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Jihoon (ft. Daehwi) + Snow Filters = Too Cute for My Health



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Adult Supervision

Summary: One-shot. Jaken’s scheme to find the Inu no Taisho’s tomb takes an unexpected turn when the Unmother brings Izayoi back from the dead. Alive in the demon’s body, Izayoi wants to make amends with Inuyasha by doing what she couldn’t before: being there.

Words: 7k

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A/N: Inuparents Day fic. The story isn’t about their relationship, but it’s often mentioned! 

Dedicated to @wreathoflaurels, who made me love Izayoi. To me, she’s really your character!

“I have come back, Inuyasha… Back from the world of the dead.”

Izayoi was aware of something channeling her, tugging at her spirit—disturbing her peace.

“Stop hurting her!” A man screamed from the outside.

“Your son,” the thing whispered. “The man is your son.”


“Are you okay?” A girl’s voice sounded close by.

“Who’s there? Who are you?” Izayoi asked the darkness.

“I am the Unmother.”

“Kagome, you and her, get out of here!” Inuyasha barked.

“I think not,” Sesshomaru’s voice scorned.

“It’s a trap,” Izayoi realized. She started fighting the demon’s grasp, feeling the strength of the souls which formed it—mothers mourning children who would never come home.

Their intentions weren’t good.

“This place… Where is it?” Inuyasha asked.

“Nowhere!” Izayoi wanted to yell. “It’s an illusion!”

“At the bottom of the spirit world,” the Unmother answered. “I must be crossing over very soon.”

Izayoi would have groaned if she could. Stuck inside the Unmother’s body, she was able to read her like a book.

Inuyasha would die.

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This is the FUCKIT hat.

There is a very important brainhacking principle behind the FUCKIT hat. It starts with this:

Perfect is the enemy of Good.
Good is the enemy of Done.

The consequence is that sometimes you should put on your FUCKIT hat and just Do The Thing. Badly. Half-ass it. Quarter-ass it. The idea that everything worth doing is worth doing well may be true (probably not), but part of being a grown-up is that you have to do some shit that is seriously not worth doing at all, except that if you don’t do it you will get fired/not get funding/get yelled at/whatever. 

So FUCKIT. Send in the report with unbalanced standard errors, nobody’s going to read it anyway. FUCKIT, post the fic even though it’s not beta’d. FUCKIT, leave a comment, reply to the thing, even if you can’t say it exactly right. FUCKIT, wear the thing that makes you feel good but looks “weird.” Do the thing you really want to do but that scares you. It’ll probably work out.

And even if it doesn’t. FUCKIT.

- ̗̀ 18.01.17: Preparing in advance for 2nd year ̖́-

Is it okay for studyblrs to post about reflecting on failures and steps going forward?
Well YOLO because I am. Uni hasn’t started yet for me but I’m working on doing as much as I can in advance beforehand. I unfortunately didn’t pass my first semester of politics and I’m repeating. I made the constant mistake of studying from annotated slides more than my textbook. Working on making sure that doesn’t happen again by going step by step with my syllabus and answering all the outcomes from my holy grail textbooks. Step in the right direction…right? ❁