fluff, and fluff. It will melt you. You will probably die and your spirit will rise up smiling and beaming out rainbows and sunshine. That’s what happened to me. 

Lilacs and Lily Pads by sadladybug

A tale of clumsy courtship and calamitous court weddings, featuring awkward family encounters, floral mishaps, cultural complications, and good old fashioned fluff and conflict. Takes place in the five years following war’s end. For Zutara Week 2016. A prequel to Bones.

Clothe Me in Seasons, Dress Me in Snow is a very commonly recommended Zutara fic (And for good reason, I shed many tears reading it). But this two-shot (A companion to Bones, a smut one shot) by the same author is really underrated and beautifully written. It follows Zuko and Katara as they try to plan their wedding, as well as shows two scenes from before they got engaged that solidified the relationship to be one they knew would last. Just really well done overall and very very sweet. 

EDIT: I talked with the author and apparently it isn’t finished?? But they are apparently working on the next chapters so yay!! And each chapter is independent so it doesn’t feel unfinished.  

The Slow Path by Tazainian Devil

Eight years after the fall of Ozai, Aang returns to the friends he left behind - Taang, Zutara, Sukka

This is technically a Taang fic, and if I’m being honest I kind of just skimmed through the non-zutara chapters, but the Zutara storyline was good enough that I think it’s definitely worth the read. And the overall plot has a great premise. Be warned, it has a sequel that was never finished. 

Another Word For Alchemy by FanPanda13

Five years have passed since the Avatar defeated Fire Lord Ozai, and the members of the Gaang have all gone in their own direction. But when Aang invites them all to a Peace Summit at the North Pole and tells them of his new project, for which he will need their support, the group comes together again for adventure, fun and romance. AU. Zutara. COMPLETE.

So this fic is crazy for me. At first, it started as just really good natured fluff. The writing wasn’t anything fantastic (Although I loved how it broke the 4th wall and didn’t take itself seriously), and there were some definite OOC moments. But I had so much FUN with it. The plot (while definitely not the focus as everyone is more concerned about when Zuko and Katara will get together) was interesting, and there were some really sweet moments. It was also HILARIOUS and I had multiple moments where I genuinely laughed out loud. But then about five chapters before the end, the quality SKY ROCKETED. As the plot and mystery come together, the characters all come together in a moment that truly feels like it came from the show. Even the writing quality increases by a lot and I was genuinely shocked and impressed. Definitely recommend. 

Kyoshi Hold ‘Em by cupid-painted-blind

When a blizzard shuts down the fourth annual Peace Summit, the group has to find some way to pass the time. /Zutara, Taang, Jet/Mai, Jet/Everyone, Sukka

If you’re looking for a good crack fic, look no further. It’s post war and utter nonsense. Jet is alive for some reason??? No one questions it and he’s shipped with pretty much everyone. It’s funny, it’s decently written, there are drinking and sexy time shenanigans, and overall just lighthearted. Also, it does a great job of being a crack fic without crossing the line and becoming unfunny and just a trash fic. A lot struggle to find the balance and resort to going over the top and ridiculous, but this one does a really good job. 

Come With Me by Steamboat Ghost

Coauthored by fuzzytomato. Troubled over his newly restored honor, Zuko finds solace in the familiar guise of the Blue Spirit. In a chance meeting with the Painted Lady, a friendship is forged as the two heroes seek to help the Fire Nation’s neglected.

I’ll admit it: I’ve never gotten into Blutara fanfictions. I only read the first couple chapters of HMPB and dropped it after the tree scene. I don’t know, it felt really OOC for me and I may go back and read it again just because EVERYONE raves about it, but IDK. I’ve never been a huge Blutara fan because while I love the concept, I’d much rather see the Painted Lady and the Blue Spirit come together as equals. Most fics present Zuko behind his mask to Katara, and it feels imbalanced. There aren’t a lot of stories where we see their alter persona’s come together even though that’s the entire point of the parallel between the two. Insert this fic. I only wish there was a sequel dealing with Zuko in the Gaang after these events. Hey, a girl can dream. 

A Zutara Story Anastasia by LastSunset

Katara, the only suviving waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe, joins two con men, Zuko and Iroh, while a fearful admiral chases for her death. A Zutara Story. Based on the movie Anastasia.

