posting things is so stressful lately

Hey Guys, I got some news~!

Im leaving.

Due the the constant hate, death threats, and people calling me all this anti hating junk, I am leaving this god forsaken site. It has become UNBEARABLE to be on. Im scared that every time I go on, I get another message saying, “Go die Anti Lesbian Scum!” or “Sexest loser!” or anything else involving those lines. I bet right now people are cheering that I will be gone, probably most of you. Does that mean I will stop drawing? Nope. But I sure wont be posting my “Crappy, Shitty, and talentless art” on here.

Now some of you might be like, “Stop being so dramatic, you wont leave!” Well, sorry buddy, but I think leaving tumblr for good will give me some peace and quiet, let alone remove a chunk of my stress. With all the depression I have been getting lately, Tumblr being out of my head will be a glorious thing.

The downside of me leaving, I wont be seeing my girlfriends art much, let alone my other good friends posts and drawings. Im sorry about that guys, but you have my skype and other ways we can contact. 

I’m going to work in an hour, so when I get back, bye bye account, cause I actually want to see who actually give a hoot about me being gone. Sent me your “Loving” messages. AKA, all my haters, send me a “So long bitch” goodbye.

I’m sick and tired of this site. It has become something so horrible and apparently unsafe if you say a single thing, cause people will assume something else and spread lies all around to make that person feel like crap. At least we can say this is 100% Cyber bully guarantee, right? 

Anyway, rants over, thanks for nothing. I’ll miss the people who were actually nice to me, Enjoy your victory party to the people who hate me, cause I will sure as hell have a party when I leave this site myself.

Things I learned after my first semester of college
  1. finals are stressful af so friend and food breaks will be necessary 
  2. memorize your university id number!!
  3. pregaming is a thing. often a very good thing 
  4. go to games for the free shit but maybe stay for half the game, you may end up liking it
  5. hw grades will save your ass in at least one class
  6. its ok to use the bathroom/microwave on a different floor
  7. dont be a second late to get your clothes from the dryer/washer, your clothes will not be in the machine 
  8. talking with friends in the stairwell is often more important than sleep
  9. libraries will get CROWDED during finals. claim your spot early or study somewhere else
  10. ice cream on freshly made waffles will change your dietary life
  11. there are so many shortcuts to get to class, use them
  12. emailing TAs in a crisis is ok as long as youre polite about it
  13. you’ll make friends when you least expect it
  14. dont go to the big gym if possible, the tiny gym has less beefcakes
  15. you will spend money on food even if youre on a dining plan
  16. theres a reason why party girls wear their door key on a hair band, it works
  17. curves are wildddd and will turn your hair grey with stress 
  18. dress in layers when youre going to a party and its literally freezing outside, your body will thank you 
  19. running for the campus bus is going to happen at least once
  20. home is nice but returning to a cozy dorm room is nice too 

I think one of the things I struggle most with as an artist is comparing myself to others. It’s something every artist does, no matter what your experience level is. 

Something I’ve been doing lately to counter it is to remind myself that other artists are allowed to be good.

I don’t have to be the best.

Once I realized this, I became way less stressed about trying to consistently post art that’s “good enough”. Rather than looking at someone’s art and thinking “wow, they’re so young! they’re going to surpass me and be way more accomplished,” I instead try to think, “they’re young, but they probably worked very hard to get where they are. Let me look at my own art and see what I have accomplished, and see what I can work towards to be even better.”

If no one but you was good, then what would you have to inspire you? How would you have motivation to challenge yourself? I’m learning to love seeing other artists’ work and trying to figure out what about it I like and how I could try to implement that into my own art.

summary: You don’t have to be the “best”. Let others inspire you but ultimately just do what you like.


Had a bunch of work lately! I look forward to posting the stuff I did but gotta wait until the projects allows that : > I finally have some more free time on my hands now so I decided to start that off by finishing this little thing. I’m really into Darkest Dungeon at the moment, if only the game doesn’t stress me out so much.

17 November 2016

Have not been posting lately. Been so busy with school. There’s so much work to do and deadlines to meet, I’m so tired and stressed to the point that I don’t feel anything (anyone felt this way before?) hahahha. I’m so overwhelmed by the things I need to do and I feel so lost.

I just want to sleep.

03.12.17 // 8:29 AM

I haven’t been checking stuff online lately because exams are coming up and I’ve just been so stressed about so many things, but when I opened Tumblr, oh my. 500 followers?! Well, it’s a little over that now—I missed the exact mark. But still! Thank you, friends! You are all crazy wonderful! I know it’s not much, but it still means a lot to me. Have a great Sunday!

What Makes You Happiest (Jumin x MC)

You and Jumin get together late in the night to watch a fireworks show.

Word Count: 583

Ok, so I’m much better thankfully, I’ve gotten done with most of the things causing me stress and will be much more on time with my postings than beforehand starting Saturday! Thank you so much for the support and sticking around, I’m so grateful to have such wonderful readers :)


“Come on, we don’t want to miss it!” You cried, dragging your husband out towards the balcony of the penthouse. 

