posting it while i still like it

while im still here n at it let me throw some sugar shade @ some signs

aries: ur still my #1 even tho i’ve tried to kick u out of my heart for a while now. fuk u. eat a good dinner or something and leave my ass olone

taurus: ur beautiful n angelic but honestly so lazy do ur goddam work on time u make me want to cry,

gemini: highkey the most entertaining but always spilling the tea and talking (shit) like ur life depends on it. sh for a sec

cancer: honestly i’d protect u with my life but when i disagree with u idk what to tell u sis,, ur probably going to block me if i drag u even the slightest tbh

leo: good lookin but honestly? i dont know any of yall

virgo: a goddam human cinnamon roll if i ever saw one but lowkey planning how to kill u if u do something they dont like i mean…..chill

libra: always glowing like some ethereal angel but truthfully? a Demon. im not a satan stan keep ur demonic face away from me n go

scorpio: i mean,,,i guess ur fun sometimes,,,,, as long as ur not around me

sagittarius: best n possibly only tru friend if they really really like u, but i cant even throw shade @ anyone around them tho bc they do too much of that already

capricorn: good friend to chill wit during good times but when times get hard for them u are Dropt within 0.43 secs

aquarius: wise Cool fairy godmother types but lowkey dont kno what theyre talking about 63% of the time

pisces: listen i love yall but pure n good? evil n untrustworthy? whiny n annoying? i dont even know which u are?? in any case stop ruining my life

I alternate between drawing the Batter with hair and without as the picture demands and I was talking to my sister about it once and she’s pretty sure he’s bald and while that makes sense I still picture what he’d look like if you removed his hat then and I’m just like

Put it back.

Masterlist (Update 2/21/2017)


All of You - Part 1 (I Want All of You)

Daryl x Reader | One Shot Turned Series | Smut Warning! | 18+ Only! | NSFW

Summary: This was a request, hope I get it right. :) My first post-Negan era piece. Daryl is in the Sanctuary still and is approached by Negan’s daughter (Reader), she takes a liking to him and smut ensues. I didn’t get to the ‘Negan doesn’t approve’ part of the request, may have to make a second part if people like it.

All of You - Part 2 (Dad, This is Daryl)

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Summary: As requested, here is part 2. Post-Negan era smut piece. The reader (Negan’s Daughter) convinces Negan to allow Daryl to be her bodyguard while he is away in Alexandria for a few days. Smut and romance ensue. When Negan returns, he finds out that they are sleeping together and loses his shit.

All of You - Part 3 (So You Fucking Love Me, Huh?)

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Summary: The reader and Daryl fall hard for one another at the sanctuary, as Negan struggles to get used to Daryl and his daughter together. Daryl x Reader smutty action, they are so in love yo! :) This got so smutty.. your welcome. ;)

All of You Part 4 (I Love Her, Rick)

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Summary: Y/N convinces Daryl to let her come to Alexandria with him, after fighting with him. Makeup Smut ensues as she convinces him to take her along. They drive to Alexandria and meet Rosita and Rick, Rosita is pissed at Daryl and Rick contemplates how to deal with the new situation. Smut AF. Post-Negan AU.


HOME (Series):

Summary: You have been dating Daryl for months before settling in Alexandria together. Daryl goes out on a run and you await his return impatiently and think about him as you await his return. Pre-Negan Era.

Chapter 1: Missing You

You anxiously await Daryl’s return and think about how much you miss him when he is away. (Smut)

Chapter 2: Promise

You and Michonne go out to hunt walkers and you think back to your very first walker kill and the first time you met Daryl. (Violence, Walker Death, Family Death)

Chapter 3: I’ll Watch Over You

Michonne gives you a lesson in walker killing and you think back to your very first night with Daryl Dixon. (Walker Killing, Grief, Family Death, Fluff)

Chapter 4: No One’s Gonna Hurt You. I Promise

The Reader reminisces about her first day in Alexandria and her first kiss with Daryl.