So this isn’t so much a retelling of Anastasia but with Katara and Zuko as it is a fanfic version of the movie but with the characters names and world changed. It takes a lot of lines from the movie. But WHO CARES? It’s Anastasia and Zutara!!! What more do you need??? 


this burden you bear by cowlicklesschick

Word travels, and war stories will be told round campfires and on freighter ships until every person in the world knows what Master Katara did for the new Fire Lord. She fights the burning in her throat at the thought of people knowing why she had to heal him in the first place. Post-war Zutara.

This is an angst-with-a-happy-ending, which I say is the absolute BEST type of angst. Katara deals with the guilt of what Zuko did for her as the Fire Nation celebrates what she did to save his life during the Agni Kai. The two come together beautifully while struggling to see the feelings they both share. Really well written and like I said, it has a happy ending, which we all need. 

The Best of Me by Laririn-Shadow

The night before his eighteenth birthday Zuko wraps a bandage around his left wrist. He has a country to run and no time for frivolous things. It will make everything easier if he waits. Zutara Soulmates AU

Soulmate AU’s usually aren’t my thing (With the glaring exception of one Until Dawn Soulmate AU, but that’s besides the point), but I really enjoyed this oneshot. It isn’t sweeping or insanely romantic and the reveal isn’t “OMG I’VE LOVED YOU THIS WHOLE TIME” But it’s a subtle love that grows, which I really like.  

my salvation, he’s not anything by sarsaparillia

Let’s run away and start another war. — Zuko/Katara.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What can I say? I love the ‘Let’s run away together, consequences be damned’ trope. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Time is Ripe by Casa Circe

ZUTARA WEEK 2012 Day Seven: Seasons. There are many stages that a heart goes through before it can finally be ready for the love it was meant to have. The road is often a rocky one but eventually, it leads you home.

A oneshot for the Zutara Week 2012 prompt ‘Seasons’. Not too much to say about it. Short, sweet, and well written. What more do you need? 

Serendipity by Boriqua-chan

Iroh goes hunting for tea leaves and finds something…interesting. /Zutara week, day 1/

Secret relationships! Fluff! Happiness! And all from Uncle Iroh’s perspective!! Everything I love in one great oneshot! 

Too Close for Comfort also by Casa Circe

ZUTARA WEEK 2010 Day Three: Pain. After watching “The Ember Island Players”, no one is in the mood for teasing. But a little slip of the tongue leads to the painful realization that the play was more accurate than they were willing to admit.

There are two Zutara plots/tropes that I am a complete and utter SLUT for. The first is the ‘Let’s talk about that EIP show’ trope. This is one of my favorites. 

The Color of Truth is Red by Mrs. Pettyfer

Written for Zutara Week prompt “awkward.” Zuko and Katara discuss the Ember Island Players.

Another post EIP oneshot

Enlightenment by Blade Quill

Choices are made on the day of Zuko’s coronation, and sometimes, enlightenment is just the simple truth at hand. Zutara. AU of the final moments of the Book 3 Finale

The OTHER plot/trope I’m a slut for is finale rewrites. LET ME SEE THEM COME TOGETHER AFTER HE TAKES LIGHTNING FOR HER. Ugh, I love it. 

Framework by profoundlycan

What if in “Sozin’s Comet” Katara had come into the room instead of Mai? Zuko/Katara. Prequel to Schema.

 Another finale rewrite! Let’s just get Mai out of the picture here… 

Lightning Shocks the Heart by drunkzutarafeels

Why do our hearts remain dormant until a climactic moment makes time stand still?

And here’s yet another finale rewrite. There is a really popular Zutara gifset that someone animated of the Agni Kai ‘Thank you’ scene, but Katara kisses Zuko after she hugs him. This is the fanfiction equivalent of that gif set. 

Sunrise by lewilder

The days go on and on, and even if she feels more comfort from the moon, Katara learns to cherish the promise of each new sunrise. Zutara AU, largely finale-centric. Oneshot.

LAST FINALE AU I PROMISE. Really sweet, starts right after The Southern Raiders and goes past canon. 

all the ghosts we cannot kill (we learn to love) by raisindeatre

Zuko and Katara; the moments we didn’t see. Or: Maybe we are all somebody’s ghost. And maybe sometimes we can be more than that.

