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Adlock For Dummies

I was supposed to write some fanfiction, and as usual, I decided to scroll through the Adlock tag to get some feels rolling. But instead, I found myself disappointed at the fact that there has been another fiasco involving hate being present in the tags that caused a back-and-forth between Adlockers and, based on my observation, some Johnlock shippers (and yes, I’m using the entire ship name to have it appear on their tag because tit for tat).

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So first off, bless you my fellow shippers, @i-am-adlocked, @redwulfgirl, @marvelfangirlandsherlockian4ever, @magicalpostface, to name a few for defending the ship to the core, and for @thank-you-for-being-with-me​ and @themissadventurer​ for explaining wth happened. 

Now, this isn’t me putting gas to the already burning fire, but it is sickening to go over this again and again and again. To be fair, I have tried to be level headed back then about this whole conundrum, but seriously though, this has got to stop. 

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So I decided to approach this the Adlock way. I laid out the most common arguments against this ship and I’m going to give my most logical answers to it. Is this going low? Maybe. But hey, it’s a slow night for me so here’s to sharpening up my good ol’ brain cells.

Note: All quote references came from this brilliant post.

PART ONE: Disproving common arguments

1. “But Irene is gay…”

Yes, Irene had said this herself. From what I’ve seen in the fandom, people have a split opinion on the matter, taking Irene as either a lesbian or a bisexual, and coming from individuals who are part of the LGBTQ community, there should be a huge amount of respect for these opinions. But sadly, it has become a fiasco on its own. Now, as someone who is a genderfluid sapiosexual (putting this here because otherwise I would be called out for pushing heteronormativity or spreading homophobia and all those things), I personally think that Irene used the term gay loosely. She obviously prefers women, but is also evidently attracted to Sherlock.

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So referencing what Lara Pulver stated back in 2012, “It’s just a label, isn’t it? Because, at the end of the day, I think she had feelings for Sherlock. So then people say, ‘Well, so she’s obviously not gay. She must be bisexual.’ But actually, let’s not label this. Let’s just know that human beings fall for other human beings.”

2. “Shipping Adlock is homophobic”

If we are going by expressed declarations of sexuality, it is important to not only take in Irene Adler’s preference into question. John Watson has been very vocal about not being gay, having been engaged into several relationships prior to his marriage with Mary Morstan, and yet has been subject to claims that he is, in fact, in love with Sherlock Holmes. So, logically speaking, rejecting one point over the other completely disproves the argument. 

3. “There are undeniable proof that Sherlock and John are in love”

This is something I didn’t want to tap on, but felt like I needed to do so. From the ACD canon to the BBC version, there are arguments falling ill to the common notion that the relationship of the two borders on romance. 

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It has been a common fictional trope, where a character who is angsty and misunderstood is accepted by a trusty and kind comrade – or a brother not by blood but by bond if you will – and it is something intriguing because it is not so common in real life. This is because as much as it is embraced in fiction, males in real life are often pushed into the stigma of being macho men, for the smallest amount of affection showed towards someone else is regarded to as romantic attraction.

Love is very much present between Sherlock and John, but similar to characters like Frodo and Sam from LotR, Jem and Will from The Infernal Devices, Steve and Bucky from Captain America, and other ‘shippable bromances’, this is, in fact, nothing romantic, because newsflash, romance isn’t the only type of love there is. And the main reason why there are often claimed as so is because of this underlying patriarchal effect that two men can be friends, ‘but hey, no homo’, which frankly makes this all the more absurd. It’s like we hate this thinking but subconsciously, we have fallen deep into the expectations it represents.

4. Queerbaiting

In millions of interviews and conventions, the writers have explicitly said that Sherlock and John are not together, at least not in a romantic fashion, and this is first and foremost a story of their adventures as a detective and his chronicler. So blaming them and accusing them of queerbaiting is very much unfair.

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All the ships have the liberty to ship what they ship, to hold on to every evidence and claim that they have as presented in the show, but to push through with an idea once a conclusion has been drawn seems unfair to the entire fandom altogether. It is fair to feel disappointed towards an episode you didn’t like, but a story and a writer that reels toward what the audience asks it to be is nothing more than laziness. 

YOU. CAN. ALWAYS. STOP. WATCHING. Don’t go as far as ruin the experience for everyone. It’s like because you’re allergic to nuts, then you expect your entire school to ban it and close all the shops in town selling it. 

PART TWO: “Adlock does not make sense”

I felt this needs to be a section on its own because as much as our ship only has a handful of references to play with, I can at least say that Adlock has sailed by itself even without our help. 

1. “So you like policemen?”

Most people who do not ship Adlock claim that Sherlock ‘malfunctioned’ in this scene because he was jealous ‘of’ Irene. But if we look at it, John was the first one who flirted with Irene by trying to make a move using the soldier card in contrast to Irene’s supposed liking of policemen. 

Now to quote Mark Gatiss, “He suddenly meets someone who fascinates him. Holmes and Adler have an intellectual attraction. He doesn’t understand it. It’s like falling in love, but he doesn’t know what it is.”

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It was obvious that having this woman one up him distracted him for a fragment of a second that he wanted to get back this air of superiority. Still, she outsmarts him. Also note that the morning after, he has already looked her up on Twitter, showing that she did pique his interest. 

2. “You barely knew her.” 

Abruptly answering is a way to tell when someone is lying according to Sherlock himself. So why did he give a clipped ‘yes’ when John asked if he was okay upon deducing that Irene Adler was ‘dead’?

Plus, nicotine was supposed to be something to keep him at bay – to keep his mind sharp. We saw how much he needs it if he’s an emotional wreck to enable him to think. But when Mycroft gave him low tar because he deemed that Sherlock barely knew Irene, he scoffed. He gave a grunt that sounds humorously offended. If you didn’t catch this then please watch the scene again.

3. “Craving the distraction of the game, I sympathise entirely.”

Sherlock and Irene were each other’s distraction, like the king and the queen of the opposing sides of the chessboard. And this was clearly a declaration that Sherlock was aware of how attracted he was to her, probably more so on an intellectual level, and that he genuinely wanted to understand and even impress her, much like her attempts to do so with him. 

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4. “There’s no point in my leaving the flat for anything less than a seven, we agreed.”

Karachi is 4,906.6 miles from London. Just putting it out there. 

Oh and a challenge from Mr. Cumberbatch himself from 2015:  “They had a night. Irene Adler and Sherlock had a night. I’m absolutely certain of that. Deal with me.”

5. “I’ll still have it.”

Why would he ask for Irene’s Vertu? What did “The Woman… THE Woman.” mean? Going back to ASiP, the most obvious reference is “If she’d left him, he would’ve kept it. People do, sentiment.”

It was his obvious admission that Irene did in fact beat her, because she made him show that he did care about whatever it is that they had.

And add to his collection of all sentimental things, plus in reference to a Chekov’s gun, the rose in the hospital window in HLV disappeared, meaning Sherlock took it with him when he escaped. They wouldn’t show that camera play without meaning tbh.

6. “Get out of my head, I’m busy.”

Seeing how Sherlock’s mind palace works, he projects people in his mind as he needs them to be – whether it be their opinions, the moral balance they lead him to, etc. 

