posting this because even though i don't know her or listen to her i completely agree

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what do u think about bob's comments on belarke? although i'll never agree on sending Eliza hate this time I can understand why blarkes defend bob and they hate Eliza. I'm far from being his fan but this time I have to give it to him, not bc he said everything is platonic -we all knew that- but I really liked the way he explained the relationship between belarke. And also I liked that he said he wish the ships war ends, maybe his fans will listen to him.

First off, “I can understand why blarkes defend bob and they hate Eliza” There is NOTHING to understand. You don’t treat another human being the way Blarkes attacked Eliza due to her ONE less than stellar word choice when referring to ‘romantic Belarke stuff’.  You don’t send hate to anyone, especially for saying they like a fictional platonic relationship over a super fictional romantic one.

Second, Bob and Eliza have BOTH been consistent about what Bellamy and Clarke are to each other and how they portray that bond. Eliza and Bob have BOTH in the past have addressed their ‘distaste’ for this constant asking about Belarke in a romantic light. The only thing that Eliza said that was controversial was saying “belarke shit”, which if anyone with a functioning brain will realize is slang for ‘stuff’. Like watch this video below and you will see how Bob’s facial expressions to the mention of belarke say a million things he isn’t saying. And when Eliza said “belarrrrke” Bob said, “you’ve awoken the beast”…Bob called the fandom a ‘monster/beast’, right? I bet you anything if Eliza said that she would get hate. Anyways this is just a compilation of things said and done when ‘Belarke’ has been mentioned….

Getting back to Bob and Eliza loving the platonic bond of Belarke…which is actually revolutionary if you think about it. How many deep-seeded friendships between a man and a woman (that are the leads) have been portrayed that have never turned romantic? I can’t list one that is how few they are. This is something I think both Eliza and Bob want to represent. Bob and Eliza are friends with people of the opposite sex and they are probably also tired of people constantly thinking men and woman can’t be just friends and have a close emotional bond. I know I’m sick of it. 

Many many Clexa people also love the bond Bellamy and Clarke have and the m/f close platonic friendship they represent.  That you can love someone, trust them, open up to them, and it NOT be romantic. Think about f/f friendships that are like this….many people would just call the girls best friends. However, when it comes to m/f, due to heteronormativity, people want and expect these people to be a romantic item. This is actually something I have written in one of my posts about why I understand why people ship Belarke (x). This is something Bob said at a panel. This is what I believe is being referred to in the ask above. I completely agree 100% with Bob as to WHY people want Belarke together. Bob is basically saying in his speech that is due to heteronormativity of society that people think men and woman can’t be best friends and nothing more. (This is actually something I have written in one of my posts about why I understand why people ship Belarke (x).)

BOB: Oh, Belarke. You know, I understand people’s gravitational pull towards Belarke and the truth is, i love working with Eliza and most of the scenes where Bellamy is at his emotionally vulnerable are with Clarke. He shares a lot with her, so i understand why people want to see those two together. She makes him a better person or she makes him believe in himself, or…did. So I get it, I completely get it. HOWEVER, from my standpoint AS BELLAMY, I don’t think it’s a romantic relationship. But there’s definitely deep feelings there, that they need each other, that they rely on each other. And for some reason or another, he feels compelled to be open with her. And openness and being trustworthy are some of the most important things when it comes to relationships and those two. For some reason or another, they do open up and trust eachother…so yeah, i don’t blame people for “shipping” Belarke, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a romantic thing.”

I have not looked at the Belarke’s fandom’s reaction to this but I believe many of them are just dismissive of what Bob said. They say things like, “Sure Bob, the way Bellamy was looking at Clarke was completely #platonic” Which just makes me like?????????? Bob is the one portraying Bellamy!! His face and the emotions behind his portrayal are CANON. And what is he portraying??? An amazing platonic friendship between a man and a woman. AND if that is not enough…there has also things written into the script to show the comradery between Bellamy and Clarke. Like this is CANON for the belarke hug. 

Now, even though Bob and Eliza have basically been saying the same thing… why are so many people so quick to demonize Eliza? well…other than just being shitty people? I think it is internalized misogyny and a believing woman should “keep their mouth shut” while if a man says something they don’t like they just say “they’re problematic and are just not in tune to human emotions so they ‘don’t get it’ or see it. Oh a typical man, amiright? lol.” Many blarkes think Bob is basically a ‘god’ and can do no wrong. And you know what…it isn’t because Eliza is ‘pro clexa and lexa’ and vocal about it that is why she is demonized. Becuase there is another person that has been vocal about their love for Clexa and seeing the chemistry…someone that was actually one of the first Clexa shippers…

Honestly, it sickens me to see how many Blarkers have such a double standard when it comes to Bob vs Eliza and their distaste for ROMANTIC Belarke. Do they not realize how anti-feminist it is and is rooted in misogyny? It is quite sad if you think about it. Gosh, what pisses me off too is how upset Belarkers get at Bob & Eliza saying that they enjoy the platonic relationship but don't’ necessarily like it in a romantic way. Like….many Clexas say this too! …and then the Belarke shippers get angry at us for loving the platonic bond and not seeing it in a romantic way, and wanting that m/f friendship rep?  Now, I do think that what Bob said at the panel does help make Belarkers feel validated in their feelings. It is due to these attributes for amazing friendships often are in romantic relationships that Belarkers ship Bellamy and Clarke. The reality is that is also due massively in part by heteronormativity that people see Bellamy and Clarke’s friendship as a romantic one. Make Bellamy a Bella that has these same attributes of trust, loyalty, opening up to Clarke and I bet you anything Belarkers would only see it as platonic. A concept Belarkers don’t seem to get is that you can have deep feelings for someone and them not equate to romantic ones. 

