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SnK - AoT New Ending Analyze!

Cause that is my favorite thing to do.

But first, a little warning if you are an anime only fan!

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Major manga spoilers.

You know what to do better than me.

Scroll down, this post does not exist for you.

For others, guess who screenshotted every single scene of new ending and meta all the way?

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Hey everyone!! Reblog to spread the word to anyone who might be interested and to remind those who have already expressed interest in participating.

As stated in a previous post, we’ll try to do a rewatch August 11-13 and live-tweet, using the hashtag #TheGetDown and a new one, #OneYearOfTGD.

You can most definitely watch Part 2 if you have the time, but if not, just focus on watching Part 1.

You can liveblog here too if you like, to try to get it to trend here, but the goal is either to get #TheGetDown and #OneYearOfTGD trending on Twitter where it’ll be most noticeable, or to at least generate enough tweets so that the cast and crew will see.

In addition to this, tweet any and all positive things you have to say about The Get Down! And again, when discussing specific characters and moments, tag cast and crew members so they can see!

You can also tag Netflix if you have anything specific that you want them to see, a point that you need to make or to just boost our chances of them acknowledging us and The Get Down in some way.

I also encourage you to post any TGD fanart here, on Twitter (and tagged so the cast and crew can see) and on Instagram as well.

It can be new or old fanart (or other fanworks like fanvids, clothes, poetry, music, etc., just stuff inspired by TGD that you’ve made) just make sure to post it and use the above hashtags and #FanartFriday if you decide to post on that day. If not, anytime throughout the weekend is great.

Remember to use the hashtags on all social media platforms you use and good luck!

Give me 2 weeks...

Hey guys, I feel like I should’ve put this up like, probably a month ago but eh, better late than never I guess. 

Anyway, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed the lack of update recently save for a few fan submissions. What I’m going to say isn’t really anything new, but yeah, school’s taking quite a toll on me, so much so that I just don’t have the drive to actually draw any Hamiltots or to answer asks. And if I come onto the blog, I’ll just feel guilty because I’m getting to any of your questions. 

Don’t get me wrong, Hamiltots isn’t stopping, it’s just probably going to be on hold for a while. A hiatus I guess. But only for two weeks, at most a month. Hopefully, once I’m done with school, I’ll get my drive back to draw more Hamiltots. The ask box and submissions would be closed for the time being (cuz I’m afraid of feeling overwhelmed with asks still piling up.) 

Thanks again, so much for sticking around, guys. And to all the new people who followed recently, sorry you joined at such a slow period of time. 

This picture should give you a better idea of what I’m going through at the moment. 

Fun fact: I’m 23 years old and I’m studying animation at an art college.

And that’s not some random anime character, my hair actually looks like that. I also have an actual jacket like that.

Edit: If you still want to see me post art and school stuff other than Hamiltots, you can follow me on Instagram. It’s Cattlingarts_

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Explaining Molly as a "Mirror"

Since I’ve been asked about this specifically a number of times I thought it would be helpful to just make a post.

So “Molly is John’s mirror” not some clever subtext that someone in the tinfoil hat brigade discovered. It is, in fact, a very old trope of the “Ms. Male” or “Distaff counterpart” that certain fans are applying here.

Basically it means taking a male character, slapping a female signifier on him, and voila! Same shit, new character.

One of the most recognizable examples is Ms. Pac Man. In order to appeal to the female market. Media Execs simply slap a lipstick and bow on whatever they happen to be making at that moment and hey! look! inclusivity! Buy our stuff, dumb ladies!

Here are some reasons why this is problematic:

1. It diminishes the female character’s role to her relationship with a male.

2. It does not leave room for dimension as this character is not her own person. She is merely a “girl version” of someone else.

3. It reduces female identity to shitty gendered signifiers (pink, frills, sparkles etc…)

Usually this goes hand in hand with the “Smurfette principle”. Where women are tokenized as the “girl” in an all-male cast. She may be a character that has other qualities but the one given highest import is that she is female in a way that remains very rigidly within the scope of the social gender binary.

This is not how Molly Hooper was written. She’s being read that way by fans who have a lot of internalized misogyny that they are projecting onto her character.

So far the only overlap I have seen is that Molly likes ugly jumpers and she’s nice.

