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“Blue Flames” - One Shot

Please do not post this anywhere else without my permission. 

Rating: M (Smut) 


You hated going to these functions for Harry sometimes because you didn’t really know how to talk to the rich and famous, much less make a good impression and talk up your boyfriend to these said rich people who were going to make Harry more of a star than he already is. It was much easier earlier on in the relationship to attend to things like this because you knew of three other guys who would be there as a crutch if Harry was off in a serious conversation with a producer or someone who could help him go solo.

           Tonight was so much more different, as Harry was auditioning to land a major movie role and he was extremely excited, but extremely nervous about not getting the part. Knowing that you are HIS crutch made your heart swell a little more, but knowing that you would have to talk to a room full of completely different people, even a completely different scene with no one to fall back on was starting to make the nerves in your stomach race so hard that you felt nauseous. But nevertheless you put on your black dress that fell to the floor in your giant closet that the two of you shared when Harry asked you to move in to his house in LA.

           “Babe?” You heard Harry somewhere in the bedroom, his voice darting a bit forward at the last letter of the word, knowing that he was rounding the corner to the closet. He stood in the doorframe looking down at his hands that were holding two different necklaces, both long; one was gold and the other silver, both holding pendants at the very bottom. The silver pendant adorned his plain silver but slightly larger cross, and the gold chain held one small coin pendant at the bottom and the other chain above it was a small gold cross.

           Harry stuck out his hands that his somewhat more inexpensive pieces dangled from, raising both eyebrows at you. You squinted and your eyes raked over his long and lean torso, a black silk button down (which was almost all the way un-buttoned) was carefully and neatly tucked into the long black and white pinstripe pants over his black and so shiny you could see yourself in them boots. You licked your lips just slightly at the sheer sight of him, and his tongue grazed the inside of his cheek as he rolled his eyes.

           “Don’ have time for that, love,” he grinned his little smirk that made his dimple flash, and you wondered how you weren’t jumping on him right then and there.

           “Shutup. Not like you don’t do it to me,” you crossed your arms and glared at him, shifting all your weight to one hip. He immediately saw your body change and his eyes flew down to your chest that was pushed up by your arms just enough. You rolled your eyes this time, and poked two fingers hard into his shoulder.

           “This one,” you pointed to the silver cross and helped him get it over his head quickly, as he has seemed to freeze momentarily.

           “Thanks. Kiss,” his lips puckered out and you looked at him for a moment and paused, his lips starting to turn into a frown when you leaned forward quickly and pecked at them, his smile was triumphant.

           “You ready, love?” He asked, shrugging on his very tailored black velour jacket that fell at his hips, nudging his long hair from in-between his shirt and the jacket to fall out easily, adjusting the collar and his hair, again.

           “Mmm, just let me get my coat,” you said to him and turned to the white pea-coat hanging on the rack that you hung carefully as if not to spill or even breathe on it before his big night. Just then the moment hit you hard, you knew that it was extra important and wondered how you even agreed to this. It might have been the way Harry was standing in the doorframe looking hot as hell, or it might have been the way he ate you out as a plea and a bribe so feverishly just last night that you thought you went to actual heaven because of all the white and the stars (twice); either way, you were nervous and he was, too.

           “Harry,” you said just barely audible, tears prickling at your eyes.

Harry turned to face you and saw your body frame slumped, almost eaten by the pea coat around your arms and your lips were pouting as to say please, don’t make me do this. He strode over to you and in one simple step of his long legs and he was holding you tightly by the waist with one strong arm, the other swiping his padded thumb over your cheek. You felt his breath linger over your forehead as he kissed the temple, and then dipped his eyes to look at you, searching your face momentarily.

“I won’ leave your side, promise,” he grabbed your hand and intertwined his fingers with yours and tugged slightly, his eyes never left yours as you gave up in defeat and nodded, following him out of the house.  

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Turning Verbal Traps into Honest Questions

You’re almost there. You can feel the thrill of victory. It vibrates in the keys under your frantically tapping fingertips.

You’re sure, you’re sure, you’re about to convince another blogger that doorknobs exist! 

Tumblr user the-knob-is-a-lie has argued hard, across dozens of reblogs, to prove their thesis that doorknobs are nothing but a sinister myth. But they’ve slipped. There’s a flaw in their logic. A contradiction. And you’re about present that flaw to them and prove yourself the victor of this ideological war, once and for all.

