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what happened after the tweet ♡

i was gonna post this during valentines day but i wasnt able to finish it, but ey better late than sorry

(( this was supposed to be a funny one but of course it ended up sweet bc its jikook and i lov sweet jikook ))

ok but a plot where muse a is the leader/part of this really dangerous and famous gang and almost everyone knows who muse a is, the horrible things they have done, how skilled they are at whatever weapon they like the most, how they have no mercy and will either kill you in matters of seconds or torture you until you’re begging for death. they’re cold, they’re calculating, rumor has it they lack a heart and soul,, but then, THEN, there’s muse b; pure, innocent, maybe shy and awkward ( or not, up to u?? ) personality is cute as fuck, a marshmallow that needs to be protected, and well, muse a really wants to protect them in the moment their eyes land on muse b, even if they don’t know them at all because ‘dude they look so fucking fragile someone is going to hurt them wtf the fuck’. and one day, after days ( or weeks ) of muse a admiring muse b from afar they decide to approach them someway somehow, and poor muse b is clueless abt who muse a really is at first. this could be so angsty and fluffy and just !!!!! i Want


Guess who didn’t post shit for Raffles week even though I got maybe 70% of the prompts done bc I had to finalize my designs

and i never got to scan them bc the scanner never got fixed so here are more phone quality photos I love YOU GUYS

I shouldn’t do this because I’m terrible at all forms of roleplaying and as a rule I tend to only want to do ships that I’ve written out like this in actual groups, but…………….here’s a list of m/f ships I’ve been working on for a while that I rly wanna do and if u wanna do one (or more) with me please please please im me, I will be absolutely ecstatic~~~~~

THIS isnt about tumblr or people just generally posting about not liking bugs bc i understand that completely but i REALLY hate when i post a picture on a personal thing like instagram of a spider or something i found that i really like and people take that as an opportunity to talk about how ugly it is or “burn it with fire” or something dumb and i follow accounts where people have cool bugs as PETS and they get the same sort of comments and that would be even worse like imagine someone saying that about your pet dog or bunny or something

same thing with furbies too even though whatever that’s just a toy but calling them possessed has been old for like 5 years at least

i mean these are things i like and you don’t have to comment on my pictures about how much you hate them especially when you’re just saying the same things everyone else already says im sensitive 

anway i havent been able to post like anything outside my queue bc ive been doing birthday stuff all weekend (it’s not my actual birthday, but i won’t be home for my actual birthday so my parents + extended family wanted to do something now even tho my body is like. failing l m a o)

but. never in my life did i think IS would grant my wish for pastel colored bunny Marx

right in time for my birthday too……….

@IS thank u for being so good for me thank u for my life.


And now to finish off the series as he always does is the second half of the Busan line, our half bunny half cheetah maknae with the cute lil bunny smile but long ass cheetah legs, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • Taehyung’s part is already completed, you can find it right here so we’re gonna just move onto kookie’s part !!!
  • Since Jungkook is still a teenager, I’m gonna be adding in an AU for sure
  • So I’m gonna be making this a prequel to youtuber!Jungkook (can be found right here) as always, you can easily read this post even if you haven’t read the original bc I’ll be providing a summary
  • And if you wanna know what happens when he proposes, you can click here
  • So for everyone that hasn’t read youtuber!Jungkook, he has a gaming channel
  • He isn’t the type to rage quit, the more he loses, the more he wants to win
  • He’s v v competitive and he doesn’t like to quit at all so even though he does get frustrated 90% of the time, he just keeps playing until he’s beaten whatever it is
  • He’s more of a story based game player
  • Like he loves his more action driven games that don’t really depend on the story line and are just plain out fun to play
  • But he would l o v e when the game makes him stop and think about what he wants his next move to be, does he want to side with that person or that person
  • He’s that gamer that’s genuinely good at playing the Souls games like he makes that shit look easy so he’s got some skills  
  • His viewers kinda suspect that he’s dating someone bc they can hear your voice in the background in some of his videos or streams
  • And he calls you babe a few times so people are just kinda like maybe he does maybe he doesn’t
  • But it’s confirmed when he gives you a quick lil thank you kiss while he’s streaming bc you’d helped him find his phone
  • And then of course you two end up getting married and being cute
  • But rewinding to before all of that
  • You two meet when he’s a lil 16 year old playing video games in his room until 4 in the morning
  • You’re friends with Jin bc he’s actually dating one of your friends
  • You two had become best friends
  • Jin and Jungkook are friends I mean Jinkook is honestly fucking adorable it’s the mom and the bby the eldest and the youngest
  • Jin is hanging out with Jungkook one day, they’re just chilling maybe catching up on some studying maybe listening to some new songs they’d just recommended to each other maybe both
  • You see Jin so you decide to say hi, just a quick one in case he’s busy
  • He invites you to sit with them once he sees you
  • You see kookie looking ni CE and you’re just like should I talk to him I mean if Jin likes him he has to be nice plus he looks 10/10
  • He’s got on a baggy hoodie and some black jeans and the infamous boots that I love on him and his hair is all messy bc he’d been up late playing video games he didn’t have time to style it he’d already had to rush around to get to school in time
  • But he makes that messy I just rolled out of bed and ran over here type of outfit look amazing and you’re just a bit ?? bc how the fuck
  • Okay so here’s the thing youtuber!kook is super shy when he’s around new people
  • Anybody that actually knows kook knows that he’s not all that shy once he’s opened up a bit
  • Once you get past the first conversations and he starts to feel more comfortable, he starts coming out of his shell
  • Like we all know what Jungkook is like when he’s goofing around with the boys or even by himself
  • This kid was sitting there climbing on the train while they were filming I need you and he was playing with rocks and the dog and the umbrellas
  • He’s hilarious tbh like some of the things he does are ?? but they’re so funny he’s an honest gem
  • Imagine all of that but combine it with it being 3 in the morning like I wanna see that shit
  • But kookie does act really shy the first time you two are in the same area
  • Jin has told him a bit about you but it’s just the basics like how old you are, what your name is, a bit about your personality, things like that
  • Jin can see kook giving you lil looks whenever he thinks you aren’t looking at him and he just knows right away this kid is gonna develop a crush within 0.3 seconds
  • “Hey kookie why don’t you tell us about that new game you mentioned earlier ??”
  • Jin knows the easiest way to get kook talking is to start up a conversation about either music or video games
  • If you really wanna get this kid going, mention video game soundtracks and he’s off
  • At first kook is still a bit quiet and doesn’t really say much but then you start asking him questions about it and he gets a bit more outgoing
  • The next thing you know, you’re noticing you two had been talking for an hour and that Jin had, at some point, left
  • Kookie just get this cute shy kinda sheepish smile and is just like oops??
  • “Would you…idk maybe wanna go see a movie or something?? or just get something to eat??”
  • “I’d love that”
  • Oh sweet I mean that’s great!! I’ll pick you up tomorrow at like five??”
  • “It’s a date”

