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Please help and support this show by watching is legally on Netflix THIS FRIDAY ONWARDS! I normally hate these types of posts, but for this show, it’s needed. It’s not often we get such a female driven show like this within the anime industry, and compared to the many male driven animes, it’s not even a fraction of how popular it SHOULD be.


Memories that conjure patronuses:


  • Seeing Hermione wake up after being petrified 
  • Harry telling him that the Burrow was the best house he’d ever been in
  • Harry saying that Dumbledore knew he’d want to come back
  • Ron tearfully telling the twins what he thinks Harry is going through at Privet Drive and instead of making fun of him, Fred wipes his tears while George says “we’ll just have to go get him then, won’t we?”


  • Being rescued by Harry and Ron from the giant troll
  • Getting accepted to Hogwarts
  • Adopting Crookshanks
  • Ron squeezing her hand when they see Harry is alive


  • Realizing Harry wasn’t killed by Voldemort
  • Luna befriending her in their second year while others have avoided her because of Riddle’s influence last year
  • Winning the big quidditch game and getting kissed by Harry for the first time, all in the same day no less
  • Seeing Ron be impressed by her as she practices curses


  • Dancing around with her mother as a little kid while her father smiled and worked
  • The first time Harry complimented her spellwork in a DA meeting
  • Going to a Wizard Rock concert with Ginny one summer night, her first summer adventure with a friend
  • Ginny asking her and Neville to reform the DA while Harry, Ron, and Hermione look for horcruxes


  • Luna sleepily kissing him on the cheek while he organizes stuff for the DA and Ginny plans
  • Dumbledore awarding him points for standing up to Harry, Ron, and Hermione
  • His grandmother being proud of him for being accepted to Hogwarts
  • The moment he stands up to Voldemort and realizes he isn’t as scared as he used to be

Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

Snowdrop | Lilac

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!



Top 7 Kenny McCormick moments

I normally post these lists on my other blog but posting here instead.

Happy Birthday, Kenny. In honor of his birthday here are my 7 favorite Kenny moments.

7. His letter from Hawaii to the guys 

I know this episode is celebrated by Kenny/Butters fans and that happens to be one of my NOTP, but I actually really enjoy this one. Kenny’s letter and Trey’s voice-over while the boys are reading it kills me.

6. Defeating Hell with the Holy PSP

Just Best Friends Forever in general I love. Kenny is the chosen one and saves the day, how can you not love it. Archangel Michael’s reaction to Kenny defeating the armies of Hell with the Holy PSP is great. Like oh come on show me it!, haha. Damn you Trey and Matt. Also at the end when he’s given a Keanu Reeves statue, Kenny’s blank reaction always has me wondering is he thinking “what the fuck is this?” or “hell yeah!”

5. Kenny as a sketch artist 

This whole episode is one of my favorites and I’d love to see more like these again. The boys being boys. The part that I enjoyed most by Kenny has to be him being the sketch artist. Plus Kyle’s “Dammit Kenny, that’s not what she said!” added so much. Oh can we appreciate Kenny’s handwriting being Comic Sans.

4. Real life Kenny in I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining 

Okay, so I know the actor they cast isn’t canon to how Kenny looks, and I’m pretty sure it’s been established that’s part of the joke. I fucking love the guy they cast regardless. His delivery on the lines are perfect. Kyle and Cartman doing their usual bickering and when Cartman demands Kenny say who’s fault it was for going zipling, “I dunno. I don’t really give a shit.” and later “fuck you, Cartman.” I think all the boys were cast well but Kenny’s my favorite.

3. Betraying Cartman and joining Stan’s side in Black Friday

I know a lot of people would’ve picked Kenny becoming a Japanese princess from the Black Friday trilogy and I almost did. However, I just really love this scene. Stan’s speech, taking out his sword and everyone chanting “to the Princess” and then revealing Princess Kenny. The camera slowly moves in and  ends on her rat screeching. Also, looking back maybe I shouldn’t have been so shocked by the SOT twist, lol.

2. Mysterion 

I’m not picking a particular Mysterion moment like I did with Princess Kenny because I can’t. Princess Kenny is Kenny having fun with make believe and dressing up but with Mysterion we really get to explore his character further than before. Mysterion is Kenny. Kenny is Mysterion. We learn more about his experience with death and that his feelings towards it. Later, we see he still keeps the mask on for Karen and is her guardian angel. I can’t even begin to think of a top moment for Mysterion. This was going to be my top pick for Kenny until I remember what is now my first choice…

1. Kenny giving Karen the doll

God, my heart. I can’t handle how much I love this. Both Kenny and Kyle’s love for their siblings are just another part of South Park I love. My friends and I have argued who is the better older brother and I believe it’s impossible to pick. I remember watching this episode and thinking “not bad…but meh…” and then the ending came and I lost it. My heart melted into a thousand pieces. Thinking back to the earlier episodes and all the shit Kenny would do for a dollar and he finally makes some money and uses it to buy his little sister a doll.

