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This may have been discussed before but your earlier post made me wonder; if keyleth WAS a dragon what kind would she be? I would be inclined to think either brass or silver. brass because they treasure conversations and story, and one day stories will be all that she has left of her friends; or silver because they tend to find value in relics or old civilizations, which i feel keyleth would have personal connection to as she grows older - anything to help remind her of earlier times.

I’m not super up to date on my dragon lore but personally I’d say silver. They’ve got all the social interest of the brass plus an altruistic streak a mile wide and an interest in history and memory that pairs well with Keyleth’s longevity and her unofficial position as party notetaker.

plus like, “Silver dragons believe that living a moral life involves doing good deeds and ensuring that one’s actions cause no undeserved harm to other sentient beings” that’s just Keyleth in a nutshell

This is Dλke March Chicago’s statement on what happened and I need to break this down, because my rage over this anti-Semitic dumpster fire of an event cannot be contained:

  1. “Sadly, our celebration of dyke, queer, and trans solidarity was partially overshadowed by our decision to ask three individuals carrying Israeli flags superimposed on rainbow flags to leave the rally.” The flags in question were not “Israeli flags super-imposed on rainbow flags.” They were Rainbow flags with Magen David on them. That is not the same. At all. Either these people are incredibly uneducated about basic symbology, and therefore have no business running an event like this, or they knew these were not Israeli flags per se, but felt uncomfortable with public Jewishness. 
  2. This decision was made after they repeatedly expressed support for Zionism during conversations with Chicago Dyke March Collective members.” Given that the flags were not Israeli flags, this second sentence can only imply that the organisers saw participants who were being openly, visibly Jewish and then immediately took it upon themselves to go up and quiz them about their beliefs on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in order to make sure that they were “the right kind of Jews,” before determining whether or not they could stay. Because they were not carrying Israeli flags, and were not commenting about the conflict, the only way they could “express repeated support for Zionism during [their] conversations” was if they were confronted about their politics on the grounds of merely being Jewish and asked to pass a loyalty test. Moreover, in the account from Ellie, the Persian Jewish woman whose statement I posted earlier, there was absolutely no discussion where she “proclaimed Zionist leanings.” In fact, she maintained that she was not in the least attempting to make a statement on Israel and was only there as a proud Queer Jew of Colour—yet they ejected her anyway because her Jewishness was “triggering.”
  3. We have since learned that at least one of these individuals is a regional director for A Wider Bridge, an organization with connections to the Israeli state.” So, again, they were totally unaware of her affiliation at the time of questioning. There was no indication that she worked with this organisation at the time. They are openly admitting this. They didn’t know this particular woman’s politics until they saw her Magen David and grilled her on her beliefs.
  4. “A Wider Bridge has been protested for provocative actions at other LGBTQ events and has been condemned by numerous organizations.” The labelling of this incident as a “provocation” is staggeringly insidious, as Jews have been accused of being evil provocateurs with ulterior motives for literally centuries. The implication is that Jews are evil puppet masters attempting to infiltrate and derail gentile communities, and the accusation has frequently been weaponised to either incite or excuse anti-Jewish violence. This has been true throughout the world over, from Germany to Iraq to Ethiopia, and now Chicago. It is a coded message branding Jews as perfidious and untrustworthy. “You can’t believe anything they say about what happened because they are known liars who will deceive you for their own gain in every way possible. Do not trust any Jew who has not submitted to you and proven themselves beyond any reasonable doubt.” 
  5. “The Chicago Dyke March Collective is explicitly not anti-Semitic.” Did you read your own statement, or…?
  6. “The Chicago Dyke March Collective supports the liberation of Palestine and all oppressed peoples everywhere.” *Except the Jews.
“Blue Flames” - One Shot

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You hated going to these functions for Harry sometimes because you didn’t really know how to talk to the rich and famous, much less make a good impression and talk up your boyfriend to these said rich people who were going to make Harry more of a star than he already is. It was much easier earlier on in the relationship to attend to things like this because you knew of three other guys who would be there as a crutch if Harry was off in a serious conversation with a producer or someone who could help him go solo.

           Tonight was so much more different, as Harry was auditioning to land a major movie role and he was extremely excited, but extremely nervous about not getting the part. Knowing that you are HIS crutch made your heart swell a little more, but knowing that you would have to talk to a room full of completely different people, even a completely different scene with no one to fall back on was starting to make the nerves in your stomach race so hard that you felt nauseous. But nevertheless you put on your black dress that fell to the floor in your giant closet that the two of you shared when Harry asked you to move in to his house in LA.

           “Babe?” You heard Harry somewhere in the bedroom, his voice darting a bit forward at the last letter of the word, knowing that he was rounding the corner to the closet. He stood in the doorframe looking down at his hands that were holding two different necklaces, both long; one was gold and the other silver, both holding pendants at the very bottom. The silver pendant adorned his plain silver but slightly larger cross, and the gold chain held one small coin pendant at the bottom and the other chain above it was a small gold cross.

           Harry stuck out his hands that his somewhat more inexpensive pieces dangled from, raising both eyebrows at you. You squinted and your eyes raked over his long and lean torso, a black silk button down (which was almost all the way un-buttoned) was carefully and neatly tucked into the long black and white pinstripe pants over his black and so shiny you could see yourself in them boots. You licked your lips just slightly at the sheer sight of him, and his tongue grazed the inside of his cheek as he rolled his eyes.

           “Don’ have time for that, love,” he grinned his little smirk that made his dimple flash, and you wondered how you weren’t jumping on him right then and there.

           “Shutup. Not like you don’t do it to me,” you crossed your arms and glared at him, shifting all your weight to one hip. He immediately saw your body change and his eyes flew down to your chest that was pushed up by your arms just enough. You rolled your eyes this time, and poked two fingers hard into his shoulder.

           “This one,” you pointed to the silver cross and helped him get it over his head quickly, as he has seemed to freeze momentarily.

           “Thanks. Kiss,” his lips puckered out and you looked at him for a moment and paused, his lips starting to turn into a frown when you leaned forward quickly and pecked at them, his smile was triumphant.

           “You ready, love?” He asked, shrugging on his very tailored black velour jacket that fell at his hips, nudging his long hair from in-between his shirt and the jacket to fall out easily, adjusting the collar and his hair, again.

           “Mmm, just let me get my coat,” you said to him and turned to the white pea-coat hanging on the rack that you hung carefully as if not to spill or even breathe on it before his big night. Just then the moment hit you hard, you knew that it was extra important and wondered how you even agreed to this. It might have been the way Harry was standing in the doorframe looking hot as hell, or it might have been the way he ate you out as a plea and a bribe so feverishly just last night that you thought you went to actual heaven because of all the white and the stars (twice); either way, you were nervous and he was, too.

           “Harry,” you said just barely audible, tears prickling at your eyes.