As his mind illustrates, Mycroft is often shown in a setting where he is regarded to as an important compass for intellect and logic, whereas John is often the one who offers practical and emotional approaches. Molly in HLV was presented such as a medical reference, and Anderson represents the firm believer that despite the perils and impossibilities, he can surpass death once more – quite a touching nod to TEH Anderson, tbh.

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Anyway, going back to that scene in ASoT, it was clear that the mere thought of The Woman sent him a wave of distraction and nostalgia. His representation of her was with the look of affection and longing, something projected by his own subconscious. 

7. The pocketwatch in TAB

As this is all happening in his subconscious, the mere idea that John ‘his moral and emotional compass’ Watson brings up the thought of Irene Adler in the pocketwatch is an internal dialogue of his logic going against the musings of his heart. 

8.  “People text. Even I  text. Her, I mean. Woman. Bad idea. Try not to, but you know, sometimes…”

Sometimes, what? That is the question, don’t you think? 

In addition to the whole bromance thing, John expressing his grief in front of Sherlock cancels out the whole macho man facade and simply offers what years of friendship between them developed: trust. In this, Sherlock must’ve felt like the whole ‘I don’t text her back’ statement was already overdue, and just as how John confessed that he’s not as good as anyone holds him up to be, Sherlock also felt like it’s time to not be embarrassed to reveal that he is also, at times, vulnerable against his own impulses. 

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9. Irene knows Sherlock’s birthday + “The Woman will cry”in HLV

As I see them as people who don’t really fall much into these formalities, and also averting to the common notion that Sherlock and Irene’s relationship circulates in nothing more than lust, I’d like to point out that the main tether that tied them together is their intellectual connection. BUT, bordering to personal information, especially as  they are not people who would succumb to conventional topics of conversations, knowing Sherlock’s birthday and having his subconscious relate Irene Adler as someone who will be deeply affected by his death mean that their relationship has been long past simply passing time with mind games and solving cases. 

10. He still has all her texts, has her name in his phone as The Woman, and saved that bloody text alert EVEN AFTER CHANGING PHONES

If this doesn’t shout sentiment, then I don’t even know…

11. “Play you.”

Now one argument about this is that maybe Sherlock played this because ‘play you’ simply means ‘play something you composed.’ BUT, Eurus also did tell Sherlock to play something he understands

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After the statement regarding sex, it is clear that Sherlock is not as fazed as he was back in ASiB on the matter, and going beyond the implied physicality, it also shows that after all those years, Sherlock finally has an understanding as to why he wrote that piece for Irene Adler. It’s another solidification that they have developed a deeper relationship than just two people enjoying the company of the other for the mind games they provide, but they can even go as far as claim that they deem the other person as important.

And so, any other statements about Sherlock and Irene’s relationship in front and behind the camera is found in the post I used as a reference, which you can read here:

Now if someone is up for an argument or would like to add anything else, my message box and replies are always open. With this off my chest, I think I’ll start working on those fanfictions again. :)

Let Go // Dolan Twins

Summary: After years of being together Ethan puts together something incredibly beautiful and luckily making a video for Gray to react to. Now you get to start the rest of your lives together with Gray tagging on also because what’s Ethan without his twin? They’re a package deal no matter which one you’re engaged to.

Characters: Ethan Dolan x Reader, Grayson Dolan, Lisa Dolan, Sean Dolan and Cameron Dolan

Words: 5043

Disclaimer: I do not own YouTube, images or songs used in this. Song is ‘You Can Let Go’ by Crystal Shawanda.

Warnings: Possible swearing, major fluff, mention of hearattack and sad Grayson  

Author: Caitsy

Tagged: At the bottom

A/N: Sorry for not posting! It’s been hectic with uni ending next month and I’ve been writing this for so long. We’ve posted but it’s not showing up in the tags sadly.

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Prompt List


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If you were a little girl and you were asked the question of who you would marry you would have answered differently from now because you weren’t a child anymore wishing for things that can’t happen. You were nineteen years old and your boyfriend Ethan had switched your promise ring with an engagement ring with a small vintage theme. You weren’t going to wait until you were twenty-eight to plan a wedding because you were just as in love as you would be ten years from now.

Ethan hadn’t taken you out to a fancy restaurant where you would have to act like someone else because your laughs were too loud. He didn’t hide the ring in the food despite the obvious problem of choking on it by accident. He didn’t make you do a scavenger hunt either because you guys weren’t basic and fought against the stereotypical clichés. He had done something unique and very him instead with no help because he wanted it to be special. You had accompanied him to his childhood home for his older sister Cameron’s birthday. It was both a surprise to you and everyone else because only him and your Dad knew about it.

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"We're in an exam study group and I just send you my nudes by accident oops" Minjoon

Pairing: MinJoon (Jimin x Namjoon)
Prompt: “We’re in an exam study group and I just send you my nudes by accident oops” AU
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,447
A/N: *whispers* Minjoon is so precious ^~^ thank you anon for requesting and sorry I took forever with this (I hope you still get to read this)!! (P.S. Jimin’s doing the swearing on my behalf bc I swear that I don’t really swear at all irl – pun unintended) Enjoy!

Jimin’s phone vibrates once in his lap. He ignores it, working on the math problem he has in front of it. It vibrates again, then a series of vibrations start. Jimin curses under his breath, dropping his pen down to pick up his phone instead. 

There’s a flood of kakaotalk messages from Taehyung. 

[4:32PM TaeTae]
im bored


talk to me :( 

[4:33PM TaeTae] 
i hate math

save me


why you ignoring me


Jimin looks up and shoots a glare at Taehyung who’s sitting diagonally across from him at the table. Taehyung’s face lights up with a triumphant smile. 

[4:35PM Jimin]
I’m trying to do my math problems, stop trying to distract me

Jabbing the home button, Jimin picks up his pen and goes back to staring at the same question that he’s been stuck on for nearly 20 minutes. There’s a reason Jimin’s here, stuck in study group past 4pm on a Friday afternoon rather than practicing his dance moves in the studio. 

Whoever deigned it necessary for a music student like him to take math in university should rethink their lives. How the hell is math even remotely needed in his degree? Something about holistic education and well-roundedness or some shitty excuse is what the deans will say but that’s honestly a ton of bullshit. Bullshit that has people like Jimin suffering because his midterms came back with an ugly 30/100 on the top and a “see me” post-it note tagged on the side. Taehyung had the nerve to laugh at him when he barely scraped a 33/100 on his. 

So here they are, stuck in a study group that’s supposed to coach them into passing finals. Jimin’s only here because the fear of having to retake the module and suffer another semester of math is real. 

His phone starts vibrating again. Jimin tsks under his breath, trying his best to ignore it, which is nearly impossible when his phone is basically wiggling its way dangerously close to his crotch. Stupid Taehyung and his non-existent attention span. Resigned, Jimin sighs and picks up his phone again. 

[4:37PM TaeTae]
im still bored 

dont be mean chim

stop ignoring em

chimmmm lets go for tonkatsu later

i feel like treating myself after this torture

[4:38PM TaeTae]
yah i know you can feel your phone 

if you keep ignoring me im gonna tell namjoon hyung you have the biggest crush on him 

i swear 

Jimin sucks in a breath. Dammit why did he ever let it out to Taehyung about Namjoon? He should have known that Taehyung would use it to blackmail him someday. 