“…My quarrel has only ever been with you, Zuko,” she says, his name sharp on her tongue. “This has only ever been about me and you.”

“You’re wrong,” he rasps, his voice rough in the late afternoon sunlight that falls around them, tangles them in golden nets. “This has only ever been about me and the Avatar. Not you and me. What we hold between us has nothing to do with it.”

This is a really beautiful one-shot that follows a battered, war torn and hardened Zuko and Katara through the scenes we DIDN’T see throughout the entire show. A Zutara must-read.

Drabble Collection/Series

And Other Fairly Stupid Tales by Advocaat

A collection of humorous and crack-tastic oneshots corresponding to the days of Zutara Month

Really great Zutara Month themed drabbles, and it contains the only body swapping plot that I’ve read and really enjoyed. Also the chapters ‘Potential’ and ‘Festival’ are some of my all time favorites. 

Zuko Was No Coward by hootowl

Zuko was many things, but a coward he was not. A collection of Zutara100 prompts. Title may change.

Definitely some heartbreakers and angsty drabbles in here, but all well written and thoroughly enjoyable. If you read ANYTHING from this list, read chapter two of this drabble collection. I MELTED when I read it. It’s perfection. Aunt Wu’s prediction has always been a plotline I’ve loved in Zutara fanfiction, and this one just does it PERFECTLY. 

Zutara Week 2012 by ichilover3

A collection of oneshots inspired by the prompts for Zutara Week

Not much more to say. The first, third, and fourth prompts are my favorite from this series. 

Zutara Week 2015 by bianca_anna

It started at a tea shop and ended with forever. My entries for Zutara Week 2015. I hope you enjoy them.

Oh my GOODNESS. So they’re Zutara Week prompts, but all set in the same universe. The Zutara!Family depicted in these drabbles has become my headcanon. I’ve seen many a Zutara family, but this one is by far my FAVORITE. This is now my official family for them. I want the very last chapter fully animated because it’s so good and epic and I want more of this families adventures. 

i would apologise for the excessive “In a heartbeat”  posts but HAVE YOU SEEN THIS FKN SHIT


First my awkward little son being cute af 

 we have this suave mother fucker

and this meddling piece of shit



the smirks to end all smirks


like i said i would apologise but im not sorry 

I’m sure you’ve heard a million times over how important it is to comment on fanfiction - maybe even from this blog. I’ve been a frequent advocate of supporting stories with feedback, often reblogging posts about its importance (and even making one or two of my own). For me, every time a post about comment culture crosses my dash I find a fresh determination to be a commenter and vow to leave feedback on every fic that crosses my dash from there on out.

But here’s my secret: sometimes, I don’t feel like leaving a comment.

It’s not that a fic is undeserving or that I have nothing positive to say, in fact it’s usually quite the opposite.

Sometimes, I look at the large number of comments a fic has already received and I think “What difference will it make if I just add to the masses?” But then I remember how excited I get every. single. time. someone leaves me feedback, how much my heart soars whenever I receive a comment notification.

Sometimes, I see that a fic has zero to little comments and I think “Oh, it would be awkward if I was the only commenter, I don’t want to stand out.” But then I remember the stories I’ve published that never received any responses, merely gathering a few reblogs and a handful of likes and leaving me disappointed and discouraged.

Sometimes, I read a fic long after it’s been posted and I think “Why bother commenting now? It’s way too late for that.” But then I remember that one time someone found a fic of mine months after it had been posted and still left a comment, making me feel as though my story had a permanence and a lasting impact.

Sometimes, I read a fic that is already multiple chapters in, and I think “I can’t possibly comment on any chapter but the last, otherwise it’s going to seem strange.” But then I remember all the effort that goes in to a single chapter, all the courage it can take to publish those words and how reassuring it can be to hear that a particular piece of a story had an impact.

Sometimes, I read a fic and I can’t think of anything insightful to comment, and I think “If I don’t have anything profound to say, I may as well say nothing at all.” But then I remember how it feels to stare at a blank comment section, wondering where exactly my story went wrong and wishing for even the smallest of reassurances.

