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so a traveling shakespeare troupe came to my school today and performed romeo and juliet and it was just so good and

-the actor playing romeo was hella short and the actor playing benvolio was hella tall. at several points he just picked romeo up and moved him around the stage/out of his way.

-when the nurse delivered juliet’s letter they played it up like she was flirting with mercutio but mercutio just looked at her, wrapped his arm around benvolio, and more or less gave her an expression that said “i’m gay”

-when mercutio and benvolio were making fun of romeo for being Heterosexual™ (aka for loving juliet), benvolio picked him up and mercutio gave him a purple nurple

-juliet wore no shoes throughout the entire show except during the wedding when she wore these giant sparkly pink pumps with platform heels

-when mercutio gave the queen mab speech they had benvolio stand behind him and click castanets and go “ooooooooh” every time he dropped a dramatic line

-they had friar lawerance and the nurse say the prologue and the end lines and like…..that changed the impact of the lines and their character significantly. i’ve made a post or two about this before but i personally interpret romeo and juliet as a story about two kids too afraid to come to their parents with a problem because they’re afraid of repercussions. but what about the adults in their life that DID try to help with them with their problems, but still ended up failing them? let’s just say it hit hard and was very telling when the friar and the nurse choked out the last lines of the play while sobbing.

-whenever there was a fight scene, mercutio and benvolio were constantly trying to keep romeo away from the action, as if he was their younger brother who they didn’t want to get hurt in a brawl. during mercutio’s fight with tybalt, benvolio was shielding romeo with his body and physically picked him up and held him back at times. that really changed the dynamic of the three of them and made it even funnier when ben and merc were teasing romeo about his crush on juliet.

-romeo killed paris by hitting him on the head with a flashlight

-the apothecary that sold romeo poison was dressed up as your typical TV drug dealer and he acted like one as well

-while benvolio more or less disappears from the written play after romeo is banished, they kept him around this time and he followed romeo around to make sure he was okay but didn’t say anything. it was implied he didn’t talk because he was still grieving mercutio. (he also wasn’t there when romeo killed himself)

-i was watching it with a bunch of freshmen who hadn’t read the play before but when juliet killed herself nearly half the room started screaming because they were so shocked

honestly this cast was just so good. i’ve also seen them perform julius caesar set in a modern politician’s world and m*cbeth in a post-apocalyptic setting. i absolutely loved this production and i hope i can see more of their work soon

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Since you're the only one who gives facts may I ask did she again write counting down the days while she is still there in Vancouver?


She has only done it once and that was while she was in LA. But we must remember that DD is not following her on IG so he will not be able to see her IG stories. 

However, she communicates with a female friend from Vancouver, among other things, with emojis with heart eyes. There was a brief correspondence, with some hearts and heart eyes emojis and with words like;  I love you. It happened a few days before she posted that counting the days picture. The friend she wrote with, lives in Vancouver.

Let ‘em do their job

Based on this post

“Bring it in Cal. Get ready.”

Cal came off the bank and down Pit Row like a bat out of hell, nearly running the car in front him over as they pitted.

“Watch your speed. You don’t wanna overshoot the box.”

“I know.” Cal grumbled, still trying to avoid hitting anyone while barreling down the lane.

“He’s going way too fast, boss.” one of the pitties mumbled.

Strip looked down and watched as half the team flinched away as Cal came screeching to a halt. He didn’t overshoot the line, but he left a good fifty foot skid mark behind him. They were going to have to work on that.

But right now Cal needed to focus. Strip knew it wouldn’t do either of them any good to mention it during the race. 

“I’m feelin’ good today, guys.” Cal kept his eyes focused straight ahead of him as the crew changed out the last two tires simultaneously. “Real good.”

“Get back out there quick and you might have a chance, kid.” Strip said. 