“If, as you say, twisty things don’t exist at all,” you write, “then how did you unscrew your water bottle just now? Huh? HUH?????

You post the reply and take a moment to bask in your genius.

The trap is sprung. The day is yours. The only thing to be done is sit back and wait for your opponent to come crawling over and kiss your feet, to thank you solemnly for making them see reason.

The response is not what you expected. There is no kissing your feet. No groveling.

The victory strikes oddly hollow. You’ve proven something you already know, that the-knob-is-a-lie is wrong. You’ve proven it to yourself, and you’ve proven it to the other people who already know it. You’ve won, and you’ve won precisely nothing.

Want this situation to go differently? Want to communicate rather than alienate? Let’s look at your question again:

“If, as you say, twisty things don’t exist at all, then how did you unscrew your water bottle just now?

The phrasing implies that you expect your question to come as a shock. That… might come across as condescending. Consider, instead, assuming that the question you are asking is a question the other person has thought of, and working forward from there.

Firstly, take a moment to set aside your incredulity and think about possible answers to your question. How did they unscrew their water bottle without twisty things? Do they define the word “unscrew” differently from you? Or “twisty”? Were they exaggerating a bit when they said twisty things don’t exist? And will you come across as pedantic when you use that exaggeration against them?

Assume there are reasons why a good, earnest, intelligent human would say things that sound crazy to you. What might those reasons be? If you’re trying too hard to be in the right, it’s harder to make your point. It’s harder to understand where the other person is coming from so you can communicate your points in a way they will understand. 

Okay, now you’re ready to start your question over. Own your subjective perception of the conversation, and inquire openly about theirs:

“You said earlier that twisty things don’t exist. My understanding of the screw-top lids on water bottles is that they are a kind of twisty thing. Do you see them differently? Or did you mean ‘twisty thing’ more specifically than I interpreted it when I read your earlier post?”

Now the conversation can move forward, because you’re talking like you care what the other person has to say. Like you know that there are limitations to your own understanding.Your goal now is not to be right, but to understand where the other person is coming from so you can communicate your points in a way that they will understand.

You’ve set a tone of respect. That doesn’t guarantee you anything, but it does make it much easier for the-knob-is-a-lie to admit that they might be wrong, or might have communicated badly.

You’ve created room for them to say, “Well now that you mention it, I’m not sure how I reconcile those things. Maybe you’re right. I’ll think about it,” or, “Oh, yeah, I didn’t really mean that there are no twisty things at all. I was talking about a certain kind of twisty thing.”

Remember, if you’re arguing, then someone else is involved. Even if your argument seems rock-solid to you, if that person doesn’t see it then you haven’t proven anything to them. Maybe you just wanted to prove to yourself how right you are, but if you want them to understand and believe your point of view, trying to spring traps for them is not an effective strategy. Demonstrating an attempt to understand where they’re coming from works a lot better. 

“Kurt and Blaine, public school or private school for your future children?”

Chris says that Kurt would not settle for public and Darren says:

look at Chris’s little sly grin, when Darren says that Blaine would lose
(he nodded and smiled as if he remembered something)

then this movement Darren’s body, which reminds me of a line from All of me “even when I lose I’m winning“ (because all of me loves all of you)
and Chord is like “well, as always”

this reminded me of a conversation between Kurt and Blaine in Lima Bean in 3x01

Blaine’s reaction (charming smile, isn’t it?)
(i don’t know what it means to Blaine, if Kurt wins, my thoughts too dirty for that)

i found earlier a post (unfortunately,I don’t have the link), where it was written that this scene was shot after the kiss in Dublin, where as you know, Chris and Darren were playing, and Darren broke the rules, and technically Chris won

returning to today’s paleyfest. Darren and Chris talk about the kind of Klaine, but the grin makes me think that they are talking not only about them, but also about each other.

i don’t say anything, it’s just my observation and thoughts.

but remember: glee is not a documentary


So earlier tonight I was in a bathroom stall in my dorm and a few drunkish guys came in. They were being pretty loud but relatively copacetic so I was gonna let it slide.
Then one of the dudes busts out of a stall and says “yo what the fuck is this bullshit on the doors”

He was referring of course to the anti-sexual harassment posters on all the stall doors that tell everyone how to notice the signs and report and all sorts of quality, much-needed info.
I went to stand up and yell at him but stopped cold when one of the other dudes says, completely seriously:
“Sexual harassment.”
But he said it in a sort of “shut up bro you don’t know what you’re talking about” way.

