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6.24.17 // 4:00pm // pentel sign brush pens

so these are my first brush pens ever and i am obsessed. i really like the size of the tips and they’re not too soft so they’re good for beginners (aka me). i’ve never really done brush lettering before, but i thought i would combine pen swatching and handwriting posts to give you this! not perfect, but i do like how it turned out :) xoxo, m

ps. i got these at target ($19.99 for 12). you can go online and see if they’re available in a store near you if you’d like to pick them up. i, for one, definitely recommend :D

pps. also they don’t bleed (but do ghost) even on super thin + cheap composition notebook paper! i was beyond impressed ;)

“How do you write so well at 13?” 
“I’m shit at writing, how do you do it?” 

I don’t fucking know.

I don’t know how I do it, but I know what I do. And I can help you do it too. If you didn’t notice, I just hit 1,000 followers! So I thought that since people enjoy my writing so much, I’ll give back and help people gain the skills and confidence to write and publish their own phanfiction. 

If you’re an aspiring writer who hasn’t quite taken the leap and made your phanfic blog yet, or a small blog struggling to get notes on your fics, or even just a phanfiction writer that wants feedback on your work, this is the network for you! 

Here, you can post any work you want feedback on or just get advice on writing in general. Here’s what to do if you want to join! 

1. Be following this blog ( @grammatically-correct-phan
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3. Fill out the application (just click on the word application) (It’s just a simple Google Form. All you need to fill it out is a Gmail account, which is super easy to set up if you don’t have one) (also this is my first time doing a Google Form so please tell me if there are any problems!)

Accepting applications through 12:00 AM EST May 7, 2017

Thank you all so much for 1,000 followers and I hope to see you in the Phandom Writers Network!

nicole submitted:

Hello minty! Hi nacho it’s me kitten!anon here to submit you this…. I’ve planned to go as your Chara because… why not? This May at  Bon Odori… also one more thing….. how long is the knife that Chara weilds?

This looks so cute! I am so so so excited to see your cosplay come this May. Be sure to share it! Chara’s knife is 12 inches long: the hilt is 5 inches and the blade is 7 inches. I actually have a perfectly safe fake version of it (perfect for cosplay!) that I got on ebay! You’ll have to paint it to make it look less like a toy knife.

  • me: -carries all the groceries in one trip-
  • me: There is noโŒโŒWHY๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”only DO ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿปif you questionโ“โ“yourself you'll never see the DREAM๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸthe GRIND life๐Ÿ‹๏ธ๐Ÿ‹๏ธ๐Ÿ‹๏ธ 24/7๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ช๐ŸปPhilippians 12:16๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

on this very day god blessed me with more Akeshu content

So I got my copy of A Tribute To a Liar today! (It’s so pretty I didn’t even want to open it lol) Honestly if you sold your soul to Akeshu like me I would definitely recommend checking out @chuuni. She analyzes Akechi’s character so wonderfully. She’s an amazing artist and I’m shocked to know that I’ve been seeing her artwork for a year. tHE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY IS GONNA KILL ME.

I’m so happy to have reviewed something like this and I can’t wait to read it!! ( ´ ▽ ` )

anonymous asked:

Well basically the confession sender is a new fan and asked how much of the fandom's writers' speculations usually turn out to be correct. I don't follow meta writings much but I've seen your posts on my dash a few times. So if you don't mind :)


Well, I’m really new to fandom and meta writing, I only started this season, so I’m not an authority on this in the long haul, but others can probably tell you way better if they want to jump on this post!

In fact I was very shameless about reblogging some of my old meta’s from early season 12 and pointing at them being like - SEE!!! :p I’ve added a few links below where relevant and where I could find them in my tags…

From what I can say from season 12 at least, because that is where I jumped on board…. The meta writers of which I am one from the off said:

- Dean is Sam’s parent. CHECK.

- Dean has to let Sam go to become an adult, let him get out of being the child, they can then work on the same level now as real BROTHERS and not a parent / child dynamic and they will function better like this. MASSIVE FAT CHECK. Dean saves Mary and Sam takes down the Mol, SEPARATELY but supporting each other.

ENDING THE TOXIC CODEPENDENCY    *Tink cries tears of joy*.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

- Amara is the exposition for Dean’s feelings and Mary is going to be her extension, therefore Mary will help Dean on his path to self awareness and self acceptance. MASSIVE FAT CHECK.