The forklift holding Cal off the ground while his tires were being changed lowered him the same second his wheels were secured. Just a few more seconds to top off his tank and - 

The entire team jumped back as the sound of screeching tires against pavement launched Cal forwards. It was too much, too soon. The pittie with the gas can couldn’t remove the nozzle before Cal took off, and was dragged along. Screaming, he let go of the gas can as he fell onto his side.

“Sorry!” Cal yelled as he realized his mistake. He slowed down a bit as the nozzle finally dislodged itself from his body.

“Go, Cal!” Strip yelled back at him. “Don’t slow down! Get back out there!”

“Sorry!” Cal repeated, frazzled. 

It was very clear the incident had lost team Dinoco a couple spots as Cal rejoined the field a little farther back than what Strip had hoped for. He sighed and looked back down at the disgruntled team. Todd was still laying on his side, completely done with everything.

“Someone help Todd up already.” Strip ordered. “We’re s’posed to be professionals here.”

“No, no, just leave me here.” his forks drooped as he wallowed in self pity. “You know, King, I realize you’re sitting right there, but man, we miss you.”

“Give the kid time.” Strip watched as another crew member propped him upright again. “I wasn’t any better than him when I started.”

The crew started murmuring among themselves. One of them went to shamefully retrieve the lost gas can, four boxes away. Strip couldn’t help but smile a bit as he focused again on Cal, pushing his way back through the ranks.

His time would come. What’s being a rookie if you don’t make embarrassing mistakes?

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I have to say, I'm quite excited to see where you'll be taking this story! If I might ask, how do you feel about the possibility of your comic being dubbed in the future? I assume that you'd be interested in that sort of thing, at least, as long as credit is given back to you where credit is due, but then again, I'm sure you have your own opinions on the subject, and I can't wait to hear them! Thank you for considering my question, and please, have a splendid day!

Feel free, anyone’s welcome to dub my stuff as long as they show me after the fact!!

I also 100% understand that there’s like zero posted content so nothing like this would happen for a while still

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i remember in one of your post you said the amount of time that happened between starcrushed and bfm , but i can't find it, do you know? (I'm pretty sure it was 2 weeks but can you confirm)

During the Star & Marco livechat post-BFM, Star (or more like Eden Sher) said that, while hiding, she got bored of eating snacks from the vending machine in the Sanctuary for two weeks, so this gave us a vague indication of time. This still doesn’t tell us how much passed from Starcrushed to Return To Mewni, but it’d make sense if just a handful of hours passed - Moon was clearly in a hurry to hide, to the point of barely telling River about it. We also don’t know how canon this information is. Knowing this I tried to draft a possible timeline of the events, but it’s mostly guessing and filling the voids, and I honestly doubt the writers/storyboarders gave that much thought about it:

- Starcrushed happens

- Some hours later, in the night, Marco mopes and Star and Moon get to the Temple (Return to Mewni)

- Ludo wakes up in the ruins of the Monster Temple, following the explosion seen in Starcrushed (Book Be Gone), destroys the book by night time, decides to conquer the Butterfly castle

- Marco gets on Mewni. Hard to tell when, but Ludo seemingly gets there soon after him, so it might have been on the second day after Star left -but we don’t know how long it takes to get from the Monster Temple to the castle, nor if Ludo needed some time to organize his army of rats first.

- Star and Moon have to leave the Temple and get to Buff Frog’s home, and so far two weeks have passed since they got there -  if we are to trust the livechat (Puddle Defender). Impossible to tell how many days have passed since Ludo took over the castle, but Buff Frog already knows about it.

- Star leaves for her castle, while Marco escapes the dungeons and meets with Ruberiot & co. The king gets levitatoe’d

- The next morning Star gets to the castle (I don’t think it took more than one night for Star to get there, or Moon would have noticed her absence earlier), and everything seen in Toffee happens.

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its not all that bad Dave, you just said "That Ho Over There"

While I appreciate you educating me on what “thot” means, how is that “not all that bad”?

That term is sexist, judgmental, and demeaning. And it’s one I won’t be adding to my vocabulary.