First guy; “that’s bullshit”

Second guy: “no it isn’t, man”

Third guy: *dead seriously* “it happens, people need to be informed.”

First guy: “whatever”

Third guy: “what if I just grabbed your dick right now, what would you say, huh?”

First guy: “I’d call you a faggot.”

Now at this point I stood up and looked over the stall and said “you can’t fucking say that word. People die every day because of it.”

Third guy: *pleasantly surprised* “I was just about to say that.”

Second guy: “yeah, man, we had this conversation earlier.”

Third guy: *goes to fist bump me but hesitates* “wait have you wiped already?”

Me: “I’ve been in here like ten seconds, you’re good.”

Third guy: “aight man *bump* have a good night.”

It made me so fucking proud to go to my college knowing that drunk frat boys are here educating their stupid friends about consent and decency. Keep shining, Wooster.
And stay excellent, unnamed hammered guys.

Without going into details, intersecting mental illnesses have made it really difficult in the past couple months to maintain conversations and personal connections online. I feel kind of bad because I made a post a little while ago saying that I was looking for new friends, and with most of the people who responded I ended up dropping out of the conversation or failing to respond or failing to pick things back up later. This was not because I didn’t like you! You all are great! This was entirely because of my own brain problems.

Anyone should still feel free to message me at any time (including but not limited to people I stopped talking to earlier). But right now, doing my part to make conversations and social interaction work requires a lot of energy which I frequently don’t have.

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Okay but what if Cas was under the sheets and covers giving you oral and Dean or Sam walked in making you both pause and you act like nothing is happening because Cas is hidden under the covers and Sam or Dean starts discussing a case while Cas continues eating you out and you're pitching in on the conversation trying not to moan and fisting his hair.



now I kinda want to write a part 2 to that imagine I posted earlier.

fuck damn.

Hello RSRewatchers! 2 news!

So we had a conversation yesterday (while watching faulty towers, who I blame for me agreeing on this) and decided that if it’s okay with everybody we’re gonna postpone the re-watch of a full hour instead of half an hour. I’ll post countdowns etc. To be sure we’re sync.
If I have to leave earlier because it comes too late I’ll leave the command of the ship to @soot-and-snide and @avatoh

And that not because they are good trustworthy people when.
Here’s second news. We thought it might be easier to stream it, so we all have the same version and don’t need to sync (because u stickers don’t have @scienceoftheidiot and mine super cool extra minutes of Atherton ’s feet :P)
Thè quality is not top notch, but if it’s okay with everyone I think that will make it easier for everybody.

Let me know what u think and until then, goodnight and good luck!

Of Swordplay and Horse Riding

Katakura Kojuro/MC
NC17 Smutty Fic


Chapter 2 is here guuuuysss!!! Full on smut!

Super special thanks to by darling beta @thegrowingjoy who had been with me, encouraging me to continue the fic via inbox! Thank you so much for everything and for being a great beta.

Thank you so much for all your support! For reading, liking, reblogging and commenting! And the GIFS! OMG, it truly gives me fuel for writing. Shout-outs to @suzunesays @juniperotome @carinecaldre69 @the-dragons-roar @cynicalceladon @yellowcamellia @sakurapurple123 @limeranse @voltagekpoplover, I hoped you enjoyed Option#1!

it spans  8,000++ words so I decided to break it into two chapters because when I post the whole text on tumblr, even after the break, it will crash the mobile app. *sob sobs*. The next part of the smut will be posted soon!

Again, likes, comments, reblogs and any kind of reaction and feedback is truly appreciated!

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Saw a message earlier about how “JJ never said the interrogation scene was a mind rape” and I actually want to discuss this point because it’s not the first time I see this opinion.

Please note that I’m not trying to start a discourse, I just want to give additional context so the situation is clearer.  

1. #ForceForDaniel 

The fact is that JJ did call a terminally ill fan whose name was Daniel Fleetwood, and it’s his wife who later posted on Facebook a message about the conversation they had. The whole situation wasn’t made up by the antis and neither Daniel or his wife should be accused of wrong doing (before you shoot the messenger, please read the rest of this post because I’m going to demonstrate how it’s a fallacy to use JJ’s statement outside of the context of the movie to paint Kylo as a rapist.)

