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Today’s episode of YOI was BEYOND AMAZING. This is it guys, it’s a real beautiful relationship - not just some random fanservice. I honestly can’t wait for the next episode to see blushing Yuri~~ ahh my heart…

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okay but the shadowhunters gang going on triple dates/movie/game nights: 

- they’re not allowed to play monopoly anymore because jace and clary almost broke up over it 

- whenever they watch movies alec alWAys drowses off super fast and ends up with his head on magnus’ lap and his feet in clary’s 

- when they watched star wars simon wouldn’t stop quoting every word so they don’t watch it anymore 

- “clary stop drawing everything and watch the freaking movie” 

- sometimes they play truth or dare which once resulted in simon blushing furiously and scowling while jace twerked against him (((magnus has very interesting dares))) and clary usually asks stuff like “so how’s your crush?” “clary i’m literally dating your best friend” “yeah but still” 

- they tried playing spin the bottle (everyone has to kiss except izzy/alec obv) but then the bottle kept landing on magnus and alec (((everyone glared at magnus though he assured them he had nothing to do with it…………))) 

- sometimes all they do is sit around and eat in the dark and then simon will take out his guitar and they’ll all start singing really off-key but they all love it 

- one time simon got really drunk and started crying and asking everyone if they really loved him and izzy had to take him home when jace kept saying, “no i do not” 

- other times they watch the stars out on the balcony but that stops too because clary and jace decide it’s the perfect time to start making out (((ugh, straight people))) 

- you know the night is over when alec and magnus start staring at each other and winking and kissing each other’s necks and when the other’s notice they groan and start to file out, saying stuff like, “use a condom!” when they leave 

~ mun facts of the day ~

fun stuff: i share my birthday w/ my boy N. Reedus

thing i am still salty about: last year he attended my home city’s comic con ( i stg within the hour from my house ). and guess where i was the entirety of it? Out of the fuckin’ country ( i will get to meet him one day tho, and he’s gonna sign my daryl dixon shoulder bag )