Not that intoxicated Jimin had cared a week ago when he, in Taehyung’s words, “wailed for a solid hour about Namjoon hyung’s beautiful gaze and lips and body and everything”. And no, Jimin is still adamant that he couldn’t have been as pathetic as what Taehyung makes him out to be. It’s just a tiny crush okay, Jimin can appreciate good aesthetics and that’s not his fault.

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Why is Liam so underrated? :/ www(.)billboard(.)com/articles/columns/pop/7743445/one-direction-solo-albums-poll-vote

Hi friend,

I KNOW I have been sitting on this ask since forever but I’ll be honest, at first, I kept responding to this and then kept retracting and, repeat. The text always ended up in verbiage. Anyway, since you’ve sent me this link, it’s good to know that Liam’s been in the lead for quite a few days and currently I am not sure of who stands where since there is fluctuation, as there should be, but Liam’s definitely holding decent in the polls. 

Addressing the topic at hand, when I see people under-appreciating Liam even today, I go all

I’ve pondered a little over this, and I think the main reason Liam usually gets unfairly sidelined could be assigned to one and/or more of the following reasons:

1. Liam’s narrative. Right from the early days, Liam was pinned as the responsible one. For the record, I don’t know why it’s deemed as an undesirable trait because it is not. I always say this and I’ll say it again, Liam is truly magnificent because not only is he A+ in almost everything, he also makes me want to be a better version of myself. I honestly wish I had these inherent leadership traits that Liam possesses. Do you know how often my lecturers stress the importance of leadership values and responsible behavior in the real world? That Liam is naturally capable of maneuvering stressful situations and making them bearable, not only for the boys but also the fans, by and large, is a very very admirable attribute. Like, even in his interview with Rollacoaster, that quote about him taking over because he wanted the other boys to have the moment? WHEN WILL YOUR FAVE EVER, LIKE LITERALLY? 

However, somehow he even got tagged as boring and dumb along the way – neither of which holds true, lmao. People judge Liam’s intellect and wisdom on the basis of his typing style on Twitter, even as they keysmash on tumblr to express excitement? Liam has been handling all the paperwork and business obligations for a while now. Liam ALSO has been co-writing the songs with Louis. Liam’s interviews with 1D have always been funny and entertaining. Liam has excellent presence of mind and is quite spontaneous as was obvious during 1DDay. He undoubtedly hosted the show sooo well. I mean, the list is endless.

Liam’s humour is so sassy, snarky and sometimes the driest, and I love it? He also oscillates between being extremely dorky and throwing incisive shade, haha. I dunno how it gets over the heads of so many, ahem, smart fans. Then again, that the beauty. Imagine getting playfully dragged by Liam… AAAH! (whichever drag you thought of is the correct answer)

2. Liam’s position in the band, musically. Now, I know this is a continual debate and obviously everyone is going to fight on who is the best off 1D, and obviously everyone would choose their fave, but I’m willing to fight anyone who dares call Liam’s voice “boring” or any of the illogical things they come up with. I bet you these are the very people who go all 2+2 = Europe, I mean???

Liam has always been the fulcrum of the band. There is no questioning one’s choice and likes and preferences but if you describe Liam as someone who doesn’t have superior talent, my dude, my bro, my mate…. Carry on with the delusions, I guess. 

Liam’s voice is a treasure, Liam is one of the strongest yet one of the most underrated Baritones in music today. That has a lot to do with his branding whilst in 1D. Now, in no means am I an expert and I don’t claim to be one either, but it hardly takes rocket science to discern that One Direction’s sound was structured around everyone’s voices but Liam’s, or at best, the least around him. I once read a post and I wish I could find it so I’d link it here. It essentially points out how it is worth considering that we never got to listen to Liam hit the same notes as he did during his second audition at the X Factor. Hmm, wonder why….. 

There’s been a lot of fuckery involving the solo duration, with Liam’s verses regressing in duration, but that’s not all. Liam had less time on melodies and more on harmonies (specifically backing harmonies) and that’s probably another reason as to why if you listen to the songs clearly, Liam is doing a lot – in most of the songs – but you hardly ever register that because that’s exactly what the intent is: to render his backing harmonies as backing harmonies. There’s hardly any emphasis on his net contribution to every track. 

Then there’s this huge issue with the fandom and the songwriting and crediting all of the Lilo songs to Louis. I get that Liam himself acknowledges Louis as a very creative co-songwriter and I am not taking that away from our Tommo, never. But all these lines that the fandom cry and fond over and sing praises for? What if those were created by Liam and not Louis? This fandom is so repulsive, lmao. 

Coming back to 1D’s production, how often do you come across pop artists who sound better live than they do on edited polished pieces of recorded studio version? I hardly do. I personally believe Liam has that beautiful voice that no studio recorded version could do absolute justice to and yes, the real sparks of goosebumps prickle your skin fully when you listen to Liam live, yet there’s something deeply wrong if Liam hits all those brilliant notes by improvising on stage and yet hardly gets the chance to do it on the album. I think this is why I personally cherish Never Enough, it’s the closest we’ve come, really. 

3. The fandom and the various sects. There is no denying that there is abject inequality with the way the boys are treated within the fandom, by their so called fans, and this reflects in the way the media handles the boys, too.

I distinctly recall when a year back when I was just venturing into the fandom, I was hardly what you’d call a fan. I saw the BBMA video where Liam dedicates the award to Zayn, the comments were inundated on how Liam didn’t have to be “Extra” and the others went on and on about how all of 1D are so sweet, thanking Zayn and all. I posted a comment chiding the fans because, honestly, what even? NOT ALL BOYS, ONLY LIAM. Smh.

The sooner people stop this imbalance wherein they pounce on Liam for every slip up and credit all the boys for something wonderful that Liam independently is responsible for, the better, tbh. I love all 5, but no, some great things are all Liam’s doing and that needs to be highlighted, tbh.

There’s also probably something to do with how Liam is always expressing his happiness and concern so openly that gets the fans to react the way they do, I suppose? I don’t know how valid a reason this is with how people have been absolutely repugnant, but that’s also something, I guess.

Liam Payne is one of my most favourite people in the Universe and I know I hardly know him, but I think at the core of it, Liam’s true earnest self emanates in specks and flashes and if you’ve managed to capture that, you’d know Liam is a gem. 

P.S. This did end up in absolute verbiage, I am sorry…..

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My friends keep on insisting that Zayn loved Louis first and that his was more love love rather than Louis .. That Zayn probably loved Louis more Coz there's so much signs and looks and proof from Zayn side rather from Louis. Your thoughts?

I have to admit, I’m sometimes guilty ridden with the same thought. I try not to let it come to mind often, because I don’t think it’s fair to Louis or Zayn, nor is it necessarily true. I actually was asked about this subject once, so here’s the question and response, in case you’re curious. To be fair, I think theres as much love from Louis to Zayn as there is from Zayn to Lou. It’s just presented differently. I think Louis’ far more reserved to keep his feelings to himself and present a harder shell. Zayn wasn’t quite as hindered in sharing his thoughts or feelings than Lou. So, I think because of those character traits, you’re gonna see far more Zayn actions displayed than Louis actions. But that’s not accurately indicative that one loves the other less or more.