Chapter 5: My Mystery Man

The Reader reminisces about her first night in Alexandria; meeting Rick and Michonne, having dinner and drinks with Carol, and Her and Daryl’s first time together. (Smut)

Chapter 6: The Love Word

The reader thinks back to falling in love with Daryl, as she awaits his return. The reader reminisces about the day Daryl told her he must leave for a while and their last night together.



Imagine: Giving Daryl his First Blow Job and it Leading to Rough Sex



Dirty Thoughts

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Summary: The Reader lives with Abraham and Rosita and has been in Alexandria for only a few weeks. Reader has a major crush on Daryl and Abe invites him to dinner one night. Daryl and Reader finally get what they want from each other. Smutty Smut. Daryl x Reader. Enjoy!

Warnings: SMUT

Don’t Touch Her

Daryl x Reader | Smut AF | NSFW | 18+ Only

Summary: Daryl runs into the reader after her boyfriend has hit her. Daryl loses it and confront the guy. He comforts the reader and they become close. Smut ending, of course.

Warnings: Abuse, Smut

First Time

Daryl Dixon x Reader | 18+ | Smut Warning | NSFW

Summary: Hope I do these requests justice! :) Set season 3 in the prison. Pre-Governor era. The reader is new to the group and finds herself unusually attracted to the man they call Daryl. The reader is shy and unsure about all things that come along with the sex, as she is a virgin. Daryl and her get to talking one night and she asks him to take her virginity.  Reader is around 20 years old. Prepare for cute Daryl fluff in this one, I think he would be so sweet taking someone’s virginity. :)

Just For You

Daryl Dixon x Reader | 18+ | Smut Warning | NSFW

Summary: Daryl and Reader have been together for awhile. Reader goes on a run with Maggie and Rick and finds sexy lingerie. She takes it home to surprise Daryl. Pre-Negan. Season 5/6. Alexandria. Hope I got this one right! :) Smut Alert.

Just Friends - Part 1

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Summary: Daryl and the reader share a few drinks one night and the reader let’s her intentions be known. They get it on and Daryl tells her that it can only be sex between them; to him, love is illogical in this end-of-days world. The reader and Daryl carry on for a few weeks and start to get closer and more intimate with one another. Daryl wrestles with falling for the reader as he begins to realize he has deeper feelings for her. Beginning of Season 4. The Prison.

Just Friends - Part 2

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Summary: Second part to the request above. Reader becomes friends with the man Rick and Glenn saved, trying to help him get used to the group and his new surroundings. Daryl notices her spending more and more time with him and gets really jealous and angry. He claims her and finally admits he loves her. Beginning of Season 4. The Prison.

Happy Birthday, Daryl

Daryl Dixon x Reader | 18+ | Smut Warning | NSFW

Summary: So I started this as a request, but it turned into just pure Daryl birthday smut. Daryl x Reader had been dating for a few months, in secret, when his birthday comes up. Reader surprises Daryl with morning sex. Smutty. Alexandria, Pre-Negan Era.

He Doesn’t Deserve to Own You

Daryl x Reader | Smut AF | NSFW | 18+ Only

Summary: The reader is attracted to Spencer, until one night he tells her off and Daryl steps in and tells him to fuck off. The Daryl leads you to his house, where he tells you he his feelings for you and smut occurs.

He Doesn’t Deserve to Own You - Part 2

Daryl x Reader  | Smut AF | NSFW | 18+ Only

Summary: Started out as a one shot, but I ended up writing a second part to it. Takes place a week after yours and Daryl’s confrontation with Spencer. Spencer now won’t leave reader alone and Daryl has to tell him to back the fuck off, Y/N is his now.

I Can Treat You Better

Daryl Dixon x Reader | Smut Warning | 18+ Only | NSFW

Summary: Another request, hope I do it justice. :) Daryl has feelings for the reader and has had to watch the reader be treated badly by her boyfriend for months. When the reader’s boyfriend is out on a run, Daryl makes his feelings known. Pre-Negan Era. Set in Alexandria. Smut AF.

