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Mun stuff: Redbubble account!

((Hey, everyone! I normally don’t post personal stuff in my side blogs, but I’m in a bit of a financial bind.

As mentioned previously, stuff happened IRL that’s prevented me from updating my side blogs (lost my job basically). Currently, I’m sort of secured, but this might be a temporary thing. I’ve spent much of my time those past two weeks to provide these (with help from @mrnerdling~<3<3<3): 

I have my Redbubble account open in the hopes that I’ll get even just a little bit of income while I try to work out my RL problems. For now, I have the stars of @ask-iggylutz and @ask-thecoolestofcool posted in Redbubble, since the former is currently the most popular side blog I have, while the latter are characters I love and wanted to help spread the love for them. In time, I will be adding more characters into the gallery, and from other fandoms as well. I just ask for your patience in that.

I’d be immensely grateful if people could signal boost this post to spread the word, so that if there are people who are interested in buying, they would know about it. The link to my Redbubble account could be found on my main: @kooparings-art-stuff, in the blog description, as well as a direct link in the side bar (the last link I believe).

Thank you, and I hope you all have a great day!

Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

Snowdrop | Lilac

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!

So I saw a thing that said Leo would like cooking because he wouldn’t even need a stove or anything he could just use his fire, so of course I had to.


Some anons were asking who the voice actors were for some of the lords, so here’s a list of them: 

Oda Nobunaga // Daisuke Ono
Akechi Mitsuhide // Ryotaro Okiayu

Toyotomi Hideyoshi // Kisho Taniyama
Maeda Toshiie ( Inuchiyo ) // Yuki Ono

Tokugawa Ieyasu // Yuuki Kaji
Ishida Mitsunari // Masakazu Morita

Takeda Shingen // Takaya Kuroda
Uesugi Kenshin // Daisuke Namikawa

Sanada Yukimura // Toshiki Masuda
Kirigakure Saizo // Takashi Kondo

Date Masamune // Masami Ishikawa
Katakura Kojuro // Katsuyuki Konishi

Top 7 Kenny McCormick moments

I normally post these lists on my other blog but posting here instead.

Happy Birthday, Kenny. In honor of his birthday here are my 7 favorite Kenny moments.

7. His letter from Hawaii to the guys 

I know this episode is celebrated by Kenny/Butters fans and that happens to be one of my NOTP, but I actually really enjoy this one. Kenny’s letter and Trey’s voice-over while the boys are reading it kills me.

6. Defeating Hell with the Holy PSP

Just Best Friends Forever in general I love. Kenny is the chosen one and saves the day, how can you not love it. Archangel Michael’s reaction to Kenny defeating the armies of Hell with the Holy PSP is great. Like oh come on show me it!, haha. Damn you Trey and Matt. Also at the end when he’s given a Keanu Reeves statue, Kenny’s blank reaction always has me wondering is he thinking “what the fuck is this?” or “hell yeah!”

5. Kenny as a sketch artist 

This whole episode is one of my favorites and I’d love to see more like these again. The boys being boys. The part that I enjoyed most by Kenny has to be him being the sketch artist. Plus Kyle’s “Dammit Kenny, that’s not what she said!” added so much. Oh can we appreciate Kenny’s handwriting being Comic Sans.

4. Real life Kenny in I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining 

Okay, so I know the actor they cast isn’t canon to how Kenny looks, and I’m pretty sure it’s been established that’s part of the joke. I fucking love the guy they cast regardless. His delivery on the lines are perfect. Kyle and Cartman doing their usual bickering and when Cartman demands Kenny say who’s fault it was for going zipling, “I dunno. I don’t really give a shit.” and later “fuck you, Cartman.” I think all the boys were cast well but Kenny’s my favorite.