- Mary through being not what they WANT but what they NEED will make the boys grow into themselves and in the end be happy even though it will probably happen by her being not what they want. CHECK. 

- Mary will also help Sam on his path to self forgiveness. Yes, she did, through taking on the blame for his demonic arc via Ramiel then eventually actually saying it to Sam, CHECK. But this will continue forwards too, its not completely done.

- The theme of blood v found family throughout the early season 12 MoTW episodes being KEY to the season and next season re: Jack. CHECK, but Jack still to come, but I’m pretty confident about this lbr.

- The metaphorical death of Dean Winchester = Performing!Dean. CHECK.

- The freaking cucumber water, which antis made fun of meta writers for but was PROVEN TO BE ABSOLUTELY THE METAPHOR WE ALL SAID IT WAS WHEN PERFORMING!DEAN CAME TO THE CLIMAX IN 12x22. CHECK. We are gonna see so much of this in season 13. I’m so ready :D

- The death of Crowley (we weren’t sure if a permanent death or a transformational death, but Mark S really made that choice it seems) as a metaphor for this metaphorical death of Dean because Crowley = Dean’s dark side, which is the part that he has now reconciled within himself and has “died”.

- The actual death of Cas by being stabbed with an Angel blade. CHECK.

- ALL my own personal “break up theory” meta about how Cas and Dean needed a BIG IMPACTFUL BLACK MOMENT and a separation at the end of season 12 to forward their romantic arc into the next phase, aptly entitled “winning him back”. You can’t get a much bigger black moment than a right in front of the other’s face stabbing to death with their grace literally exploding and you collapsing in a heap next to them in shock… MASSIVE CHECK.

- That the theme of brainwashing/agency would become important. CHECK.

- Ketch would be killed by either Mary or Dean or more likely a combination of both due to his interactions with them (he is Dean’s toxic masculinity as well as a bad guy and part time John metaphor). CHECK.

- Neither of the boys would kill Toni. CHECK.

- Mick would die (Cas parallel). CHECK.

- Sam to take the mantle of the leader of the MoL / hunter community. SO MUCH CHECK I YELLED AT THE TV.

- The grenade launcher is a giant metaphor for Performing!Dean and his walls coming down. MASSIVE FAT CHECK. Toni even SAID it was a metaphor :D

- Once Dean lets go of being Sam’s parent and feeling the need to protect him from himself and their past (as @postmodernmulticoloredcloak talks about, the sanitation of the story), Sam will learn more about their childhood and how this affected DEAN. Dean will open up more and be more true to himself, he will move forwards with his self acceptance arc. THIS WILL BE SEASON 13.

So yeah…. so much, and I’m sure there are loads of individual ones I’ve forgotten, and these are just from season 12 nonny :D

anonymous asked:

where can i find the full video of jungkook jumping on behind jimin really aggressively? i seen you posted the gif but i'm not sure where it's from? thank you! :)

Are you talking about the one where JK’s dick docked right into Jimin’s ass like a laser guided rocket this?

Anon: There’s a girl asked u about ur opinion about the butt fondling between ji/kook in 12/31, can u post it? Cause i didn’t see it lol, and can u post similar videos of this too? Thank u💓

Oh boy, it’s been so long since December and Jungkook has touched Jimin’s ass so many times since then that I’m not completely sure which moment you’re talking about. Maybe it’s this one…?

Anon: ‘Jimin calls JK ‘baby’ at the gym’ fuhfghdjkfg i am legit sobbing rn is this really real??? how do fans know???

It’s real. Jimin called Jungkook Aga (아가) when they were at the gym and JK was doing push-ups. You can find it in the BTS Memories of 2015 DVD. Plus, Jimin refers to JK as a big baby like, all the time so it’s not farfetched or whatever.  

Anon: Wait, where can I see the thing about Jm leaning against the wall and Jk putting the hands beside him? Is there a fancam? Anyone knows?

It’s from a fan account and as far as I’m aware, there aren’t any fan cams of it.  

Anon: Hey there,could you link me to your talk about Jungkook’s eye fixation on jimin’s lips ,I’d like to know what you said about it ! Thank you♡

No problem! Here it is.