And sometimes, I read a fic and I’m just tired, and I think “What’s it going to hurt if I just skip the comment this time? Who will even notice?” But then I remember how much time and energy a writer put into their story, how exhausting writing can sometimes be.

I read a fic, I remember these things, and I decide to leave a comment. 

Comments, from the smallest of keyboard smashes and heart eye emojis to the largest of analyses, mean the world to a writer. A comment can be the difference between an abandonment and another update, the divide between a story of requirement and a story of passion. Comments truly are everything to a writer, and they require so little from each one of us.

So please, I beg of you: swallow your excuses, realize that leaving feedback has an impact that extends beyond you, and LEAVE THAT COMMENT.

Awkward Moment...

Me: *Is sat there staring intently at my phone whilst scribbling away on the screen with my finger*

My cousin: What are you doing?

Me: ….colouring?

Cousin: *Gives me a confused look*

Me: *Shows my phone screen* See!

Cousin: What the actual hell? Are you like a five year old or something??

Me: *Nervous shifty eyes*

problem: once lup gets her body back taako needs to sleep next to his sister but also barry hasn’t slept beside his gf/wife in 12 years

solution: lup sleeps in the middle with taako and barry on either side (this is actually pretty standard from the stolen century; after a couple decades everyone was close enough to sleep in the same bed if need be/if they’re lonely)

problem #2: taako and kravitz also want to sleep next to each other

solution: four person twin sandwich. barry and kravitz don’t know each other super well yet so it’s a little awkward but this is basically par for the relationship course of dating lup and taako respectively

problem #3: kravitz now has to explain the receipt for a double king size bed to his boss/mom, the raven queen 

madamateur  asked:

..... like can you explain me bat's back legs??? Are they actually backwards?

Simplified answer: yes. Look at the bat below- the bottoms of her feet are facing forwards and her knees pointing backwards.

Longer answer: Compared to other mammals, the legs of bats are rotated 90-180 degrees in the hip socket at rest (depending on the species). However, all bats hold their legs out from their body facing backwards while flying, because their legs are a crucial component of their wing.

They also use the membrane between their legs to scoop up bugs. This would be impossible if their knees bent in the other direction.

Below are a couple of bat embryos which do a good job of demonstrating how whack their legs are (try to imitate this pose, if you dare).

To really see how stupid their pelvises and legs have become, just look at a bat skeleton…

…and compare it to the skeleton of an animal that makes sense, like a shrew.

Some species of bats can pull their legs up alongside their body to crawl, in kind of a frog-pose, though because of their pelvis shape they can’t pull them far enough underneath their body to lift their stomachs off the ground, and are forced to walk using an awkward sideways shuffle, or if their legs are extra pathetic, a sort of breaststroke using their wings to push off the ground.

Vampire bats are among the only bats to have evolved an upright walk, with their feet pointing backwards.

New Zealand short-tailed bats are the other expert walkers, though they evolved a completely different gait than the vampire bat, with their feet positioned more sideways like awkward little ducks.

In summary, bat legs are Goofy As Fuck and I adore them.

Bts as tumblr blog types

Hoseok: always scREAMING in the tags. very extra. very gay. Has intense conversations with other bloggers when new content is dropped. Easily spooked by weird posts.

Namjoon: well thought out text posts. Reblogs philosophical quotes. Analyzes lyrics. Interprets videos. Vocal about various issues. Used to read books but then fanfic happened.

Jimin: loves to post selcas with cute filters. But a little insecure about appearance. Soft and sensitive. Lowkey in love with a popular blogger but too shy to approach them.

Seokjin: Supposed to be a pastel aesthetic blog. Occasionally soft nsfw. And a little bit of gaming. But can’t resist posting puns so lame follower count actually drops. Kinda awkward.

Taehyung: secretly works really hard on blog but accidentally went multifandom. Loves to make new friends. Called weird by irl people so prefers tumblr. Appreciates mutuals.

Yoongi: salty af. Used to be kinda emo. Doesn’t give a shit about haters. Talks about family probs in tags. Ready to Fight™. Spends too much time on tumblr and is sleepy irl.

Jungkook: too shy to initiate conversation. Seems intimidating and mysterious. Is actually a memelord. Likes anime and cute animals. Wants to post covers of fav songs.