Harry turned to face you and saw your body frame slumped, almost eaten by the pea coat around your arms and your lips were pouting as to say please, don’t make me do this. He strode over to you and in one simple step of his long legs and he was holding you tightly by the waist with one strong arm, the other swiping his padded thumb over your cheek. You felt his breath linger over your forehead as he kissed the temple, and then dipped his eyes to look at you, searching your face momentarily.

“I won’ leave your side, promise,” he grabbed your hand and intertwined his fingers with yours and tugged slightly, his eyes never left yours as you gave up in defeat and nodded, following him out of the house.  

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I loved your fic earlier about Andries and the press. And now I'm so sorry to ask something so similar but could you write a fic about the press getting pictures of Neil's scars after they're at the beach or something? And also Neil's response to reporters because I am trash for sassy Neil. Thank you!

sorry this has taken me so long to get to! i hope you like it!

“You haven’t got to do this.”

“Of course I do.”

Wymack made an exasperated noise as though this was a conversation he’d had one too many times before. Neil suspected he probably had. “Not everything has to be a fight.”

Neil’s lips twisted into a smile, a dead smile, more grimace than grin. “But I love to fight.”

Wymack looked like there were a thousand and one things he wanted to say to Neil, none of them pleasant, but in the end he simply clapped Neil on the back. “Let’s get this over with then.”

There were lots of things in the world that Neil Josten didn’t understand. He didn’t understand how Tetsuji Moriyama was able to treat the Ravens like he did. He didn’t understand how his father lived with himself. He didn’t understand how he had landed on the feet with the Foxes. But, most of all, he didn’t understand why the press wouldn’t leave him alone.

He made a good story - he understood that - but there were better stories out there. There were people who’d just won more money than most people would ever see in their lifetime. There were celebrities cheating on their partners and being cheated on. There were murderers and con-artists and bank robbers and a million stories which were far more interesting than him going on holiday.

Apparently though, being shirtless on the beach was the hottest story that everyone just had to know about.

Pathetic, really.

The Foxes were waiting for him outside Wymack’s office, offering him a collection of supportive words. Dan’s words rang in his ears - “Give ‘em hell, kid” - but it was drowned out by a single stark realisation: Andrew wasn’t there. Everyone else was. Even Aaron was sulking in the corner, looking like he wanted to be anywhere else, but there was no Andrew.

They’d argued last night. Andrew didn’t know why he’d agreed to a meeting with the press: “If you keep giving them what they want every time they run a story on you, they’ll never leave you alone.” Andrew was right. Neil knew he was. He couldn’t help himself though. He couldn’t stand letting them print lies and speculation. He’d spent his whole life running and hiding and being unable to stand up for himself even when he wanted to so badly he felt like he would burn from it.

He hadn’t thought their argument would stop Andrew coming though.

As if he could read his mind, Wymack said “He’s in your dorm.”

Neil simply nodded, not trusting himself to say anything.

Thankfully Wymack didn’t push it and simply opened the door to the stadium. The second they appeared, the cameras were on them, flashing lights and shouts of his name. With a stony face, Neil marched to the spot which had been marked out for him to stand on while Wymack stood off to the side.

Neil wasn’t like Kevin. He couldn’t flash a winning smile and have the press eat out of his hand. He hadn’t been trained to tell them exactly what they wanted to hear while giving away as little as possible. Kevin was polished and prepared, the perfect media showcase. Neil was rough around the edges and ready to fight back. Maybe that was why Wymack hadn’t bothered wasting his energy on getting Neil to prepare a statement.

His blank expression didn’t change when he took the microphone.

“Honestly, I’m not sure what you’re expecting me to say to you all. Haven’t you got anything better to do than take pictures of university students on holiday? A pretty pathetic job, don’t you think?”

A wall of noise hit him as questions were hurled at him from every direction, almost indistinguishable from each other. They were all variants on the same question though: How did he get his scars?

“I rescued a baby from a burning building,” he shouted over the noise, only to continue more quietly when the press fell silent, desperate to hear his every word. “Ran in, jumped through fire. Had to smash a window to get to them. Or maybe it was from the lion I fought last summer. Got ambushed while on holiday. I forget the details.” He could see the reporters’ expression changing, the manic glee at the prospect of getting Neil Josten’s story giving way to bitter disappointment and barely concealed anger as they realised he wasn’t going to give them what they wanted. A small smile curved to his lips.

“What were you and Andrew Minyard doing at the beach together?”

Neil didn’t bother to stifle his scoff. “Frolicking in the sea and building sand castles. What do you think we were doing?”

“It’s a bit strange, isn’t it?” The young man who’d spoken had the haughty expression of someone’s who’s face was permanently etched into a sneer. “Andrew Minyard on a beach vacation. He doesn’t seem the type.”

The smile fell from Neil’s face. “What type does he seem?”

“Less holiday in the sun, more rehabilitation. Can you give a statement about Andrew’s recent time in rehab?”

“Don’t.” Wymack spoke so softly that Neil almost didn’t hear him through the blood rushing in his ears. The whole world tilted as his fingers tightened around the microphone. If he threw it now, he could hit the reporter right between the eyes before he knew what was happening. It wouldn’t kill him (more’s the pity) but it might hurt enough to knock some sense into him. Either way, it would make Neil feel better.

He didn’t throw it though, even as his fingers itched to. Instead he held it tightly enough to turn his knuckles white.

“Are you happy?” Neil looked from the man to the other reporters. “Are any of you happy? You’re so bloody obsessed with other people’s lives that you can’t be happy with your own. It’s not healthy, you know, to need to know the ins and outs of a stranger’s life. It’s disgusting. My life, Andrew’s life, has got fuck all to do with you and you’d do well to remember that. You want a statement? Go fuck yourself. You can quote me on that.”

He didn’t wait for the fallout before he turned and left the stadium. He didn’t stop to talk to the Foxes, their cheers of congratulations mixed with Kevin’s despair following him as he headed out the backdoor and took off at a sprint towards the dorm. He didn’t stop running until he opened the door and saw Andrew sat cross-legged, facing the television with the remote in his hand. The television glowed a dull grey before it clicked once and the screen fell black.

“Did you watch it?”


“Liar.” Neil shut the door behind him as he stepped into the room. “What did you think?”

“I think you’re an idiot.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.”

“I think you enjoy the attention.”

Neil lifted one eyebrow. “Do you?”

Andrew didn’t answer. His silence said enough.

Moving across the room, Neil sat down next to Andrew on the sofa. As he did Andrew shifted, uncrossing his legs and putting his feet back down on the floor. There was a couple of inches space between them.

“Yes or no?” Neil eventually asked.

“I hate you.”

“I know. Yes or no?”


Neil turned towards him. Andrew didn’t move, still staring straight forward. Lifting his hand slowly, Neil paused just before he touched Andrew’s jaw.