It’s important to highlight that it’s Daniel himself who told JJ Abrams that the interrogation scene looked to him like a violent mind rape. When his wife tried to apologize because her dying husband had used the R word, JJ replied that it was okay because Daniel “was right”. So by Kenobi logic, “from a certain point of view,” yes, JJ “admitted it.” 

2. Subtext of the interrogation scene

Now, we (or JJ) could argue semantics with a man in his dying bed and his grieving wife, but no matter what, the truth is that there’s absolutely a subtext of rape and power imbalance in the interrogation scene: It’s the sentence “You know I can take whatever I want” delivered while Rey is physically restrained. The fact that Daniel picked it up even while he was heavily medicated isn’t surprising at all. It’s not like it’s meant to be subtle.

HOWEVER when we look at that scene, we need to consider it IN ITS ENTIRETY because the point is exactly to show how REY FLIPS the table on Ren and to demonstrate that (basically) he’s not very good at being a villain.

“You know I can take whatever I want” has a rather sinister undertone, and it was written to be menacing; As a viewer, you’re supposed to fear for Rey because she’s strapped to a metal chair and there’s a weird guy who kidnapped her trying to pry into her mind. 

BUT when you take a closer look at how the line is delivered by Adam and how the scene is filmed, you know that (in the context of the movie) it’s an empty threat. Kylo isn’t going to take whatever the F he wants because:

1. He doesn’t know himself what he wants (space virgin!) (he’s supposed to look for the droid and Luke’s whereabouts, but instead he’s getting lost in Rey’s memories because apparently, it’s way more interesting.) 

2.Because Rey isn’t going to let him. (Go girl!)

In conclusion: Yes, the filmmakers decided to use the threat of sexual violence to create tension, but they immediately made Rey have the upper hand to demonstrate that she isn’t a damsel in distress and to let us know that (really) Kylo isn’t as dark and corrupted as he pretends to be.

And to be honest, if they wanted to demonstrate that Kylo is 100% creepy, they would have him physically establish contact with Rey, turn around her like a predator (unmasked, he’s always shown by her side, never behind her), sniff her hair or make a comment about her perfume/physical appearance. It’s really that simple to code a male character as a sexual predator. 

@likealeafonthewind and I have been talking at length the past two days about the stewjon wingfic au. Like, extreme length. So much that there’s no chance I can really sort through it all and put it in one coherent post, so I’m focusing mostly on what Al brought up: Stewjoni architecture and transportation (with a large chunk of the Kenobi Clan sprinkled throughout and at the end).

The following is mostly copy+pasted directly from our convo, with some editing to put related things together and to delete other innocuous comments.

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lmao your art fucking sucks and im surprised you even have 10 followers. you never even update your blog ever and you have a shit sense of humor. you fucking talk and draw like a goddamn 12 year old and youre boring as hell

Well, I guess I just got my first hate mail, I’m surprised it didn’t happen earlier. 

I don’t update because I don’t get any asks????? Like, how am I supposed to post stuff when there’s nothing to post? Please think before you complain. Also, I get my art isn’t super good or anything but I’m trying to get better so please be patient with me. I’m sorry that I guess I did something wrong to you at some point but there’s no need to hate on me (or anyone else tbh) when you can just have a civilized conversation. Also, I’ve never really displayed my sense of humor on this blog?? My humor is basically a bunch of memes, self-depreciation, and puns tbh and frankly I haven’t done any of that (that I remember) on here. Anywho, please leave my blog as well as blogs like mine alone unless you’re going to talk respectfully and courteously. Thank you.

((lmao at least they got my age right kekeke))

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Nohrian Festival: Kaden and Subaki Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

Kaden claims to love Subaki the most out of everyone because of how beautiful he is. Subaki is very flattered… until Kaden starts asking just how Subaki stays so beautiful. A bishounen never reveals his secrets you know~? 

You’ve probably noticed it in earlier posts, but the way that Subaki talks in Japanese is very… floaty. He has a very light and playful tone most of the time. If you want an example, here’s the Japanese My Room lines if you invite him/are married to him. I actually like both of his voices… although the Japanese one is very good at being suggestive…

yes subaki do bad things to me pls

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I did love how Todd made one throwaway mention of Blackwing and the entire fucking Dirk Gently tag went m e n t a l like whoa. Because this is such an important conversation for them and it’s so bizarre that we don’t have any details about how it went down? Or even how much detail Dirk went into? Because, as far as we know, Dirk was just… literally experimented on as a child. By the government. How the hell would Todd even begin to respond to that?