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Please be patient with those who have anxiety

They say sorry a lot because they’re genuinely afraid they’ve insulted you somehow

They ask if they’re annoying because they genuinely think they’ve somehow annoyed you

They say things are ‘awkward’ because they can be uncomfortable in any situation, no matter who with, they don’t mean to personally hurt you

They cry because sometimes people and situations are too much, not because they’re looking for attention

They don’t text you a lot because they’re clingy, it’s because if you don’t reply, they think they’ve done something wrong

They can be set off by little things, so don’t say they’re overreacting when they panic

Please be patient with those who have anxiety

They only mean the best

always remember when posting a humans are weird post

that if we do meet aliens, the weirdest part about us will probably be that we theorized for years how weird those aliens would find us.

either they’ll think we’re mentally unhinged, or helpfully trying to provide informative scenarios to avoid real life awkwardness. or a little of both.

NCT U & 127 reaction to their crush sneaking into their bed and cuddling with them


Anon: Hello~♡ Do you think that you can do a NCT U/127 reaction to their crush sneaking in their bed and cuddling with them because she can’t sleep please?^^ I’m sorry if you’re busy, you can take your time to do it, I will wait all my life if I have to :) I just want to say that I really appreciate your blog anyway, I’m always happy to see a new notification! You seem so nice too! So, yes, just to say that I’m really glad to be one of your followers! Lots of love^^♡ Have a nice day/night! \(*^-^*)/

I hope this was okay, it was a little rushed and I haven’t checked it for grammatical errors so apologies if tenses are mixed up!😂😂

Also, I’m going to start trying (note the word trying lol) to write my reactions a little shorter. I know I overwrite and really I shouldn’t so I hope by cutting the length of my reactions I might be able to get more content out!❤️


Originally posted by taesyong

I feel like if you wanted to cuddle with him at night, you’d first have to go through the tricky process of waking this boy up. Obviously I’m not 100% sure, but I honestly think Taeil is a deep sleeper and can easily sleep anywhere, anytime. Waking him up would be so hard and such a long process, that in the end, you wouldn’t even end up waking him up. Even if you tried shaking him or shouting at him, literally anything, Taeil would just groan and turn away from you, still stuck in his deep sleep. Eventually you’d give up but would still be so drained that you wouldn’t think you’d be able to walk back to your room without collapsing and going to sleep on the floor. So, after some debating, you’d climb into Taeil’s bed, his back towards you. His bed would be surprisingly cold and chilly, so you’d start to gravitate towards the heat of Taeil, until you were spooning him, your chest pressed tightly to his back; and like that, you’d peacefully fall asleep. In the morning, Taeil would still be half-asleep when he noticed your presence. He’d loosen your arms and lie on his side, so that he could now be the big spoon to you. You’d also be half-asleep when he changed the position, and you’d hear him whisper in your hair, “it feels better like this doesn’t it, Y/N?”


Originally posted by fluffandfluff

Johnny wouldn’t even notice you sneaking into his bed, he’d be fast asleep but somehow still be able to notice your presence and wrap his arms around you affectionately. You would probably try talking to him, explaining why you were here and a thank you, just Johnny would only reply with incoherent mumbles and hums. It’d only be in the morning after waking up, that he’d realise what going on. Confused as to why there was some weight on his chest, he’d look down to find you sleeping peacefully on him, little sighs of content escaping your lips occasionally. He’d gawp down at you, immediately removing his hands and arms that tightly wrapped you. For a few minutes, he’d fidget and try to pull you off but this’d only wake you, pulling out of a state of serenity. It’d be awkward for sure, both of you blushing furiously and a lot of apologising and stuttering, until eventually Johnny would feel so awkward that when he tried to get up and out of bed, he’d accidentally end up getting tangled in the sheets and falling, face back, onto the floor. Only then would things feel less tense and you’d probably start giggling and teasing him about it, leading him to start laughing along with you.