Additionally, there’s some really good moments that show Louis’ love and admiration for Zayn. You just have to take a little bit more of a glance. But Zayn-loving Louis is a real thing. We’ll go through this together. Buckle up.

I’ll throw this in first, because this was before they even had a chance to really get close. Zayn couldn’t make it to their first ‘bonding trip’ rehearsal at Harry’s dad’s place right away, so when Zayn finally could make it our to the band’s rehearsal, Louis drove all the way from Manchester, to Bradford, then back to Manchester. Just because. Because it’s Louis and he knew he wanted to be there for Zayn. There was no other way in Louis’ book to see Zayn through than picking him up personally and making a road trip of it.

That is an important one right off the bat because the backstory behind this moment was that during X-Factor, Zayn lost his grandfather earlier in that week, had gone back home, and couldn’t practice with the boys that week of his leave. On live performance night, though, Zayn did just perfectly, and clearly Louis was proud, knowing how hard a situation that must have been for Z. So a swift kiss to the temple was fitting.

I’m sure someone made Zayn the punchline of some joke, and here we have Louis, stroking his face and siding with his boy.

They were so lovey-dovey cuddly that night!

I genuinely….Is there anything I really could say about this photo? Why is Louis trying to lace his fingers with Zayn, while Zayn’s clearly busy signing something? Calm yourself, Louis.

No, I didn’t include this because Zayn is a charming, little dork. Please take notice at the bottom of the gif, where Louis is literally holding Zayn’s tummy.


Just…Why? Do you see how happy they are? How Louis is holding Zayn’s face?

He’s literally saving his Zayn from getting hit by a soccer ball. Then he pulls him into a hug?? I guess saving each other goes both ways..

Again, there is NO explanation for how compromising this position is. He literally looks like he’s trying to kiss Zayn. Tell me he doesn’t…

I couldn’t tell you what he’s trying to reach for, but i’ll just leave Louis to draping himself over Z, fondling his boyf.


No, really—WHAT??

All I can focus on here is Louis’ hands. #SorryNotSorry

Alright then…Just grab him by the hips. That’s standard bro behavior.

So is having your paper dolls kiss shamelessly on camera, knowing damn well what you’re doing.

“Bro, please help me with my belt.” Said no man ever, except Zayn Malik to Louis fuckin Tomlinson. And Louis’ a willing, little helper. Who even are these cheeky boyfriends???


Please never forget how Louis looks at Zayn here. It’s forever burned into my brain.

Yes, you’re seeing that correctly. Louis’ touching Zayn’s bum for once.

And Z’s loving it.

Good answer, Zayn. Louis’ already smitten.

Again, just focused on fixing Zayn’s pants.


I know this is Zayn advancing towards Louis, but please take notice over Louis’ hands. He loves touching Zayn’s tummy as much as Zayn loves touching his.

If that’s your tactic of vying for Zayn’s attention…then, okay, sugar. Louis deadass turning to mush laughing with his boyfriend. I cant.

Look at how sad that peanut is : (

Just clutch that knee, Tommo, why don’t you…

Thank you, Louis. Really. You always knew how to pull Zayn out of the comfort of his shell sometimes.

I will forever die over this. It genuinely looks like they’re kissing. So i’ll take it!

Yes, they’re feeding each other. Is that not what one dude does for the other?

Tell me they don’t look utterly in love with the other. Tell me.

Louis’ saying something just between them. And his face shows it all. I’ll never get over it. It’s so…soft, in a way?

I just love Louis stepping back and letting Zayn control the conversation.

This video was so full of Zayn praise from Louis. I LOVE It! As well as the domesticity of waking Zayn up, daily. The boyfriends had a routine, cute.

So true. Louis can see it, why cant some of you?

That’s right, Kevin.

“Because he is so, so beautiful.” LOUIS, PLZ!?

I don’t need that, you two. Can you tag your compliment porn, please?

I’m gonna throw in a few more posts with Louis being the number 1 fan of Zayn’s voice here, and a post about them fondling each other’s chest here. Good times.

I focused on older moments, but rest assure; Louis still very much loves and respects his boy…

“We will always have that love for each other.”

If you take anything from this post, take that quote with you. Please.

To sum up this too long post, I can see where someone might assume at first glance, that Zayn ‘loved’ Louis more than Louis did Zayn. But I wouldn’t say that’s factual. Louis just kept his admiration personal and private, probably between them. But that doesn’t mean he loves Zayn any less. If louis didn’t love Zayn as much, we wouldn’t have seen him as absolutely shattered and devastated as he did when Z left. So I hope this helped give your friend a better insight into Louis’ side of things. He loves Z. He does. We just have to give him credit for it, have faith. But Thank you for asking, I hope this suffices an answer!

Wanna One’s Hyung Line as Shrek Characters + Gifs

Well here’s another #WtfRUWriting #BullShitPost 

Other Wanna One WTF R U Writing Bullshit Post (as Construction Workers

*Gifs are not mine they belong to their respective owners and I used some quotes from the movie(s) that the characters says soOoOo yeah

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I hope this isn't a stupid question, but how did you get your art noticed? I just started to post my art on here and I was just wondering.

Ah, that’s a bit of a complicated answer, actually. (But not a stupid question!)

(Note: This kind of applies mostly to those who fanart, so yeh.)

Let me start by saying that:

 # Of Notes Does Not = Self Worth. 

Because it’s really, really important to remember that you exist and have value as a person outside of the attention of others, especially on this website. That being said, there’s absolutly nothing wrong with wanting appreciation. Everyone deserves appreciation. 

So, let me tell you a little bit about my Tumblr art journey. Way back in 2013 when I first joined, I posted my first art on here and got 5 notes. [ x ] (And my first ‘fanart’ got 5 more notes.) At the time, I had only joined Tumblr so I could talk to my favorite fanfic author at the time, and I hadn’t really settled into the whole Tumblr of it all. I wasn’t really in a fandom, I wasn’t expecting anything, I didn’t know the 5 tag rule, or the ‘no-no’s of Tumblr. What i’ve learned over time, however, is that you’re going to have to be actively paying attention to a lot of different aspects of Tumblr, fandoms, pop culture, current events, memes, movies, etc etc etc. So #1 is going to be:


A lot about posting art on here and aiming for recognition is riding the ‘wave’, so to speak. See a fresh new meme you can throw at your favorite ship? Do it, make them wear pants one way or the other, here come that boy. (Does Derek Hale wear them like a dog, or a person?) New preview for a movie/show that catches your attention? Doodle a scene from it. Did an actor sneeze popcorn out their nose? Draw Batman doing that. Why not? 

The second part of this, though, is knowing what and when to contribute. Sometimes it’s not a good idea to make light of a current event, or reference/draw a problematic celebrity, or support a certain film. So looking into these things first is probably a good idea, because there are people out there who won’t care that you didn’t know that so-and-so did something horrible, they’re here to tear you down and hurt you regardless. (I’m sorry, but this is 100% true, there’s no sugar coating it. Some people are just assholes.) So, while you’re keeping an eye out for something funny or a fun mashup of fandoms, always try to be aware of the less-fun issues that are around too. 

And, if you mess up / did not know / accidently phrase or draw something problematic / etc, IT’S OKAY.  You are not a horrible person. You made a mistake, that does not make you evil, okay? Apologize, remove or fix the thing, and don’t do it again. But please don’t beat yourself up about it, or listen to anyone else beating you up over it. It happened, you’re now aware of the thing, and it won’t happen again. 