“I said yes.” Andrew still didn’t move.

With a quiet sigh, Neil turned Andrew’s head towards him, leaning in to press their lips together in a gentle kiss. At first Andrew didn’t kiss back. Despite the “yes”, Neil started to pull back; by now he knew Andrew’s reactions well enough to know when something wasn’t right.

Before he could break the kiss, Andrew moved. His hand came up to the back of Neil’s head, threading his fingers through his hair and holding him tightly. He kissed back now, hard and bruising, his body pressing against Neil’s as his hands moved to rest on Andrew’s waist. Andrew pushed him back against the sofa and Neil let him, pliant beneath him. This was what Andrew needed, what they both needed, and Neil was more than happy to give it to him.

The pink flush that coloured Andrew’s cheeks when he pulled back several minutes later was the only indication that he was at all affected by the kisses. It was enough for Neil.

“Frolicking in the sea and building sand castles? Is that really the best the famous Josten wit could come up with?”

Neil smiled. He was still smiling when he kissed Andrew again.

Debunking Serano’s “Debunking”

Julia Serano believes he has “debunked” radical feminists in this article published on his blog yesterday. I would like to take some time to deconstruct Serano’s arguments and debunk trans activism’s “debunking.” Because of all the fallacies and straw men in the article, this post will be a long one. Grab a snack and join me. Serano, this is rhetorically addressed to you.

Your second sentence in this article:

From pre-interview conversations we shared, I knew that my interviewer planned to ask me about Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s comments from earlier this year wherein she claimed that trans women are not women.

And in the article you link to for a source:

Adichie, who is not transgender, responded: “So when people talk about, you know, ‘Are trans women women?’ — my feeling is trans women are trans women.”

Notice how you’re dishonest in the second sentence of this article? You begin by touting yourself and your interview for the New York Times, and then immediately, falsely, cast skeptical feminists like Adichie as the villains. While I wouldn’t disagree with Adichie if she had said trans women aren’t women, she didn’t say that and you begin your piece by framing “popular” feminists (Adichie and women like her) as a natural enemy.

Moving on, you talk about your own book for a while, and then:

Women who insist that trans women are not women often object to being called “cis women” under the false assumption that it somehow undermines their femaleness — this is not at all the purpose of this language….In other words, referring to someone as “cisgender” simply means that they have not had a transgender experience.

You do not get to determine other people’s analysis of your writing, especially if you want to falsely put words in Adichie’s mouth. If you are going to claim that trans feelings are what matter over other people speaking, then you cannot simultaneously tell anyone who feels undermined by putting a prefix on our oppression that we are wrong.

I could say “In other words, referring to someone as ‘he’ simply means he was born with a penis and has been treated accordingly by society” and you’d call me a bigot. You cannot support, for instance, the idea that misgendering a trans person is violence if the alleged offender meant no harm because according to your logic, the intent of words matters more than the effect.

How many times have women heard men tell us not to take their words negatively? “Calm down!” “Relax!” “It’s a compliment!” This is tired.

While some cisgender people refuse to take our experiences seriously, the fact of the matter is that transgender people can be found in virtually every culture and throughout history.

This is not an argument. Sexism has occurred in virtually every culture and throughout history. So has rape, murder, and child abuse. Longevity is not relevant. You cannot argue that it lends legitimacy or validates your claims.

While cis feminists who claim that trans women are not women obsess over questions of identity (“How can a ‘man’ possibly call ‘himself’ a woman?”), they purposefully overlook or play down the fact that we have very real life experiences as women.

Actually, we don’t obsess over your identity. You do. Radical feminists are focused on material problems whereas you are the one constantly blowing about identity validation. I have never asked how a man can call himself a woman because society allows men to call themselves anything they want, including the biologically impossible.

You do not have experiences as a woman. You have experiences as a man masquerading as a woman. They will never be the same as our experiences.

Forcing trans women into a separate group that is distinct from cis women does not in any way help achieve feminism’s central goal of ending sexism.

Spaces free from men does help our goal by allowing us to organize women like you to come and tell us who we are and what our goals should be. Men forcing themselves into women’s spaces is sexism.

Other common appeals to biology center on reproduction — e.g., stating that trans women have not experienced menstruation, or cannot become pregnant. This ignores the fact that some cisgender women never menstruate and/or are unable to become pregnant.

A man has never become pregnant. Where are women who do not menstruate or are unable to become pregnant complaining like you are? I have never become pregnant and never once did I doubt that I’m a woman. Society has treated me from birth as a female with the potential to become pregnant. You do not have that potential.

Women’s genitals vary greatly, and as with chromosomes and reproductive capabilities, we cannot readily see other people’s genitals in everyday encounters.

Women do not have penises. Diversity in vulvas and vaginas is not a penis. We can evaluate the sex of 99% of the people we come across at first glance. I PROMISE you that men know I have a vagina when they sexually harass me on the street even though they can’t see it.

When I lived in Spain as an Iraqi girl, I was sometimes mistaken for a person of Romani heritage and treated as such. (One specific incident comes to mind where I was patiently waiting to use a cash machine and the current user tried to shoo me away, believing I would try to rob her.) While my phenotype might appear to be that of a Roma girl to some people and I have had “real experiences” of being an Iraqi mistaken for a Roma person, that doesn’t make me Romani. It doesn’t give me the history of the Romani people or the struggle of their daily lives and common discrimination.

And frankly, what could possibly be more sexist than reducing a woman to what’s between her legs? Isn’t that precisely what sexist men have been doing to women for centuries on end?

Possibly the idea that a woman is a collection of stereotypes rather than a biologically oppressed class? Acknowledging I have a vagina and my life has been a certain way because of it is not reductive. I never said it defines me; it makes my life significantly different from yours and as a radical feminist I am trying to fight against that. You’re the only one using that argument.

So it is hypocritical for any self-identified feminist to use “biology” and “body parts” arguments in their attempts to dismiss trans women.

Biology is directly tied to our oppression. We need to point that out to fight the oppression. Is it a black person playing into racism by pointing out that she is black? Is a Jew hypocritical for pointing out that antisemitism happens to her because she is Jewish? During the Holocaust, people with Jewish heritage who self-identified as atheists were STILL murdered along with practicing Jews. They couldn’t identify themselves out of the ghettos or the concentration camps because your identifarianism is made up.

The main thrust of this assertion is that women are women because of socialization and/or their experiences with sexism. But what about me then?

  2. You’re not a woman. There is your answer.

Or what about young trans girls who socially transition early in life, and who never have the experience of being perceived or treated as a man?

Socialization literally starts in the uterus. There are cultures with superstitions that doing certain things will “curse” a pregnant woman with a female infant. I can see you don’t spend a lot of time with children (alhamdulillah–thank god) because you would see how early that socialization begins and reflects in their behavior. I’ve already written about how society disadvantages female infants.