Originally posted by taeyonghi

Out of all the members, Taeyong’s probably the least likely to feel awkward or shy about letting his crush come and cuddle with him in his bed. He’d actually be the complete opposite to his usually quiet and reserved self, instead being very affectionate and warm towards you. When he saw you waddle across the room towards his bed, complaining about how you couldn’t sleep, he’d usher you over lifting the covers lazily so you could crawl in. Instantly, his arms would snake around your waist, and he’d lean down to rest his head on your chest and no not in a sexual way okay lmfao just innocently u know like above ur boobs (if u have any). Signing happily, he’d snuggle into you, his warm breathe blowing on your skin. Honestly, you weren’t expecting him to even let you in, let alone be cuddling up to you. Falling asleep like this would be easy, and throughout the night you’d end up swapping positions so Taeyong was the one sleeping on his back, and you were tucked into his side. Taeyong would probably also take the opportunity, the next morning, to confess his feelings for you. It’d be the late hours of the morning, light streaming in through the flimsy curtains, when he told you his feelings, you still being hugged tightly by him in bed.


Originally posted by sour-satang

Yuta would most definitely be the most smug about his, out of all the members. Your relationship would kind of be an odd one, so you’d feel a bit apprehensive about asking him if it was okay if you could share a bed for the night. What I mean by “odd” is that sometimes Yuta would always be flirting with you and showing you a lot of affection, but then there’d be times where he could be quite cold or distant towards you. This’d be a time where his very flirty and affectionate side would come out. Seeing you in your pajamas late at night, standing at the side of his bed innocently, he’d tease you a little bit at first, saying you ”can’t come in”. Eventually, he would let you though, gently pulling back his covers so you could slip in. He’d smirk as you awkwardly tried to find a comfortable position, struggling to behaviour normally under his stare. Once he’d had enough enjoyment in watching you fail miserably, he’d simply pull you into his chest, so your face was nestled comfortably in the crook of his neck. He’d rub your back reassuringly, maybe hum a little, ignoring the butterflies in his stomach and the nervousness he was feeling of having you so near.


Originally posted by yonges

Although I initially thought that Doyoung wouldn’t like it and might try doing stuff to put you off of sleeping with him, I think he’d actually be very welcoming and excited that you wanted to join him. His enthusiasm would surprise you, how he literally jumped out of his bed, not embarrassed about being in only boxers and an old baggy t-shirt, and grabbed a load of extra pillows and blankets from his wardrobe, and throwing them clumsily on his bed. A smile evident and wide on his face, he’d hold your hand gently pulling you over to his bed, and letting you choose which side you wanted to sleep on. He’d climb in after you, lying on his side, hands clasped to his chest, as he smiles at you adoringly, asking you polite and genuine questions about your day and if you were feeling okay. Rather than sleeping you’d probably just chat and giggle for a few hours; over that time, the conversation would start subsiding until eventually you were tightly embraced in his arms and his fingers were playing with your hair, lulling you into a peaceful sleep, pecking your forehead affectionately.


Originally posted by 1aeyong

I think Ten would be the most surprised about you asking to join him, which might make the moment a little awkward. As I’ve said in my post about the pros and cons of dating him, he’d be oblivious to signs and hints, no matter how blunt or obvious they may be. He’d have the massive crush on you for sure; you were all he thought about and sometimes when he went to bed, he’d think about what it’d be like to be with you or be able to call you his. But, for some reason, he would always manage to miss your subtle signs and hints that you liked him; like how you always brought him extra snacks and drinks at practice or how you’d always be up at night to text him if he couldn’t get to sleep. So when you knocked on his door in the late hours of the night, you’d definitely be a surprise. Sitting upright in his bed, his eyes starting to flutter shut again after being woken, he’d look at you for a moment, confused by your question (and his heart beating rapidly too) He’d simply nod, giving you a shy smile and awkwardly playing with his fingers. He’d attentively watch you walk around the side and climb into his bed, thanking him for letting you stay. It’d be awkward and stuff to say the least; both of you not knowing what to say or do so just sitting upright in his bed, avoid each other’s eyes. Finally, he’d just turning off the light and going to bed, which you’d agree. Unsure of your next moves but still wanting that physical affection, you’d quietly move over to Ten and lean into his side, your head resting gently on his shoulder. He’d relax knowing you weren’t just somewhere else in his bed in the dark, somewhere he wasn’t sure you were. Playing with your hair and stroking your back gently, you’d fall asleep, in Ten’s bed, like that.


