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Hello studyblr community! I am re-introducing myself because I had been inactive for quite some time. Please reblog this so I can follow you.

I am ICA, 21 y/o. I have been in the community for a year now. I passed the licensure exams for Medical Technologists/Medical Laboratory Scientists earlier this year and I am currently in Medical School.

Aside from academic stuffs I post, I also do bullet journalling which I publish mainly on my wordpress (URL on the photo). Generally, I post here stuffs about my study sessions most specially those that I spend in the coffee shops because I’m a real coffee addict.

I have a collection of stationaries which I also post here from time to time. I am fond of brush pen calligraphy. I love making journals.

I am really happy to be back to the studyblr community. I hope you’ll hit the follow button so we can inspire each other to do good in school!

Cheers to everyone!



                                     ~ updated picture of my desk ~

 I am happy to report that I now live in a forrest of plant babies. I am officialy back at university so I’ve been spending lots of time here. 


David Tennant and Matt Smith
as the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors

Promotional photo-shoot for The Day of the Doctor (Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special)


@mainhoonemily and @pbj-anonymous tagged me for the Favorite Pictures of Your Bias thing because apparently they want to see me suffer. Who can pick just a few favorite pictures of T.O.P?? Not me. That’s clearly impossible.

Tagging… whoever feels like suffering?