3. Betraying Cartman and joining Stan’s side in Black Friday

I know a lot of people would’ve picked Kenny becoming a Japanese princess from the Black Friday trilogy and I almost did. However, I just really love this scene. Stan’s speech, taking out his sword and everyone chanting “to the Princess” and then revealing Princess Kenny. The camera slowly moves in and  ends on her rat screeching. Also, looking back maybe I shouldn’t have been so shocked by the SOT twist, lol.

2. Mysterion 

I’m not picking a particular Mysterion moment like I did with Princess Kenny because I can’t. Princess Kenny is Kenny having fun with make believe and dressing up but with Mysterion we really get to explore his character further than before. Mysterion is Kenny. Kenny is Mysterion. We learn more about his experience with death and that his feelings towards it. Later, we see he still keeps the mask on for Karen and is her guardian angel. I can’t even begin to think of a top moment for Mysterion. This was going to be my top pick for Kenny until I remember what is now my first choice…

1. Kenny giving Karen the doll

God, my heart. I can’t handle how much I love this. Both Kenny and Kyle’s love for their siblings are just another part of South Park I love. My friends and I have argued who is the better older brother and I believe it’s impossible to pick. I remember watching this episode and thinking “not bad…but meh…” and then the ending came and I lost it. My heart melted into a thousand pieces. Thinking back to the earlier episodes and all the shit Kenny would do for a dollar and he finally makes some money and uses it to buy his little sister a doll.

Happy Birthday Kenny!


As we approach the end of the year, here are my top 5 posts from Tumblr in 2016!

I haven’t had much time for photography this year so I’ve posted less than normal - sorry! Despite this, my blog has now reached almost 57,000 followers! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! #humbled

I also want to thank just some of the blogs that regularly share my images: @magicalnaturetour, @radivs, @earthandanimals, @telescopical, @lensblr-network, @imiging, @funnywildlife, @alltiger and @mistymorningme to name just a few!

Wishing you all the best for 2017!

I know I don’t normally post this type of personal stuff on my blog, but I wanted to share - I’ve just started my own little shop on Etsy, with not much on it at the moment, but it’s a start! 

I’m in love with watercolour and I like dabbling with abstract colours, but I’m also going to start portraits and other things in the near future. I also like painting characters, and I’m very much willing to go into the commission side of things. This is Sonic the Hedgehog, painted for my brother for his birthday: 

I’ve also won a few prizes with my watercolour, including this stag which I adore: 

I’ve been wanting to set up a little shop for absolutely ages. I would really appreciate anyone going to have a browse - I am very much willing to do commissions, as long as you contact me with details of what you would like. Please like and re-blog too if you want!

Link to my Etsy here.

Oh geez first post here
This is basically gonna be an art only blog but my normal blog is @mirrorbuttvevo but that’s just shitposting :^)))
Oh also this is a drawing of commander holly’s pokemon sun playthrough

I’m just saying, if you’ve never seen a baby being born, you’re really missing out on one of the most spectacular and miraculous things in the world. That little human being. So much potential. Blinking their eyes for the very first time. It’s a beautiful thing and something I think we’ve started taking for granted in this day and age.

Announcement (12st May 2017)

Hey everyone,

It could take up to two years before my issue is fully resolved, but as far as my online activity goes, it should hopefully be back to normal soon.

  • I’m gradually putting my blog posts back up. Let me know if there’s any particular mod you want back up, and I’ll post it.
  • I originally started my Patreon in hopes that it could help me with my situation, but after some thought, I don’t think it will, so I’ve closed it. Since I didn’t release any paid posts, nobody who contributed has been charged anything.

As for creating new content: I’m thinking of focusing more on programs than individual mods. I released the new version of Mod Constructor earlier this year, but it’s limited in what it can do because I had to develop it as quick as possible.

If I were to focus more time on it and less on individual mods, it could mean great things or the modding community. If I created a mod to add a new active career, it would add one new active career. If, however, I were to create tools for others to create full active careers, it could result in loads of active careers made by different people, which is a lot better than just one!

It will take months to do that, but it will probably be worth it in the end.