Anon: Erm , may I ask what the good shit that anon sent was? Is there a way to find out what it is?
Anon: Fam are you talking about link to a fanfic? I was thinking of sending you one for months now and I don’t remember if I did.So I was wondering?

It was just explicit kook/min stuff lmao And don’t be shy about sending me anything  - fanfic, fanart - I don’t care as long as it’s related to KM.


๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ“ฐ๐Ÿ“ฃ local soft taegi ho actually does bias selfie tag ๐Ÿ“ฃ๐Ÿ“ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฉ


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2k+ Drabble Game? (CLOSED)

Y'all I am so shook. How the hell did I even get here 😭😭😭. This made my day and it’s 12:03 am. Special thanks to @nctsmh @crystalkpop @wannabl @kakaotaeks and some other people that I’m probably forgetting for liking most of my post 💞I see you 👀 So like I’m thinking we could do a Drabble game, idk but I want to do something for all my lovelies so I came up with something.

Send me a group member + a number + an au if you want and I’ll make something short out of it.

  1. “Baby it’s cold”
  2. “Stop playing”
  3. “What do you want it’s 3am”
  4. “Are you joking?”
  5. “Even a falling star still shines”
  6. “Pass the popcorn”
  7. “I choose…”
  8. “Shush”
  9. “Make a wish”
  10. “I’m throwing hands”
  11. “Come over here and make me”
  12. “Have you lost your mind?!”
  13. “That was a stupid bet”
  14. “Wait a minute, back up”
  15. “Is there a reason you’re trying to break in when you have a key?”
  16. “Kiss me”
  17. “It could be worst”
  18. “You did this all for me?”
  19. “Is that even possible?”
  20. “You’re drunk? So am I?”
  21. “Are you mad at me?”
  22. “Don’t you dare d- damn it”
  23. “I hate you”
  24. “Why are there 10 cats in my house”
  25. “I feel like I got hit by a car”
  26. “It’s suppose to be this way”
  27. “I’m sorry I got way too into playing house and kissed you”
  28. “Marry me”
  29. “Is this legal?”
  30. “You can’t die”
  31. “Run away with me”
  32. “So I may have had a few too many shots”
  33. “You started this”
  34. “Bite me”
  35. “I just did some calculations and i have concluded that you are full of shit”
  36. “I don’t hate you”
  37. “This is too cliche”
  38. “Do you mean it”
  39. “Psh I’m not crying”
  40. “Can I sit here?”
  41. “On Wednesday, we wear pink”
  42. “Why are you stripping”
  43. “I’m gonna lay down and die for half an hour”
  44. “Are you wearing my shirt”
  45. “We should get a puppy”
  46. “Bring vodka”
  47. “What’s in the box”
  48. “Knock knock”
  49. “Don’t mind me”
  50. Make up your own

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There are possibly some others that you can ask about too. Anyways thank you for supporting me 💞

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I just finished reading Two Serpents Rise, and so of course I am going to subject you to more Craft Sequence thoughts:

1. This is a book about what happens when walking away from Omelas isn’t an option.  How do you live knowing that your world is built on exploitation and suffering?  How do you find meaning and value in such a place?  What price will you pay, what will you risk, what will you sacrifice, for the world you want?

2. The answer to that first question, for Caleb, is repression; this is a book about pointedly Not Seeing and Not Thinking, which is why the shark-tooth charm is so significant.  It’s easy to see why he would be like that; his father is an enemy of the state, and every time something happens in Dresediel Lex he gets hauled in for questioning by the Wardens.  He has to be whiter-than-white, and it’s no doubt easiest just not even to think any criticism of how things are. (plus, in a way, his father chose the gods over him, and admitting there are problems with the current system is almost to justify that choice.  I’d love to know more about Caleb’s feelings towards his dad; the admission that he hasn’t played bridge since he lost his partner is so sad, because plainly that partner is Temoc.)  

3. That repression is what makes him so bland at the start, and so I don’t blame people at all for not enjoying him as a protagonist.  But for me the key to Caleb is the moment we see that he likes to read Iskari romances, stories about duels and battles with evil wizards, and when he describes going after Mal as being like a quest.  There’s something innocent and idealistic about him, something that wants a purpose, a cause to devote himself to.  

4. And that’s what draws Mal to him - I spent the whole book feeling uncomfortable about their relationship, because I thought she might be using him for some sort of RKC-related access or knowledge, or to keep him from realising what she was up to.  And in a darker book, she would have been manipulating or grooming him, but this time she genuinely believes she’s found someone who thinks like she does.