My initial assumption was that Dirk must’ve told Todd during the Epic Gay Puzzle Quest™ in episode five, because Todd shared his biggest secret (that he never had pararibulitis) and Dirk probably went well, this is a huge leap forward in our relationship, I guess that sharing secrets is a real non-CIA person Decision To Make™ so here’s mine. And at that point Todd’s really coming around to the idea that Dirk is actually psychic - even if his first reaction was to also do an experiment on (with?) Dirk in the diner - so he’s less likely to throw Dirk’s claims back in his face (which I lowkey feel might have happened to Dirk at some point, he deliberately mentioned that no-one in his life has ever stuck around for him).

But then I saw a post by @shinmaya-aka-fred about Todd learning part of the truth earlier, and I really like the idea of Dirk trying to open up to Todd after the conversation with Riggins at the end of episode three, because Todd has only just started to think that perhaps Dirk is what he says he is. Dirk’s left the Ridgely Building in tears after Riggins asks him to come back in after sixteen years for debriefing and honestly I can’t imagine him going back until he’s pretty sure that it’s safe and CIA-free. So there’s enough time for Todd and the rest of the mystery squad to get nice and worried.

So Dirk gets back and decides to skip checking in at Todd’s apartment, he doesn’t have the emotional energy to answer questions and he’s pretty sure that he looks like a mess. But then he unlocks the door to his own apartment and Todd’s breaking through the window in a weird role reversal of the first episode. Dirk shrieks but does not throw a shoe (because his shoes are weirdly expensive and also he’s exhausted) and Todd explains that Amanda and Farah are crashing at his flat so he’ll be sleeping on Dirk’s couch. Todd’s not an idiot and can see that Dirk’s distressed about something, and asks Dirk whether he’s okay, and that’s when Dirk realizes that this is someone who actually-maybe-probably cares about him as a person. Even after Todd got shitty with him in the hallway over the magic lightbulb, he’s still sitting next to Dirk on his couch at 3am asking what the problem is. So Dirk has one of those moments he gets where he’s overwhelmed with A Human Emotion™ that he never properly learned how to process, and Todd suddenly has an armful of hysterical psychic bean man.

Todd ends up awkwardly stroking Dirk’s hair while Dirk sobs into his chest and his flannel shirt is fucking wrecked but Dirk’s also gone weirdly stiff and Todd couldn’t extract himself even if he wanted to. So he sits there with his holistic detective attached to him like he’s keeping Dirk from drowning and Dirk keeps choking out how could they and please don’t let them and but why now and Todd has no fucking clue what’s happened but he’s down to fight someone.

Then Dirk calms down just enough to tell him that “someone” is actually the CIA and Todd wonders when being a suspect in multiple murders became the least of his worries.

After Dirk’s cried himself out, they don’t talk much. Todd’s still processing everything and Dirk’s just drained. They end up sharing a bed by mutual agreement because neither of them have the energy to fold the sofa bed out (later, Todd will realize that he could’ve just… slept on the couch normally). But it’s been a stressful week and it’s only Tuesday and sharing body warmth feels like the most natural thing to happen to either of them for a long time.

There’s also the added emotional complication that Dirk technically has people in his life who did believe him, and who do want to hang around. It’s just a pity that, you know. They don’t see him as an actual person.

Based on our conversation earlier

And because you need dis, I wrote dis for you

The room was dark when you heard the pneumatic door open. The ship’s night cycle was well underway, only the most necessary of posts still manned during the artificial night.

Four heavy, booted steps sound as a tall dark figure crosses the room. The bed sags with the weight of it as it sits on the edge. You hear a hiss then a click and the rustle of fabric in the darkness. A metallic clunk from the floor and a long, corpulent sigh comes from the figure. Kylo Ren holds his head in his hands and tries to quiet his mind.

Slowly you sit up, cautious. When he’s like this, fresh from battle, the adrenaline and dark Force energy coursing through him, he is unpredictable. There have been times where you’ve approached him too quickly and he’s lashed out. When he’s like this you must tip toe around him, be gentle and speak softly to not incite his anger. You light a dim bedside lamp, it’s soft blue light illuminating the room slightly.

Haltingly, you walk your fingers up and around his shoulders. The heat coming off of him brings pricks of sweat to your skin. His muscles soften slightly, the tension beginning to fall from his burdened shoulders.

