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Here’s the actual shot (not my bad dark photo of a photo that I posted last night cause I couldn’t wait:) from my cover with the wonderful Tom Hiddleston for their annual Power Stylist issue. Shot by my hubby @ericraydavidson at @fortunegymboxing. Thank you to @Gucci for outfitting us - what a dream! Thank you to one of my besties @amynadinemakeup for my makeup, @erin_mckay for my hair (and color:). A zillion thank you to @hollywoodreporter for this super fun honor two years in a row! And so much love to all my fellow kick ass powerful women (and men - looking at you @robzangardi ;) stylists for being honored for all your stunning work this year! And thank you to @twhiddleston for just being the friggin best! Can’t wait to post our hilarious interview from this!

Victuuri bed selfie for #yoiweek2017 day 5: Stay close to me. Favorite ship. 😄

I once heard that you shouldn’t trust a person who kisses with their eyes open, but what’s a man to do when you can’t stop admiring your hubby.. 😍 I do wonder if Victor actually would post this tho xd

solverne  asked:

9 or 12 for the draw meme? :D

9. Them as a tiny six year old cutie-patoot.

I’m sorry her 6 year old is not cute, because that year was hell for Athelas. ;—-;

12. An AU!

Modern AU where she is waiting for le hubby (Solas, in case you’re wondering) for a date night! This design is actually from a short comic that I will post soon.

Thanks for the ask @solverne! :D

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No Cardinal today, I’m posting these instead! ❤️

It was a wonderful day out and a fabulous play.
David Tennant is so full of energy, and the play is a ribald, bawdy, romp, happy, hilariously funny and profoundly sad all in one.
David has a wonderful soliloquy near the end which is so true, I wish I could post that too! (It echoed Malcolm’s speech at the Goolding Inquiry)

Wonderful stuff. 😊

Hope everyone has a great Sunday whatever you are doing! 😘

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What are your favorite Harry/Luna stories?

ohh! You know, funnily enough, anon, a couple of months (and by a couple I mean like 6 months ago) I said I was going to make a master rec list for Lunarry fanfics. Unfortunately, I never got around to finishing it since there were still a lot of fics that I either couldn’t find or wasn’t finished reading yet.

That being said, I do have quite a big list so far, but for the sake of not overflooding the dashboard I’ll simply post some of my absolute favorites and if you (or anyone else) wishes I can post the rest of my lunarry recommendations.

First, my favorite multi-chapter fics:

Luna’s Year by Michelle_31a “Harry and his friends gradually discover a growing friendship with a certain Ravenclaw.” (note: This is my absolute favorite multi-chapter lunarry fic ever. I used to discuss Lunarry with Michelle_31a way back in the day before HBP came out and I believe she understands Luna’s character better than any fanfic author I’ve met, and so I cannot stress enough how wonderful this fic is. 100% Lunarry goodness.)

Luna’s Hubby by Meteoricshipyards
“7 year old Luna wants a husband, and she wants one now. With the unintended help of her befuddled father, she kidnaps Harry Potter.” (note: very fluffy and contains abused!Harry.)

Harry Potter and Ice-Cream Delights by Luckner
“Harry Potter knew better than anyone that a person’s life could be changed forever in a single day, but until he spent a summer day with Luna Lovegood he didn’t realize that his life could be made forever better. This story is an alternative summer following Harry’s fifth year. Spoilers for HBP and DH. Story intended for romantics, be warned.”

Contemplating Clouds by

“Apathetic Occlumency teacher twisting your mind out of shape? Never fear, there’s a charming young girl in the year below to twist it back in the opposite direction. Just hope it doesn’t snap.” (I hesitated to add this because it’s discontinued, however it’s one of the better multi chapter h/l fics out there so it’s pleasant for a short read.)

Now, some of my favorite one-shots:

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast by delicfcd
“Being a true (for a given value of ‘true’) account of events preceding breakfast in a (slightly atypical) day in the lives of Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter.”

Like Invisible Strings by and_backagain

“The next night, unpacking his trunk, he discovers that he’s forgotten his spare set of quills, his last bag of Chocolate Frogs, and his Transfiguration book. Wrapped in a pair of his old socks, though, is the mirror, which Harry had snatched down from the window the moment he’d seen Dumbledore arrive.”

Harry and Luna’s Answering Machine by michelle_31a
“What might happen when these two lovebirds try to set up their very first answering machine…”

Knock, Knock by Michelle_31a
“Harry tries to tell a ‘knock-knock’ joke to Luna - ‘try’ being the operative word.”

Goodnight, Harry by museinmotion
“Sometimes it’s the quiet companionship.”

Insanity by cloudcreation
“Luna was not like everyone else, but Harry didn’t exactly give a damn. It wasn’t what was important.”