But Molly wears ugly jumpers far more often than John, yet it’s a characteristic that belongs to him by default?

And let’s be honest, John is really not that nice. I mean sometimes kinda, but only if there’s something in it for him. (eg: getting to be the “hero”, flirting with women, looking superior to Sherlock) but apart from that, he’s just kind of a jerk who treats his non-neurotypical friend like some lovable “idiot savant”. Any one of us who met him in person would probably instantly label him as a “fuckboy” because well… the shoe fits.

Molly has a level of kindness that is completely unprecedented. Her kindness and loyalty are her trademark characteristics and I, personally think, that it’s very not good to hand that off to John just to make him seem better or to apply more validation to a fan-made narrative that actively works to erase female characters.

It’s definitely something to unpack and examine.

The paladins have a mental connection to their lions, right? What if one day, they’re explaining the concept of The Lion King to Allura and Coran for some reason, maybe someone quoted the movie and it started a discussion, but meanwhile the lions are listening in very intently. Because it’s a story about lions

Imagine the lions becoming very excited about The Lion King and like, becoming obsessed with it. They find a rocky outcropping on an alien planet and suddenly the Black Lion lands on it and poses and does the big roar a la Simba at the end, and the other lions roar back. Every single paladin has “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” stuck in their head at the same time for a week. Shiro gets the shock of his life one day when the Yellow Lion picks him up by the scruff of his armor and “presents” him to the cheering lions while the Black Lion watches peacefully in the background. Blue and Red trade off being Scar in the “Long Live the King” moment, and throwing each other off of stuff. It is Lion King pandemonium

The Paladins, Coran, and Allura are really, really confused, but as long as Voltron can still be formed they’re just going to chalk it up to the lions being so old they’ve developed some odd quirks

anonymous asked:

wait i dont quite get L's tweet. we know that she cropped both N&C to not shade C but why the caption about Virginia but its not really abt Virginia? has anyone analysed this? and with her recent snapchat of "where are we going?" which is a famous ot5 moment before. why is she bringing all these past references? it's driving us slowly INSANE.

I found that weird too. But I have two hypothesis:

One, she’s just trying to be funny, like a weird kind of joke. Like since they just performed in Virginia (I assume), then she’s supposed to post a pic of them in Virginia, but instead, she posted that tb picture that’s totally unrelated to Virginia. So she joked about it not being related.

Which brings me to my second angle: why did she all of a sudden post an old ot5 pic (albeit, cropped)? My theory is, MAYBE, she misses that moment when the pic was taken. Maybe that was a fun ot5 moment. Or memorable stuff happened then. Of course she couldn’t post an ot5 pic, for reasons we don’t really know.

That “where are we going” vid was too similar to Camila’s vine , and yeah it made me think for a few seconds that Lauren was being a bit nostalgic, and a momentary hope washed over me, that maybe, hopefully, they’re patching things up now or idk?

I saw a post somewhere that says Camila made a new playlist and there’s a song that says “I want you back… I’m ready for both of us now… Blah blah”, BUT IM NOT SURE IF THAT IS VERIFIED. I checked Camila’s playlists, I didn’t see it.

BUT, I’d rather not dwell on this or over analyze it. Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar lol. Waiting for things to unfold is more fun 😂🌚

Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 4- First Sleepover

I’m pretty late with this! For most of you it’s probably Day 5 already lol. But I really wanted to give this one a try. This is how I imagine things, and I guess it doesn’t really directly conflict with canon, despite the fact that this theme doesn’t have to be canon compliant. Idk, hope you guys enjoy it…gonna go do laundry now lol!

He Needs The Space

Molly peered over the edge of her bed, looking down into the sea green eyes that stared back at her.

“Honestly, it’s fine. I’d actually feel better if you just came up here,” she stated sincerely. 

It wasn’t a lie. She did hate to think of him sleeping on the hard floor.

Sherlock had turned up at her door a couple hours before, dripping wet and looking like a stray dog in need of some loving care. Molly didn’t hesitate to invite him in. True, she’d only known him a couple of months, but Mike Stamford had known him longer. She’d heard nothing but good things. Well, perhaps not everything was good. But she’d heard enough to know he wasn’t a man to distrust or fear. And besides…she could just tell. 