A young girl is forced against her will to live as a boy. Upon reaching adulthood, after years of male socialization and privilege, she comes out about identifying as female and begins to live as a woman. Do you accept her as a woman?

Children are not forced against their will to live as their biological sex because biological sex is natural trait for human beings . Children are forced to conform to gender roles but your insistence that womanhood is just a collection of those roles is actually upholding the problem.

Saying “you are a boy” is not the same as being told what “boy” socially entails, or that you cannot do feminine-labeled things because you are a boy. You were NEVER a young girl so don’t act like a victim in that sense. I’m sorry society forces children to uphold gender roles but radical feminists are the ones out here fighting them.

More often than not, people who claim that trans women aren’t women make both the biology and socialization arguments simultaneously, even though they are seemingly contradictory (i.e., if biology is the predominant criteria, then one’s socialization shouldn’t matter, and vice versa).

Biology is the basis of that socialization. Radical feminists are not arguing conflicting ideologies. We acknowledge that socialization is assigned to us based on our material and unchangeable biological sex. This is not contradictory in any way.

Much like their homophobic counterparts who make appeals to biology (“God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”)

Creationism is not biology. You’re trying to undermine biology and evolution with an example that you know is religious and not scientific at all.

The trans-women-aren’t-women crowd desperately throws the entire kitchen sink at us rather than attempting to make a coherent argument.

I think I’ve made a very coherent argument but trans activists ignore that argument and set up straw men, like you just did in the sentence immediately before this one. You’re the one who has it wrong.

While gender socialization is quite real, all of us are capable of overcoming or transcending the socialization that we experienced as children.

So now you’re acknowledging gender socialization but saying we can overcome it. This is blaming women for our own oppression because we cannot socialize or identify ourselves out of it. Even trans men cannot escape their socialization and the attacks against their female biology like anti-abortion laws.

If I could transcend my socialization, I wouldn’t wear makeup, but my job requires me to look “presentable” and this means wearing makeup in my society. If I could transcend my socialization, I would be much firmer with men who interrupt me but I know they will likely react with more hostility and I have to prioritize my safety over shedding stereotypes. It’s hardly an option really.

The “Male Energy” and “Male Privilege” Fallacies

The way you’ve put “male privilege” in quotation marks and followed with the word “fallacies” makes me extremely nervous for this next section because it sounds like you don’t believe male privilege exists. But I will read and judge fairly…

In my many years of being perceived by the world as a cisgender woman, I have never once had anyone claim to detect “male privilege” or “male energy” in me.

This is because your male socialization means you are more likely to react with hostility or violence when being criticized, and our female socialization makes us less likely to criticize men, out of fear or concern for your feelings over ours.

Do you think male-identified males have these conversations with women or with each other all the time? I have never told a man he exudes “male energy.” I’ve never even heard of this. It’s bizarre. It’s also unrealistic to believe people tell you every thought they have about you. I’m sure people have thought things about me—both flattering and unflattering—that they’ve kept to themselves.

Male privilege is a very real thing. In my booking Whipping Girl, I talk at length about my own personal experiences of having it, and subsequently losing it post-transition.

Why do you have male privilege in quotation marks in every previous line? It’s very obvious you don’t think it applies to you as you’ve stated this directly. That’s the same line of thinking I’ve heard from most male self-identified “feminists” who really just want to deny their own culpability. We’ve all heard it.

The fact that the trans-women-aren’t-women crowd constantly harp about trans women’s real or imagined male privilege, yet refuse to acknowledge or examine their own cisgender privilege, demonstrates that their concerns about privilege are disingenuous.

“Trans women’s real or imagined male privilege.” So which is it then? You aren’t putting forth a coherent argument.

Cisgender privilege is not real. Women are not privileged more than men in the world, and accepting the reality of your body and how it means you are treated in the world is not a privilege unless you argue that being transgender is a mental illness, in which case those without that mental illness do have some advantages. But the trans lobby takes offense to that.

There are numerous problems with this line of reasoning [that trans males are caricatures of women]:

1) It relies on a highly negative view of feminine gender expression (that I have debunked in my writings) and implies that conventionally feminine cisgender women are also behaving superficially and/or reinforcing stereotypes.

If you do believe that women are an oppressed group, then naturally if follows the oppressed group cannot be blamed for their participation in that system to the same extent as the oppressors.

I have been socialized from birth to act feminine according to my culture’s standards. You haven’t. When you imply that acting out my oppression make you oppressed too, it’s insulting. First, it makes a joke of what I am forced to do to live safely, and second, it implies if I acted differently, I wouldn’t be oppressed as a woman, which isn’t true.

2) It ignores the many trans women who are outspoken feminists and/or not conventionally feminine.

Lots of men call themselves feminists but it doesn’t make them feminists or make them women. Calling yourself a feminist doesn’t make you a feminist any more than calling yourself a woman makes you a woman. (It doesn’t make you those things at all.)

3) Trans women do not transition out of a desire to be feminine; we transition out of a self-understanding that we are or should be female (commonly referred to as gender identity).

If there is no discernible biological condition that defines someone as a woman, as you argue before, then what are you transitioning to?

You are just adopting feminine stereotypes (but picking and choosing, mind you) and saying that makes you a woman. It doesn’t. Womanhood isn’t a feeling or an inner identity and to imply this is anti-woman because it sets the foundation for blaming us for our own position within an oppressed class.

4) Trans women who are conventionally feminine are not in any way asserting or insinuating that all women should be conventionally feminine, or that femininity is all there is to being a woman. Like cis women, trans women dress the way we do in order to express ourselves, not to critique or caricature other women.

You are asserting that feminine stereotypes make you a woman instead of what you are: a feminine man. And, by your language “[imply that] femininity is all there is to being a woman” you are implying that femininity (which is a set of cultural stereotypes) is at least part of being a woman. This is in conflict with your “identification only” mantra and it is proven false by every proud gender non-conforming woman and man out there.

5) This line of reasoning accuses trans women of arrogantly presuming to know what cis women experience, when we do no such thing. In reality, it’s the cis women who forward this accusation that are the ones arrogantly presuming to know what trans women experience and what motivates us.

You literally said in your last point: “Like cis women, trans women dress the way we do in order to express ourselves.” I do not dress the way I do in order to express myself; I dress this way in order to avoid violence in an extremely patriarchal society where women are expected to be covered or attacked. You just claimed to know my experience and motivations and you got it completely wrong.

As a trans woman, I will be the first to admit that I cannot possibly know what any other woman experiences or feels on the inside.

Then why have you spent this entire article constructing straw man arguments and insisting radical feminists believe things that we simply don’t? Your second sentence was a lie about something feminist and woman Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie said. How could you assume you have anything in common with us?

But the thing is, the trans-women-aren’t-women crowd cannot possibly know what any other woman experiences or feels either!