Name: Jeff

Gender: trans boy

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 5′8″

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favorite Color: Black and blue

Favorite Animal: Bunnies! (check out my kaninchen tag u wont regret it)

Time right now: 10:34 pm

Average hours of sleep: nat 14+ a night and more in naps bc sleeping disorders

Cat person or dog person: not too fond of either but I prefer cats. 

Favorite fictional character: Karamatsu (60′s or 2015 vers) or Astro Boi

Number of blankets I sleep with: One large quilt

Favorite Singer/Band: Korpiklaani, Skalmold

Dream Trip: Iceland, Sweden, and Japan!

Dream Job: Clinical Psychologist helping trans people with stress and starting their transition!

When this blog was created: 2 or 3 years back I think? 2014 ish?

Current number of followers: 1,788 (it’s been stuck there for a while and it’s frustrating af)

What do you post: mostly humor, my only consistent theme, but i’ve been posting some more hxh and osomatsu stuff

When did your blog reach its peak: a couple years back when I actually got anons and people interacted with me smh

What made you decide to make a Tumblr: Saw it was the source of most of the humor posts on Twitter so I had to see for myself! It took 6 months before anyone followed me smh

Why did you choose your URL: a line in a fanfic really stuck with me

Eh I tag whomstever wants to do it/ I’m too shy to @ people haha

Panic!/Weezer Concert Highlights

-Brendon told us to go fuck ourselves during Hallelujah

-He sang part of miss jackson in a stupid white girl voice



-I HAVE A VIDEO OF HIM TAKING OFF HIS SHIRT (post later bc tumblr is being a shit)

-His speach before girls girls boys was wonderful told us to tell people who want to change us to go fuck themselves

-i was wearing my girls girls boys shirt and a ton of other girls complemented me on it


-Beebo started fangirling on stage about how much he loves weezer


-Rivers was so cute when he said ‘hi chicago’ hes like an awkward bunny

-Weezer played jacked up which is my favorite song off the white album

-For weezers oncore rivers came out and sang part of uma thurman and said “thats from chicago”

-Also part of the encore rivers started reading tweets about the concert (i have their whole encore on video ill post later when tumblr stops being stupid)


Ok but what if?

Ladybug and Chat Noir are hanging out post-battle, and Ladybug reveals that she has a crush on local fashion model, Adrien Agreste, so Chat figures that he can maybe encourage her to to visit him as his civilian self, and go from there? Maybe build up some trust leading up to the big reveal. “He seems like a sane and charming man, My Lady, so *of course* he’ll adore you.” So Ladybug decides why not? Bc hasn’t the problem with talking to Adrien always been her lack of confidence? And what could give her more confidence than being Ladybug while speaking to the boy of her dreams?

So she goes and hits up his balcony window like any hero trying to sweep a darling off their feet, and she learns what it’s like to have Adrien be the one tongue-tied. Because talking to your crush without a mask to hide behind is HARD. The visit is short, but goes just well enough that Ladybug promises to visit again.

Later that week, as Adrien struggles to deal with the naturally resulting confusion of his partner romantically ignoring him in his hero life and wooing him in his personal life, he encounters a villain du jour situation that’s never happened before: Ladybug’s timer runs out WELL before his, and she must disappear leaving him to finish the fight.

He does finish it, but his powers cannot undo a battle’s destruction like Ladybug’s can, so when the baddy is beaten, Chat Noir’s scrapes and bruises from the fight remain. A civilian emerges from the crowd with a first aid kit, wrapping up the worst of his hurts. He looks up in surprise to find that it’s Marrinette, always so shy at school, but oddly composed and sure of hand while bandaging a superhero. He’s oddly touched, so he thanks her earnestly.

Marrinette, of course, has never seen Chat Noir pass up an opportunity for a flirtatious comment and is surprised by the side of him that comes out when speaking to a supposed normal girl. Due to some reason in the conversation, he agrees to visit her sometime.

And thus begins a fully four-way romance. Adrien torn between learning more about the sweet girl from school or telling the truth to his partner who is wooing him, but only in his normal teenage identity… Marrinette conflicted about maybe enjoying this new side of Chat Noir too much even as she finally sort-of dates her long time crush from behind a mask…

Oh, the humanity.