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guide to falling out of love

i. go back to the places where you felt safe. examine your feelings, do you still feel safe on your own? become self reliant.

ii. go grocery shopping. select your memories like frozen peas and wonder bread. most you won’t like to remember, some you will be grateful for.

iii. invent new emotions for yourself, like how a tree feels when the wind blows through it. you are an open window.

iv. find words to describe yourself in ways they never would. observe how your eyelashes make tender shadows on your cheek, how the soft fabric of your favorite teeshirt touches your skin. it is enough.

v. fall in love with everything else. become addicted to morning sunlight and the weeds on your lawn. the moths hovering around your porch light are meant to be there. invite them in.


When you try to be a protective and good gf™ @herbinglicious plz love mE

Lmao I love you so much tho and you’re the bestest and my favourite and liek oml so perfect I just.. H o w ? ?

Okay so I thought I posted these but I guess not because I posted them a while ago and they still haven’t loaded-

That Mini PSA About Kids & Family (Again)

I’ve made numerous amounts of these things saying how not to include any of the kids or family members of Rooster Teeth, but there are still people out there that do this. 

And after getting an anon this week in our ask saying how there is even more mentions of these members-that-shouldn’t-be-in-these-things, and that is still not acceptable.

Please, while not writing about Millie or Iris, Eli or Beth, or any of the DO NOT WRITE members on our list here, please also do not mention them at all in your fanfics. 

While going through the tags, I found a really great post on how to deal with things like this from ryanthepowerbottomguy (which can be found here, but I will be reblogging it after I post this). In general, it states to just treat them like they do not even exist and to make it certain to the reader that it is someone else entirely. 

Thank you everyone who has been reading all these PSA’s and keeping in-line and just being completely awesome. You make this easier for everyone ♥

♥ Tats

sinfullyselected  asked:

Are those of us who are not art thieves allowed to reblog your art? Or do you have a strict 'no redistribution' policy? I saw your latest Shance art and I felt a need to share it, but I wanted to receive a direct 'yes' from you in case of the possibility that it was unwanted. If not, no hard feelings, and I will make sure not to share your art in the present or future. :)

You can always reblog my art! I assume you are talking about repost?? Coz REBLOG is just let one’s post appears on your blog but it’s still their post; while REPOST is you download one’s art and then upload in your own post. If it is repost that you want to do, that will be a NO from me and you can see my statement here. However I really appreciate that you like my art! And it is very sweet of you to ask me for permission :) I understand the feeling of sharing things with others, so I suggest you share the links of my post instead of just my art or repost to them. It’d be a great help to me, thank you :D

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.

I’m making this post today to let you all know that I’m heading from the US to Canada within the next few days, so I’ll be away from this blog for a little while until I get situated.

However, do not fret! This blog mostly runs on a queue, and there are plenty of questions in the queue to last far more than a few days. Additionally, the giveaway will still run as planned!

That being said, I’d like to remind everyone that you are more than welcome to submit your own prompts via ask or the message system. I would love to come back online to see my inbox and messages filled up with good prompts, so if you’re feeling up to it, please go for it!

I shall be around to check up on things until I leave, and will be around a day or so after my travels have concluded. Wish me luck on this daunting 14 hour+ adventure!

PS - If you’ve asked for any advice or resources lately, I promise that I haven’t forgotten you. I am working on a post for you!

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they retracted and apologized immediately.

only after there was blowback.

i’m really appalled that they had a goddamn cookie cutter “survey” written out, a decided cost even, but didn’t stop to think while setting up their stock photo header to the post that “maybe i shouldn’t exploit mentally ill persons for their personal info and cash, especially as a person who is not licensed to be giving this kind of ‘help’ ”

like, it would be moderately less gross if she’d just had a survey and offered written ‘help’ via email for free. people would have still been rightly upset at the violation of personal information and whether she is of a place to even offer that type of help, but it’d be less gross.

having money involved made this venture extremely exploitative and, imo, showed her underlying motives.

When you know you smell like a barnyard, seafood and alcohol but someone at the bar say you smell nice just to impress you (or hit on you? idk) makes me go like:

Originally posted by silentbelvedere

Yeah, I’m heading home now, like three bars later and way too many drinks. :D

So for a while now, I’ve been figuring out how I wanted to approach this. When it comes to things like this, I try to give it a lot of thought, but not only that, it was a matter of how to start it.