Gently, you unwind the long tattered cape from around his neck, placing it beside him on the bed. Next his heavy tunic. You slide easily off the bed and stand before him, your small hands unfastening the rough fabric. You can feel the new tears, the singed edges of blaster burns. Tugging him gently he stands up, towering over your small form, but allowing you to lead him to the refresher.

The sudden brightness when you flick on the light causes Kylo to blink. Finally you can see him, the pleated undershirt he wears is stiff with blood and, as you look down, you realize your hands are black from the filth and ash coating him. Even the scant bit of hair that protrudes from the oppressive helmet he covers himself with is brittle with the dried blood of his enemies.

You pull his clothes free, counting the new wounds that mark his pale skin. The blood and filth have made its way through the thick clothing he wears and he stands beneath the bright glare, his eyes downcast and his brow furrowed. Stepping behind him you begin running water into the large tub. As the steam begins to rise you gather a warm towel from the cabinetry and, looking around, notice that the grime from Kylo’s clothes has made its way around the room. Clinging to the walls and gathering in corners. It’s only been a few minutes since you entered, his clothing must really be soiled to have spread so quickly. That’s why he wears only black.

Kylo is standing at the mirror, leaning against his large right hand. He is staring deeply into his own eyes, contemplating the battle, the destruction he had wrought. As cold and callous as he was, the loss of so many lives affected the Force sensitive. The cost of his violence a palpable slash in the energy that permeated everything. He is always silent after these sieges because of this.

As the tub fills, you remove your own clothes and pad towards Kylo, turning his naked form towards you and into the tub. He moans as he lowers himself into the hot water, visibly relaxing as you ease yourself in behind him.

The water has already become tinged with dirt and blood. While this makes you uncomfortable, you swallow hard, knowing that this is something you must accept when you are possessed by a man like Kylo Ren. Breathing deep you fill a vessel with water and pour it over his head, rinsing the sweat and grime from his thick locks. Rubbing soap into your palms, your work it into his strands, the lather tinged grey red as the battlefield washes away from his hair. You run your fingernails along his scalp, soothing him as he sinks even deeper into the tub.

Washing the dirt from his skin you run your fingers gently along the wounds and bruises that stand out against the paleness. The deep blackish stain of ruptured capillaries runs along his upper arm as you press you lips against it, easing his hurt. You wish you could take it from him, bring his pain into yourself so you could suffer for him. When his skin is finally scrubbed clean he leans back against you, his eyes closed.

You braid the softened tendrils of his hair, pulling it back off his face. Draping your arms around his thick shoulders you hold him close, letting him relax, the hot water working into his stiff body. Your cheek rests against the top of his head as you too close your eyes, peaceful in this intimate moment with him. The violence is far too frequent but these precious seconds are not.

As the water begins to cool you stand, and with you Kylo. The tub begins to empty with a gurgle, but there is grime clinging to the both of you from sitting in the water. You run the shower briefly, rinsing you both off as he stands there, allowing you to give him this attention. When you are done you step out, his warm towel in your hand. Tenderly you blot his skin dry, then your own. Finally you leave the ‘fresher, heading back to the warm bed.

You lean over to pull the covers back when Kylo grabs you from behind, wrapping his strong arms around you and pulling you close. This sign of affection is brief as he releases you almost as abruptly as he wound himself around you. You tap the bedside light off and climb into bed, Kylo sliding in behind you. You pull the blankets over you both as you feel his arms snake around you again, a long leg draping over your hip and gathering you to him.

Drifting on the edge of consciousness, your naked bodies wrapped together, you feel Kylo’s full lips press gently against he back of your neck.

“You are my comfort,” he murmurs, nuzzling into your hair and sighing almost in contentment. A smile plays about your lips as you slip into sleep, Kylo’s words ringing in your heart.

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there's a thing going in twitter and it mentions some of your arguments against ss and tbh they are kind of biased like how do you know naruto is all sasuke thinks about? he has protected his daughter, hugged her, smiled when he left how can you say he doesn't love his daughter and wife? yes he loves naruto but as you well know there's different types of love, he loves his family too.

Can you specify what you’re talking about? I don’t use twitter so, this is news to me. 

I made a post earlier about Sasuke thinking about Naruto but I don’t believe that’s what you’re talking about. It fits the conversation so, I’ll link that as a bonus.