Happy Birthday Kenny!

ok how ‘bout a really tangential/dumb RPG dream daddy au

Joseph: The Cult Leader Boss in the secret dungeon, drops the Lost Shaker of Salt. Weak to pot brownies and sick dance moves. New Game + lets you rid Maple Bay of the curse once and for all, allowing Joseph to have a happy and healthy relationship like he deserves (now that’s a tru end)

OR if you don’t jive with the whole cult thing (and that’s ok!) then he’s just ya friendly neighborhood white mage that is in a happy and healthy relationship like he deserves

Brian: friendly weaponsmith and arms dealer. always has discounts on shields and armor because he wants you to be safe!! breaking his record in Fishing levels and knocking 18 slimes into various holes scattered across the bay unlocks his Reach and Cut 3000 as well as stat-boosting cuddles. smooch emoji. All his battles are Pokemon format. Gives the most sidequests

Mat: travelling Bard. Literally lucio. Has to have the best taste in music, or your travelling party would be falling asleep during the journey. Smells faintly like daisies and baked goods, increasing the odds of random encounter battles with bird-types.

Hugo: teacher/archwizard. Knows the strongest cheese and wine based spells. Largest collection of tomes. Everyone is jealous of his stylish robes like seriously. His limit break is him literally suplexing someone

Craig: like, a level 69 scout or something, bro. His loyalty sidequest is just you and him chillin’ because he needs it yo. River’s capybara plushie is arcane, and will become Real and Deadly to protect u. Advises your dadsona against using Joseph’s yacht for fast travel to and from the bay, because it’s healthier to swim

Robert: ghost hunter/ paranormal ice trucker. So like a summoner/hunter kinda thing? His pit (is it a pit? fuck me robert) and brian’s dog maxwell are indestructable npcs that sit in the sidelines during combat to support you!! whiskey doubles his strength, as does supporting him through his vulnerabilities and watching sappy romcoms

Damien: duke of Maple Bay. Rides a horse into battle with hair as beautiful as his. Probably wields blood magic and taught hugo those spells. Vampire/Black Mage? Levelling him to max releases the puppies he takes care of at the animal shelter, adding them to the dog audience on the sidelines

Amanda: Kicks Ass. a ranger that HAS A PROBLEM WITH AUTHORITY. Consider: Finger guns shoot actual bullets. Can probably pull some Life is Strange business with her photography. Thus, is literally Tracer + Prompto. cracks equally hammy puns during battle. Always support our internet daughter

headcanoning/writing/drawing gay characters as straight or bi is homophobic. headcanoning/writing/drawing bi characters as straight or gay is biphobic. headcanoning/writing/drawing trans characters as cis is transphobic. 

there’s so many cishet characters that you can headcanon as whatever you want, so why are some of y’all so insistent that shit like this doesnt matter? we literally have to fight for scraps and make do with the little representation that we have and some of y’all just dont understand how taking that away would affect anyone. doing stuff like that isnt “freedom of speech” its homophobia. just. fucking stop it. 

Otome game announcements from Aksys! (finished post) + normal games

I noticed people re-blogging my post as I was updating. So there are different “versions” out there. This is the completed post:


Bad Apple Wars: September 29 2017. Will also have Limited Edition

Code Realize + Code Realize FD (Banquet of Rainbows): Coming to PS4 in 2018

7'scarlet: coming 2018 PS Vita

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly: coming 2018 PS Vita

Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk: coming 2018  

Other non-otome games:

School Girl/Zombie Hunter

Creeping Terror

Ninja Usagimaru

Zero Escape

Ghost of the Dusk

Undernight In-Birth


So I saw a thing that said Leo would like cooking because he wouldn’t even need a stove or anything he could just use his fire, so of course I had to.

The Tailor

Prompt: “Whatever you’re going to ask, the answer is No!” from a random generation website thing.
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Deadpool X Reader
Summary: You take care of Deadpool after he comes to your apartment in pieces, then he’s off hurtling into danger again, what the hell are you going to do with him? He really needs a child leash.
Word Count: 2,045
Warnings: Blood and inferences of adult themes? Maybe some swearing? Idk it’s Deadpool, he’s going to be crude.
A/N: This is my first time writing Deadpool, and my first time breaking the fourth wall (I’m not even sure I really did it right oops), so please be gentle. I know the ending is pretty sucky but I tried. I hope you enjoy the Merc with a mouth, but who wouldn’t?


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