“Love, calm down.” Jumin couldn’t help but laugh at your determination, sliding open the glass door to reveal the night sky. “We have plenty of time.” 

“Not really. It’s supposed to start at any moment!” You furrowed your brow. “Don’t tell me you’re not a fan of fireworks!” 

He thought for a moment before giving a small grin. “Well, can I tell you a secret?” 


He leaned down, only emphasizing the height difference between you two.

“I’ve never actually seen fireworks before.” 

Your eyes widened to the size of saucers, utterly surprised. “No way.” 

“This might not be too big of a surprise, but my father was usually too busy to go on many family outings, and my mother…” He huffed. “you already know she had…other things on her mind.” 

You folded your lips, before beaming brightly towards him before affectionately ruffling his hair. “Then this can just be your first! Nothing wrong with that.” 

He nodded, his face softening. “Yes, you’re right.” He wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you close. “In fact, with you here, I think I’ll quite enjoy it.” 

Before you could respond, a crackling boom rang in your ear, colors seeping in through the corner of your eyes. 

“It’s starting!” You said in delight, twisting your head to see the fireworks paint the sky. 

Each crackle beat against your heart like a drum, making your lips stretch wider by the second. 

Jumin seemed much more focused on that, than the fireworks.

“How many times have you seen these?” He asked. “You seem like a child in a candy store.” 

“I used to see these all the time as a kid.” You shrugged. “They aways make me feel the same way as I did when I was little. Happy” You glanced up at him, tilting your head slightly with curiosity. “What do you think of them?” 

“I think they’re…interesting. In a good way though.” He frowned. “I’m not entirely sure though yet.” 

You nodded, allowing the two of you to just enjoy the other’s company as the sky was lit. 

However, you couldn’t help but notice the how he slowly became more and more enveloped in the event.

It wasn’t until it began to die down that you spoke.

“How about now?” You asked, looking up at him. 

“I like them.” 

“Do you know why?”

“Because they make you happy.” He admitted. “I think they’re a lovely sight, but I like them more so because of how excited they make you.” 

Your cheeks quickly became drenched in red. “O-Oh.” 

“If you like them so much, I’d be happy to personally arrange a show for you.” 

“You don’t need to do that.” You remarked, reaching out a hand to cup his cheek. “After all I have something that makes me much happier than the fireworks.” 

“Oh? And what’s that?” 


The signs as school things
  • Aries: daydreaming of burning your school down
  • Taurus: being so stressed out you stopped caring
  • Gemini: purposefully forgetting to set your alarm clock so you wake up late and can't go to school
  • Cancer: going home and crying onto your homework
  • Leo: asking to copy your friend's work but turns out they didn't do it either
  • Virgo: counting down the days until your next break
  • Libra: throwing away your social life so you don't fail
  • Scorpio: freaking out because you procrastinated doing your assignment until last minute
  • Sagittarius: skipping school because you didn't do your homework
  • Capricorn: looking at the clock every .5 seconds
  • Aquarius: trying to get killed on the way to school
  • Pisces: falling asleep in class because you just don't give a shit anymore

Stress made me lose weight really bad, and I absolutely hated the way I looked. Always wearing baggy clothes or just a bunch of layers because I was so uncomfortable with myself.
Things have been looking up a lot lately, and I’ve been gaining a healthy amount of weight and I’m actually really starting to like myself.
I don’t give a fuck if people give me shit for posting thing. I was hidden for so long and I feel good. 👌


got out of the one stressful situation that was killing me, no longer want to throw up at the thought of sleeping, trying new antidepressants, finished my spring exchange fic only a little bit late… basically things are looking up :D

hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me now! i’ve set up a little bit of a queue trying to clean out the terrifying excess of posts in my drafts folder, so that’ll start posting soon

i’m very much on the fence about fanfic100 (that childhood friends one), and if i do decide to continue it, it’ll be after i do some brainstorming and planning. rn i’m thinking that most of my focus will go to get lucky and my older wips, and maaaaybe trying out some of those prompts i still have lying around.

mirth and i also have a collab in the editing stages, so look out for that… at some point in the future (time is such a bizarre concept i stg)

sorry for being so absent these past few months — life has been… lifeing ;;;


Hello my lovelies ❤ I hope that you are all doing well 😚 I want to first off apologize for the inactivity. It seems like lately I have only been posting theses kinds of apology posts. I am really really sorry. I have been super stressed out lately. As some of you may know I love in America. I am an immigrant, I am Muslim and I am brown so things aren’t looking too swell for me here and it’s been really hard. It’s hard when people judge you and hate you without really knowing you. So I am really sorry for that 😩 I’ve been going to protests and rallies to gain support and writing letters when I have the time so I haven’t been able to really work on mystic messenger stuff 😞

Another thing is, the unknown child fic is taking longer than I thought. I have finished everyone’s except Jumins, Sevens and Saerans which are the most popular and most requested sequel. I just have an idea for the stories and I have not been able to put it into words. So I am going to be working on requests for a little while and then work on the remaining fics when life settles down a bit.