5. In a way, though, Caleb is on a quest; a (Jungian) Grail Quest, where to ask “whom does the Grail serve?” is to realise our interdependence on each other, to realise that love and compassion is the answer.  I picked this book up for gay wizards; who knew it was going to turn Arthurian on me!

6. I thought I was going to love Teo - I mean, curvy Latina lesbian who dresses like a dandy mobster? excuse me while I chuck myself at her feet - but while her dress sense is totally Iconic, she’s not a very nice person!  For someone whose job - jobs, given that she runs an art gallery on the side - is schmoozing, I find her rude and arrogant, and unnecessarily hard on Caleb, like, the whole time.  (also, it annoys me that her rejection of her family’s wealth is only ever about her independence, and not about the fact that they made it through being slumlords, i.e. exploiting the poor.)  Her girlfriend Sam is a bit holier-than-thou, and I think you’re meant to roll your eyes at her a little, but her heart is in the right place.

7. I love Kopil, I’m sorry.  I know that I shouldn’t, that the entire plot of this book is his reaping the whirlwind of his terrible actions twenty years ago, but here somehow he comes across as fundamentally decent and interested in ruling well.  Also, everything about his dead boyfriend breaks my heart, especially the part where he tells Caleb that his desk is the altar where Timas was sacrificed, and says that some blood must have soaked into the rock, that in some way the man he loves is with him still.

8. Red King Consolidated provides local government for Dresediel Lex - police, utilities - but where is the national government in Kath?  It seems as if there isn’t one, and places like Alt Coulumb and Dresediel Lex are essentially city-states, with Kopil as signoria for DL.  In other words, when he calls himself the King in Red, he means it.  And of course he’s dressed in red, the colour of blood and sacrifice, because he is a living sacrifice to Dresediel Lex, in a way; Fisher King-like, the health of the king is the health of the land.  He is the heart of a web of obligations, of magical profit and loss, that keeps the city running.  And the attacks on the city are intended to cause so much destruction that taking care of them, and keeping the Serpents asleep, drains him of soulstuff.  Kopil’s death is the sacrifice on which the new system can rise.  

9. I like the bit where Caleb is looking for a sword or similar in Kopil’s office, and thinks that the King in Red’s style is more “deep magic from the dawn of time”.  don’t think I don’t see your Narnia reference, Max Gladstone! (& of course The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is another book about redemptive sacrifice.)

10. I wonder how this series reads in chronological order.  What is it like to start with Last First Snow, to read that book not knowing how the Skittersill Rising is going to turn out, and then to jump to the same characters twenty years later?  What is it like to meet Elayne again in Three Parts Dead and be like “oh hey, it’s her”, instead of seeing her through Tara’s respectful, admiring, slightly terrified but also that-is-what-I-want-to-be-in-10-years’-time eyes?  I guess reading in publication order makes Alaxic and Mal’s intentions more mysterious (does little!Mal appear in Last First Snow at all?), but then again, I’ve seen a lot of reviews of this book which are like “obviously she’s bad, she’s called Mal!”

11. I love all the comparisons this series makes between magic and the law, but I particularly liked the one here about how reality is an argument, is a story, is consensus around a narrative, and if you win the argument, you can literally change the world. (one I liked less was the idea that Craftspeople can trap you in dreams; I never read enough of the Sandman to hit the metaplot, but of what I did read, the one story that freaked me out the most was Sleep of the Just.  It’s those final panels where Roderick Burgess thinks he’s woken from a horrible nightmare…..and then realises he hasn’t, at all.)

12. The ending is such a Doctor Who ending, and by that I mean it has one of the things I like best about DW; the ability to look at our small, petty, imperfect, compromised lives, and see the beauty and the value in all these little people struggling to do good.