So do I think the Belarke fans will listen to Bob? No, no I do not. I don’t have a problem with them shipping Belarke, but as soon as they demonize Lexa or Clexa to legitimize their ship that is what I have issues with. 

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His campaign is failing so hard and after this kind of tweets I don't think it will achieve the goal. Why they can't understand that she is not helping him.

Anon, I agree.  When I first saw the IG this morning, and admittedly I was overly emotional after only 3 hours of sleep due to a 6 hour flight delay causing me to get home at 3:30 AM and I still had to get to work, I was angry and mad.  I think mainly as it was Hillary and we all know who is the biggest Hillary supporter out there and has been very vocal about it for years.  It felt a little like a slap in the face to Chris.

But now I have had some time to process.  Got some much needed caffeine and dived into work and I see it for exactly what it is.  This is part of fulfilling the contractual obligations her.  To get her maximum exposure before the bearding contract expires and to push her new band which has promised new music this summer (I cannot express how overly excited I am for this music to drop.  I will never listen to it, but I feel this is the last promotion Darren owes her).

Fact is, its incredibly obvious.  In the 5 years preceding this, I believe (and again, completely sleep deprived so I may be off) Darren has posted 3 photos of her on his twitter and/or IG (Princess Bride, the straight pimpin’ one, and the hands picture on NYE and quite frankly I don’t think that is his hand). In addition, I think one retweet (of the El Salvador Dali costume).

He has repeatedly said he likes to keep his private life private.  Even mentioned it on podcast from hell sponsored by Ricky Rollins.  This was one of the few things I think Darren was being completely genuine about in that interview and reminding us that he does not like his private life posted on social media. He even went so far as to call her out for doing this.

So starting a week ago Saturday (I ignoring her account, I am keeping this to Darren), he has posted two photos with her (Bali and Hillary) and retweeted two more couple photos (Bottlerock and Hillary).  This has occurred in 9 days.   And right off the heals of what I have said, was arguably the biggest stunt yet, Bali.  Plus Bottlerock occurred over Chris’ birthday weekend and she has really tried to capitalize on the Little Mermaid.

Add into this.  Ben was extremely obvious and talkative about his relationship with her.  He did not try to hide it- in fact, quite the opposite, almost went out of his way to end the bearding and to reveal the truth.  However, he has been shut down.  He has even gone so far as to like the Ariel/Eric fan art (that she used as a basis for his tweet on Friday) as well as another picture of Darren with fans on his IG account.  He even has made sure to let us know that he is currently in England and nowhere near the bearding parade that is happening.

Add in one more factor.  Colfer has been VERY VERY vocal over the past year or so about his feelings mainly though his use of IG.  He also has been very very quiet on that front over the past few weeks.  He did not lash out during Bali and really has not indicated  his displeasure over this mess at all. And let’s face it, I cannot imagine he is at all happy that she is pushing herself as Ariel.  I can only imagine what is being said before closed doors, but I am sure it is not pretty.  

Adding all of this together, excessive bearding, excessive use of Darren’s social media, the recent silence of both Ben and Chris.  It feels like something is happening.  Hopefully, its that last push towards the XXX album and the finish line.  I really believe in my gut that this is so much more about her that Darren and I hope not to be proven wrong. 

Darren is still giving us plenty of signs.  He made it very clear he was not in Napa on Chris’ birthday.  He also inferred he was not happy with the games at that festival (Won’t Stop Running, cannot emphasize enough the meaning of that song). The presence of the Green Ring Friday and Saturday (when I saw it projected on the big screen for the Alan Menken intro for all 17,000 to see, my heart was so happy), even his picture with Adam Shankman shows us the true Darren.

Be mad, yes, I am.  But I am also, surprisingly optimistic.  We just have to keep ignoring it. 

Fact is, he makes me angry, furious even, he breaks my heart, and I am way too invested, but above it all, the reason I am here, its because he entertains me.  And that is why I will continue this journey and to continue to support him and Chris.  

I realized one of the reasons social justice became so relevant on Tumblr is because it’s one the few media platforms some can consider a safe place outside of a lot of places where racist/sexist ideas are the prevalent way of thought for it’s user base. It doesn’t take very long in a Yahoo sports article or any article dealing with crime where the suspect is black to figure that out. That definitely changes based on the demographic of people you follow but for some they made a community of it.

I think what throws the whole thing into a different level is when people become too extreme in their efforts to bring to light some of the problematic occurrences we see online/offline and blindly co-sign anything supporting their cause. Even then, what ends up happening is a regurgitation of flawed information, failure to source check and too many pedestals held up only by people willing to agree with one side. It all starts to get condescending and suddenly nobody is able to elaborate thoughts of their own without referencing or basing their thought on a post they saw on Tumblr. It’s like, how many times have we seen something get called racist completely out of context or article titles worded to insinuate some type of prejudice and one click back to the source shows nobody actually read the page.  If you’re a fan of comics or video games you’ve probably seen this more than needed.

I still remember being accused of “slut shaming” because I brought up a woman who was cheating on her significant other. Not only did the person attempt to call me out, but me trying to explain the situation nicely only ended up in her posting one part of it to the applause of her followers who didn’t even know where it came from. Looking back at at the Anita Sarkeesian situation it was truly amazing to see people crowd behind someone who clearly didn’t know what she was talking about even though she had the right idea.  Itended up not only making a joke out the bigger issue at hand but exploiting the people that followed her.

I’m in iffy in general about listening to broken twenty-something year olds making it seem like their short life experiences are the end-all be-all to the what the world is about.  At the end of the day though, I still feel like people in the social justice community give comfort where none is to be found elsewhere for other people but it’s still about finding a reasonable balance and an open mind.  That definitely doesn’t mean you’re obligated to be nice to racist people.