I Can Treat You Better - Part 2

Daryl Dixon x Reader | Smut Warning | 18+ Only | NSFW

Summary: I got a request to write a second part of this, so here it is! Daryl and the reader enjoy each other’s company after being intimate the night before. Luke comes home to find you have moved out and to find that Daryl has told you about him and Rosita.

Warnings: Smut

Make Me Yours

Daryl Dixon x Reader | Smut Warning | 18+ Only | NSFW

Summary: Set in season 2, on Hershel’s farm. Rick’s group is just starting to settle into an easier life on the farm when Daryl and Glenn come across a woman in the woods (reader) and bring her to the farm. They hit it off. Smut ensues… of course. The rest of the request will be in there too! I hope you like it! (I did not get to the daddy issues, but I did give her major man issues… ;) )

Quickie on a Run

Daryl Dixon x Reader | Smut Warning | 18+ Only | NSFW

Summary: I had to do this because I have been thinking about it and needed some quick, dirty, smut. Totally a creation of this dirty mind haha. Enjoy! Daryl and Reader are on a run with Rick, Glenn, and Maggie, and Reader seduces Daryl into quick, rough sex. Season 6. Pre-Negan.


Daryl x Reader | One Shot | Smut AF | NSFW | 18+ Only

Summary: Set in S.3 at the prison. Reader gets all hot and bothered watching Daryl chop wood and slips away to their cell for a release. Daryl finds you and smut ensues.

Right Like That

Daryl Dixon x Reader | Smut Warning | 18+ Only | NSFW

Summary: I had to write this out. Early Season 2 era, at the farm, with Daryl’s old badass self. The reader constantly flirts with Daryl throughout the entire time they are together in the group, once they settle in to the farm, they are finally able to have a night they both have fantasized about, for so long. Smut AF. I needed a fic where Daryl takes a girl roughly in the barn. Enjoy! This turned out smuttier than expected.

Warnings: Smut

Teach Me

Daryl Dixon x Reader | 18+ | Smut Warning | NSFW

Summary: The reader almost gets bit on a run and Daryl is furious with her. They get back to the prison and she asks him to teach her a thing or two about self-defense against walkers and people. Sweaty training ends in rough smut, Daryl style. ;)

Warnings: Smut

You Gotta Be Shittin’ Me, Right?

Daryl Dixon x Reader | 18+ | Smut Warning | NSFW

Summary: Reader goes on watch duty with Daryl (Season 3, Prison) and learns Daryl is a virgin. Things progress from there… Smut.

Thank You

Daryl Dixon x Reader | Smut Warning | 18+ Only | NSFW

Summary: This was a request, hope I get it right! :) Daryl breaks free from the Sanctuary, only to run into Jesus on his way out. Jesus helps him escape and the two return to the hilltop where Daryl meets the reader. The reader helps nurse him back to health and eventually smut ensues. This one is really long, but I had to nurse Daryl back to health, figured it would be some time before he’d be up for any rough smut.

You Want Better? - Part 1


Summary: Daryl taunts the reader about her feelings for married Rick. She finds out it is because Daryl has feelings for her. They confront each other and smut/romance ensues. Season 2 / Hershel’s Farm Era.

Warnings: Smut

You Want Better? Part 2


Summary: I made a second part to this because I wanted to. Sort of felt like resolving the Rick-ness of it all. Daryl and the reader begin to sneak around and see each other, they go on a run with the group and Rick confronts the reader about his feelings and the reader has to decide between Rick or Daryl. I really love jealous Daryl. Smutty Daryl x Reader Goodness.