13. Speaking of doing good, I am so glad that Caleb finally chose to be present and to act, instead of living with his eyes closed; I was thinking throughout that the Craftverse needs some sort of post-conflict truth-and-reconciliation-y……something, and Caleb’s NGO is sort of that.  And that Kopil realised there wouldn’t be any long-term peace without his addressing the grievances of the defeated - such a change from the person who dropped fiery nets on them twenty years previous. (the Twin Serpents Group absolutely needs his support behind it, both as pledge of good faith from the most bloodstained of Craftsmen, and big stick should any gods get ideas above their station.)  I’ve seen people say the final conversation is too easy, but I think it makes a difference that it’s Caleb asking; I’ve made flippant comments before about Kopil lowkey flirting with Caleb, but seriously, there’s a mutual fondness there, a mixture of loyalty and liking and respect, that speaks really well of them both. (one thing I really like about this series is how much mentoring there is - Elayne and Tara, and also Kopil and Caleb; that the older characters want to offer their time and experience, and the younger characters are interested in taking it.)

14. And last of all, I cannot believe Kopil signs the note he leaves for Caleb in the hospital with a little picture of a skull.  Forget everything I said; he is totally flirting.

I have so many feelings, I’m sorry; I think it’s that putting it into words often helps me to better understand what I think. (e.g. I saw one review which said they couldn’t grasp Mal’s motivation, and I was like “her parents burned to death over the course of a week! no water could put it out! of course she wants the King in Red’s heart on a spike!……oh.”  It didn’t really sink in until I said it.)  If you like these books, please do talk to me about them, and help spare everyone else from the painfully long posts!

A Surprise Engagement

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Day 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas

A/N: This one ended up being not super Christmas-y themed, but I still am pretty happy with how it turned out.  Hope you all like it too!  Happy Christmas Eve!  (last 12 Days of Christmas fic should be posted later tonight, but I’m on the Hawaii Time Zone, so it might be Christmas day for all y’all).

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“I can’t believe it.”


“I can’t believe she had the nerve to show her face.”


You push up on your tiptoes, straining to see over the crowd.  You’re next to Steve in a corner at Tony’s Christmas Eve bash, where you were previously trying to coax him onto the dance floor.

“Two’o’clock, black dress,” Steve says and you catch sight of a pretty brunette.  “Marianne.”

“Marianne?” you ask.

“Bucky’s ex,” Steve says and you feel your stomach tighten.  “He really liked her.  They dated for almost a year and then she left him for another guy a couple months ago.  Didn’t want to deal with…everything.”  You scoff, not trusting yourself to speak.

“Shit,” Steve breathes.


“She’s making her way over to Bucky,” Steve says and suddenly, everything clicks in your head.

“Steve, you know that ring in your pocket?” you ask.  “The one you’re saving for later tonight when you’re alone with Sharon?”  If you had more time, you’d appreciate the almost comic look of surprise on Steve’s face.


“Mind if I borrow it?” you ask.  Steve hands it to you without a word of protest.  You slip the ring out of the box, allowing yourself a minute to admire the simple diamond and setting.  “You’re about to make Sharon a very happy woman.”

“What did you have in mind?” Steve asks as you slide the ring onto your left ring finger.

“Nice to meet you,” you smirk.  “I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N), soon to be (Y/N) Barnes.”  Steve nods with approval and you hand him back the box before quickly making a beeline for Bucky.  

“Babe!” you say enthusiastically as you wrap your arm up and around his shoulder.  You kiss him on the cheek, making sure that your red lipstick leaves a faint stain.

“What’s up, (Y/N)?” Bucky asks, the confusion apparent in his voice.  You lean forward so that your lips are mere inches from his ear.

“Trust me,” you whisper.  “Just go with it.”

“Bucky?”  As if on cue, Marianne arrives in front of you.  You see a flash of understanding in Bucky’s eyes and his arm snakes around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

“Marianne,” he says coolly, extending his hand to shake.  “How’s…Raymond, was it?”

“We’re not together anymore,” she says smoothly, turning her attention to you.  “I don’t think we’ve ever met.”

“No, I don’t think so,” you smile.  “I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you.”  The two of you shake hands and there’s an awkward silence until you decide to steer the conversation.  “So, how do you know Bucky?”

“We dated for a while,” she says, her smile a little too tight to be natural.

“Really?” you say, and it’s at that moment that you decide to be utterly petty.  “I don’t think he’s ever mentioned you.  Odd.”

“And you two?” she asks. 

“Well,” you say, trying not to sound too gleeful as you proudly display your left hand.  “He’s my fiancé, actually.”  Marianne’s composure slips for a second before she’s able to press her lips back together in an almost-smile.

“Congratulations to you both,” she says, although you catch a note of disbelief in her voice.  “I wouldn’t have expected…so soon after we broke up.”