Actually, I do know what other women experience and feel because I am a woman. We have a shared experience as an oppressed class that you are not a part of. I’m glad you are acknowledging that you don’t know how we feel, but women around the world have the common experience of our biology and our socialization as the lesser sex according to that biology.

It’s the cis women who attempt to exclude us who seem to have a singular superficial stereotypical notion of what constitutes a woman, or of what women experience.

When you call the shared experiences of women under patriarchy “a singular superficial notion” you are arguing that sexism does not exist. Sexism has to have a definition in order to fight against it and that definition is the oppression of women as a class of people based on our reproductive biology.

Some cis feminists will extrapolate from this [trans people’s claims of sexed brains] that all trans people must hold highly essentialist beliefs about female-versus-male brains, and therefore that we are an affront to feminism. Often, they will make this case while simultaneously making essentialist claims themselves (e.g., regarding reproductive capacities) in order to undermine our identities.

The idea of different male and female brains is an affront to feminism because we know scientifically that our brains house our personality traits, intelligence, and memory and thus significantly affects how we act within society. Arguing that women have fundamentally different brains from men supports sexism by allowing men to argue our social circumstances are actually brought about by biological determination and that our lower place within society is valid because we are less intelligent or naturally drawn to certain tasks.

As a biologist, you should know that genitals serve a completely different purpose than the brain and does lead to different lived experiences for men and women. Even without the social construct of gender, women have pregnancies and men do not. To point out that male and female genitals are different is acknowledging material reality, whereas you are trying to construct your arguments upon subjective “identities.”

Radical feminists argue this material reality should not place women at a lower position within society or designate certain roles for us that have nothing to do with biology. Radical feminists accept our realities as people with vaginas and uteruses and the biological consequences of those things. What we do not accept is the unnecessary and oppressive social roles that have been created based upon them.

But here’s the thing: Rachel Dolezal is one person. In sharp contrast (as I alluded to earlier), transgender people are a pan-cultural and trans-historical phenomenon, and comprise approximately 0.2 – 0.3% of the population.

Prevalence does not make something good or healthy. A lot more than 0.3% of the population is sexist and that doesn’t mean sexism should be accepted in society. Since you can’t undermine that Rachel Dolezal acted out stereotypes and then called herself a black person and how this is directly linked to the trans phenomenon, you’re trying to argue that the problem is small.

According to the American news networks, white people “identify” as people of color to check those boxes on university and job applications to take advantage of affirmative action all the time. People confess to doing it. So the problem of people moving into spaces designated for certain marginalized groups—including people of color and women—is not small like you make it out to be.

I am Iraqi and I plan to study in the United States which means I have to require a special visa and still face possible rejection as a result of Trump’s travel ban on my country. (I’m not a Muslim, but the ban targets Muslim-majority countries and I live in one.) Still, I checked “white” on my university applications because it clearly states Middle Eastern people are white during that process. Marginalized Americans worked hard for those distinctions and I will not undermine their work by claiming to be someone I’m not. Maybe we can discuss a separate Middle Eastern category in the future, but I’m not going to claim to be black or Pacific Islander.

I have never once in my life heard a trans woman claim that our experiences are 100 percent identical to those of cis women.

Then what is your article even about? Why does the idea of women having our own spaces without trans women bother you? What is under threat here? Your “identity,” as you state above?

The problem isn’t that we (i.e., trans women) refuse to acknowledge any differences, but rather that the trans-women-aren’t-women crowd refuses to acknowledge our many similarities.

Feminism doesn’t focus on similarities because sexism doesn’t. “Why don’t we just all come together because we aren’t that different” says the person in a position of institutional power. Society tells people we are different and then as soon as you want something we have (that you have relegated us to) you claim to be just like us. Please.

There was a time in the 1960s and 1970s when many heterosexual feminists wanted to similarly exclude lesbians from women’s organizations and from feminism. The justifications that they forwarded were eerily similarly to trans-women-aren’t-women arguments: They accused lesbians of being “oppressively male” and of “reinforcing the sex class system.”

Lesbians are women and feminism is the movement to liberate women from sexism. Lesbians are biologically female and therefore women, whereas you are not. Many previous “feminists” have been racist and antisemitic as well, but people with common sense know black women and Jewish women are adult human females and therefore included in feminism. Biological males do not belong in feminism. Do not appropriate the struggles of lesbians.

Trans women are women. We may not be “exactly like” cis women, but then again, cis women are not all “exactly like” one another either. But what we do share is that we all identify and move through the world as women.

No, you are not women. You are biologically male and socialized as boys and then men. Not all women are exactly alike but we all have the shared experience of being biologically female and being treated accordingly. You do not have that experience. You do not move through the world as a woman, but as a man pretending he is a woman.

I said at the outset, forcing trans women into a separate group that is distinct from cis women does not in any way help achieve feminism’s central goal of ending sexism. In fact, it only serves to undermine our collective cause.

Sexism is rooted in biological sex. You are a biological male and in this way you are distinct from biological females and we do not have to include you in our mission to liberation ourselves from oppression by men.

What is our collective cause? What are your goals and how do you hope to achieve them? What are you doing to help women other than writing about how we exclude you because you are a man? How do you define sexism?

Your piece is riddled with incoherent arguments and you attempt to paint radical feminism as illogical when, in fact, radical feminism can be used to logically dismantle all your arguments and point to a clear foundation for women’s oppression.

This work starts with a falsehood and ends with a vague assertion that feminists, by asking for our own spaces free from men, are hurting ourselves when actually, you have only argued how these actions hurt you and men like you. You have blamed women for our own oppression throughout this article and yet you expect us to take you in with open arms and validate your identity because that is the only thing that you believe ties you to womanhood.

It doesn’t, and we’re not here to entertain you.

Turning Verbal Traps into Honest Questions

You’re almost there. You can feel the thrill of victory. It vibrates in the keys under your frantically tapping fingertips.

You’re sure, you’re sure, you’re about to convince another blogger that doorknobs exist! 

Tumblr user the-knob-is-a-lie has argued hard, across dozens of reblogs, to prove their thesis that doorknobs are nothing but a sinister myth. But they’ve slipped. There’s a flaw in their logic. A contradiction. And you’re about present that flaw to them and prove yourself the victor of this ideological war, once and for all.

“If, as you say, twisty things don’t exist at all,” you write, “then how did you unscrew your water bottle just now? Huh? HUH?????

You post the reply and take a moment to bask in your genius.

The trap is sprung. The day is yours. The only thing to be done is sit back and wait for your opponent to come crawling over and kiss your feet, to thank you solemnly for making them see reason.

The response is not what you expected. There is no kissing your feet. No groveling.

The victory strikes oddly hollow. You’ve proven something you already know, that the-knob-is-a-lie is wrong. You’ve proven it to yourself, and you’ve proven it to the other people who already know it. You’ve won, and you’ve won precisely nothing.