This is a lot to talk about, so it’s all gonna be below the cut

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hey guys! with summer coming up which means more expenses and i don’t have a solid job right now, i have decided to participate in reblogging clothes posts! for those of you who aren’t interested in seeing them in the slightest but still would like to follow for other dank content :p, please blacklist ‘clothes for ts’! i will do my best to remember and tag them. i think that it’ll be a good idea too because it will also give me a reason to log back on and queue stuff to throw in while i’m out and about and the clothes posts are publishing. sorry i couldn’t come up with a more formal post to write out lol i hope some can understand! =/

I was thinking about making comics of the few astral adventures that I have. A lot of them are silly like last night where K2 and I pretended to be vacuum salesmen to infiltrate this place, so I think comics might be fun.

But then I looked at K2 who was still cosplaying as the main character from persona 5, mask and everything. And Then I looked at myself who had “WELCome ♥️hELL” written across my armor’s chest piece in blood as a part of an intentionally cringe edgy joke I did a while ago. That’s when I realized that I should probably continue to keep quiet about my astral nonsense 😂.

(The blood was mine just in case u were wondering lmao)

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Do you think Shawn and Sabrina have a thing?

For the love of god, people need to stop jumping to conclusions. They are friends, they like each other’s Instergram posts once in a while. No, I don’t think they have a thing and if they do, let the 18 year old kid have a fling with a girl in private. :) 

probablydeletethis  asked:

Hello, you also seem to have an interest in the Gabe, Ana, and Jack meant to each other. I have so many feelings. Like how in Uprising seeing that those two are the legs Jack stands on, like holy shit him staring at that photo. And Ana having that old soldiers picture next to her bed area too, especially if Zurich happened while she was recovering. Ugh, so many feels.

i’m still getting over that tbh

I made soooo many posts about that part in the comic when it came out and you just reminded me of how much I loved it and how much it hurt me and now i’m spiraling into an endless depth of feels

ana having those pictures next to her bed area broke me

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hey Scourge, did you get your growth spurt while you were still in jail? or after you got out?

While I was still there. Honestly, it started ‘bout the time I got inta liftin’ weights an’ workin’ out real hard. I guess makin’ gains made my body go inta overdrive or somethin’? Cause I’m bigger than pretty much every version of m’self I’ve met so far. Like… a lot bigger.

But then… I am the best version so it ain’t surprisin’~ ♥

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I love your art, it's so fricking cute! I love how you portrait Scorpius (you totally get his geekiness lol) and I was thiniking that maybe if you got time you should draw some Scorbus (I've been missing your art so much!) like a kiss or hug? Something fluffy idk... but it's just a suggestion if course!!

Hiiii! Thank you so much for enjoying my art and my renditions of our favorite Slytherins <3 I’m still really busy and I’ve kinda lost a lot of inspiration (and technique… lies down) in the process so it’s a lot more difficult for me to draw poses and whatnot;;; but if you’d like Scorbus kisses, I have this old post for you to enjoy while you wait for me to crawl out of my art block! :’D

I find it sooooo funny (aka annoying) that straight people will never truly understand the real goals of the gay community

Like they think all we want is to be treated like everyone else. To not be ostracized for being who we are. And they’re right.

But then they take this goal they think we have and somehow in their tiny Het brains it translates to “they want to be seen as straight people, they want to conform, they want gay to become a meaningless label”

So then ally culture becomes “I don’t see gay people as any different, I don’t care about sexuality, the only difference between us is who we love etc.”

And they completely miss the point that we loooove being gay. We love pride, we love talking about our sexuality and how it affects us (if we’re safe to do so) we love having a sense of community and belonging.

What’s gross about this mindset is it stems from the fact that straights cannot even fathom treating gay people like their equals without erasing our identity and forcing us to conform. “I don’t care about your sexuality, I still love you” is false allyship, and in the long term does more harm than good. What gay people truly want is “I see your sexuality, I recognize that your struggles and goals are different than mine, and I’m still going to treat you like a human and give you the rights you deserve”

If you can’t see me as your equal while also recognizing that I’m a lesbian, you are not an ally.


now feels like an appropriate time to post this

I feel like a lot of problems on tumblr could be fixed with a simple date on posts. The original poster date. Because there are still posts going around from 2011. While this is cool with cat pictures, it is misleading for news or kids who voiced a problematic opinion 6 years ago and possibly learned stuff since then.

headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

(ref cr. mbc)