It seems that I have lost quite a few followers due to the inactivity which is definitely understandable. And again, life has just been a bit rough for me but to everyone who messages me and talks to me on here thank you. It definitely makes my day. Those of you who continue to support me, thank you so much it really means a lot to me. I seriously love you guys 😭 So thanks again and I’m sorry ❤😔

anonymous asked:

It's good seeing you on the dash again, even if it's not personal work, I found myself immediately thinking, "I hope they are doing well. I hope life isn't too stressful for them." So, I just wanted to say, I hope your day is going well.

Thanks for thinking of me, anon.. messages like this really mean a lot to me to receive. ^^ I hope your day is going well and things aren’t too stressful for you either!

Sorry I haven’t had as much to post lately. That should hopefully change by the time summer rolls around. I know I’m not the only one getting caught up in schoolwork, so.. good luck to everyone else out there powering through that stuff, too.

The Bad Thing

Pairing: Jamilton

Warnings: mentions of alcohol and sex, cheating, cursing, Thomas gets played, you know the usual angsty jamilton fic

Word count: 1095

A/N: Sorry for not posting as much lately! I haven’t had very many ideas, so I haven’t had anything to post. This is my first song fic ever, so I hope it makes sense. It’s based off of “The Bad Thing” by the Arctic Monkeys, Alexander is a cheating bastard, and no one asked for this, but hey! It’s here! Please enjoy!

This sort of thing had become routine to Alexander, sadly.

Every Friday, he would get off work, go to the bar, have a couple drinks, claim he had to stay late at the office, come home in the middle of the night and slip into bed beside his wife.

It was a way to escape the stress of his job, he told himself.

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Idk if this will help anyone but I’ve been really struggling with my binging lately because of how much stress I’m under as well as my hormones being out of whack, and one thing that I’ve noticed is that eating frozen mango chunks helps. Because it’s so cold, I can’t eat them as fast. Plus it’s a nice texture and taste, without a super amount of calories. So I’m still getting the sensation of eating, but it slows the process a lot. It also makes me less likely to purge because I don’t feel as guilty when I eat a lot of fruit. It might not work for everyone but it’s been helping me so I figured I’d share

FNAF Meme_Exotic WHAT?



After a certain unfortunate event (and finally BEATING said unfortunate event), you could say my…emotions were a little high - mayyyybe my priorities were set on more…IMPORTANT things, including things like: why the HELL AM I BACK HERE?!

-so excuse me if I was a little late to the Exotic Butters party…

And I mean literally; I haven’t even beaten Ennard yet…damnit. T_T

(enjoy the audio ripped straight from recorded footage when I played SL…which I will edit eventually. >_>)

About the blog

Hi guys.

The Dragon Age Drawing Practice blog has gained quite a few followers lately, so I wanted to post a quick message. The idea of this blog is to provide up-and-coming artists of all skill levels with a safe place to post their art as they learn. With that in mind, I want to stress a couple things.

  • Prompts are welcome. They’re posted Wednesday and Sunday, if I’m on the ball.
  • Supportive comments are always, always welcome. If you feel like posting the opposite of that, remember that we’re trying to foster artistic growth here, not squash it.
  • It takes bravery to post your art, regardless of your skill level. I’m genuinely and fiercely proud of anyone who posts.

Also, on a final note, I’m trying to get the tags working on here so this place will be better organized. No promises because I’m a lazy arse, but I hope to have them up and running soon.

tl;dr: I like your art. Give it here.

I tend to have this ‘woo yeah I’m on a roll…for three posts’ thing and end up getting stuck and producing sub par work sigh I’m sorry if this isn’t satisfactory but I spent two nights on this unable to move on to another requests cos I was so bothered by it so…give it a chance? (;´Д`) OH and yes thanks to those who sent in name suggestions! I’ll go with Yerin for Hanbin ^^

Being the leader of a group came with a ton of responsibilities – it was tiring, it meant consecutive late nights, staying up worrying about an uncompleted song or a song evaluation meeting with the CEO, living up to expectations and many other stresses but the thing that made all the difference in your case, was that you had none other than Hanbin to stick it through with you.

“You’re still at it?” You asked after a few knocks on the door to his usual studio, opening it just enough to stick your head in.

“Hey…” He whispered with a small smile, the look of concentration on his face relaxing as soon as he saw that it was you. “Come in.”

“You should be back in the dorm getting some rest by now, it’s late.”

“Well look who’s talking,” He said, raising a brow at you playfully.

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i know nobodys online rn but

im sorry. i know i apologize a lot, blame my parents for that, but like. im sorry ive been very annoyibg lately and so caught up in drama and so. negative. ill try my best to keep this a drama free zone from now on anf. im rlly sorry if i snapped at you earlier i,,was rlly stressed but thats no excuse. im gonna try to be more positive and,,i mean if u have any thing abt drama u wanna discuss go ahead i guess not gonna post abt it the best i can.

again im rlly sorry .i rlly let my emotions get out of hand