I was thinking about deleting my previous post since it was reblogging a post with that word, but now I think I’ll leave it just because I like the idea of changing its message to something positive.

(But seriously, I do appreciate you telling me what it means, so thank you.)

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I just saw that troll zombie post and like. Maybe Kanaya considers hunting them to be suicidal because she is flesh that produces light? i dunno

well she wasn’t a rainbow drinker when she was introduced!! it probably would be even more dangerous for her to hunt zomboiz when she eventually gets turned tho, lmao. 

i’m still thinking about zombie photosynthesis, guys. i don’t know what to do with this information or how to incorporate it into my fic, but… confirmed. canon. that’s a fact, babey.


maybe they’re green

He went into the forest so no one could take his teddy bear away from him again :(

(sorry for being kind of late because I didn’t post that sooner and now everyone is talking about the finale aaaah ;u;)

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classes begin in september, so I’ll have less time to draw stuff ;v; I will be more active on twitter with bits and pieces of little doodles, so please come visit!☆

Markiplier’s You’re Welcome Tour

I’m sitting in my hotel room, skillfully eating some leftover chicken and dumplings from Cracker Barrel with a coffee straw cause I don’t have a fork, putting off taking off my makeup, and writing this post while everything is still kinda fresh in my mind.

I had the most amazing time tonight at the show! I honesty wish my brain was working better now so I could write better words but this is all I got lol

The show was SO GOOD!! I had so much fun and the Louisville Palace was beautiful!! Like wow it was a gorgeous theater and I’m so glad I got the chance to go! I appreciate so much what everyone did to put this show together for all of us and it all went so well! 

I had VIP seats so I got to see Mark sing before the show started and I am honestly so proud of him for facing his fear of singing in front of everyone and doing so well! Sorry the phone lights threw you off a little but tbh it really added to the moment. And I’m glad you got your little guitar clamp thing back lol Thank you so much for doing that for us~

I had seen little clips of the show here and there from June and I thought it looked amazing but I was not prepared for how much more fun and amazing it was to actually be there and participate in the show! Every second was so funny and fun and I think my favorite part was the dance off! Sorry Ethan but Mark won this one lol The fan participation was so cool!

I love the whole team so much it was awesome to see them all perform in person. ALSO AMY AND KATHRYN!! Shout-out to them for being awesome and beautiful and going around to get questions from people!

Okay I better wrap this up cause I’ve rambled too much at this point. I might write more tomorrow if I can think of more to say. But thank you Mark, Ethan, Bob, Wade, Tyler, Amy, Kathryn, and of course Dan the Music Man for putting on a fantastic show that I won’t forget~


P.S. - My mom also loved the show and thought you all did amazing!

headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

(ref cr. mbc)

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au where bakugou is embarrassed each time uraraka wants to cuddle or just kiss him in public because he's not used to it but after some months he starts to get more confident around her and he's the one who hugs her from behind when he finds uraraka in the hallway or sitting on the sofa, cooks for her when she's nervous, helps her studying (with more patience than he used to have with kirishima lmao) - their classmates just can't believe their eyes, so every time they try to say something funny+

so this seems like a good ask to post these silly, old doodles in lmao

anyway yes this is perfect and i love it

i actually had a doodle of Bakugou hugging Uraraka from behind from forever ago, but i never finished it b/c i couldn’t get the pose right. but i imagine that it’s like the only way he feels comfortable showing emotion–at least for a while. he buries his face into her shoulder b/c he’s still embarrassed and flustered but he still holds her close

i love the idea that Bakugou cooks for Uraraka and helps teach her how to cook (b/c being self-sufficient is important to her), and he occasionally makes her mochi after study sessions or when she’s down. he doesn’t even say anything, just sits next to her and hands them over, and maybe holds her hand

anyway yes kacchako fluff

Bakugou threatens death on anyone who teases him 

(it never works)

I can’t draw this weekend, so here’s a wip of a much longer series of drawings I’ll post one day