Anyway, #2 is: 


I’m going to start off this one with a tiny warning. Watch out for fandom drama. Look out for the people starting fights just to fight, look out for the people pushing their ideas on others with no regard to anyone else at all, look out for the people using your content as a soap box from which they spout their opinions from. I’m not saying everyone in the world of fandoms does these things, but good god there are a lot of them out there who are more than willing to start something if you so much as sneeze in their general direction.

So, if and when you post content/art/etc in, say, your favorite trope, and someone hops onto your post and starts caps-locking about how this trope promotes ‘something they don’t personally like but is not actually a major problematic thing’ and how y’all gonna burn in hell for this art, try to avoid engaging with them. Because they’re honestly not here for a discussion, otherwise they would have probably sent you a private message, sans the caps lock, and requested an opportunity to talk about this. Also, this is a matter of personal likes and dislikes, for which you are not responsible for. 

You do not have to cater to every single person on Tumblr. 

You also don’t have to love every ship, every character, every idea, every story line, every moment of every film, TV, book, magazine, interview, anything. No one has  to broadcast their hate for these things either. If it’s not hurting you or others, you probably don’t need to create content with the express purpose of attacking a different ship/etc. ( If it is hurting others, try the more diplomatic way first, and report their asses to Staff.)

Which leads me to #3: 

CATER TO THE MASSES (But also, like, love yourself) :

I’m not saying sell your soul. (Seriously, please don’t, the Art Institute isn’t worth it.) But a lot, I mean a LOT of what I do is to feed my fans and friends.  (Also, commissions are basically getting paid to feed your friends and fans whatever art goodies they want to pay for, so there’s that too)   A good sum of my time is spent drawing things I have literally no interest in, or have very little knowledge about, or am up to drawing but aren’t 100% invested in. But I still do the thing, because I respect other’s likes, and it appeals to people i’m drawing it for, and I’m always happy to make others happy. (And sometimes I actually grow to like a thing.)

So, draw some stuff that other people would like to see. Are peeps out there begging for an assassin AU? (You bet your hiney they are! I’ve doodled some myself, hoo-boy.) Do some assassiny things. Are people always sighing about the lack of decent back story about so and so? Doodle a little moment from the past. Friend says they just want some Mpreg? (APOCATITS) Feed them, feed them the art. 

But–huge BUT here–do not sacrifice your values and comfort. 

If something bothers you, is out of your comfort zone, is something you have trouble drawing and just don’t want to tackle right now, DO NOT DO THE THING! 

Second but–another huge BUT here–Make art for yourself. 

To quote Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead: 

Guildenstern: “Is that what people want?” 
The Player: “It’s what we do.” 

Create for yourself. Give water and sunlight to that little seedling of an idea in your mind, try and try again to create that moment or look or design. Ignore art requests like a boss, and draw something to feed your own needs. Because you deserve to be pampered and treated to art of your favorite thing just as much. :D This is leading into #4, which is: 


Please do the thing. Please draw to your heart’s content. Please push yourself, expand, experiment, practice, take breaks, draw some more, and some more, and some more. Please don’t give in to self-doubts, frustration, envy, or art blocks. It’s okay to let things go for a while, to step back, to stop working on a drawing that’s just not working. But do not give up forever. I’m saying this for you, personally, but also for the goal that you’ve set before you. To achieve a certain level of appreciation, to get noticed, to be seen, you have to keep creating content. 

So, to sum it up: 

Be kind to yourself and others, pay attention to what’s hip and happening, forgive your mistakes, avoid drama if you can, Feed the Fans, Do as the cat and do what you want, and keep up the good work. 

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With Mod L saying God Forbid Keito Be Seeing This, how would each of the members react if they did find this blog and read it's contents? MUAHAHA


Stumbles across one of the fics accidentally while looking for ‘gymnastics’ in the search. He didn’t know what he was opening, but read it out of morbid curiosity. He didn’t feel very strongly about much in the story, but couldn’t shake the overwhelming thought, “Well, they really need to understand, I’m WAY more flexible than that.” After that he reads a few of the other members stories, and then anonymously sends the page multiple messages with things they need to correct in each of them.

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A quote from this post by srslycris really struck me:

Larries are stressed about the idea that Harry might not need them and therefore might not cater to their desires. Their relationship to Harry’s marketing efforts is being discussed, but I want to zoom in on srslycris talking about what an influential part of fandom they are.

And they are! I’m not going to argue with that! I will say that their influence doesn’t make or break an album, I will say that Niall fans did fine without their involvement (because none of this “are we supporting him enough” hand-wringing went on among Larries when NJHNEWS was coordinating fan projects in Niall fandom to support This Town!!). But yes. They are influential. What makes organizing projects particularly easy for them is not only that they have this intensely unifying identity, but also that they have a loose circle of very popular blogs with a particularly large influence.

And yet, somehow it’s so easy for Larries to admit that they’re an “influential fandom segment” when they want to know why no one is playing along with their fantasies to market to them (literally holding Louis and Harry’s actual lives hostage), but they suddenly struggle with this idea so much when they’re talking about why the ship gets media attention.

But even more so, they suddenly refuse to acknowledge the extent of their influence when it comes to the impact they might have on the people they obsess over. When it comes to promoting albums, the mood of the Larry fandom is powerful and important and impacts sales, the fandom as a whole, it’s kept a close eye on – the loss of “high profile fandom people” is said to impact the entire community. And yet when it comes to facing the possibility that bloggers on tumblr might impact the way their followers talk and think and treat the people that these bloggers obsess over – suddenly that’s unthinkable.

Cris says she has nothing to do with Larries posting horrible messages on the instagrams of Louis’s sisters. She doesn’t think tumblr Larries have encouraged those attitudes at all. She doesn’t think the speculation has any impact on what people feel entitled to say to Louis, his family, and his friends. Two days after we learned of Jay’s passing, TWO DAYS,  she was reblogging posts that said, “I don’t think there is anything wrong with speculating,” and tagging it “#i think everyone is just raw right now #the thing we didn’t account for #was so devastating #that it almost hurts to speculate again #because it might hurt again” and then tagging another post with “#speculation is okay #as long as we recognize our lack of info #which we do #but don’t say it enough”. In other words, they’re saying “this really hurts because we didn’t expect it and we have no clue what sort of situation we might be discussing in the future either but let’s keep going.”

Remember when I made a post after Jay’s death asking people to simply respect Louis and his family and not try to insist that their lives are anything other than what they have shared with us? I’ve said it over and over again – even from within the outrageously misinformed Larrie perspective, even accepting all their bad information, even accepting all the lies – they STILL would not have enough information to justify not erring on the side of caution and respecting a grandmother when she talks about her grandchild. And yet I got chastised for “focusing on Larry” too soon.

When Jay requested that a fan draw Freddie, these are some of the responses she got. And on tumblr, here’s an example of how popular larrie bloggers – those people who suddenly have so much influence when it comes to promoting albums – were responding. (Srslycris reblogged this to one of her sideblogs, btw.) When Jay tweeted about how Louis wasn’t comfortable sharing too many photos, you think the fandom would have responded like this without bloggers insisting there was something sketchy about it? Not t mention responses like this and this, which are fueled by the constant reassurance these bloggers provide that everything is fake. When Louis was at soccer aid, Jay commented on instagram saying “you deserve some sweet happiness” and Larries declared it to be about Larry. Even if you refuse to accept that hate messages about Freddie could hurt her, surely it’s obvious how much ignorantly injecting ourselves into their private lives can be harmful?