“Well, I think we both knew from the start that what we had was…different,” you say.  “I can’t imagine my life without him.  I also can’t imagine how you let a guy like him go.”  Marianne flinches at the comment, but you follow it up with a broad smile, as genuine as you can muster.

“Well,” she says.  “It was…definitely not an easy choice.”  Bucky coughs and you can feel your lips settle into an involuntary scowl.

“I’d say it was a mistake,” you say.  “But really, I should be thanking you.”  Marianne’s mouth twitches and you resist the urge to laugh.  “Anyway, it was nice meeting you.  Hope you enjoy the party!”  Marianne nods and wanders away, leaving you alone with Bucky.

“Wow,” Bucky says.

“What?” you ask, watching Marianne’s retreat out of the corner of your eye.

“You,” Bucky says and you fight back a blush.

“Me what?”

“You’re incredible, you know that?” Bucky says.  

“I do, but I don’t mind hearing it again,” you grin.

“Now, don’t get me wrong,” Bucky says.  “I loved you, swooping in to protect me from my evil ex, but why?”

“Looking for a chance to brush up on my acting skills,” you joke.

“But really, why?” Bucky asks and you sigh.

“I don’t like the way she treated you,” you say simply.  “And I thought she deserved a taste of her own medicine.  It was my one good deed for the holiday season.”

“You’ve done plenty of good deeds,” Bucky says, shaking his head.  “Although I’m not sure that was one of them.”


“I’m not saying that you didn’t do a good job, I’m just not sure it was very nice.”  You roll your eyes.

“Whatever, Steve,” you groan sarcastically.  Bucky laughs and it’s then that you realize that neither of you have moved.  Both of you still have your arms wrapped around the other.

“I will say, though, you did make one mistake,” Bucky says.

“And what was that?” you challenge.  He smiles as he raises a finger to the lipstick smudge on his cheek.

“You missed.”

Why Sasusaku happened: The Final Long Explanation On Why It Became Canon

Since I am sick and tired of seeing people complain and ask why Sasusaku became canon at the end of Naruto, Iโ€™ve decided to write this very long and very in-depth analysis on the romantic relationship between Sasuke and Sakura as a whole.ย 


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12 Dates Drabble #2

Christmas Eve Drabbles for this lovely series! Dates 1-11 are posted, and Date #12 will be up at 8 AM CT tomorrow.

This one is a request from @illisea. We get to see more of Dean’s fight with the reader’s ex. I have to get ready for work but I wanted this done before I got in the shower, so it’s quick! 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

@daydreamingintheimpala @supernaturalfreewill @illisea @growningupgeek @always-noteworthy@c00lbr33z3y @missbeccamay (Tagging those who’ve been tagged through the series, or who submitted drabble requests. As always, let me know if you’d like to be tagged.)

Dean was just finishing up detailing the GTO when the girl at the front desk called him up to talk to the owner.

“All the billing is in the computer,” he replied.

“He wants to talk to you,” the girl insisted.

Dean let out a breath. He had a lot to do, but customer service was important. “All right, I’ll be up there in minute.”

He washed off his greasy hands and headed up to the front desk. The same guy who had dropped off the slick GTO the other day was standing at the counter, this time with a smart, smug smirk on his face. Dean was immediately on guard.

“Car’s all done,” Dean assured. “She’s gonna run like a dream.”

“Kind of like Y/N’s running for you these days?” the man shot back.

Dean frowned. “Don’t think I heard you correctly.”

“She didn’t tell you that she’s still friends with her ex on social media, I guess.” He introduced himself by name and held his hand out to shake Dean’s; the latter man’s scowl and reluctance to shake hands should have been a warning sign. “I saw the picture she posted of the two of you last night. You’re going to have your hands full with that one.”

Dean came out from behind the counter. He heard the counter girl get up and assumed she was going for help. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

Still seemingly smug, your ex leaned lazily on the counter. “We were together for four years, buddy. I know how she operates. Just be careful – she’ll come off sweet and innocent in the beginning, then it’ll all change.”

“That so?” All Dean could think to do to stop himself from not beating the shit out of this guy was to keep asking questions.

“Oh, yeah. Then she’ll be a crazy bitch. Crying one minute, angry the next. It’s a lot to keep up with. Better luck to you, brother.”

