posting selfies everywhere


I know I post selfies too much but I actually got some that don’t look too bad w/o a filter and had to share this milestone w u guys

i love selfie culture. we live in a society where we’re told we’re ugly and not good enough by pretty much literally everyone, and selfie culture just flips that shit the bird like “no, fuck you, i look good” and i just really love it

keep taking selfies. post them everywhere. tell the world you’re done with its shit.

littlestarprincess  asked:

Can I request some platonic Varia & Reader/OC headcanons, with my dying will? Thank you!


Stays up really late together until you’re sharing a few secret kisses under the silver glow of the balcony.

He likes watching gore films with you in the dark because it’s his playful way of trying to really woo you over the platonic border.

Though you may not be a Varia officer, he tells you he’d rather have you than the other idiots jokingly.

You toast glasses at the private table of his room to the little things while he dreams of making you his.

Superbi Squalo:

Play sparring by the lake so that no one sees how he sometimes lets you win since there is nothing at stake.

He’s like an escort, holding your arm and hand as he leads you through the paths.

He loves having you braid and twirl his hair, but hates admitting so.

On more than one occasion, he has called you to sleep next to him as a comfort. Your breathing is relaxing, and your presence is so warm.


Your smile dazes him; he tries so hard to just remain friendly, but it just makes him blush so intensely.

Piggyback rides are okay; it’s more his way of showing off his cool muscle for you.

His piercings didn’t hurt, so he says, but he squeezed your hand through all of yours, and wouldn’t blink an eye if you were there for his.

He can tell you everything, and he always will when the lights are out and he can feel your head resting on his heartbeat.


You will always be Lussuria’s favourite dancer partner; he just loves playing the role of dance instructor though.

You act as a model and makeup head sometimes, but he can never ignore that adorable face.

There are moments where neither of you are afraid to bare it all; Lussuria finds clothing can be optional much of the time, and you can admire your bodies.

Lying on the sofa with Lussuria’s hands knotted through your hair is an amazing feeling that you never let go.


You sometimes wake up in a messy heap; he’s probably on top of you, drooling a bit, with that messy hair tousled along your skin.

Constant selfies; he posts them everywhere because you’ll always be his best friend, but he seems to assume a little more.

You could be doing anything, and Bel will flop his head down on your lap and nap away the day.

Money’s no object to him, so he buys you whatever you want and lets you watch him try on clothes. You say if they stay or go, but he really just wants you to check him out.


Talking. Just talking on the window sill with a howling breeze of autumn at your sides.

Mammon loves it and hates it when you try to hold them, but it’s somehow still comforting. Only when you or Bel do it.

You enjoy kissing their cheek, but Mammon has grown to truly enjoy that. It feels as though you marked your friendship forever.

They leave you tiny gifts that mean more than anything. It could just be a bottle of strawberry milk, but you know Mammon spent time finding and paying for it for you.


Prank wars and mischief for days! He spends time crafting new traps, but, in the end, he really wants you to finally foil him.

Splitting food, and winding up in those playful food fights. He says he’ll share his fries, but it’s always you who ends up salty.

Cuddling for hours with just old cartoons rolling by. You have shared a few kisses, but no one can say they had to mean anything more.

Fran loves inside jokes, so you will always have a million of them. It’s like you share a language that no one else will understand.

anonymous asked:

Mixing generations here, but relationship hcs for Gladion, Brendan, Touya, and Red? (Sorry if it's too many characters, I'm on mobile and can't find your rules e.e)

a/n: i actually never stated how many characters at once so ur cool dont sweat it, anon 👌


  • is very touch starved. even little things like hugs or hand holding will make him completely flustered.
       + but he really loves physical affection, though, even if it takes him a while to get used to it.
  • likes to do relaxing things with his s/o, like lay around with them and listen to music or to get cocoa from the pokemon center and play in the snow.
  • the first time he tells his s/o he loves them, it’s on accident. he’ll just blurt it out when he’s thanking them for something and he’ll panic at first, but he’ll be okay once his s/o says it back. 


  • he’s very spontaneous when it comes to dates. like, they’ll wake to his swellow perched on the end of their bed, a piece of paper in it’s beak that reads “meet me outside!! i heard there’s a mirage spot that popped up and i want you to explore it with me!”
  • his s/o likes to steal his hat because his hair is always messy underneath it. it’s the easiest way to make him blush, especially when his s/o starts doting on how cute he looks without it.
  • loves!!! entering contests with his s/o. at first, they would compete against each other, but if one beat the other there’d be some bitter feelings for the rest of the week. so it’s safest for the two of them to compete together and dominate.


  • if he’s away from his s/o for an extended period of time, he’ll call them on his xtranciever every day. seeing his s/o’s face makes him want to come back even more.
  • he’s always picking up things for his s/o. if he sees that they have a pokemon that needs something to evolve, he’ll go out of his way to get it.
  • they’re that one couple that always has to take an annoying couple selfie and post it everywhere. everyone else thinks it’s overboard, but they could care less.
       + touya also sends all those “wholesome memes” to his s/o a lot because he’s cheesy.


  • he’s such boyfriend material tbh. without prompting, he’ll lend you his hoodies, he’ll wrap you up in his arms around you if you’re cold, and he always seems to know just what to say, with what limited words he says
       + 10/10 bf…. date red
  • though, he does tend to be gone for long periods of time, training. when he does go on trips to train, he usually doesn’t write or call for weeks, because he’s in places where he doesn’t get a signal. so, when he does come back, he’ll dedicate the rest of the week to being with you.
  • whenever you do something in public, like kiss him on the cheek, he’ll pull his hat over his face to try and keep himself together, but would end up just grinning and blushing like an idiot.