If you mean the one where I was saying Naruto is his connection to the village, I’ve already done a response post.

Regardless, I think Gaiden in general is irrelevant because it was all just made for money. There is no real point of it, just Sarada struggling with child abandonment which is not something the Sasuke I know would ever do. Even if I did give it serious thought, it just makes SS look like shit. Obviously, Sasuke would protect someone in danger. Obviously, he would feel a little bad about leaving behind his questionably-conceived kid. 

Let’s compare his reaction to when Naruto (who has advanced healing abilities) was stabbed

to when his precious wife was teleported away to an unspecified location

By the end he seemed to feel bad about Sarada but he didn’t even recognize her when he first saw her and when he did, he didn’t act like she was his beloved child.

She ended up crying and he didn’t even go console her, Naruto did. He came out later to protect them from the attack. Sasuke helped save Sakura too but he didn’t even pretend he wanted to show her any affection. Apparently, she still hasn’t even received a kiss from him, ever. 

If Sasuke loved them as much as you all claim, why didn’t he visit or contact them at all? He was gone a long time. We know he contacted Naruto and presumably met up with him too. We know he carries around his forehead protector, which is a very important symbol for them. He doesn’t carry anything with him that has to do with Sakura or Sarada and he doesn’t even wear his own family crest, to be connected to them that way. 

There is nothing indicating that their feelings are REALLY connected, actions speak louder than words and his actions do not support those claims. 

It’s also clear in Gaiden that Naruto doesn’t give a rat’s ass about his family either.

Have you ever seen Brokeback Mountain? 

fic to write post-wedding

- that conversation that must have happened between klaine before they actually walked down the aisle

- first anniversary! Brittany calls them at like six am because ANNIVERSARY GUYS!!! so the next year Blaine calls her even earlier, and eventually it becomes a tradition for Blaine and Brittany to call each other on their anniversary and talk about their plans to woo their spouses with their A-game.

- (Santana and Kurt also begin calling each other, but they are a bit more–subtle in their plans. Potentially a lot more kinky.)

- Kurt and Blaine finding a hotel in rural Indiana to celebrate their surprise wedding night, in which they have wild hot sex and then the next morning are naked together and planning a honeymoon yes good

- Artie and Tina fic, where at 29, Artie and Kitty are separated, and Tina and Mike are divorced, so Tina and Artie have a Vegas wedding and surprisingly, nothing ends in disaster or flames but actually love and happiness?

- ALL the Blaine’s mama fic. like literally all of it. Are you going to mention Pam Anderson in your fic? Then gosh darn it I’m going to read it!

- the AU where they refuse to get married just because they are stubborn and Sue wants them to. Klaine being in like their old age refusing to get married until Sue Sylvester is dead in the ground, at which point they immediately elope

- the AU in which they are like ‘sure we will get married but NOT TODAY ARE YOU CRAZY’ so we get engaged!klaine again

- allll the renewing-their-vows fics. In fact, they renew their vows like every year, with a different ceremony each time because while they will never regret marrying each other, they kind of regret not getting their own wedding to celebrate, and so their wedding album that they show their kids has like 20 different weddings in it.

- the shared anniversary is how Klittana children happen

- EDIT TO ADD: Kurt as a creature who has “always lived in the shadows” but blaine helps him into the sun make it a fantasy AU fandom get on it

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So are only muslim bosnians bosniaks??

No this isn’t what I’m saying at all. As a matter of fact I always hate when people say that Bosniaks are just Bosnian Muslims and here are some reasons why:

This tries to suggest that we call ourselves Bosniaks because of our connection to Islam, but that’s not true, we call ourselves Bosniak because of our connection to Bosnia.

It tries to imply that Bosniaks as a people didn’t exist before Islam came to Bosnia which is not true. During the Kingdom of Bosnia the people of Bosnia were called Bošnjani, through time Bosnian language changed and evolved and Bošnjani became Bošnjaci and that is our ethnic name today and in English language that translates to Bosniaks. In the middle ages Bosniaks were a Christian people, some were Orthodox some Catholic but majority were Bogumil, followers of the Church of Bosnia.

A hundred years into Ottoman rule Bosniaks started converting to Islam. But Christian Bosniaks still existed and exist to this day.

This is in the Sarajevo Cathedral and it translates to: “Catholic Bosniaks of Sarajevo 1887″.