Want this situation to go differently? Want to communicate rather than alienate? Let’s look at your question again:

“If, as you say, twisty things don’t exist at all, then how did you unscrew your water bottle just now?

The phrasing implies that you expect your question to come as a shock. That… might come across as condescending. Consider, instead, assuming that the question you are asking is a question the other person has thought of, and working forward from there.

Firstly, take a moment to set aside your incredulity and think about possible answers to your question. How did they unscrew their water bottle without twisty things? Do they define the word “unscrew” differently from you? Or “twisty”? Were they exaggerating a bit when they said twisty things don’t exist? And will you come across as pedantic when you use that exaggeration against them?

Assume there are reasons why a good, earnest, intelligent human would say things that sound crazy to you. What might those reasons be? If you’re trying too hard to be in the right, it’s harder to make your point. It’s harder to understand where the other person is coming from so you can communicate your points in a way they will understand. 

Okay, now you’re ready to start your question over. Own your subjective perception of the conversation, and inquire openly about theirs:

“You said earlier that twisty things don’t exist. My understanding of the screw-top lids on water bottles is that they are a kind of twisty thing. Do you see them differently? Or did you mean ‘twisty thing’ more specifically than I interpreted it when I read your earlier post?”

Now the conversation can move forward, because you’re talking like you care what the other person has to say. Like you know that there are limitations to your own understanding.Your goal now is not to be right, but to understand where the other person is coming from so you can communicate your points in a way that they will understand.

You’ve set a tone of respect. That doesn’t guarantee you anything, but it does make it much easier for the-knob-is-a-lie to admit that they might be wrong, or might have communicated badly.

You’ve created room for them to say, “Well now that you mention it, I’m not sure how I reconcile those things. Maybe you’re right. I’ll think about it,” or, “Oh, yeah, I didn’t really mean that there are no twisty things at all. I was talking about a certain kind of twisty thing.”

Remember, if you’re arguing, then someone else is involved. Even if your argument seems rock-solid to you, if that person doesn’t see it then you haven’t proven anything to them. Maybe you just wanted to prove to yourself how right you are, but if you want them to understand and believe your point of view, trying to spring traps for them is not an effective strategy. Demonstrating an attempt to understand where they’re coming from works a lot better. 

“Kurt and Blaine, public school or private school for your future children?”

Chris says that Kurt would not settle for public and Darren says:

look at Chris’s little sly grin, when Darren says that Blaine would lose
(he nodded and smiled as if he remembered something)

then this movement Darren’s body, which reminds me of a line from All of me “even when I lose I’m winning“ (because all of me loves all of you)
and Chord is like “well, as always”

this reminded me of a conversation between Kurt and Blaine in Lima Bean in 3x01

Blaine’s reaction (charming smile, isn’t it?)
(i don’t know what it means to Blaine, if Kurt wins, my thoughts too dirty for that)

i found earlier a post (unfortunately,I don’t have the link), where it was written that this scene was shot after the kiss in Dublin, where as you know, Chris and Darren were playing, and Darren broke the rules, and technically Chris won

returning to today’s paleyfest. Darren and Chris talk about the kind of Klaine, but the grin makes me think that they are talking not only about them, but also about each other.

i don’t say anything, it’s just my observation and thoughts.

but remember: glee is not a documentary


So earlier tonight I was in a bathroom stall in my dorm and a few drunkish guys came in. They were being pretty loud but relatively copacetic so I was gonna let it slide.
Then one of the dudes busts out of a stall and says “yo what the fuck is this bullshit on the doors”

He was referring of course to the anti-sexual harassment posters on all the stall doors that tell everyone how to notice the signs and report and all sorts of quality, much-needed info.
I went to stand up and yell at him but stopped cold when one of the other dudes says, completely seriously:
“Sexual harassment.”
But he said it in a sort of “shut up bro you don’t know what you’re talking about” way.

First guy; “that’s bullshit”

Second guy: “no it isn’t, man”

Third guy: *dead seriously* “it happens, people need to be informed.”

First guy: “whatever”

Third guy: “what if I just grabbed your dick right now, what would you say, huh?”

First guy: “I’d call you a faggot.”

Now at this point I stood up and looked over the stall and said “you can’t fucking say that word. People die every day because of it.”

Third guy: *pleasantly surprised* “I was just about to say that.”

Second guy: “yeah, man, we had this conversation earlier.”

Third guy: *goes to fist bump me but hesitates* “wait have you wiped already?”

Me: “I’ve been in here like ten seconds, you’re good.”

Third guy: “aight man *bump* have a good night.”

It made me so fucking proud to go to my college knowing that drunk frat boys are here educating their stupid friends about consent and decency. Keep shining, Wooster.
And stay excellent, unnamed hammered guys.

Hey, fam! Could you please storm Heaven for me please? I’m finalizing the revisions on my resume and letter to submit *directly* to the Director of Campus Ministry. My priest had bumped into him earlier and the director said to urge me to submit it today because he is seriously considering me after that conversation (praise God!). So yeah fam, it’s lit. Please keep all of this in your prayers, especially the students I have been serving. Thank you so much!

anonymous asked:

I'm wondering if some of the issues people are having come from differing definitions of what "personal" means - to some, it seems like it should mean autobiographical, and to others, it's about things he's personally been involved with (those dining room table conversations) - as opposed to formulaic and generic songs. I could write a very personal song about going through chemo, not because I have, but because I've been very close with people who have. That's personal but not autobiographical.

I think you’re making two interesting points here:

(1) personal does not necessarily mean autobiographical. I reblogged a good post about this earlier today, so I’ll leave it at that.

(2) Harry is asking something different from his listeners than most pop songs do. He’s asking people to engage with the lyrics at a different level. You don’t have to do this; you can just enjoy the music and a good turn of phrase. That’s fine. That’s what I do with Niall’s music. I really love Niall’s songs and think he’s great at doing what he wants to do. Harry’s doing something different, though. It’s not better or worse, just different. He’s loading meaning into the lyrics so that they can be understood at different levels, in different ways. This makes some people uncomfortable. I don’t really understand why, but some people seem to be personally offended that others enjoy digging into the lyrics and music to try to understand what’s being communicated, what’s being referenced, how Harry’s music builds on other art. But I think that discomfort with that sort of project sometimes results in a lot of tension.