And that’s it! Those are some of my favorites. I have more on my rec list but the ones here are ones that I’ve read over and over and over again because I just love them so much. There are tons more Lunarry fanfics out there but I think these just capture Lunarry perfectly. :) Hopefully that helps, anon!

Chanbaek sharing clothes

Ok so the other day my sibling was I guess talking about her otp in an anime and going off about how they were sharing clothes and stuff. And upon over hearing that I swooped in and started giving my experiences on Chanbaek sharing clothes. 

Yeah my sibling rolled her eyes and walked away after that, but I just love it when they share clothes~ I like couple stuff too, but I feel like lots and lots of idols just get couple items for the fun of it. So sharing clothes is one of my favorites…until I find out other idols share clothes too…

Sharing a pretty blue plaid sweater~

Sharing a white shirt

Baekhyun be stealing Chanyeol’s birthday present, no wonder it’s so big on him. His arms don’t even fill up the entire sleeve! And that smirk Baek’s wearing, he’s like “yeah this is my hubbies’ Chanyeol’s jacket, what’cha gunna do ‘bout it?” and it’s supreme! Perfect for the supreme couple. 

See? Couple jacket. Supremeeeee

Oh and while looking for that through Let’s-talk-Baekyeol’s post, I noticed this

Exo showtime ep 4

Exo showtime ep 3

They have more couple hats. Moreeeeee

Along with these couple hats. Plus synchronization.

Enough with the couple stuff! I just put a sentence stating why couple stuff ain’t really my thing…

More big Chanyeol clothes. Ehehehehehe, look at how big it is on Baekhyun! He has to roll it up, like a lot. Well Chanyeol is bigger than he is, so he would fit perfectly in Chanyeol’s arms~ ahem.

And my fav!

Baekhyun giving Chan his sweater because Chanyeol’s shirt was too small on him ;_; featuring a lonely and done Chen. Wait did Chen just nod while Baekhyun was giving Chanyeol his sweater? 0-0

And yes I know Baekhyun generally takes his member’s clothes, as he stated in Happy Camp, but that’s like only simple things like socks and undershirts, this is full blown shirts and stuff, and the fact that they let each other wear each other’s stuff is just so gosh dang adorable. Like couples, when one partner (I like imagining the smaller one) wears other partner’s huge sweater and then the bigger partner just finds it so gosh dang adorable! Like me. 

(Also apparently the jacket Baekhyun wore during the v app, during Chan’s b day, was Chanyeol’s. But I can’t find good evidence ;_;)

Remember this radio show thing? Yeah this is where Baekhyun was wearing Chan’s jacket. And that radio thing had a healthy amount of Chanbaek moments too~ :3

I love it when they share clothes. Makes me fangirl. 



is nothing else going on in ur life that you have to report every time your spouse does you a favor

The reasons Oscars week's Sweeran was so adorable!

So, Taylor took “her friend” Ed as her date (boy, the media’s so blind I’m rollin my eyes!) but what’s Sweeran did that was so special was:

1. Taylor took Ed as her date (she said earlier that she only takes her brother, Austin, when she’s not dating. BUT SHE TOOK ED)

2. They fucking MATCH!! Their clothes match. Ed in BLACK tee&jacket/RED sneakers (the ones from his first bday post on Instagram, maybe it’s a gift from Tay, MAYBE). Taylor in hot BLACK dress/Red nails. It’s one of those wonderful little details showing they’re there as a couple! *tears*

3. Taylor’s heels. Much shorter than the stilettos she normally wears. (Let’s face it, she’s doing it for Ed to feel comfortable and that’s just so sweet) *sobbing*

3. They stuck together all night. Join at the hips *more sobbing*

4. Taylor’s head leans into Ed’s in the photo with the Jamie King couple. Honestly, it a Sweeran photo moment with extras on the side. *may I have some tissue?*

5. Ed’s head rests so comfortably on Taylor’s in the Photobooth photos and how she looked so at ease at the closeness of it all. *fucking crying my eyes out*

6. The post-party tweets/Instagram from both Ed and Taylor - Ed with Murray (we know you took it Taylor!) and Taylor’s post just showing and CONFIRMING they’re having the greatest time together. Way to wrap up the wonderful night!!


anonymous asked:

Hii!! Okay first of all I love your blog!! Reading your posts makes me all happy and giddy ehehe anyways I was wondering what're your thoughts on the chanbaek roommate ep? (I just recently rewatched it and yeah what's your take on it?) thank youu 💞


My thoughts on the roommate episode? Oho, I was going to make a post on that but never got the chance, so I’ll just do it now~

So it starts with Baekhyun calling Chanyeol, asking to come over.