And yet, two days after Jay’s death, these influential bloggers are bending over backwards to justify their speculation. Even the same day!!

This post was mostly assembled before Eleanor reappeared, but look how many notes many of these posts encouraging hatred against Briana have gotten. And the most I’ve seen any current popular blogger do to show a rejection of these attitudes, is to daintily refrain from doing the same. This post compiles great examples of these blogs encouraging and condoning off-blog harassment. Here are examples of the messages Louis’s sister got after bloggers decided Louis wanted to call Freddie a dog. 

These are attitudes and behaviors found pretty universally across the popular Larry bloggers. They all encourage their followers to engage in speculation, they all insist on a fantasy version of strangers’ lives, they all insist that they know without a doubt that what we’re shown of these people’s lives is fake. And they all refuse to consider the impact of their words, until they want to talk about how important they are.

Even when these bloggers don’t directly encourage hate – although most of them do – their attitude towards responsibility and their attitude towards doubt do just as much to encourage these problems. I talk about this over and over in my responsibility tag, because their perpetual failure to acknowledge ANY possible harm as a result of their actions is one of the things that I find the most frustrating and upsetting. Which is why, even though I’ve gone over this so many times, I had to point out Larries now acknowledging their influence – not just that of the community as a whole but the particularly “high profile” bloggers in particular. And yet, when it comes to acknowledging the potential for them to do harm, or any suggestion that they need to modify their approach, they do stuff like spend days tearing apart the Rolling Stone article that suggested that fans are responsible for projecting expectations onto the boys. Any type of negative reaction directed at them is immediately met with victim blaming, perpetually, or insistence that they were led to their bad behavior and it’s what they were supposed to do.

But they KNOW they have influence. They know their words have an impact outside of tumblr - in fact there were Larries who stopped blogging after Freddie was born, even if they still had questions about the situation. The ones who remain, they also know there are consequences to the things they say. And they also know that they are outsiders who do not actually know what’s happening in the lives of the people against whom they have encouraged so much harassment. But they continue to insist on a version of these people’s lives that they’ve made up, and they continue to deny responsibility for the consequences of doing so.


Not all Klance shippers are bad but most of them are horrible and are giving bad names to other Klance shippers.

Stop whining to me about tags, honestly I don’t even read them because they’re just a waste of my time. I see “tags” I ignore. If you people don’t like it, ignore it. Scroll over. Don’t read, don’t reply/comment. Don’t waste your time. Grow up.

If you’re hating on shaladins because you want to “defend” the sexualized minors, in a bigger scope, since Keith and Lance are minors (according to you), and you Klance shippers are constantly fantasizing on their relationship and them doing sexual acts i.e fanfics and nsfw arts, aren’t you also sexualizing minors? Isn’t it worse when you’re an adult yourself? Also yeah, it is not Shiro’s job to fuck Keith. It is not even Lance’s job or anyone really. Stop making eveything about sex, you sickos. Nevertheless, in regards of matt. Most of you are saying that matt and shiro are the same age. But they wear different uniforms. This can easily means that Shiro, being the genius that he is, jumped a few grades and got promoted to an officer (making Shiro actually a teen himself). Still, if you wanna say that Matt is indeed younger than Shiro, that means Shatt is an adult/minor relationship. Yet, I don’t really see you antis attacking Shatt like Sheith is being attacked? If you really want to defend your title as a defender of sexualizing minors, attack all the ships that might be doing the same thing as Sheith. Yet you are just anti-shaladin.

So one last time, in regards to the law. Since we’re gonna take the sdcc video as canon, k/l/h are confirmed as late teens. Which is 17-19. 18 and 19 are not adults. That is late teen. If your country states that being 18 means that you’re legal, fine. But don’t talk in behalf of all the other countries that have different laws. They’re not gonna stay teens forever, one day they’ll be adults. And like I said, in some countries, 16 is considered as a legal/consenting age. In my country, girls can get married once they turned 16. If we’re gonna take the video as canon its impossible for them to be less than 16. So enough is enough. Stop talking about laws when you know nothing about it.

Me saying not to cling on Keith’s line about Shiro being like his brother is not me denying his wanting to have a family. Shiro (Keith’s hallucination in BoM) said, and I quote, “We’re all the family you need.” This means that subconsciously, Keith thinks all the paladins, coran and allura as his family too as the hallucination Shiro comes from Keith’s own mind. So yeah, Keith saying that to Shiro is just him wanting to validate Shiro. And also yeah, that means Lance is also like a brother to Keith.

I have honest to god been keeping silent over these hates Shaladin shippers get in a daily basis. I just got tired of seeing how childish and narrow minded you are and proving that fact to me seeing that you went out your way to attack me for my old url that I didn’t change since I was 12/13. Though I’m not gonna change it anymore cause I’m gonna abandon this account again anyway. I don’t really go through tumblr anymore since a long time ago, I just logged into this account to tell people my point.

Honestly, you guys are wasting so much energy and time being so negative over something that does not even exist in the real world it makes me kinda sad. You guys are so blinded that you can’t see the line between what’s real and not real anymore when there are real life situations you guys could be talking about. By the end of the day, voltron is fiction, it is not real. By the end of the day you and me have absolute no power in changing what dreamworks can easily change. Stop attacking dreamworks and the voice actors just because you got offended.

There are hundreds and hundreds of fandoms out there with minor/adult ships and incest ships (some even actually canon). Yet they don’t get as much hate as shaladin does? You guys just don’t dare to start something because the amount of other fandoms that supports these ships are larger than those that ship shaladin right? Or maybe, it’s really just you guys being insecure about your preferred ship so you attack other potential ships?

I honestly don’t care which ships become canon, I just want people to stop attacking other people for what they personally enjoy.

I have made my point, and done my part. All pro-shaladin are welcome to use my posts as arguments against anti-shaladins. Thank you and have nice day.

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kate mckinnon is a transmisogynist why are u so obsessed with her

Hey there, anon. There are two sentiments here, so I’m going to address both, since they are, indeed, separate.

Kate McKinnon is important to me for a number of reasons. There’s the shallow baseline of I think she’s very talented ( not just in comedy, but in singing and performance art in general ) and wildly creative, seeing the world in ways no one else does. She can make me laugh when I need it the most and at things I never thought possible ( see: this entire election ). I love her for all the reasons people normally love their faves. But there’s something more, too.

Kate has been an open and proud lesbian for most of her life. She’s said in interviews that she wasn’t always comfortable with it, that it was something confusing for her as it was for many of us, but that it’s the banner she flies and she’s proud to be who she is. That’s not something we get a lot in our community; someone to look up to and find inspiration from. There’s that expression, if you can see it, you can be it. Well, you know what? There are no openly lesbian women in my field to look up to. There’s no one that I can look at and say, “hey, they made it, and now it’s my turn.” Of all the people I’ve ever known in this area, it’s just me. Hell, even in my life, I’m the definition of the token gay friend. I know three other queer women offline – one of my best friends, my hair stylist, and a girl I just started dating. No one else. I’m in a big freaking city and people here still aren’t out and proud because I live in one of the most conservative areas of the country. Hell, for almost the entirety of my teenage years, I didn’t even think being a gay woman was an option. So to look at someone succeeding in Hollywood and be unashamedly, unapologetically gay as hell, that actually means a lot to me and it inspires me.