I just reached 200 followers last night! This is so awesome!! A milestone!! In celebration of this milestone, I’m going to give a shout out to all the good friends I’ve made since I started my blog:

@sonias-world-of-fandom - Hey Sonia! I haven’t known you for very long, but from what I’ve seen of you, you are a really cool person, and I love talking with you. ❤️

@malecispurelyamazing -  Hi! My first biggest follower! I don’t know what I did to make you like all this craziness so much, but I’m happy to have become friends with you, and to talk about Malec with you. 💕

@daddarios - Hey Mavra! A fellow Matt Daddario fan and an Alec Lightwood analysist. I always have fun conversations with you, and I’ll never be able to figure out why people are so mean to you. You’re just too nice of a person. You also made me those really cool icons for me that one time, so thanks for that too! 💖

@phildrawsfanart - Hey Phil! I saw your beautiful art not too long after I made my blog, but I didn’t start talking with you, I think, until just before season 2B started. Why did it take me so long!? You are super nice, and you are a great person to talk to. 💝

@anjawritingsx - Hey Anja! I first discovered you on Ao3 after I read on of your fics (I can’t remember what fic it was now). That’s when I first spoke to you, too. Fanfic really does bring the fandom together, huh? Lol! Then I found you on tumblr, and I found that you have really great opinions on things about the show that some people don’t really think about, and you just turned out to be a great person to meet! 💗

@magnusandalexander - Hi! I first found you on here when I saw your asks from your unpopular opinions ask meme in the Malec tag 😂. I really enjoy talking with you about the craziness that goes on in this fandom sometimes, and I think I may have asked you a rediculous question once or twice. 💞

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@damnyoudaddario - Another fellow Matt Daddario fan, and a fellow ace! Though we don’t talk much, I always enjoy our talks whenever we do. I’ll always remember the post you made about a llama at your church named Cuzco! I always thought that was so funny 😂. 💖

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@sallsmum - Hi! I discovered you through your awesome fanfics, and I even gave you some prompts! You’re always an awesome person to talk to, and maybe we can co-write something together in the future? 💝

@gallavich-malec - Hey! You were the first friend I made here, can you believe that? You gave me my first Malec prompt, and we became good friends soon after. I know you haven’t been online much, and that you have a busy life, but we should start talking more once you get everything settled. 💕

This got very deep, but I don’t care because I love you guys. This height challenged 21 year old college student still has a lot to learn about the fandom world, and I’m so lucky to have met you all. In conclusion, I’m going to give you a gif of Malec hugging because I wish I could give you all a big hug right now. Here’s to another 100!


This is actually mental and I can’t believe that I’m here 😵 I’m not going to bore you to death with the history of my blog, but I really never thought I would make it to 10 followers let alone 500 😝

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It’s obligatory that I thank some people, so (in no particular order) here we go!! :
Firstly my boo @sofiejizzle - you are one of the greatest people to ever walk the earth, you’re one of the first people I ever spoke to on here and I’m ngl I fuckin love you man 😘 you have made my tumblr life amazing and I wouldn’t change anything about it rn. You’re not only the most wonderful and beautiful person ever, but you are one of my best friends; there have been days where all I’ve wanted to do is talk to you and you’re always there and I bloody love you for that ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Secondly @wroetoblogg - you are so so funny and such a lovely gal, your antics about L and now S always keep me going when I’m having a stress filled day, and so thank you sm for keeping me happy 😊
@sydneyxix you’re my fellow nerd in the madness of this fandom and I bloody love it 😝there is something amazing about having a conversation about Harry Potter and it drastically changing to a recent sdmn occurance in about a sentence 🤔😂
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Ep20 Akko Andrew Conversation

Earlier I posted the audio from Ep22′s reveal scene because I love the background music in it (Trigger OST when?!). But there’s two tracks in it, and I wanted to hear them separately.

The first one also appeared in the Ep20 when Akko and Andrew was talking about Diana at night, and the second also appeared in Ep19 when Akko tried to convince Diana not to leave Luna Nova. Here’s the first, and I’ll put up the 2nd one soon.

anonymous asked:

Hi :) I want to say that I don't understand why the heroines always wear heels on movies or TV shows, when it is the most uncomfortable thing to walk ... I suppose it is because that when we imagine a heroine, I don't know... but I imagine them tall and strong but when I see the heels when they fight it's just look ridiculous I don't know if it is just me...

Hey! You know, your opinion actually caused me to do a lot of thinking about a conversation I had with some friends earlier this year. It regarded the same idea of women in comics, tv shows and movies wearing heels at the most impractical of times. It led us down a road, not of criticism, but of asking why.

We’ve all heard and probably participated in the debates of women in power and/or iconic women wearing heels regardless of where they are or what they are doing. In some ways as a society, we double-think the ideas because we see women doing certain tasks in heels and fangirl over them, telling our queens to slay all day and stick it to the patriarchy (And she did it all in heels!!). Then we see them at other times and criticize because… why are they wearing heels though? (That’s sexist. Why are men forcing us to wear heels?).

So in my contribution to the discussion I considered the history of heels in society and how that compares to today. 

Without giving a full-blown history lesson, during the 16th-17th century (possibly for a time after, my memory is patchy), heels were worn by men and women alike. Specifically they were worn by monarchs and nobility to showcase wealth and nobility – see Queen Elizabeth I and King Louis XIV for the role they played in that fashion statement. Of course at the time, the heel itself was a bit more practical than what we see now.

Moving forward, the Enlightenment contributed to men disowning heels from their wardrobe. Heels were frivolous and unnecessary in politics, art, and science – much like the women that wore them, yeah boys? 🙄

Moving forward once again, women were made to wear heels in pornographic material because it accentuated their lines and curves – parts of the body that were used to showcase sexuality so, income heels being a tool for the male gaze.

So these days, both in reality and entertainment, a woman’s femininity, sexuality and attractiveness have become linked to a source or form of power. All of those features are things that cause people to simply look at a woman. If a woman isn’t the subject of attention, she has no power… right? So stereotypically, when a woman feels attractive and has all eyes on her, it is assumed that she feels powerful. 

(Of course there is the argument of the difference of what makes an individual woman attractive to others, or feel attractive in her own right but with that confidence is the common denominator more often than not. With that, we get pulled into the debate of what is or should be considered conventional beauty. It is too broad to be generalized).

Now the criticism. Specifically, the feminist criticism (the entire feminist vs. feminist argument is really something that be can discussed at length… separately). Of course, heels are also seen as oppressing and patriarchal – it adds a sense of control in what makes a woman feel powerful. Again, speaking of feeling attractive, there is that effort to feel sexy in order to attract the male gaze and thus feel confident in oneself and in return, powerful. So this is where that stigma comes in. Alongside that, there are the obvious downsides to wearing heels regularly. The impact it has on your body – not just your feet, but your legs, hips, spine etc. Your entire sense of balance is thrown off. Even if you do have the ability to walk and run in them (not me!). So the criticism for women is that we are expected to wear heels an in turn, mutilate our bodies to be considered more sexually attractive by exaggerating the physical features that attract the male gaze. Power equates to beauty and style. Not practicality and comfort…… right???