It was painful for her to think of him bouncing around from place to place since his move to the city some weeks before. Apparently there was no family or friends he cared to stay with. She hated to think of him in the streets or God knows where else. Molly couldn’t say for sure what had motivated him to descend on her flat that night, but she was awfully glad he did. 

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flower writing prompt 1:

PROMPT: Your Sole x R.J MacCready - Ulmus flower👍
ULMUS: royalty, strength, age

NOTE: I know I took my sweet time with this, but it became SO much more than I originally expected to write. thank you anon for the prompt!! I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST WROTE MY FIRST EVER FINISHED FIC FOR FLO AND MAC??? SKJKJlkjdsf;lsdk I hope you enjoy this self-indulgent little piece of writing I whipped up in like two hours (get ready for some mac domesticity), and if you reblog that ask meme I’ll make sure to invade ur inbox with flowers because these are ridiculously fun <3 

The one strand of white had hidden itself well among the locks of hair above his forehead. MacCready almost didn’t notice it at first. It was when he got closer to the mirror to inspect his teeth that it casually fell in front of his eyebrow, like a crack in the glass, almost proudly presenting itself to him. 

No way. Squinting, he isolated it with his fingers. The tip of it was golden brown, like it was supposed to be, but sure enough, the lower half of was a breathtakingly glossy - almost polished - silver. His eyes widened. There had been many false alarms in the past couple of years, but this time he was certain.

It was a real, genuine, gray hair.

“Holy shit!” He went racing down the hallway in his boxers, face still dripping-wet. “Flo! Holy shit!”

“Mac, honey, the kids can hear you from outside!” He nearly skidded past the kitchen door in his excitement, before getting right up to her face and pointing proudly to the drooping strand of hair.


She put a hand over her mouth, but he could just see her smile. “Is that..?”

When she found her first gray hair, they had only just gotten married, and Duncan was only five. Between the kids, the raiders, and the settlements, Florence hadn’t had time to think of aging ever since waking up in Vault 101. “You’re gonna have to point them out to me from now on. Before long my entire head will go too, you know,” she said to him after plucking it out, half as a joke and half as a precaution. Truth be told, MacCready couldn’t recall more than three people in his entire life who had lived long enough to have an entire head of gray hair, and it was unexpectedly difficult for him to imagine Flo becoming one of them. He could tell she hated it.

After dinner that day she sat herself down at the old, slightly banged-up vanity in their bedroom, silently combing her hair and parting it this way and that, experimenting with ways to hide the coming change. It was killing him that he wasn’t able to help with how upset she was.

“Tell you what,” he said. “Let’s do this thing right.”

She turned to him, looking amused. “What are you talking about?”

“You’re all about fairness and equality in the Wasteland - you tell me if it’s fair that you’re on your way to having a head full of gray hair, and I don’t even have a single one yet.” She started to laugh, but he stopped her, taking her hand in his with a small, sly smile. “Oh, I’m dead serious, sweetheart. You have nearly a hundred years’ head start on this age thing. No way am I gonna let you get old without me.”

“So you’re gonna - what - lawyer my hair out of changing color? You’re sweet, Mac, but it’s not..” Florence trailed off, then said, “It’s not so much having a head full of gray hair. It’s not knowing if I’ll be with you, Shaun, and Duncan long enough for that to happen that’s scaring the hell out of me. I mean - who knows if that’s even possible for us, living the way we do?”

“Well, I…” He knew telling her not to worry with him around was irresponsible - he had made that promise too many times for it to matter anymore. “You know I’m never gonna leave you if I have any say in it.”

"I know you won’t,” she gave him a sad, brittle smile. “But sometimes neither of us get a say in it, and I just can’t help worrying…" 

“Then wait for me to catch up so you don’t have to worry alone. Whatever you want to do with those gray hairs - getting rid of ‘em, or hiding, or dyeing ‘em - just say the word and I’ll help you do it. I’ll get you whatever you need. Just don’t leave the starting line without me. Let me worry about that with you.

"It’s gray! You’re old!” She yells between giggles.

“I know! I know!” he laughs. “I know, I know, I know!”

They stay like that for a while, but soon quiet down, transitioning from laughter to a more tearful kind of joy. 