As for the accusations of transmisogyny, I’ve seen two main points for where that comes from: the Celesbian interview she did and the Fitzwilliam skits. I’ve seen the interview a dozen times by now and I’ve even giffed parts of it, and I’m just straight out going to say that I think the quotes pulled are taken entirely out of context; not just in what she was saying but also in how the world spoke at the time. It was almost ten years ago that she did that interview. Ten years. The discourse has changed so much over the last ten years with regards to everything LGBTQ+, but especially being trans* or the idea of ‘gold star lesbianism’ or anything like that. Besides that, people just pick and choose parts of what she said and ascribe meaning to it that otherwise has no real basis, in my opinion.

Now onto the Fitzwilliam sketch. I’m not excusing it. I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t problematic or say anyone shouldn’t be offended. That’s not my place to decide. I do think it’s fair to take offense to it.

I would just point, however, out how much the world has changed in the last ten years. Ten years ago, the only knowledge a lot of us had about transgender people was from Chaz Bono. There was so little talked about with regards to it that a lot of us were woefully ignorant and misunderstanding of the community.

I suggest people consider that at the same time the fact that she was only 22 when she came up with the sketch. I can’t speak to her current views, as this is not something she’s discussed to my knowledge, but I can say that I don’t know anyone who hasn’t evolved in their attitudes or beliefs of what is or is not acceptable over the course of nearly a decade. Change is an ongoing process of education. Clearly no one at the network or the show saw fit to call her out on it, so she probably thought it was fine. I mean, her greatest crime is ignorance, rather than malice. The whole reason it came up wasn’t malicious intent, but rather that she thought it was fun to say ‘vagina’ in a British accent. Again, not an excuse for doing it and not saying that it’s okay, but her motives were hardly to make fun of anyone or harm anyone. She’s said repeatedly that the last thing she ever wants to do is hurt people with her sketches and that she would be very upset if she did. She also has no social media presence at all and it’s never been brought into interviews, so there’s a good chance she doesn’t even realize it’s upset anybody or that there would be a need to address it.

One thing Kate always said about working on the Big Gay Sketch Show is that it felt like comedy with a purpose – like she was doing something for her people and giving a voice to the community. Was it her place to speak for trans women? No. Was it a problematic sketch? Yes. Should she apologize for it? Yes – but she has to be given the information and the opportunity first. But is it really fair to assume she’s a transmisogynist for a comedy sketch she last performed eight years ago?

I’m not trying to be dismissive of the community by any means. I love and support my trans* sisters. And if Kate comes out tomorrow and says something transmisogynistic or addresses Fitzwilliam without apology, I’ll reconsider my opinion in a heartbeat. Until then, I’ll continue to love her. I’ve got all my posts tagged, so if you follow me, you can blacklist. If you don’t ( which I suspect, since I’ve been blogging about her for awhile without any comment ), then peace out. All the best. xx

5 tips for new Tumblr RPers!

I actually see a lot of new RPers recently, in this community and others, and I love all of you. Still, sometimes, I see a lot of y’all making the same mistakes I did. And since I’ve been at this shit for an embarrassingly long time (15 years and counting), I thought it might be helpful to throw together a few tips I learned over the years.

A shortened version of this rather long post can be found at the bottom, as well.

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How to Interact with Actors/Idols Appropriately on Social Media

Fellow 2.5D fans.  You may have seen this post floating around, about foreign fans replying to actors on social media in inappropriate ways.  I agree with pretty much everything that post has to say, but I’m not here to reiterate what’s been said before.

As inappropriate as they are, those tweets are sent by fans, right?  Fans who like the actors and want to support them, right?  That’s fine!  It’s okay to respond to them on Twitter!  But there are certain boundaries you don’t want to step over or you (or worse, foreign fans as a whole) will be seen in a negative light, canceling out the support you’re trying to send.

So today let’s talk about reply etiquette.

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I'm so sick of the negativity in the 100 fandom.

We are all here because the love the show. It is a great show, and having a third season is wonderful and we are all very excited to see it.

But over the past few months I have felt increasingly uncomfortable here, and it has nothing to do with he show itself, and everything to do with the fans.

To be perfectly honest, I think some of you need to grow up.

It began with the ‘ship wars’: I have seen fans attack each other over this. Bellarke, Clexa, Murven, whichever characters you like together shouldn’t be an issue for anyone else.
The writers aren’t out to get you. They are writing the story the believe in, and if that doesn’t include your ship then so be it. IT IS NOT SOMETHING YOU SHOULD TAKE PERSONALLY.
I personally like Bellamy and Clarke together, and I don’t like Lexa’s character which means I don’t like Clexa, but just because my friend likes Clexa, doesn’t meant I get personally offended. I shouldn’t get offended, just like I shouldn’t receive hate from this post because I stated that I don’t like Lexa.
We fans should be uniting together, rallying for a fourth season, showing our support for a show that we love and characters that we adore, but instead all people see is this animosity over ships. It is petty, and as the writers have stated time and time again, there is more to the show than ships.

The whole ‘brown face’ issue which has come around again after the images of Clarke were released. Guys. Seriously. Don’t be ignorant.
There is such thing as a tan. As an Australian I can verify that tans are a thing that people get when they out in the sun for a while.
Clarke has been out in the sun for 3 months, of course she is going to get a tan.
It is not cultural appropriation, it is not brown-facing.
If you want to call it any of those things, you need to call me someone that brown-faces, because I am fairly fair-skinned and get a deep tan every summer.

Hostility towards the writers. This goes back to the same thing: They are not out to get you, so do not take it personally.
These writers are professionals, who are employed to do a job, and they write what they believe is best for show; the story they want to tell.

To deal with the negativity, I have unfollowed several blogs, I have spent less and less time scrolling the 100 tags.
If you have a problem with someone and their opinions and don’t want to be seeing what they have to say, do the same thing! Unfollow, mute, block, whatever it is, but don’t set out to create anger, and do not send hateful messages. Each opinion is valid, your opinion is valid. Healthy debate is good, but do not cross the line.

What it boils down to is this: we love the show. The passion in this fandom is wonderful, and it is the reason we have a third season to look forward too.
I feel like I’m quoting Mean Girls right now; we have to stop attacking each other over personal preferences. It doesn’t fly in the real world, so why the hell should it fly in the Internet world.

Some of you need to stop being ignorant. Think before you type, look at the bigger picture, respect each other, and enjoy the wonderful show that we have.

Summer martial arts training update

I haven’t really written any martial arts training updates this summer, so here is what I’ve been doing with my training these past few months over summer!!

I know some of Budoblr is familiar with some of this, but martial arts has been quite the difficult and exhausting journey for me. From my former abusive instructor, the death of my master and dear friend, to my symptoms of Borderline PD, I have often thought it impossible to reach a stable point in my training again.