Now as you said, and most would agree, they are not practical in any sense of the word for your ‘every woman’ in the work place, at the market, or at home (Is that a thing? Yeah, it is). So naturally they aren’t for our heroines that run across rooftops, jump from speeding trains to sports cars, roundhouse kick aliens, spend a day being chased by dinosaurs, or punch out Nazi soldiers. All in a day’s work.

So back to the first question. Why? Again, fashion and that sense of power that comes with the previously discussed double standard. So no my love, it definitely isn’t just you. It is, indeed, ridiculous and the never-ending debate cycle continues to be just that – a cycle. 

On the bright side, we are beginning to see more boots. They’re wedged, but they’re boots. Many may not realize that comfort and practicality are winning for some. I wish I could find the article I read earlier this year, but there was a report that a significant drop in the percentage of women that more often wear heels in the work place or casually. Even Gal Gadot recently talked about her decision to wear flats as opposed to heels. So I think it is safe to say we will continue to see that change (so long as dudebros like Whedon stay out of the way). Thanks for the ask! Sorry it got a bit wordy.

Of Swordplay and Horse Riding

Katakura Kojuro/MC
NC17 Smutty Fic


Chapter 2 is here guuuuysss!!! Full on smut!

Super special thanks to by darling beta @thegrowingjoy who had been with me, encouraging me to continue the fic via inbox! Thank you so much for everything and for being a great beta.

Thank you so much for all your support! For reading, liking, reblogging and commenting! And the GIFS! OMG, it truly gives me fuel for writing. Shout-outs to @suzunesays @juniperotome @carinecaldre69 @the-dragons-roar @cynicalceladon @yellowcamellia @sakurapurple123 @limeranse @voltagekpoplover, I hoped you enjoyed Option#1!

it spans  8,000++ words so I decided to break it into two chapters because when I post the whole text on tumblr, even after the break, it will crash the mobile app. *sob sobs*. The next part of the smut will be posted soon!

Again, likes, comments, reblogs and any kind of reaction and feedback is truly appreciated!

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That’s exactly what I want to do.

I had said earlier that I wouldn’t talk about my personal training clients on this blog.

I have changed my mind. I still won’t talk about their successes or failures as a general rule, but if they say/do something impossibly dumb you’ll have to read about it because you follow me or a bot that follows me and reblogs everything I post.

Either way, it sucks to be you.

Anyway, whenever I take on a client I make myself available to them so if they have a question on something they can get ahold of me for a reasonably quick response.

I’m beginning to think I’m making a tragic mistake.

This is the conversation I had earlier.

Client: I won’t be able to make my Monday appointment. Reschedule?

Me: OK when would you like to reschedule it for?

Client: I don’t know. Thursday? 

Me: Same time as usual?

Client: Yes.

Client: I’m not going to be able to afford to pay for a while

Me: That’s OK, just do the workout I gave you it’ll stay effective for 4-5 more weeks and if at some point your situation changes just let me know and we can meet up again.

Client: We’re still meeting Thursday?

Me: I thought you couldn’t afford sessions for a while?

Client: I can’t

Me: Uh…well no we won’t be meeting up Thursday. Like I said, just follow the workout I already gave you and see me when you can afford to.

Client: You can’t do it for free? I thought you said you liked training people?

**shitty author’s note – I absolutely like training people, but not on my own time.**

Me: I do. But no, I will not do it for free. That wouldn’t be fair to my other clients.

Client: I won’t tell if you won’t

Me: I’m sorry but I can’t do that.

Client: So what am I supposed to do now?

Me: The workout program I gave you for the days we don’t meet. 

Client: It helps with my motivation to meet with you tho! 

Me: I’m sorry but I’m not doing training for free. If I do it for you everybody will want it free. I can’t do that.

Client: Whatever I wasn’t getting results anyway your program sucks

**shitty author’s note –I should have put the phone away at this point. I should have, but I didn’t. I didn’t because I’m a bad person who genuinely enjoys pissing people off.**

Me: The only days you actually came to the gym was the days you met me and you didn’t do the cardio I suggested after so I’m not surprised it isn’t working for you. Given that you managed to actually gain 3lbs last week I’m positive your diet has been hot garbage too. It’s not the program that’s failing, it’s you. We will not be having further training sessions. Good luck with your fitness goals.

And then I blocked her because I don’t have to put up with this shit.

I can’t tell you how much I love being able to do that.

I may actually go back to work at the restaurant. I like money. -J

At the end of Triple Zero, Kal and Ordo have a conversation about the earlier argument Ordo overheard between Kal and Etain. Frankly, it’s a little stunning: two men decide without Etain’s input, and the decision is framed around Darman rather than Etain. That’s an important conversation for a different post, however. I want to focus on Ordo because while he seems like an active player in this decision, he doesn’t have as much freedom as presented.

Please understand I’m not trying to diminish Etain’s suffering in this particular moment nor what Darman is deprived of as a result of this conversation. I’m simply trying to outline what happens to Ordo in this conversation, which I’m suggesting isn’t as easy, free, and straightforward as it appears. I’m making the argument that Kal, inadvertantly or otherwise, plays on Ordo’s emotional vulnerabilities to lock him into agreeing with Kal and that Kal uses Ordo to shoulder the burden that Kal is unwilling to bear himself.


The issue Ordo raises here is that Kal has potentially broken Ordo’s trust, and the trust of the other Nulls, by keeping secrets. Kal, realizing he may lose the Nulls’ trust, tries to argue that their trust has not been broke: he kept secrets, but he never lied. When Ordo is unreceptive to this argument, Kal asks Ordo to make the decision about whether or not Darman should be told Etain is pregnant.

Kal questions if he has the right to even keep this secret, and he fears losing the trust of those around him. Rather than bear the potential consequences of his decision, he pushes the decision onto Ordo, who can take the blame for it if it becomes inconvenient.

Kal frames the issue as agree with me or shoot me, posing a choice that Ordo absolutely cannot make. It’s unreasonable to expect that Ordo would actually choose to murder Kal. It’s emotional blackmail. Generally, the thread of the conversation plays on Ordo’s emotional vulnerabilities with regard to Kal, including Ordo’s inability to disagree because of his intense need to have Kal’s approval.

Ordo isn’t even well-equipped to solve this issue in the first place. He lacks the life experience to make a properly considered decision. Kal knows this. He comments on Ordo lacking in this department multiple times.

Ordo, disadvantaged in many ways in this conversation, has little option but to acquiesce and defer to Kal’s position.

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@likealeafonthewind and I have been talking at length the past two days about the stewjon wingfic au. Like, extreme length. So much that there’s no chance I can really sort through it all and put it in one coherent post, so I’m focusing mostly on what Al brought up: Stewjoni architecture and transportation (with a large chunk of the Kenobi Clan sprinkled throughout and at the end).

The following is mostly copy+pasted directly from our convo, with some editing to put related things together and to delete other innocuous comments.

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