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honestly there are two kinds of people who make history posts on this blue hellsite, and they’re all either



“okay so unlike you basic bitches who can’t read, i’ve been doing some actual research so guess what? i, a 20-something in my first year of college, am now the only and leading expert on my chosen topic. yall better listen to me bc i’m right and you’re wrong, you uneducated babies. my interpretation of the source material is now absolute truth and yours is stupid and yall should be happy that i’m even telling you this, you worthless slime people, so fuck off. i despise my audience”

Some US Presidents as @dril tweets
  • FDR: christ.. ive done it again.. ive posted the absolute good truth shit that every1 has been waiting to hear in this sea of lying crap nonsense
  • Truman: please remember that im in charge of this website before you try to drag some toughguy shit all over my good page
  • Eisenhower: Q: What is your Passion Sport? A: My Passion Sport is football and golf
  • JFK: when you do sutuff like... shoot my jaw clean off of my face with a sniper rifle, it mostly reflects poorly on your self
  • LBJ: just give me one hour and no swear filter and i can literally completely destroy anyone psychologically with aim instant messenge
  • Nixon: im an exhausting person to be around but once you get to knnow me im actually a giant shithead with irredeemable mouth
  • Ford: ive trademarked the term "The guy who fucks up" so if you see someone else using it pleaase stick my Fair Use brochures to their car
  • Carter: i attribute the complete failure of my brand to the actions of detractors, oor my "trolls", as it were, as well as my own constant fuckups
  • Reagan: incredibly handsome , charismatic famous boy credited with ending income inequality after saying that slumlords should be called "dumblords"
  • H.W. Bush: looked at a newspaper today. looks like we're getting taxed out the wazoo, with this president. anyone else see this shit? tax out the wazoo
  • Clinton: every now and then i like to treat myself to a bit of "Lying under oath"
  • W. Bush: PLEASE look up "Event Horizon" on wikipedai before you chastise me for screaming it on 9./11
  • Obama: The absolute shit Im forced to put up with as a content Producer. Ive sacrificed my basic human rights in order to placate U fucking people.

Just imagine one day andreil accidentally changing body because they had been struck by lightning. 

  • Like,,,when neil wakes up and goes to the kitchen cabinet for cereal, he’s like??? Why do i feel shorter?? Am i imagining things bc too exhausted or…?
  • And andrew wakes up moments later and just absent-mindedly scrubs his left cheek and like, since when i have scars??
  • Then both of them go back to each other at the same time and just/very/not/ready/to see each other.
  • Neil is kinda freaking out and andrew keeps his cool but neil knows better
  • And when they go for scrimmage
  • They tell no one ‘bout this
  • But when they practise
  • Everyone’s like???wtf is wrong w this two
  • Andrew as neil being overly-aggressive while playing as a striker
  • And neil as andrew just very wrong????he fails to deflate almost every shot (he only deflates thrice) and so not like andrew and kevin almost loses his shit for it but he holds back bc that’s “andrew”
  • When dan stops them for break, matt claps “neil” shoulders and bc it’s andrew and he hates people touch him, he recoils from matt’s touch violently and gives matt a death glare and matt:“woah woah cool down okay, neil?”
  • And andrew relaxes a bit bc he just remembered that he is neil and he has to act like neil
  • Neil calls out his own name in a warning for andrew 
  • The others just stare in confusion
  • Later on that night the foxes have dinner together
  • The upperclassmen+nicky make silly jokes and neil as andrew accidentally smiles and almost laughs but he immediately covers it as a cough but the foxes are not oblivious they catch it
  • And nicky is the first to open his mouth:“what was that??did u just laugh??” and neil doesn’t know wht 2 do
  • Then andrew grasps the back of neil’s neck and pushes him down and meets nicky’s stare and simply says, “eat”
  • Nicky’s mouth gapes open in amusement but he quickly closes it when “neil’s” stare says he’s serious
  • The foxes look to each other and aaron looks a bit angry with what “neil” just did to “andrew”
  • But no one says anything and they continue eating
  • There’re many wild speculations about what happened to andreil and everyone’s putting on their bets
  • The pots getting bigger each day
  • Andreil know ‘bout this but they say nothing. They don’t know when and how to tell them ‘bout this
  • They go back to their dorm and sleep 
  • Neil wakes up the next day to the soft pats on his body
  • And it’s andrew…it’s really andrew in his own husk
  • Andrew tells him that he’s been muttering and laughing about something and neil finally understands that it’s just another inane dream…
Performative Kindness

I can be polite and kind without actually caring or empathizing.  The performance is not the same as the emotion.  I do these things because it suits or benefits me, or because it’s required or expected, or out of force of habit, or because life is often simply easier and more pleasant when I am nice to people.  Sometimes I’ll be kind because (when I’m feeling more or less stable) kindness is often an inexpensive behavior, emotionally speaking and in terms of effort expended, and I might as well make that minimal effort when it could have a positive outcome, like ingratiating myself with the recipient of my kindness.  If I like you - this is distinct from caring about you in an empathetic sort of way - I’ll make an even greater effort to be kind or good to you.

I do not, however, perform this kindness out of the “goodness of my heart.”  At its source, it is inherently not a genuine emotional response; it’s either calculated or it’s a habit.

But the fundamental insincerity shouldn’t discourage those to whom I’m kind or polite.  If my words of encouragement bring you good feelings, don’t discard them because I felt no true compassion as I said them.  If my expressions of concern bring you comfort when you are having a hard time, it should not matter that I do not feel what others feel when they say the same words.

I hope this confession does not forever spoil the magic trick, that you still accept my kindness and politeness in the manner (if perhaps not the spirit) in which it is given.  The fact that I hope this because of how it will affect me, and not how it will affect you, should not matter.  I might not genuinely wish you well in a squishy feelings sort of way, but in general I probably don’t actively wish you any particular harm either (violent thoughts notwithstanding).  And if you’re one of the few people I actually like and respect, I probably do want you to be happy… as long as it’s not at my expense.

If in my efforts to be a good person, despite the challenges I face in that arena, I must be good out of pragmatism alone, that shouldn’t make it less valid.  This is what I am capable of, and I interact with the world as best I can, given my limitations and yours.