Originally posted by taeyounq

Jaehyun would probably be expecting you to come in the first place. Earlier that evening, you’d be quite worked up and stressed about something going on in your life, and although Jaehyun wouldn’t stop you (because he’d love the fact you trusted him so much to rant like this), he’d know that your moment of adrenaline would end up keeping you up at night. Already having prepared extra cushions and covers, he wouldn’t go to sleep straight away, just hiding and cuddling himself under his covers. I think he would also get a little nervous waiting for you; even though you wouldn’t know that he was waiting for you, for him, it’d be like waiting for you to arrive on a first date. He’d blush and giggle to himself thinking about you, hiding his face in his covers, but then wouldn’t hear you knocking on his bedroom door or even you coming in and standing at the end of his bed. An awkward cough from you, and Jaehyun would suddenly freeze, lifting his head to see you waiting patiently and smiling at him. His cheeks would flush and he’d clumsily sit up, opening up his bed covers to let you slip in with him. You wouldn’t have to say anything, which you were thankful for, but couldn’t help but notice the faint colour on his cheeks. It wouldn’t help that you instinctively moved towards his chest, buried your face in his shirt and wrapped your arms loosely around him - he’d only blush harder and end up nestling his face in your hair to try to cool down and sort himself out.


Originally posted by nctinfo

Sicheng would totally be so cute and adorable if you ever asked him if it was okay to share a bed for the night. I actually don’t think he’d be that shy or embarrassed about letting you in. To reach this point in your relationship/sorta-friendship-but-kinda-relationship, it’d take months and a lot of getting used to. You’d both have to know each other really well and be comfortable around each other for something like this to happen; so Sicheng wouldn’t feel shy because although you’d be his crush, you’d also be his best friend and someone he didn’t need to be awkward around. He’d find you absolutely adorable though, standing in the corner of his room in your pyjamas and dishevelled hair. Nodding excitedly, he’d usher you over and lie down beside you quietly. You wouldn’t go to sleep straight away. Since you’d be so close to him, you’d know a side to him that most people wouldn’t know. He could be excitable, talkative and full of energy and sarcasm, and this’d be a time where that side would come out. Eventually, it’d be WinWin who falls asleep first, feeling a little drained from his little burst of energy, and you’d giggle and watch him adoringly as he starts to drift off asleep. He’d be the type to hold onto something during his sleep, usually a pillow or smaller blanket; but this time it’d be you. He’d tightly wrap his arms around your smaller frame, humming into your hair and mumbling sounds of relief. It’d be a very good night sleep for you, having him hold you like that so openly.


Originally posted by neotechs

Mark would definitely be the most awkward out of all the members, his crush on you completely taking over all his basic human instincts and mechanisms. He’d freeze up as soon as he heard your knock and voice behind his door. He’d just be so consumed by his crush on you, immediately starting to worry about how messy his room was or if he looked okay or if had food in his teeth or something. Clumsily, he’d get up and out of his bed, opening the door shyly and smiling at you. Honestly, you’d be quite taken aback with how good he looked; your breathe would hitch looking up at this bare-faced guy looking back down at you with as much adoration in his eyes as you did. Actually you’d both be so incredibly awkward - not just Mark. Standing stiffly there, neither of you would say anything until eventually Mark would ask you if you wanted to come and share his bed for the night (knowing fully well why you were here) You’d both get into his bed and under the covers, leaving a considerable large gap between you. Neither of you would say or do anything, until Mark started to hear your light snoring and gentle breathing. He’d relax a little, lying down onto his side so that he could look at your sleeping face. For a moment he’d just stare at you, not in a creepy way, just admiring you. He’d reach to move a strand of hair out your face, and the sudden skin contact would cause you to subconsciously reach towards him and cuddle into his chest. He’d be startled and surprised, but would hug you back equally as tight.


