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Don't you ever feel bad or weird speculating about other people's lives that actually want their relationships and their private lives private and just want to show the content they make?

no because: 

1. i don’t “speculate” in the sense of fabricating things that are unreasonable or untrue 

2. they don’t ONLY share youtube content. they do live shows, they have twitters and instagrams–they frequently tell us more about their lives behind their youtube videos and i don’t draw on more material than that to write about them or talk about their relationship. if they wanted full privacy they could easily achieve it and step back from all social media. but look at their recent pics and tell me if that looks like two people who don’t want anyone to discuss anything but the latest sims video 

3. i’m one person with absolutely no power and sway in the exchange between dnp and their audience. dnp are content creators with massive wealth and influence and they are in a position of power over their fans. one person sitting on a tumblr blog talking about how cute they are together has absolutely no capacity to harm them. arguments about protecting their privacy are well intentioned but ultimately hyperbolic in my opinion bc they don’t need “protection” from people who have far less power than them 

4. as i touch on above, i don’t do anything invasive or empower people who follow me to do anything invasive. i don’t have access to their private communication. i don’t stalk them. i don’t pass off opinion as fact. there are basic boundaries to what i post and say because as much as i don’t have the power to hurt dnp on my own i do respect them as individuals

lol i hope sending in this ask made you feel better, but in my opinion it seems a little smug and self-righteous. unless you want to make a respectful and actually substantive argument for why you think anything i’m doing/saying on this blog is inappropriate, i’ll probs refrain from answering questions like this in future. i hope you have a nice day! x 

hey!!!! for everyone who has recently started following me, im not dead lmao. im just awful at updating my blogs, especially this new one bc it focuses on the art i share on here. i promise you i will try very hard to post stuff more frequently but then again i am very lazy and dont necessarily draw a ton in my free time, which is time i will have less of pretty soon so it will be harder for me so lol sorry

even though i havent posted much here yet, i hope to post more very soon!! i got a photo set im workin on rn that i think a lot of you might like, i just gotta work on the last two drawings and ill be able to share it so it shouldnt take a long time from now to post it. so if any of you have even bothered to read this, look out for it soon!

anyways, i drew eleven from stranger things tonight when i hung out with a friend!! its obviously not finished at all, and idk when it ever will be bc this is in her sketchbook, not mine, bc ive run out of pages in my own and im cheap lol. i rlly wanna finish it soon though! enjoy this for now lol this is how awful i am to new followers. a shitty, unfinished sketch.

(btw all ive been thinking about lately is stranger things i love it so much, i finally watched it a little bit ago, and then i recently watched it again bc its so good!!! eleven is my favorite c: )

thanks guys!

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if simon and baz had tumblr, what do u think their blogs would be like??

Simon would reblog a lot of pictures of food obviously, but he would also reblog other stuff like memes, posts about lgbt positivity and feminism (blame Penny). He’d be the person people come to for advice, and he’s friends with everyone bc he’s so nice.

Baz’ blog wouldn’t be very active, he would occasionally reblog some hipster aesthetics bc Baz. Sometimes he would make a post about how annoying and cute his roommate was, which gained him a lot of curious followers who would often ask him things about the mysterious boy and tell him they shipped it (which caused Baz to blush).

After they finally get together, Simon’s blog becomes less active bc he’s busy with other stuff (Baz: “I’m stuff”), but he keeps giving people advice. And when he finds Baz’ blog, he reblogs all Baz’ older posts and adds comments like: “Aw babe I didn’t know you thought I was cute in our 4th year”, embarrassing Baz but pleasing his and Baz’ followers.

Baz, now that he isn’t thinking about how he wants to kiss kill Simon, has more time for his blog. After making a post about him and Simon and telling his followers the ship came true, he gained even more followers and every day he got asks about how his amazing boyfriend was doing. His answers were mostly along the line of: “He just ate 20 scones and is laying on our bed, complaining about his stomach ache and begging me to kiss it better. What a moron.” Every so often he posts aesthetically pleasing pictures, which mostly included his adorable boyfriend (causing their shippers and me to scream in their pillows).