Warnings: Smut

Wait a freaking minute.. Holy shit this is a big clue! Natalie has never posted about Cameron or anything to do with him.. Not only that but she captioned it saying Jerome and Silver (their characters instead of their actual names) even though I’m for Lee being Harley, another part of me really wants Silver to be Harley. I’m stuck between the two, because Silver was my very first (dead set) guess on who I thought was Harley. Then I suspected Barbara for maybe like a day. And then I suspected Lee for quite a while, I still do. I honestly want it to either be Lee or Silver. Actually the thought of Silver being Harley excites the shit out of me. If what everyone is saying about Lee is true, then Natalie is definitely the only other person I would accept as Harley. I’m still standing by my theory of Lee, but I’m also standing by my theory of Silver. I will be happy with either. Natalie is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL and she is younger than Cameron. She’s also at that right age with Selina and Ivy. So if the writers were to stick to the whole Joker being older thing, she would fit perfectly. She also connects to the facts that the writers hinted. ‘She might be a character that you thought you had met and known for a long time’.. Silver was in seven episodes. This is enough episodes to not be a regular or extra, but also enough for us to get to know her. Also 'she will be connected to the joker cult world’ She hasn’t yet met Jerome (which could be an advantage! Just imagine them meeting for the first time) but Jerome’s boss was her step uncle, who she was working for as well. The writers said that Harley’s appearance on the show is gonna be crazy, crazy enough to be the launching point for season 4. Silver returning could be pretty crazy.. Especially since it never showed us what happened to her after she got pushed out the window. Also Natalie herself has the appearance of Harley and she is very flexible. This means she could definitely pull off Harley’s gymnastics skills. Also silver can change her personality on a whim. Like Jerome can change his facial expressions on a whim, she can change her personality on a whim according on who she’s with. With Bruce she can make herself appear to be kind and timid. When she’s by herself or with Theo and Tabitha she’s cold and self-confident. I have wayyy more reasons, but I honestly can’t think of them right now because I’m so sleepy that my eyes are barely able to stay open. So I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense. But I’m definitely rooting for Silver or Lee to be Harley. Her post makes me so happy. Lee and Silver are my Harley’s 💖💖💖

anonymous asked:

As someone who is/has been learning German for a while now, I was wondering: In regards to your post on Du vs. Sie and who should/should not call you by that. How exactly do you actually go about saying 'nah that's okay, du is fine' like what's the wording here? Cause it still hasn't been covered in my duolingo lessons and I can't seem to find a good answer. Is there specific lingo? Do you just come to a mutual agreement at some point? Any help clearing this up would be so very appreciated.

The good (or bad….depends) news is: Germans don’t know either. It’s awkward. When to ask, how to ask, can I, should I, is it appropriate at all? No clue. :D With your boss or professor or any other person of respect just don’t ask them. Let them ask you. When someone’s your age or you’re just friendly with them you could just use one of the following: “Wollen wir uns nicht duzen?” or “Wollen wir nicht “Du” sagen?”. Or what you said. If someone accidentally uses “du” to address you and you don’t actually mind you can say “du ist okay”. What then follows is both people telling each other their first name (and a handshake or something). 

To the Romans, 50 = L
  • I should soon be able to weave a beautiful, hip-length braid of my ear, nose, and back hairs. Will post pics.
  • 110 golf balls on Sunday ⇒ aching triceps Tuesday. 
  • I spend a fair amount of time wondering who’s dying next.
  • Three months ago, while still 49, I ran 13.1 miles fairly comfortably. Yesterday, I staggered through 3.1 and nearly barfed up my tuna sandwich somewhere in Elmwood Park.
  • Some people reading this weren’t yet alive at the time of the story I told last night. Perhaps she is reincarnated in you.
  • If you feel like your brain is full of worthless knowledge, don’t worry. It’ll fade.
  • Metabolizing was fun. I miss metabolizing things. I’d like that back.
#WeWomen Wednesday - 15 Days to Go.

I was asked by @subject-womanproject​ to help count down to WE with a series of posts, and while I won’t be following the same exact programme, I do want to countdown, starting with this 

“What does #WeWomen mean to you? Share with us in photos or words.”

What it means to me is actually very simple. This is me, right now.