(announcing to the world who is his hubby is calling him) 

I just found this funny, Baekhyun’s is doing nothing, and instead of hanging with Kyungsoo or anyone who is possibly nearby, he decides to bother Chanyeol who is probably farther away.

And that’s when it all started *dramatic music*

Baekhyun gets there before Chanyeol (because he was in a hurry to see his boyfie friend.

Or maybe the bus was really fast. BUT WAIT!!!! Why in the world would you take a bus? Like here you are, an idol (a very popular one too) taking a bus where you could possibly get trampled, why not ask the manager to take you, they would right? Getting more noticed in variety, unless! Baekhyun didn’t want anyone to be aware that he was going on a secret mission (like romeo and juliet) to see his hubby to see Chanyeol. Hmmm suspicious.

I also found this intriguing, I mean Baekhyun is usually that jokester that is great at socializing (correct me if I am wrong, I am not a Baekhyun stan) but here he is all awkward with just a few people and needing Chanyeol to be here so he can break the ice. It’s reminds me of a couple and one of them introducing the other to their parents. (excuse my delulu mind)

(look at dat smile yo)

I just love this. Like Baekhyun so naturally and instinctively fit his hand in Chanyeol’s. Usually friends would do a high five or heck those “ey yo bro” hugs. But these two? nah

Oh but the moments just get better.

Checking out Chanyeol’s room together with, ohh I forgot his name, was it like mama shin or something? Sorry if I’m wrong. Lol, Chanyeol’s adorable face, he just had that second where he was just staring at clumsy Baek. I love it.

Then they gotta go into that place where they gotta be with everyone else. (Why can’t they just have some alone time!)

But it’s ok, their moments were absolutely adorable even with everyone else.

Stares man. GOSH DANG EYE CONTACT!!! And then shy Baekhyun. Makes my heart flutter all the time.

(He’s like a little puppy! Halp me!!)

Ya’ll know how Chanyeol has a habit of hitting things when he laughs and stuff? I don’t know why, maybe I’m biased but I think it’s the cutest when he starts smacking Baekhyun. 

This had to be the most suspicious part for me. When everyone was focusing on that guy (forgot his name, I’m so sorry) Baekhyun all of a sudden as if taking a chance swoops in and wraps his arm around Chanyeol’s shoulder, like so casually that Chanyeol seemed a bit “huh?” but of course leaned close to Baekhyun anyway. But the face they did some skinship wasn’t the interesting part, but where and how they did it. First of all, why do it now? I mean if Chanbaek is just fan service, why not do it when you were on the couch, where everyone could see, why do it when everyone’s attention was on something else, and it was quite hard to pick up? Barely even noticed cause my eyes were on that funny guy. Also Baekhyun (despite being all touchy with Sehun) he doesn’t really start skinships with Chanbaek, the only other time I can really think of is the footsie. Maybe the skinships that Baekhyun starts have meaning? I don’t know, this side hug appeals to me as more of a couple feel than just friends (to me only). I don’t know why, it just does, like me personally I just throw my arms around my friend, I don’t slowly and gently feel my way up their back. 

I swear, I bet you Chanyeol just wanted to put Baekhyun in front just to look at his booty (lol my dirty mind). I mean come on Baekhyun had said his pants were too tight and look at Chanyeol’s face. Do you make those expressions while dancing with you friend? Probably not. If so, learn to control them, or people might get the wrong idea. Like right now.

And without fire you can’t have light. And without light you can’t have fire. (and don’t any of ya’ll ruin the mood by saying there’s such thing as flashlights!)


(during the part where they were demonstrating the jumprope part in overdose) Dear park Chanyeol. Even when you think we can’t see you, we CB shippers are sharper than you think. So don’t look too proud.

Chanyeol, you’re staring again. I know he’s beautiful, but you don’t want to be too obvious.

My fav = height difference

This had to be my favorite part. A moment mixed with skinship and jealousy~

Ok so before the skinship, Baekhyun was asked, which female he was most curious about, then all of a sudden Chanyeol’s face is that serious one, as seen in the gif above, and with no need for it, reaches for the slicer in Baekhyun’s hand. *ahem* “accidentally” brushes his hand with Baekhyun’s (both times). I swear he was probably like “I’m da best, ya better remember dat.” and luckily (or unluckily, depends on how you look at it) Baekhyun chose the manliest girl. 

And that brings us to the end of our Chanbaek roommate journey, those were just some of my thoughts as well as my favorite moments in roommate.

Now I’m gunna sleep. Cuz I’m tired. And I have nothing else to do with my boring life except for waiting for the next episode of my anime (if you like anime, you should watch boku no hero academia that’s where I got this gif from). 

(actually this is the sped up version of the actual gif, but still a good animu) -3-

Good night darlings~

(ps thank you for loving my blog anon~)

DOL2016 - #3

Droughtlander 2016 Issue 3 - 9/2/16

Forget all the bullshit with the Antis and speculations about Sam’s preferences, let us focus on the newest issue of Droughtlander 2016 with all the shippery news of the day :)!