My former instructor’s voice still rings through my head while training sometimes. “Disgraceful, no one wants you, no one ever will, etc etc….” I remember the game he’d play of screaming at me one class, to complimenting me the next, and repeat. Finally, he explained how ready I am for my black belt test and had me pay, size, and fill out the form for it, before randomly kicking me out of class one month before the test. This isn’t even half the story.
I try to escape the voice, only to realize the one person (my master) who got me out of that suffocating situation and trained me afterwards, is no longer alive.

Yet, my master’s teachings and his memory still helps me push through. This summer, I proved myself wrong– I can reach a stable point in my training. Additionally, my weight and overall health has improved, which I already wrote about.

These last few months is the first time since my master died two years ago that I have trained more consistently…… I have trained almost every day for the passed two months….
I cannot believe I am able to say that.
I have finally reached this point. It is still just the beginning of this point, and I’m working to keep this up now that the college semester has started again.
While I have been training with my current Sensei Ryu @shaped-by-karate for over a year, I worked and pushed through much of that time to get to this more stable point. He deserves more than a shout out here. He is the one who has been training me and who has been more than patient with me.

At times of struggle, when I feel like it is too much, and when I need guidance and encouragement:
I turn to my master’s teachings. I study his writings, repeat his words to myself, and try to pull through by using the tools he has shown me.
I allow myself to rest mentally and physically, only to continue when I am able.
I turn to my Sensei, and I turn to Budoblr support and some people in my life.
And though I am not perfect at this, this is what has helped me continue on.

Many people have something in which you can just see their passion and personality through every movement, action, and commitment. We can see this in athletes, dancers, teachers, and in every profession and job.
I had martial arts, and it was stripped right from under my feet, along with my confidence, spirit, hope, and best friend.
It has taken me years to reach this point. I have told myself I am done with martial arts. I pictured myself in 10 years still trying to reach a stable point in my training… I may have not continued martial arts without the support and instruction I am receiving now, and I may have reached that 10 year mark that kept bombarding my mind.

Martial arts helps me find myself and my strength. It is my way of life, providing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength, growth, and development that I need.

Despite this, I know I will have my difficulties. I cannot erase what has happened, and I cannot erase my illness. I cannot say I do not fear how this will still affect me. But, it can be managed.

With this said, I’ll be making more training updates and posts, as well as other martial arts reflections. I have posted much of this before, but I want to make even more! For example, with my consistent training schedule, I can post more about it. And I have many quotes and teachings from my late master that I want to share with you all.

I have a specific tag now too that I use for my personal training/martial arts posts and reflections. I’ve seen many budoblr blogs do this, so I thought it was a great idea.
It is “KeepFightingKellyann
Thanks to @stephfitblr for responding to my post that asked for ideas about it and said this!!!!
I think this is brilliant, not only because it is clearly martial arts related, but it signifies a major part of my struggle in training and life. It’s so encouraging :D

- I need home (our tangled bones)    , by @lourrynavy :  Louis runs a record label and Harry is his daughter’s new nanny. Over the course of a year, Harry helps Louis learn what it really is to be a father and somehow they find an unexpected home in each other.Or, the kid fic where Louis wants to make Harry a star, Zayn just needs everyone to stop being stupid, Niall laughs his arse off at everything, Liam attempts to keep things in order and Harry takes a chance.

Long (63k) Larry AU. Kid fic, full of pinning, absolutely no smut at all, the characters are lovely, and it’s so fluffy.

- Like a hole in the head, by @ferritin4: “So I’ve been nominated for an Oscar,” Louis says carefully. If he’s called to gloat, Liam doesn’t care; proper phone etiquette be damned, he will hang up.He will.“I know,” Liam says. “Everyone knows that.”“Right,” Louis says. “I didn’t know if you,” he cuts himself off, and if Liam didn’t know better by now, he’d say Lou was nervous.“Didn’t know if I what?” Liam asks. “If I was awake lately? If I’d blanked it all out? If I’d turned off the internet and lived like a hermit to avoid your name?”“I was going to say, if you remembered me,” Louis says, wry and bitter and so, so familiar.“It was a divorce, Lou, not a head injury,” Liam laughs. “Of course I remember you.”

Lilo AU (19k) where Louis is an actor newly nominated for the Oscars, and Liam is his ex-husband who is not really happy to be solicited. It’s cute, the smut is good, and reading Lilo arguing all day long is totally fine with me.

- You Take Me Over, You’re the Magic in My Veins      , by @supernope : Louis can feel Harry’s eyes on him as he turns to head toward his seat. He tucks a secretive smile into the palm of his hand while he slides into place beside his sister, his mother’s seat still empty as it awaits the Queen’s entrance. He knows he should be behaving himself a bit more, should be focusing his attention on Gemma, rather than her brother. (…)  No, he thinks, he has no desire to be betrothed to Princess Gemma, but he finds he wouldn’t mind being married after all, if it was Prince Harry he was promised to, instead.

Larry royal/magical AU (36k) :  non-modern AU, with a lot of pinning, a bit angsty, good smut (and yes @louis2k15, bottom!Harry) and fluff. And a bit of MPREG though it’s not my jam at all.

- all my love was down in a frozen ground, by navigator : Louis goes to the woods.AU very loosely inspired by the creation of Bon Iver’s first record (Skinny love).

Larry AU (16k) where Louis is running away from the city and his ex and his life, and is staying in a cabine in the woods, in the place he grew up. He hadn’t see Harry since a long time ago but well, snow and no wifi happen. Barely smutty (but good), fluffy, and sooo nice.

- Could It Be Magic? , by halleluzayn : (…) Or the one where Harry comes back from America, the Horan’s pretty much own the whole town, Niall loves the “Bubble Man”, Liam is a cheating bastard and Zayn and Louis should really ask first before they make assumptions.)

Ziam (+ side Larry) AU (18k) with a lot of friends, pinning, misunderstandings, snow and smut. A Christmas fic (where Liam is not really a cheater, right?)!

- Rather this than live without you, by @mediaville : Harry decides to give it all up. Louis refuses to be left behind.

Larry canon AU (10k) : Harry left months ago running away from drama ( fair warning about death of minor characters?), and Louis found him on the other side of the world. Very very good fic ! Well written, smut is great (warning about rough sex)(and bottom!Louis) , and now I want to know what will happen to them next.  And a quote because it’s so great : “Everything about him is wrong. Louis sees the slump of Harry’s shoulders and something hurts inside him. He’s never missed Harry more than standing right here next to him.“

- Every Arrow That I Aim Is True , by @estrella30  : “I can see you don’t believe me,” Harry says, pretending to be stern. Louis chuckles a little but doesn’t get out of the bed. “Anyway, I texted Liam and told him you’re with me. He said to stay here as long as you need, and he’ll deal with the show over there until you want to come back, all right?”Louis doesn’t say anything again so Harry whispers, “Just stay here with me for a while, yeah? I’ll take care of you.”Louis is quiet. He never picks his head up, but Harry can see the pillow move from where he’s nodding and his fingers tighten around Harry’s. “Yeah,” Louis says. “Yeah, all right.”

Larry Canon-Post 1D fic (25k) : Louis needs to take a break of the TW show he’s hosting and comes visiting Harry in this little town he’s living in now. Talks, BFF, and smut (bottom!Harry, ding ding ding @louis2k15) happen. Featuring Lux as a sassy teenager. Awesome.

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