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i drew this thinking i could play with expressions.. only to realise.. no.. not really.. and then i got really disappointed with myself and started doubting how i draw Rhys and well.. how i draw.. -side eyes- 

Tim Lawrence and Rhys©Borderlands
-disappointeeeeeed- ©me


Woo Hee said that if he is Baek Ah, then she is Zhong Ji Kee, referring to an ancient story. In that story, Zhong Ji Kee chanced upon Baek Ah when he was playing his instrument by a river, and complimented him with a poem. They became sworn brothers, in an another word, see each other as soulmate. They agreed to meet at the same place again during the next mid-autumn festival. However, when Baek Ah was at the same river a year after, he found out that Zhong Ji Kee passed away. He was so sadden that he did not touch his instrument again, as he believed the only person who understood him was no longer around. (x)

Okay. Maybe I’m too harsh about this or maybe I’m just projecting myself on characters again, but I believe that Bink shouldn’t apologize for not letting Annie know that she was ace before having sex with her. And I believe so for one reason: she didn’t know she was ace! She began finding out afterwards! Simple as that! If you didn’t know you were allergic to chocolate and you never had chocolate before and then someone offers you a chocolate and you eat it and you have an allergic reaction, would you say “sorry for not letting you know” to the person who gave you the chocolate? No! Because you didn’t know you were allergic to chocolate.

Another thing that should be taken into consideration is that, like with other sexualities, you second-guess yourself a lot. And that’s alright, it’s part of the process for some people. Heck, I doubt myself a lot about being ace and I’ve been in a relationship for over a year! Feeling sexual attraction is so integrained in our brains that especially if you’re not sex-repulsed and/or enjoy sexual intercourse, it’s pretty tough to be sure that you aren’t sexually attracted to anyone. 

Finally, coming out as asexual to your partner(s) can be very scary because it’s not that you don’t like them, but not being sexually attracted to them might be enough of a reason for someone to leave the relationship. I’m not judging it, everyone has their own needs. However, I think that Bink coming out to Annie shows trust and sincerity, not lack of thereof. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that Annie is trying to understand and educate herself! But yeah.


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“Sorry,” is the utterly unapologetic answer Stiles gets to his most recent inquiry.  Making this the fourth day in a row.

Stiles squints into her indifferent face.  “You know, Janet, I don’t think you are that sorry.”

She shrugs.  She’s not.  And she’s not even sorry about her lack of being sorry.  Stiles can officially say he does not like this girl.  In fact, he’s totally gonna fill out a comment card that sums up this whole conversation with a tried and true: ‘Damn it, Janet.’

“He really didn’t say anything?”  He’s maybe sounding a little desperate now and he drags his hand off the counter to look slightly less unstable.  “About a message to pass along for someone named ‘Stiles?’  Nothing, huh?”

“Oh you know what—” she starts thoughtfully, shuffling through a few papers on the desk below and Stiles lights up.  Her eyes dart up, hard, and she finishes blandly, “no.”

“That was mean,” Stiles says, deflating.  It’d been a week since he’d seen Derek.  They’d mentioned meeting up after Caffiend, Derek had told him to drop by Halesome Arts again, whenever, he’d be there, they could talk.  Everything had seemed fine, good even.  Only Stiles had come by, had even looked for him on the metro.  And Derek was always notably absent, in both places, and Janet was always notably unsympathetic, in one of them.

She sighs exasperatedly now, rolling her eyes.  Stands, puts her elbows up on the hutch above her receptionist’s desk and drops her chin into her open palm.  “You know, I felt bad for you the first time you came in here, Stiles, but there’s a reason people don’t go see the same play every night of the week, you get me?”

“Right.  Yeah.  I—”

“It doesn’t help that the play isn’t even that compelling to begin with,” she cuts him off, unnecessarily adding that little sac-punch in there.  Stiles can’t exactly deny it though.  It probably just gets sadder and sadder with each new mounting of it actually.

“Yeah, okay.  I’m being blown off,” he makes himself say it out loud, croaky and more broken down than he’s possibly ever been, “that’s what’s happening here.”

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gif request meme → anonymous asked: the hunger games + favourite romantic relationship
“sometimes when i’m alone, i take the pearl from where it lives in my pocket and try to remember the boy with the bread, the strong arms that warded off nightmares on the train, the kisses in the arena.”

Taken by the Woods [8tracks]  [playmoss]

Follow you Down to the Red Tree James Vincet McMorrow//In a Week Hozier//Gently You+Me//In the Woods Somewhere Hozier//Run Boy Run Woodkid//Skulls Bastille//The Woods Daughter//Thistle & Weeds Mumford & Sons//Lost River Murder By Death//Spirited Away - The Sixth Station Joe Hisaishi//Smother Daughter//The Draw Bastille//Within You ThouShaltNot//Eliezers Waltz Disparition//Bottom of the River Delta Rae//Bones MsMr//Li'l Red Riding Hood Laura Gibson//The Moss Cosmo Sheldrake//Over The Garden Wall Jack Jones//Drink the Water Eisley//Little Talks Of Monsters and Men//Fukitsu Satoru Kosaki//Still Alive Mt Eden Dubstep//Into the Unknown (Theme Song) Jack Jones//Clint Eastwood Gorrilaz//Once Upon A Dream Lana Del Rey

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Like honestly, I have always liked Oldbag’s slightly overdramatic obsession with Edgeworth because dangit it IS funny

But at the same time I feel totally guilty for finding it funny at all because if the tables were turned and the games had a 60+ year old man constantly hitting on a 25 year old woman no one would even hesitate to condemn it as being creepy as fuck

ok i desperately hope that fic exists where percy is a tired ministry of magic worker after the war and after his daughters go to hogwarts he has trouble seeing the point to it all anymore so he calls it quits and after idk visiting them or something he remembers the feeling he had going to hogwarts, making prefect, making head boy, having some small semblance of power and control and the ability to make a real difference, to be important again, and he’s suddenly blinded with desire, with the sense that maybe he was on the wrong path all along.

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I want to stop reposting political stuff but there’s nothing on my else dash and every post is so spot on and relevant and it feels wrong to post anything else when something this big and this wrong is happening. I follow so many amazing people and they are all anti-trump and pro human rights and surrounding myself on this little bubble made it seem like everyone was against him and he didn’t have a chance. He’s all over our media being made fun of and made to look like a psychopathic joke of a human. And I guess I forgot that I just follow decent people and that sadly you all aren’t the majority and it’s now this sickening shit is happening and it’s so wrong.

shout out to those people for whom mother’s day is not traumatic or sad but just kinda mildly uncomfortable

shout out for those people whose moms aren’t “toxic” or anything of the sort but just don’t conform to the loving, affectionate, encouraging, supportive mom-type that is so vehemently advertised on mother’s day

shout out to those people who can’t make the kinds of gestures that abound on mother’s day without feeling fake and deceitful, but who at the same time don’t want to ignore the whole thing either

shout out to people who remain mildly uncomfortable and feel inadequate because they can’t do like everyone else, posting about their wonderful amazing moms without whom they would be a mess and who is their best friend that they tell everything to

shout out to people who are uncomfortable posting lovey-dovey mom-appreciation messages because they aren’t true, but they can’t be claiming any of the harmful, negative aspects of mother’s day either

shout out to those people with mediocre moms, cause they do exist, and people who only have “thanks for giving me life and raising me but thats pretty much as far as it goes” to say on mother’s day