So, after I posted the DOL2016 Issue 2 yesterday, our two lovely co-stars were online again at the same time. Probably spending the evening catching up on the wifey’s trip and discussing how to save the children, raise more money for their causes and Cait probably got an S3 recap… lovely :)

It was a wonderful start to the day when during my very early morning coffee I saw our two friendly co-stars had been online at the same time at 7am UK time. Not only that, but wifey tweeted hubby’s tweet from IGN about the show. Awwww… Just to make it more cute, hubby tweeted a lovely picture of a double rainbow reminiscent of the wifey’s rainbow pictures. Adorbs!!!!

The Outlander cast had an early start, their make-up lady also tweeted a picture of the double rainbows at the same time, although from seemingly a different location, out of town rather than in town. The wifey liked that picture. Among Cait’s likes I also noticed that there are some wonderful people raising money and donating to both WCC and Bloodwise (Cait and Sam’s charities), one woman is stitching a portrait of Sam…amazing.

It is unclear if Cait was filming today. The settings where they are shooting seem suited to the Jamie story-line not the Claire story-line in Voyager. Maybe Sam and Cait were online at the same time because they were just done talking on the phone and wifey was wishing him a good day at work :). It’s also possible wifey joined hubby on location and both got up early. Either way, hubby seemed chipper this morning ;) ;).

I hope the friendly co-stars will hang out sort of personally this week-end and maybe they will have some more goodies for us :).

Ship on ladies, because after seeing the “love collages” (term used very loosely, some pics actually support our ship more than theirs LOL) posted by Antis today on Twitter, there is no doubt in my mind our ship is way better than theirs! :)

Okay so this little chat I had with my hubby last night basically tells what a fucking dorky angel he is. Really I was just trying to tease him lol but then I forgot he is this awesome.

“Does it bother you I’m pansexual?”

“It means you fall in love with the person, not their sex, right?”


“I think it’s wonderful.”

“Well would it bother you if I started posting nudes online?”

“Of course not, but I’d be worried how you would feel about the comments that people leave in your pictures.”

“Okay well what if I started doing porn? Would you be bothered?”

“Well hell yeah you don’t go fucking any of those ugly men actors ew. You’re my waifu.”


This one time I went to Texas and I fulfilled the lifelong dream of getting to eat food cooked by straightarrowlife!!

We had been planning for me to attend her birthday dinner for weeks but I was just afraid that if I told tumblr before it happened then I would jinx it!!

I met up with one of my all time favorite people thatsminethankyou and we rode from her place to Melissa’s. It was SOOO much fun getting to hang out and take a mini road trip to ft. Worth (by mini I mean 45 minutes). She has great taste in music and is just as fun and wonderful as I had imagined.

When we got to Melissa’s place, helloagainsam was there too which was a lot of fun. She and I both follow each other but now like we know KNOW each other. (Btw she’s hilarious yall)

Melissa cooked Indian food which I had never ate before and it was so delicious! It was so cool to get to witness her cooking in real life. She spent the whole evening looking after her guests which says a lot about a person when it’s their birthday. Oh and all the wonderful things she says about her hubby and cats are true too. What a wonderful, thoughtful, fun family they have.

I had so much fun spending time with some of my favorite internet people. What’s even better is now that when I read their posts I can hear their actual voices in my head.

Score another point for tumblr. Internet friendships are some of the best friendships around.

Submitted to me:

I am a forty-three year old mother of two from the US. I was looking on you tube at One Direction videos to show my kids after Thanksgiving and stumbled on the whole Larry thing. I don’t know that I would call myself a “shipper” at this age, but what I have discovered is a beautiful love story. The greatest evidence for me are the tattoos. My hubbie thinks I am nuts, but going on tumblr, you tube and twitter are my new “hobbies.” My 8 yo and I will be wearing rainbows in Chicago!

Amazing story! Your post reminded me of a chat I had with my people 2 days ago. We wondered why het moms are getting so much hate. (I certainly had my fair share here) It’s because of this. You, me and all the Larry moms have the power to decide how to raise their children, how to teach them about genders, sexuality, awareness. And they are scared shitless.

It’s the biggest power and I am so happy you are taking your kid to the concert with a Rainbow! :)

Sign up for Rainbow Direction, you can do that anonymously if you don’t have tumblr.

Happy Birthday Billy and Tommy!!!

There is no better way to celebrate this wonderful day, than posting a picture of their 16th Birthday! The Bravo with this pictures was one of my first and I still have it.

Happy Birthday Hubby & Brother in Law ♥♥♥♥
(just a little insider for my beloved nessa)