She finally pulls back from the embrace to take a good, long look at him, still sniffling. “Hey, you,” she says, in a way that always makes him melt, and frowns.

“What is it?”

“Oh, nothing. I was going to say something witty about how you finally caught up, but it looks like I’m gonna have to step up my game. You’re one ahead of me now.” She’s smirking now, and softly thumbs a small thread of silver on his chin. “Really should’ve thought twice before messing with the best.”

He grins, leaning in for a kiss. They hear the sounds of Shaun and Duncan imitating laser pistols somewhere out in the fields.

“Man,” Mac says as he breaks away, gazing at Florence and quietly thanking all the choices he had made prior to that moment that led him to her. “Who knew growing old together was so much fun?”


So anynoooow…Ah…no one panic but…I’m going in for a surgery.

It shouldn’t be more then a day thing but then comes recovery and…well bluntly said, updates are going to be weird and stuff and junk for that week and…um…

ANYHOW! Don’t worry about me, its going to be fine, I’m just not going to be as able to write and update things and yaddayaddayadda. Take care of yourselves and each other, reread some of the old stuff if I don’t upload and try not to worry kay?


Love ya all, Moddy.

Ps, the surgery is going to be my time 15th of may to 16th. If I got internet access I’ll tell you all the moment I can. This is my first update of this, I will update it on the 14th too to make sure everyone sees it.

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Hi!! So I'm an """"""""advanced""""""""" artist I guess and I'd like to do commissions n stuff but I already fail at reaching people with my art in the way of getting followers u know and... HOW DO YOU DO THAT I SCREAM AND CRY I am really in need of money in the moment bc my pc kilss itself and aaaaa ;;

i’ve been really lucky in terms of reaching an audience so i don’t know what advice i can give! i will say though that ive been posting my art online since i was 12 years old so i’ve been around almost a decade (even tho most of that decade was spent making embarrassing things) (and still is) and thats probably been significant in gathering a following.

make what you feel passionately about and people will naturally be drawn to that passion. remember that online numbers and figures don’t always translate into financial success or “real world” success!! the only answer is work, work, work… 😭 making stuff for the sole purpose of getting followers will burn you out so quickly. also, be active in the community - talk to other artists, appreciate their work & support them in the way you’d want someone else to support you. ever heard of “scenius”? look it up

welp, i’m useless, if anyone else had advice on getting yourself out there then feel free to add to this?

Hello! So I’m really new to the studyblr community, although I have been admiring it from the distance for ages and have been kinda waiting for the right moment to start posting stuff myself. Ok, yeah, I have been procrastinating about it, you can say it.

Anyway, here’s my introduction post.

I am Olivia, slytherin, book and movie lover, also into anime and…well, basically anything! I am 18 years old and I am in last year of high school here in Spain (actually, last two weeks of high school😀). I have always wanted to study abroad, so I spent a semester in Canada last year and I am starting university in England next year, in UCL….if I get the marks they requested in my conditional application, which I will know in less than 24 hours. I’m seriously ANXIOUS about it!

Let’s just pretend I am already unconditionally accepted, ok? I will study a MBSc in biochemistry, starting September. So this blog will mainly be a sciblr, although I am also very interested in languages and programming (my plans for this summer!)

From my past lurking into other people’s studyblrs I have developed an addiction for masterposts, so be expecting a TON of those. I’m also slightly in love with study music, all sorts of playlists and ambient sounds and, in general, studying atmospheres. So be expecting a lot of that too!

Some of the blogs that have most inspired me have been @studypetals, @studylustre, @juliasacads, @wendystudies, @emmastudies, @stuhde, @circle-studies (btw, have you read silber? Because carpe noctem appeared there. If not…just pretend I didn’t say that!), @elkstudies, @studytherin, @minimaliststudy, @aescademic, @littleninjastudies, @equaticns, @aetudes, @einstetic, @ambedostudies, @study-cave, @sprouht-studies, @brainiakk, @studyquill, @ravnclaw, and @studyinginstyle. I really hope one day I’ll post as great stuff as you guys do! 💙