Originally posted by dovounq

Donghyuck would probably end up teasing you and joking with you a lot in order to hide up his shyness and embarrassment. Like Mark, he’d worry about how messy he room was or what he looks like, but you’d still find him so attractive and handsome at this time of night. Because neither of you were that tired, you’d just sit on his bed, talking about your day, asking him about his schedule, debating what to do the next day together. Somehow, the conversation would lead to having a pillow fight, both of you trying to keep the noise down but still laughing and screeching. Eventually, both of you would calm down, exhausted and panting from your play fight. In fact, Haechan would probably accidentally collapse on you, quickly pushing himself off though out of embarrassment and uttering a “sorry”. Quite quickly, both your breathing’s would start to slow down and eyes begin to shut, until eventually you were both lulled into a deep sleep. Throughout the night, both of you would manage to move closer to one another until your arms were wrapped tightly around each other. In the morning, Donghyuck would probably be apologising a lot for squeezing you so tightly during the night, and be very fluffy and cute around you.

Imagine if you will: it’s six months later in game-time.  Keyleth finished her Aramente, Hotis is dead, Taryon has paid the party and wandered on his way, so on and so forth.  There’s still a few Lingering Questions™ perhaps about that book and other things, but Vox Machina are prepared to take a well-deserved rest for a while.  Their keep is finally empty of refugees, there’s time to take a break from things like governing Whitestone, and everyone heads back to Greyskull for a little while to just enjoy their home and one another’s company for the first time in an age.

They send a message to Scanlan, an olive branch: we’re going back to Emon, back to Greyskull Keep.  We’d love to pick out a room for Kaylie, if you feel like coming by.

No reply.  Keyleth considers scrying on him in case something’s the matter, but finally decides not to intrude any further on his privacy.

The day arrives.  Bags are packed, they step through the Sun Tree and into their garden; the only familiar faces waiting are a few of their servants and Jarrett, but it’s still their good old long-lost home.  Emon is finally starting to really bustle again in the Conclave’s aftermath.  They consider a quiet dinner at home, but it almost seems like a waste; Vox Machina, as they’re wont to do, leave their things behind and head out to a tavern for a good time.

The one they pick is a big bustling place, and being the local heroes and all, they opt for one of the less conspicuous tables off in a corner.  They can’t really see the minstrels performing way over on the stage for all the heads in between.  (Well, Grog can, but he’s busy with his ale.)  The fiddler is uncommonly good, though, accompanied by an abrasively lively shawm and then an equally nimble lute.  It’s good music to get drunk by, so they toast and laugh and nobody thinks anything more of it until there’s a smooth tenor voice that they’d recognize anywhere:

“Let me tell you the tale,” it sings, “of Vox Machina.”

One of the group drops their ale mug, and the crowd whoops and cheers for Scanlan Shorthalt’s latest masterpiece, which of course he’s been performing here for days already to be sure the regulars know the words.  There’s a verse describing all the heroes, naturally, and Scanlan meets their eyes one after another with a small smile on his face.  Olive branch returned.

He looks different.  Less jewelry.  Somewhere along the line apparently he cut his hair, and now it’s half grown out again.  The only earring he wears is Tiberius’s, and the front of his shirt is closed.  He’s dressed like a man who’s decided maybe female attention isn’t that important to him after all.

The song is several verses long, glowingly detailing Vox Machina’s exploits.  It must have taken ages to write.  There are even some lines about Taryon Darrington, the end of the Aramente, the harrowing journey to the Nine Hells.  Things Scanlan wasn’t anywhere near, things which are definitely partially bullshit, but some of which ring startlingly true.  Perhaps Keyleth wasn’t the only person doing a little scrying.

The last verse ends with a flourish, proclaiming how Vox Machina triumphed through the power of their bonds, the strength of a family working as one.  Then amidst the raucous applause, he squeezes Kaylie’s hand and hops off the stage, leaving her considerable talents to finish the set alone.  He makes his way over to the corner with a smile, an awkward and old and honest smile, to buy everyone a drink.

(”So, little elf girl,” he starts, and Vex immediately punts him down the table.)

i’m betting everything

Pairing: Keith/Lance
Words: 23429
Chapters: 1/1

A summer of dates between a prince and a boy who works in a coffee shop.

“I wanted to see you.” Keith’s eyes widen a little, and he ducks his head, but not before Lance sees the smile tugging at his lips. “This is the part where you say ‘Me too, Lance,’” Lance prompts him, although he’s ridiculously charmed by Keith’s awkwardness.

“Of course I wanted to see you,” Keith says, rolling his eyes.

Read it on AO3 here.