Midweek, working from home with no makeup, messy hair, my Christmas tree still up and feeling like I’m not making progress in my life, not achieving anything worthwhile, not changing the world in any way. I’ve started trying to connect, to find my fire, but it’s hard and often feels hopeless and the world is hard and I’m a useless person… 

What WE means to me is an opportunity to connect, to become part of something bigger.

Perhaps some days that just means I take better care of myself, using tips from other awesome women, perhaps it means that I feel less embarrassed to open up about my perceived failures - I hope it will create a network of women who connect to each other over the everyday battles we face and empower and lift each other up, who remind each other to be kind to themselves and make those taboo things easier to talk about.

Other days it might mean fighting. I want to break out of my bubble of shelter and privilege and put my voice to work for those who need backing singers and foot soldiers. I want to be of service to others, the raise my sense of self worth by doing things that are worthy and I hope that WE will also take steps and offer guidance on how to do that. I want to be an ally and a cheerleader and a soldier and I’m just working out where to start.

Fundamentally, I hope that the community of women WE hopes to inspire, comes to be. Because this version of me, standing with a community of others, learning from them and sharing our stories, has a far better chance of making a difference and living an inspired and useful life than the one sat at home alone.

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Short but not short enough...

Sorry for not posting as much lately. I’ve mostly been preoccupied with planning and prepping for my Euro trip in a couple of weeks. I do want to try to visit some historical spots and museums, maybe getting some war/gun related pics while I’m there.

Although I should be spending money on stuff I need for the trip, like new packs, I ended up buying a cheapo shotgun that was brought into work. It’s a Mossberg 500 with what I think is a Raptor grip. Barrel is still 18″ but finish is worn to bare metal on the top and left hand side. Receiver is also marred on the left hand side.

Overall it’s still a shotgun but I do want to explore possibly trying to get it down to the 14″ barrel with an overall length of 26″. ATF still classifies it as a firearm but not an AOW or SBS, at least according to their letter.

Running low on buckshot since I used most of mine when I tested the Origin 12. Those five shells are some older Winchester high velocity rifled slugs. Not the best idea but whatever.

Attention please

Hello everyone, I’d like to inform you that I’m going to put this blog into hiatus. But not only that, I’m also going to leave FNAF fandom (for a while, maybe). You see, I’ve been in this fandom for years, even since the rise of FNAF, and thanks to FNAF my drawings have been improved! However, I still need to improve myself by trying to draw something new aside from FNAF. If you’d like to follow my progresses, you can check my other art blog here, or check my main blog here.

I wanted to say thank you to all of you, my followers (or any of you), who’ve showing your loyalty to this small blog of mine.


Bound V

featuring: Yongguk x Reader

A/N: despite some negative feedback, I’m gonna continue this anyways because I still really like it, and a lot of readers really like this series, so yeah, hopefully you all like this update :) Also, I didn’t check for any mistakes like grammar or spelling cause I was writing this while doing homework, so I’ll go back through this tomorrow and fix anything that needs it lol

Also, this is a REALLY long update, lol, I feel it makes up for the lack of me posting lately, hopefully you all like it? I’m trying to get things to pick up with this so it’s not so slow anymore? I feel it needed something like this to change the mood?

Things had been going well with Yongguk, having him around was definitely great for Jae. He loved finally having his dad in his life, and actually being able to call someone dad.

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Double lives

Does anyone here feel like they are living double lives? I really pride myself on my cookie cutter Martha Stewart image, which isn’t all just an act. I really do love my job because i get to be around the elderly & care for them. I love to cook, organize, decorate my home, & I could spend all day reading a good book. My other half is more like a porn star, & that’s actually very close to the truth since I also run a porn blog on here with my husband where I post our own stuff. I love sex… dirty, kinky, wild sex… I love to show my husband off, very much enjoy having threesomes or messing around with other couples, especially all while spun out of my mind. Even though I am an adult, there is still much I hide from my family and friends. I can only imagine what they would think if they knew I consider myself bi-sexual? This may be why I tend to overshare with my few friends that are aware of my extracurriculars. I bottle so much of myself away, I get excited when I can let stuff out.

exposed-mama  asked:

Kira and Doc

Nope. Nope. Nope. I actually just disliked it until I saw a post on the SWTOR subreddit which it to an official Lesa nOTP ™ after a few people commented about how it’d be funny or cute if they got together and I was like…

Kira doesn’t like Doc - she comes to tolerate him but their personalities clash (even her official blog entry while they were still doing those says so) and she has to resort to using a Jedi mind trick to get him to leave her alone at one point. Their lifestyles and philosophies are incompatible and as you might guess, the sudden change of heart Doc has in his romance (that he does want to commit to the relationship) fell flat and did not work for me, so I don’t buy he would work for Kira either.

I’m just sat here tagging my posts with things like #RobronWedding and #Husbands and it hit me, this actually happened, Robert Jacob Sugden and Aaron Dingle got MARRIED!! For intense and purpose they are husbands. Look how far we’ve come, from a secluded layby by the side of the road to kissing in front of the whole pub while dancing! Dancing!! It’s still sinking in, but the tears have finally dried and I just wanted to say thank you to each and everyone of you, if you’ve liked a post I’ve made about the boys, if you’ve reblogged something, if you’ve read one of my fics, if I talk to you, if I don’t, all of you, I love all of my Robronites and none of it would have been possible with those two idiots, who have gone from lovers, boyfriends, fiances, and now husbands! 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

bourbonandbiscuits replied to your post “I’m still annoyed that Jesse was acting like she’s known Wally has had…”

They’ve made her petty from the beginning and idk why. This is really tacky characterization, it’s not even realistic for the character’s age.

You’re right. I’ve side-eyed her since that time she was tortured for months and then immediately mad at her father for killing someone to save her. But also while she was captured acted like he didn’t care about her? They really have her conflicts all over the place to fit whatever they need at the time. 

My therapist thinks I should post both IMMORTALIS and EAT OUR HEARTS ALIVE on Kindle Direct Publishing, since I have nothing to lose at this point, and these works are already finished. Honestly I’m… not hating the idea. IMMORTALIS would be easier to work with, since EOHA is getting that rewrite (and I would hate to take it down and make people pay for the rewrite). So… yeah. That’s something to consider. And I can still chip away at the other Kindlefic while doing this. It’s that much less work to do, really (as odd as it sounds).

So… yeah. Something to consider.

I also have to look up psychiatrists covered under my insurance so I can show her and she can cull the ones she doesn’t like/trust before I schedule an evaluation. Interesting homework assignment.


I guess, I’m thinking of 3x01, too, when Bellamy asks the others if they should go searching for the Farm Station beacon and they did a quick informal vote then. I’ve figured that’s been apart of Bellamy’s character since season 3, at least. 

That’s the most obvious “democracy”-like situation I can think of other than the ones you said, whereas there hasn’t been too many times we’ve seen something as explicit as putting something up for a vote in a while (besides 4x02, of course). 

edit: reread your post. just saw that u did include 3x01. 

Now that I’m thinking about it more… Bellamy did ask the others if they wanted to join their Luna Road Trip. It seemed like the delinquents all decided in general what they would do. Bellarke didn’t command them one way or another in 3x12. 

hmm… my brain is still going. edit 2. I also keep thinking in season 2 in which Bellamy sort of asks the others to help him save that girl on the cliff. He didn’t tell them what to do. He accepted that they needed to be a team to pull it off, and then when Finn didn’t later agree with his plan, they compromised (although Bellamy probably should have been a more autocratic leader at that time since Finn went off the deep end). 

anonymous asked:

Wait, braids was molested too?? like, at a certain time or just papa randomly making odd comments or odd touches at different times?

i made a post about it a little while ago with a comic, but when she was 9 at a arranged camping trip with group children and such during the summer

papa with the rest of the adults in charge of this little summer camping trip, during the night papa tried to do really bad things to braids

but braids bit his hand, and scared him off

he still does ‘odd comments’ and ‘odd touches’ sometimes, but not like that one time


now feels like an appropriate time to post this