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Please talk to me about gtop. I'm new to the fandom and I hardcore ship that two. Do you ship it too? Are there like 'proofs' that they're real? Please go crazy with me

omg, my favourite kind of ask. so i answered something for another anon a while back xxx 

the most ~concrete~ you’re gonna get in the way of proof is the cyworld messages back in the day (they used to call each other turtle and shell for gods sake and the amount of just BOYFRIEND pictures found on top’s old acc is mad lmao)

but then they also share pyjamas (honestly what straight men do this), jiyong had a habit over the past year of liking/posting gtop fan art and manips like this. then there’s stuff like jiyong maybe - very possibly - keeping a gift bag that seunghyun gave him for YEARS

they met in middle school 😢…danny from 1tym recently took part on a podcast where he talked about them being friends before they joined YG like…people know about them being buddies which i find very cute?

and for some reason this is my favourite gtop moment 

little story.. (:
  • tc: *playing hockey*
  • tc: ughhh i'm an old man, i shouldn't be doing this.
  • me:'re not even old
  • tc: i'm 28 with the body of a 48 year old.
  • me: no, thats not true.
  • tc: ... *intense eye contact*
  • me: ...
  • me: why did i just say that.
Why I think the fandom is walking on a very thin line

people make reylo posts: 600 likes, 2 reblogs

people make sw-related, non-reylo posts: 5 likes, 1 reblog

people make nth post about discourse that does nothing except give even more attention to antis and spread more negativity: 34875634 likes, 587638949 reblogs, 5976 replies

This is just a silly example to get to a point.

Stop for a moment and think about what kind of fandom you’re building and what you would want new fans to see when they open your blog looking for reasons to join the fandom or not. An anti’s post is void of any power, until you give them that power by replying to them and spreading their bullshit. 

I can assure you that most reylo shippers, especially new ones, wouldn’t even know about all this war if it wasn’t for all these posts about discourse. And what makes me sad, is that to this day there’s still people who are afraid of making or sharing reylo posts because they’re afraid of the backlash. And where does this fear come from? From the antis posts? Maybe, but what is in our face and on our dash all the time isn’t the antis posts. It’s the discourse posts reylo shippers make about antis’ posts. We are spreading this negativity, when we should let it die. Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I saw an anti’s post with my own two eyes. The only times I see antis shit is from reylo shippers’ posts. Isn’t this crazy?

We might look like we’re on the right side, but even for something positive it’s easy to slowly and absent-mindedly turn to the wrong side. If I had to make a comparison between the reylo fandom and star wars, it’s a bit like when in the PT Padme realizes that the Republic is slowly turning into something that is not positive or rightful anymore, but toxic and dark. 

I’m just saying, focus more on making this fandom full of good stuff, and let go of the useless hate.

It’s easy to gain attention and become tumblr-famous by replying to antis or making seemingly-witty posts about them all the time, but if this is your only contribution to the fandom, I think we can all agree that something’s not quite right.

The random post every once in a while is understandable (I wrote a couple too, mostly to light up the fandom mood), after all we’re under attack at all times, but some people here have gotten to the point where their blog is all about discourse and how to better Roast Antis ™, the point where when there’s any news about SW, their first thought is to make a post about how antis were wrong all along, instead of enjoying the news and celebrating with positive stuff.

Plus, it’s repetitive. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing the same kind of posts parroting antis about the same old topics aka reysky, kylo ren’s redemption and reylo. There’s always going to be people disagreeing, are we going to reach 2019 still writing “reysky found dead in miami” posts?

I’m not here to make any rules for anyone, but I hope this post can make you stop for a moment and think about what kind of contribution would benefit the fandom better and help building a brighter mood for everyone, old fans and future ones.

Why hello there Mr. Mystery <3

This has been sitting in my drafts for like a month so I’ll use it to make a quick post. I am alive, I’m just not playing sims at present so I have nothing to share here. That also being said I backed up all my stuff and uninstalled it like a couple weeks ago so I can’t even pop in and dress up sims for people at the moment. There were a couple requests that came in recently for some old legacy sims so I thought it’d be kind of me to give people a warning that I can’t/won’t be providing those files for the time being. All my public downloads here and on my ts4 blog should be just fine and accessible though. 

Anyway if you want to just keep in touch or see what I’m up to you can reach me via my personal blog here.  I’ve followed some of you I’ve been mutuals with for a very long time but that list is probably still incomplete, send me your personal/hobby blog if you have one you’d like me to follow.