“I’m not your buddy or your brother,” Dean corrected in a low voice. “My suggestion to you is to remember that when a girl acts like that, she’s usually asking for a little bit of support. Maybe then you won’t miss out on a great girl like Y/N in the future.”

Your ex snorted. “Trust me – I didn’t miss out on anything with her. She’s insatiable in the bedroom, but not a lot to offer, if you know what I mean.”

“No, I don’t think I do.”

“Come on, you know. Wants it again and again, but pretty much a dead fish.” He got closer to Dean and said even quieter, “Or maybe I just had something she really loved getting a taste of.”

Dean was good to control himself until your ex licked his lips in a not-so-innocent manner. At that point, Dean tackled him to the ground and started throwing punches. Your ex got in a couple of good hits, but he was far more worse-for-the-wear by the time Benny and one of the other mechanics came from the back to pull Dean off the guy.

“I better not catch you in here again,” Dean growled, struggling to get out of their hold. “And if I see or hear of you going anywhere near Y/N, or having her name in your mouth again, I will see to it myself that you aren’t talking to anyone for a long time, you selfish dick!”

Your ex pulled his bloody self up off the floor of the garage and quickly made way for the door. He’d already paid for the work on his car and had his keys, but Dean would bet it’d need another detail job once that bloody bastard took a drive in it.

“You good, brother?” Benny asked when he and the other mechanic finally deemed it safe to let Dean go.

Dean wiped at his cheek, and blood smeared on his hand. He watched the door carefully, making sure he saw the GTO speed down the street before nodding.

“Sorry about that everybody,” he mumbled. “Can’t have someone talking about my girl like that.”

15.10.31 BTS fancafe update

Jin - 

12:05am kst
나 놀러옴!
I’m here to play!

12:11am kst
셀카주세요 빼고
What should we do?
Other than “give me a selca please”

12:17am kst
끝말잇기 좋네
댓글중 아무거나 고름

“Word relay” sounds good
I’ll start first
Just comment anything

Handsome Kim Seokjin

12:23am kst
Kim Seokjin oppa posted a selca
Even a zombie is surprised to see Seokjin’s face

12:28am kst
또 감

If you see a dried yellow corvina, you can’t avoid my EatJin videos
You can only see Kim Seokjin’s face in your imagination. If you look at it, you’ll go blind!

12:32am kst
이분들 끝말잇기의 룰을 모르네
단어를 써야지요
문장을 만들면 어떡합니까
Looks like some people don’t know the rules of “Word Relay”
You have to put the word
If you make a sentence, what am I supposed to do?

12:35am kst
무슨소리에여 여러분
저는 잘생겨서 괜찮아요
What are you guys talking about
I’m handsome so it’s okay

12:41am kst
알았어요..미안하니까 사진하나 드릴게요
Okay… since you’re sorry, I’ll give you one picture
Surprise attack!!

© letmesuga
please take out with full credits

Fanfic-Tastic's Jily Contest Week!

Hello, everyone! Iโ€™m always on the lookout for more Jily fanfics out there! So I decided to do a bit of a contest for you all!

Iโ€™m going to have 7 days worth of Jily prompts for you all to write about! The stories can be as short or as long as you want, but Iโ€™m looking for mostly one shots (So I have time to read everything). Feel free to continue your stories after the contests are over, though!

Reblog and let your favorite writers know about the contest! Iโ€™d like to see as many stories as possible!ย 


-You donโ€™tย have to be following me.

-You donโ€™t have to participate everyday.

-There will be a winner for each prompt. ALL stories will be reblogged to this blog, and each winner will get a promo.ย 

-You MUST tag your stories with the tags Jily Contest andย Day __ (1, 2, 3, etc.)

-All participating stories must be on tumblr. You may publish them on if you would like, but you must link the stories to tumblr so I can see them on the tags.ย 

-You will have from 12 am EST until 11:59 pm EST each day to post your stories. If you post after the deadline, your story will still be reblogged, but you may not be qualified for judging for that particular day.ย 

-There will be 2 prompts for each day. You can write about one of the prompts, write two stories for each separate prompt, or combine the prompts into one story.ย 

-If you wish to get smutty, get smutty! I wonโ€™t complain!ย 

-If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an ask!