One of the most prominent Bosniak intellectuals from the 19th century was a man called Ivan Franjo Jukić whose pseudonym was Slavoljub Bošnjak.Here is an excerpt from one of his works:

“ We Bosniaks, the once-famous people, now that we are barely alive, our friends of science see us as head detached from the Slavic tree and pity us … It is time to awake from a long lasting negligence; give us the cup, and from well of apprehension, inexhaustibly gain knowledge, wisdom; firstly let us try to cleanse our hearts from prejudice, reach for books and magazines, let’s see what the others did, so that we can use the same means, that our nation of simple people from the darkness of ignorance to the light of truth we bring.”

Saying that Bosniaks can only be Muslim erases the ethnic identity of Christian Bosniaks and makes it even harder for them to identify as such.

For Bosniak atheists that is erasive on a whole new level.

This whole system of deciding ethnicity based on religion that was put in place during the Austro-Hungarian period is so wrong and it brought Bosnia so much harm. From then on Bosniak Christians were starting to be classified under Serbian or Croatian and in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Bosniakhood was forbidden. During Communist Yugoslavia Bosniak Muslims were recognized as only Muslims. Their whole ethnic identity, their history, connection to their land, their ancestors, everything taken away.

Now don’t get me wrong and don’t try to put words into my mouth, I am a Muslim and I am very much proud of it. But Islam is my religion, not my ethnicity.

This system in Bosnia is still in place today. If someone is from Bosnia and is an Orthodox Christian people will immediately assume that he/she is  Serbian and if someone is Catholic then they are Croatian and if they are Muslim then they must be Bosniak.

I am not trying to say that all people of Bosnia must immediately start declaring as Bosniak, everyone can declare how ever they want, it’s their right. But I am saying that Christian Bosniaks are out there but it’s hard for them because of this charade and the constant political pressure.

In the end I will leave this quote by Bosniak intellectual Muhamed Filipović:

“We have our historic and ethnic national name, what in new terminology is called Bosniak. To that no addition is necessary. First, not all muslims are Bosniaks, nor are all Bosniaks necessarily muslim. That some of our people call themselves Bosniak-Muslims is because it’s a remainder of the past and shows that they’re not clear with the national identity of our people and that they limit it to the time where we became muslims, like we are only linked to Bosnia from then, but before we were something else. Nothing is worse than that. Before our conversions to islam we were Bosniaks (Bošnjani). Ottomans called us “Bošnjak”, and by time we took that term, and it is the same as Bošnjanin”.


Bristol UK Mayday, 2012. The Jack in the Green dances through the city to end up on one of the local commons, where he is torn apart to release the spirit of summer. 

I absolutely love the folk-pagan imagery among the old cranes and warehouses of the cities industrial past.  

I’m honestly at my end with black guys. In high school most black guys preferred white girls over anything close to black, and it didn’t help that black people only made up about 4% of my school. In the beginning of high school I was white washed and white boy crazy, but I grew out of that(thankfully) and it wasn’t until Junior year that I really started to want to come to terms with being black, embracing who I was, and branching out to fellow black people. The only boy I came close to dating in high school ditched me to move on to a blonde white girl. Now I’m in college, and I honestly thought it would get better, but I’ve barely seen change. Black guys at my college don’t date black girls either, but they enjoy fucking them and using them as “side hoes”. I’ve had to listen to conversations from black guys talking about why they like white girls and why they are better choices as partners. A guy I had a thing with earlier in the semester told me that I had a bad attitude “just like most black bitches” because I told him I wasn’t going to sleep with him after only knowing him for a month while he constantly pressured me and I told him he was a fuckboy. Most recently I saw a post on instagram by a black male friend and he was talking about “how white girls are evolving, but black girls are still trying to catch up”. I was honestly very hurt by what he said and the amount of likes he got for that comment made it even worse. The point I’m trying to make is I’m tired of being taken as a joke by black guys and I’m tired of them shitting on black girls any chance they get. Shit date and fuck white girls all you want,but why do you have to bring black girls down and try and make us feel bad because you like white girls? I’m so sick of their shit, but when it comes down to it the only man I can picture myself with in the future is a black man. I don’t have anything against interracial dating, but I am just so very physically attracted to black men and I want a partner who will share the same cultural values as me. I tried talking with a Latino guy, but it just didn’t work out. A small part of me tells me that I should continue trying to search for that perfect open minded, pro-black man, but a huge part of me tells me “ fuck it” and just move on. *sigh*