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Updated Preference List!

one direction preferences

One Direction:

Preference #60: He tweets a picture of your kid with a pet

Preference #59: A fan tweets a photo of you both

Preference #58: He tweets a picture with you and your siblings

Preference #57: You take a photo with a fan

Preference #56: Background on his phone

Preference #55: Outfit to a fancy dinner

Preference #54: Outfit to a party/club

Preference #53: Studio with the boys (outfit)

Preference #52: AMA’s Outfit 

Preference #51: Fall outfit

Preference #50: Shopping with his family (what you wear)

Preference #49: What you wear to the airport

Preference #48: What you wear to an interview

Preference #47: Article that you two are engaged or expecting: HarryNiall,ZaynLouisLiam

Preference #46: Article that you two are dating: LiamNiallHarryLouisZayn

Preference #45: You’re A Singer, Actor Or Dancer

Preference #44: His Face When You Are Mentioned

Preference #43: Fans Favorite Gif Of Both Of You

Preference #42: Your Favorite Gif Of Him

Preference #41: His Favorite Gif Of You

Preference #40: One Of Your Kids Run On Stage

Preference #39: Midnight Run

Preference #38: You Two Cuddling

Preference #37: Infinity Item He Gets You

Preference #36: Where You Go On Vacation

Preference #35: Artist You See In Concert

Preference #34: What You Wear To Coachella

Preference #33: What You Wear To Their Concert

Preference #32: Reaction To First Meeting You (GIF)

Preference #31: Where You First Met

Preference #30: The Outfit You Wear When You First Meet

Preference #29: What You Wear When He Proposes

Preference #28: Meeting His Family: Outfit & Thoughts On You

Preference #27: You Self Harm

Preference #26: Day Out in Australia (outfit)

Preference #25: He’s The Brother Of Your Sister’s Husband Harry Liam ZaynLouis Niall

Preference #24: The Color He Dyes Your Hair

Preference #23: Your Teen Daughter’s Girlfriend

Preference #22: Your Teen Son’s Girlfriend

Preference #21: He Tweets A Picture Of You Pregnant

Preference #20: Your Kids First Day Of School

Preference #19: Your Kids Throughout The Years Part Two

Preference #18: Names Of Your Kids

Preference #17: Tweets A Pic Of You And Your Best Guy Friend

Preference #16: Hoodie/Sweatshirt He Gets You

Preference #15: Present He Buys You For Your Birthday

Preference #14: What He Gets You For Christmas

Preference #13: Outfit He Buys You

Preference #12: Liam’s Birthday Party

Preference #11: VMAs

Preference #10: Cruise

Preference #9: He Takes A Picture Of You And Your Best friend(s)

Preference #8: Engagement Rings

Preference #7: Prom

Preference #6: “This Is Us” Premiere

Preference #5: Beach

Preference #4: Bummy Day

Preference #3: Day Out

Preference #2: Prom

Preference #1: Easter

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I Am Almost Done With My List That I Have So If You Can Send Me Requests Like The Ones Above And The Ones I Am Going To Be Posting Shortly That Would Be Nice, Thank You!

Hey Taylor!

My names Hannah, I’m 19 years old and I live in Kentucky! You followed me in January and dropping by every so often to like some of my posts! You been apart of my life for years now! I have always been able to count on you and your music for the many ups and downs of my life! You’ve taught me some incredible lessons in life from friendships to relationships to loving myself for who I am! 

I’m seeing you in Nashville on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 26TH! 

I have been counting down the days until I am dancing and singing my heart out with you from SECTION 108, ROW N, SEATS 11-12!

I hope that we can meet one another soon so I can give you a huge hug and thank you for making me so confident in and everything else you’ve done! 

Love you TONS, Taylor! See you soon!


I can’t believe I hit 500 followers when I’ve only been on tumblr for 3 months! :> Because I’m so so happy and want to give something back to you guys I am going to be holding a giveaway! The winner will get a drawing done by me of just their RS character (either in my chibi or more realistic style, you can choose. You can see my art styles here to get an idea ^.^). All you have to do is be following me and reblog and/or like this post for one entry each. You can only enter a maximum of two times. I will draw the winner one week from this post so you have until then (Wednesday 25th February 12:30pm AEST) to enter!

The winner will be added to my art requests list, so it may take a few weeks for the prize I’m sorry (but yay free art anyway)!

Hopefully I will be doing more of these giveaways when I hit more milestones. :) Goodluck!!